PS Vita Slim Is Coming To North America!


Technology is cool

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  1. Trevor says:

    This is Sh*t!…The oled Graphics much better!

  2. beastes says:

    the vita slim work with tnv kop or megamix ?

  3. HarmfulMushroom says:

    I knew I should’ve waited, if for nothing else than just to be able to get Borderlands 2… But then I would’ve missed out on TN-V so I guess I can’t really complain.

  4. Dark GOD says:

    Had no doubt it would..
    Sony always releases there revised systems worldwide.
    The design may be an improvement some.
    But the changes are not impressive enough.
    And most owners of the Oled Vita will never upgrade to this new one.

  5. nevercall says:

    waiting for PsVita 3000… 😀
    + OLED
    + Micro USB PORT
    + internal Storage
    + mini HDMI port
    + memorycard
    + flash support
    + what else…

    i don’t care about the price, just make it flawless
    oh well… wishful thinking.. 😀

    • angeliv says:

      i need PSVita2 (codename PSP3)

      • mixedfish says:

        Very cheap, if you didn’t want the game and memory card, sell them and your total expenditure will be closer to $150 for the system.

      • angeliv says:

        + Latest ARM Processor
        + PowerVR 6 series
        + 4~8GB RAM
        + 100% backward compatible with PSVita
        + LTE/wimax module
        + 8~12 hours of gaming battery
        + Miracast
        + bigger memory card
        + 3D capable
        + OLED/LCD with Triluminos tech
        + R2/L2 shoulder button
        + R3/L3 analog stick button
        + Sandbox for homebrewers

    • aerinas says:

      Flash support? I wish people would just let flash die like the piece of *** it is……

    • SsJVasto says:

      Memorycard: Not in Sony’s interest to use a cheap hackable storage media. The PSVita memory cards have build-in encryption mechanics you don’t have in standard flash cards. You’d lose RAM and CPU while constantly encrypting/unencrypting. I don’t think Sony will be releasing a Memory Card that makes editing SaveFiles and Game Content as easily as it was on PSP.

      Flash: Welcome to the world after 2004. Flash is dead, move on. I haven’t even had Flash installed on my PC for the past year. It’s just not a necessity at all.

      • xPreatorianx says:

        SsJVasto – Um I still use Flash for a lot of things. It’s still required on numerous sites as far as I’m aware. So how on earth you’ve managed to avoid even installing flash is beyond me. Unless most sites you visit allow HTML5 as well? Not sure… But I’m almost certain all the sites I always go to including youtube require me to install Flash. But I could be wrong. But Flash doesn’t bother me at all so I have no reason to even test my sites without it.

      • Deathhell says:

        if u use google chrome as a web browser, so sorry to say that google chrome has built in flash player

    • xPreatorianx says:

      What do you mean by flash support? Doesn’t Vita already have flash support? Or does it use HTML5 or something for youtube, etc?

      As some anime streaming sites work with the Vita browser and so does Youtube. You don’t even have to use the youtube app for youtube vids.

      Here are two anime streaming sites I know that work with the Vita.

    • KCO says:

      Me too, 2 generation no is the best.

  6. Thrawn says:

    Well, the bundle is not bad, bl 2 + 2 full dlc + 8gb sony (m2)psvita memory for ~200$ is good.

    Hmm actually I won’t be getting this, I just got rid of my vitas which was not so easy.

    I will consider a buy when the vita slim and bright or vita street or whatever it is called by then, surfaces with µSD support!!!!

  7. Goku says:

    Does it really matters?? OLED is much better then this version.

  8. NeonAera says:

    Big Original PSVita ftw! 🙂

  9. Ourobus says:

    I’m actually going to get this pack more than likely, oled may look better, but they waaaaay to prone to burn-in, I take really good care of my stuff, taking every precaution to avoid burn-in on any of my devices and my vita STILL managed to get a black line down its screen on the right hand side. I for one will never buy anything with an oled screen agin, it isn’t worth the investment.

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    I want a bigger Vita. Current Vita is too small for my hands. I really can’t wait for Borderlands 2 for Vita. I have gotten all the Trophies/Achievements for the Steam, 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

    I just hope that if they use the rear touch panel they do it right as current games don’t work right with the rear touch panel unless I hold the Vita in a really uncomfortable position.

  11. Razzy says:

    Hahahahahah… Usual Sony pricing. UK (European too, maybe, dunno) barebones release – GBP 180 ($295). US bundle with memory card, brand new released game and dlc – $199. *** you, Sony.


  12. Rizwan Parvez says:

    Hey Guys I got a quick question is The PS Vita Original Compatible with 64 GB memory card

  13. BahamutBBob says:

    That bundle is missing the Hammerlock and Tiny Tina DLCs! D:

    I hope the game comes bundled with the same DLC that the system bundle does.

  14. reprep says:

    now i am convinced vita tv isn’t coming to states or europe.

    they would have at least hinted about it, if they had planned an international release.

  15. XKlipz says:

    Where’s Borderlands 2? It better be released the same day the PS Vita (S) bundle hits stores in North America.

  16. xploit everywhere says:

    Oled display more quality than lcd display. although the new psvita is chipest

  17. Riddle43 says:

    in case you all were wondering final fantasy x/x2 will be out at game stop march 18 ive had mine pre ordered since nov i cant wait

  18. MadZiontist says:

    I won’t be buying a 2000, unless I ever HAVE to for some reason. In fact I plan on buying another 1000 as soon as I have the extra cash for one. The LCD just looks really bad compared to the OLED (based on the comparison shots I’ve seen).

    Burn in shouldn’t be a problem with the PSV OLED model, as long as things are being handled properly (don’t turn the brightness up higher than necessary, don’t leave a HUD on the screen for extended periods of time, and don’t feed it after midnight).

    Oh, and I wonder if this Vita 2000 will have extra security measures built into it.?

  19. tryrush deppy says:

    I’ll definitely buy a slim vita… just not sure if it will be this bundle or a different one (if released) or a core unit only (when released), simply because I enjoy tn-v so much. my analog stick and screen (and battery cover for that matter) on my PSP are beyond *** up and make playing games on it a real annoyance. I have enough PSP iso and PSI eboot back-ups plus ‘up to date’ Vita games that I really like and will play through tons of times, to where I won’t need to upgrade past 3.01 fw. So, if the future of Vita does become enticing enough, I will buy the unit again. Not sure I’ll buy the phat again cuz of the price.

    On a side note, I wonder if the slim will effect price of used phat vistas? driving up the price beyond initial launch price just for a oiled screen?

  20. mma jedi says:

    I’ll buy a Vita slim mainly for Playstation Now, as to keep TN on my Vita 1101. Also I’ll play two player with my kids once I get a new one. And imo, Lcd is just as good as oled..not better, just as good.

  21. Big_Cock_Surprise says:

    The vita slim has 1gb of internal storage

  22. kast1x says:

    i’ll be getting one since i already have wi-fi/3g black stock and assassin creed white wifi with TN-V6 and the japan lime green vita

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