Giveaway: win a ‘lifetime’ of Playstation plus


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280 Responses

  1. OnlyOneJb says:

    Man, i want that. Haters gonna hate bro. Don’t let anyone question you about your morality. :)

  2. aerinas says:

    Not in this thread fucktards >.<

  3. steve says:

    Hello there.

  4. xerorane says:


  5. Eros says:

    Hello wololo I’m a brazilian guy, I follow this forum a long time ago and I got the Mad Blocker Alpha and Monster Hunter release. When a frind of mine told me about the free PS+ was to late for me to get a free account. So, if a win this gift I’ll be very greatful.

  6. biju says:

    hello , i want

  7. vegeta says:

    if its random, i know im not going to get chosen (i have a bad luck with these sort of things)so goodluck to whoever gets it.

  8. Hi

    I’ve been choosen guys and he did it in random and got me for the gift.

  9. Elr1 says:

    Hi Como Hago Para Recibir El Nombre De Exploit De ps Vita Antes q sony Lo Elimine De la Store Gracias

  10. Thiago Vaz says:

    Hi! from Brazil :)

  11. shanks1188 says:

    please give it to me…im a poor guy from somewhere,7 years of ps plus membership are surely big help for me…

  12. LennyVita says:

    I want to say “HI”

  13. beep says:

    This isn’t a thread. There’s no need for language. This happens every time wololo tells people to say hi somewhere.

  14. Nazar_Ops says:

    Read the damn article before replying, lol. You should respond in the forums.

  15. mida says:

    ayo people say hi on the forum not here xDD LMAO

  16. MongolianDeathWorm says:


  17. maicom de souza says:

    oi cara de boa sou aqui do brasil graças a vcs destravei meu psvita conheço muita gente q acompanha seu site.. obrigado por tudo

  18. Rudinei Marczewski says:


  19. Antichris84 says:

    omfg so many retards, SAY HI IN THE THREAD, no in here…also try to put a little more effort than just “hi” greedy fks >_>

  20. n1ckool says:

    Hi, please choose me

  21. juan parra says:

    Hi! Hola! Hi! Hola! Hi! Hola! Hi!

  22. Goran Konjikusic says:

    Hi,ili Zdravooooo…

  23. mosi says:

    this is awesome! who said that you have to ‘destroy’ IT?!
    keep it up and make more! think you have a charity! charity of givin free psn+ cards!

  24. Gregar1000 says:

    I nominate my Girlfriend!

  25. IReallyLikeThisIdea says:


  26. mosi says:

    wow! so many hi’s here! man you got yourself a lifetime hi! lol

  27. kupomogli says:


    I don’t know if we have to say hi here too, but people are doing it so might as well.

  28. tarek nasser says:

    hello how r u thank u man for everthing

  29. Luz says:

    I would gladly say “Hi” in Talk but, a wild 403 appears ! :/

  30. ANu says:

    hi O_o o_O

  31. J says:

    The Internet is supposed to be about shring information, you didn’t so *** you.

  32. Mr. Anderson says:

    What Is the matrix?

  33. Seya16 says:


  34. B. Marian Catalin says:

    Hi from Romania and guys keep up the good work.Respect

  35. francisco moreno says:

    Hi crossing fingers hopefully I can finally win a giveaway lol keep up the good work

  36. Aces says:

    Wow, lucky the prize isnt for FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS…
    With all that said, how do you get a chance to win? Well, that’s super simple, head over to our /talk forums, and say “hi” in this thread. I’ll select a random winner in a few days.Good luck!

    This is not the /talk forum
    Say hi in the link above…sheeesh

  37. Kuraio1337 says:

    Gimme gimme, i need this ^^

  38. NoSpam says:

    If I was you I would have pointed out how the latest ninja releases have been spoiled by some kids making it public and drawn a parallel with this exploit.

    “It was not your exploit to share.” Should be the message. Just because you have been privy to a secret does not mean you share it with everyone.

  39. trumpet205 says:


    Good day.

  40. zapatino says:

    hi may the luck be with you zoidberg guys

  41. OptimusGiggleBox says:

    “HI” :)

  42. xxx says:


    HAHAHHAHAHAA F U SONY!!!! I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Alejandro Sánchez says:

    Hi from Spain!

  44. luca says:

    ciao dall’italia

  45. Gerardo Rdz says:

    Hello yeahhh. psn plus

  46. joelburgos says:

    Hi. This is my first comment ever. I think you rock. Thaks and good luck

  47. Gioz says:

    This is gonna give some extra life to the winner’s PS3, PS4 and/or PSV, I think you are doing something really neat, Wololo, honestly, if I were you, I’d surely keep the account for myself haha
    Enjoy your February everyone!

  48. bobby the 4th says:

    Hi, email me if i win!

  49. Billy Lau says:

    Hi from Malaysia

  50. uslas post says:

    thes sucks that no one say a word u suck i wold love 2 make account soy i can finly buy ps4 i dont buy sp4 cus of u need pay for online rely *** if i only know

  51. daniel noronha says:


  52. daniel noronha says:

    hi in fron brazil ….

  53. Gerard says:

    i wanna win that subscriptiooooon XDDDDDD

  54. Claudio Roberto says:

    Hello from Brazil…

  55. zahid says:

    HI!!! from india…

  56. Rahul Vyas says:

    From India

  57. Nacho says:

    Hola, ojala ganar gracias wololo c:

  58. vb_encryption_vb says:

    worth a shot, hi

  59. Jesus Garcia says:

    Hi… Hello World? D:

  60. Inicuo says:

    it seems like people just don’t know how to read :S, at least they can type “Hi” wherever,(motor skills still working!).

  61. JC says:

    Hi, my amazing fellow hackers 😀

  62. whiteassassin97 says:


  63. Bradley says:

  64. gunblade says:

    I missed the last giveaway I think.alright tough have to wait till spring to get the vita slim. But not like a lot of people new about the Brazil thing so no biggy.

  65. gunblade says:

    Ooh good luck…

  66. SSJ-Vita says:

    I wanna donate my HI entry to the first name I saw, so goblic123 it is

  67. K_Leon says:

    Hi everyone ^^

  68. DJ deejay says:

    hi and gl

  69. Nikos Kareliotis says:


  70. wickedchew says:

    wait is still brazilian account still active?
    i mean can i restore my PSvita and choose Brazil and get PS Plus for free? coz i want to try it out

  71. Jessie says:


    Wololo please let me win thanks ahead!

  72. marcelo says:

    sou brassileiro e moro na Italia para min essa conta e 10, obrigado. Meu ps vita e 3.01 sem nenhum exploditnao consegui ainda jogar os jogos do psp nele.

    • maicom says:

      caramba man vc nao conseguiu compra o fifa .. q zika em mais jaja sai mais uma comigo aconteceu a mesma coisa toda vez q ia compra o jogo ja tinha saido rs boa sorte man

  73. ajcroix says:

    Righteous mate. Hi!

  74. Felix says:

    Hey wololo, im brazilian so i would love to get that account since i speak the language so… Manda para mim xD (Send it to me xD)

  75. tarik says:

    salur iam from morocco and i need this playstation plus please

  76. mosi says:

    today’s my birthday!

  77. gfdgh says:

    hi….please give me ps plus :(

  78. Pao says:


  79. Shan says:

    HI!!!!!! i would love to win this but i just don’t want to only say hi. This website has been great in helping in maximizing PsVita usage. thumbs up!!!!

    • Andy says:

      21 years free of PS+ is bullsh*t, Dave Cook of VG247 made the whole thing up just to get hits, it’s not the first time he’s done this either, check out some of his previous claims, all unconfirmed and all tosh. What kind of *** would publicise it anyway as now sony will charge him or ban him from PS+ permanently for fraud.

      Sony Legals –

      You are eligible to redeem one PlayStation®Plus 14 day trial Voucher Code only. You can only redeem this Voucher Code if you are not a current PlayStation®Plus subscriber and you have never previously subscribed to or received a trial of PlayStation®Plus. PlayStation®Plus content and services vary by subscriber age. So there you have it, shame on you Dave Cook of VG247 for more bullsh*t….

  80. Maxwell says:

    Well this is a good one lets who wins it

  81. DJohn says:

    Lets see who gonna win this amazing gift!!

    Thank you sony

  82. Rodney says:

    ‘d much rather a new game to unlock psp games on my vita .. I was waiting for a long time and could not get launched when the fault of the idiot who opened his mouth ahead of time ..
    I’m from Brazil, this account would be very cool to me!

  83. Izdo says:

    Hi!! thanks wololo!

  84. Michael Monroy says:

    Hey there, Hi There, Ho there.

  85. santiago garcia says:

    Hello :)

  86. santiago garcia says:


  87. Hazer7 says:

    If I win I’ll be sure to make good use of it.

  88. Mark says:

    Hi~~hahaha xDDDD ( ̄▽ ̄)”/

  89. mosi says:

    After this sonami of hi and fake respects, who took it!?

  90. Jair says:

    Espero ganar c: suerte a todos

  91. Juan esteban restrepo says:


  92. Dante says:

    hi, hello, hola

  93. Chris says:

    Hi! Hope I’ll win hahaha 😀 PS Vita rocks! \m/

  94. Herick Carvalho says:

    Hi xD

  95. Learn to read says:

    You’re all replying in the wrong damn thread.

  96. TJ LONG says:


  97. TJ LONG says:


  98. dsggaga says:

    Strange, I thought you already announced a winner a day ago.
    You said you locked it to prevent any confusion or something.

  99. dsggaga says:

    *facepalm* theres two topics of PS+

  100. ernani says:

    Hi, wololo sou brasileiro cara então espero ganhar essa conta para poder usar aq no Brasil :)

  101. Frando says:

    Awesome! Would be fun to win this one :)

  102. Pong says:

    Hi!!! Hello lol

  103. GoaMagara says:

    Hi :) newbie here and always keep up to date any info about hacking here whenever i have time :3

  104. lol says:

    people who said hi in this blog have all won a lifetime ***!

  105. Boredkid says:


    Wololo = Best ever

  106. zrogeass says:

    It wouldnt be better if that account is shared between us users of course trusting that nobody changes password.

  107. AssassinSpike says:

    Hi, Hola, Bonjour, sup.

  108. varadh says:

    Hi please

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