Fifa ’11/’12: Last TN-V exploit game is getting pulled world wide!

A few days ago we’ve told you about the latest exploit game for running the TN-V eCFW at your PS Vita: Fifa (Soccer) 2011 and 2012.
Even though it was planned to release the game at a weekend, like we usually do, we (well, the developer of it) had to rush it, because some, let’s call him jerk, jerk had to leak the name of the game and therefore pretty much f#cked up the release for everybody who was patiently waiting.

The developer decided to release the information himself after he heard about the leak, and therefore might saved a few of you guys, even though the games official release (through the developer) was now at a normal week day, instead of the weekend, which then resulted the pulling of the exploit game prematurely. As I am writing this news, the game is getting removed from the PSN stores world wide, this is correct, world wide, not only for the USA and japan, the regions where it was obtainable for the PS Vita.

Considering that it might have been possible to obtain the game via a PS3, and then transfer it to the PS Vita, this seems to be a good choice of Sony, because Fifa 2012 was available in europe – And before you try to lynch us, listen – but only listed as PSP-only, and therefore not download able with the PS Vita. Transfering the game from a PS3 to a PS Vita (Most of the time this does not work, and the game is not transferable) also resulted in automatic applying of the game update, which breaks the usermode exploit, and therefore transfering via PS3 was also a no-go.

Those games were pretty expensive, and we do not like to offer you such expensive exploits, but be sure to understand that we do not decide which games are exploitable and which aren’t. We also have no influence on the price tags of the games and therefore the question should be: Are you willing to pay X.YZ € for this exploit, even though it might not work as intended or does not work at all?

In the End it is your choice to buy said game and we are not responsible for your behavior with said game (losing it, no backups, exploit not working as intended, etc).

PS Vita Exploit game chart

In the recent time we were asked for yet another release, which includes ‘insert region that was not included in the last release‘ and maybe for a less expensive game. You do realize that we’ve given you 6 chances to grab an exploit game for the firmware 3.00/3.01 (King of Pool, 101-in-1 Megamix, Battle Arena2, BEN 10, Fifa 2011, Fifa 2012) and that there has to be a time where we have to say No, it has been enough.

I am not deciding if there will be another exploit game, but I personally think (and would argue about it) that 6 games for one firmware should be enough.

Now let us wait for the next PS Vita Firmware update and see if said update will fix more than we would like it to fix.

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  1. Oskar’s avatar

    Hopefully I already own Megamix :)


  2. LennyVita’s avatar

    I would like to thank everyone here who makes these exploits possible. It is unfortunate it got leaked. With 6 exploits for one firmware, hopefully lots of people with Vitas got to take advantage of at least one of the exploits. There is always more people with vitas and would love to have a exploit. Please keep more coming in the future. I thank you.


  3. Black Eagle’s avatar

    Sony might just mess around, whenever they release a new firmware, and just delete the whole psp emulator…Which i know wouldn’t happen, ’cause they need their money. But then again they might have people working for them, looking for exploits in every psp game and just patching them, and “blacklisting” them so we wouldnt have no exploits, then sony will add the PlayStation Now app in the new firmware with some new changes that would make us wanna update and we would lose the exploits, unless you have another vita. My point is, Sony have a few tricks up their sleeves cause they been done could’ve stop support for the Vita, but look now. And btw, there are errors in the article that is bugging me.


    1. franz’s avatar

      no that service will start next year i belive they said it.. nothing can beat having a psp os and a vita os in one device though i would like a psn work around next update cause i play killzone online not tn-v users are not all pirates.. who wouldnt want 2 os in their vita tn-v is the best


  4. knlxploit’s avatar

    please tn-v exploit team. remasterized Shadow of the Colossus for ps vita


    1. lolwut’s avatar

      you idiot or what ?


  5. Krystian’s avatar

    maybe 1 more exploit to EU region please


  6. J’s avatar

    Aww, poor babies :(


  7. Gauban’s avatar

    I hope the vita gets cracked wide open soon! Then lets see how tough those leakers are.


  8. shapeshifter0100’s avatar

    What do u mean last tn v exploit?? :O


  9. bino21’s avatar

    Ben 10 – Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks is the distance from the psn


  10. ivo’s avatar

    vita ode … jerk leak a vita ode :)


    1. bino21’s avatar

      ps vita 3.01 fat


  11. bino21’s avatar

    ps vita fat 3.01


  12. rodney’s avatar

    Hi guys.. i have a fifa 12 in card… its possible run with this?


    1. Manuel N’s avatar

      Nope, maybe you didn’t read it, but it’s only for PSP downloadable FIFAs bought for the Vita, not for the Vita gamecard version.

      even the image displayed on past post, shows a PSP cover, not a Vita cover, remember, it’s using a exploit inside the PSP emulator of the vita

      hope this helps


      1. Psvita9’s avatar

        I bought FIFA 11 and deleted it. Can I download the game from somewhere else? Please help.


  13. theleftykid’s avatar

    sigh.. i got my ps vita 2000 back in the orginal box.. not usable … i have no ps vita games.. so as to wait for another exploit which i do not know when.. that selfish bloke must have learned a lesson.


  14. SonicTH’s avatar

    Ok, here’s de question:

    I bought a few days(month’s) an exploit game, let’s call it “R’keid pull”. So it’s in my list download (Not my PC or Vita) but it says I can only download it just with my PS3… This is because I got an PS3 registered in PSN???… Besides, what do I need to download it to a PS3? I’ve read that Re-Act-PSN, OpenCMA, Charles, etc. Anyway, this game is on PSN again; does this mean: I can do the PSN to PSN to PSVITA just like that? OR that game is now fixed an even if a could download it to Vita I won’t be able to run exploit??? In any case, is there a dummy guide for the PSN-PS3-Vita somewhere??

    PD1: My PS3 have a CFW (rogero) 0.0
    PD2: Sorry for these Nooby questions, I’ve read a lot, but I guess I have not the level to understand adn get it :(

    Thanks a lot.


  15. uichiban’s avatar

    Salut Wololo, je te parle en français pour pas trop faire jazzer.
    Bien que tu veuilles donner une chance a tout le monde malheureusement la scène psvita-hack est accessible par tous et de n’importe quel âge.

    Tu as vraiment fais TOUT ce que tu a pu, après pour les autres ben… c’est un peu la loi de Darwin et sa sélection naturelle…

    Car techniquement à part s’enregistrer sur le forum quelle protection ou système as-tu pour empêcher un leak ?

    Si par hasard je peu amener ma pierre de contribution a t’aider pour une manière de faire ou autre afin de garder cela vraiment safe fais moi signe . Je bosse dans l’informatique solutionning.

    Hail à toi.


  16. mma_jedi’s avatar

    Still enjoying my 3.01 KOP TN v7…smooth like butter


  17. mida’s avatar

    I hope Sony releases a new firmware soon… xD


  18. ivo’s avatar

    hey, in other jerking news …
    can somebody be so kind to standup and write …
    something vitalink derriving from psplink2.0
    so that i can continue my telnet session on psp :)

    ive been looking at it but i dont come close to programming
    i guess this is my way of saying that i would use a vita
    as a psp and soly for psplink experiences of the wifi and iso
    without the need for installs :)

    keep me wishing xD


  19. jus’s avatar

    @ Mida I hope your vita bricks soon…..xD


    1. mida’s avatar

      maybe the first vita to brick is yours xDD


  20. AsixJin’s avatar

    Thanks a lot Leaker Dipshit! Now I definitely wont have time to get the game…It’s all good. I’m learning to be patience. Just make sure ya’ll frick that guy up.


  21. Julien’s avatar

    I wondered if the game FIFA 09 (PSP) was compatible with the latest flaw TN-V (FIFA 11,12).
    Thank you in advance for your reply


  22. mix1607’s avatar

    i downloaded the game and tried to run the exploit but got an error so im just wondering if that error will be fixed with an update to the exploit for fifa 11


  23. ivo’s avatar

    allways have an error
    some cx error

    always when i try to run first time exploit
    always becuz i need to apply patches and language fixes


  24. BahamutSurge’s avatar

    Fortunately for me I was able to secure a copy :O I feel bad for the ones who missed it.

    I’m hoping Final Fantasy X HD doesn’t need a new FW update to play it, right now thats the only Vita game i’m looking forward too.


  25. Asmith906’s avatar

    I bought Fifa 11 on my japanese account and the exploit worked great but after attempting to install cxmb and now the exploit wouldn’t start and my ps vita would start acting weird. I decided to copy the game over to my pc before restoring but now I get an error when I try to ocpy it back and the game has been removed from my download list. Do you think they will put the game back?


  26. cr33per’s avatar

    sorry the last 2 waste not chances they was leaked so tech it is only 4 game but one more game wouldn’t hurt n hopefully it will not leak like last time and this one pls thxz just to make it fare for every1 in the vita world


  27. crepe’s avatar

    i think asshole was the right term for that jerk


  28. Rafa Gomes’s avatar

    Does it work for Fifa 2012 Spanish?


  29. relickushking’s avatar

    I have some really important questions,if i already bought the game will it still download? Or if i buy the digital download code through gamestop,will it work since im supposed to enter it through psn?please help anyone.


  30. carsauce’s avatar

    So i guess its over for now, no more releases till probably later, once again missed the chanceto upgrade so i can play the PS Vita games below 3.01
    All I want is to play YS


  31. Toni’s avatar

    Como se llama el tema que tiene en el menu de Psp en la de PsVita de la foto de arriba?Me lo quisiera descargar,si alguien lo tiene x favor que me lo mande.Gracias.


  32. chunkud’s avatar

    salut Quand est ce que vous sortez le prochain jeu exploit ?
    gardez vous un en reserve ou c’est dès que vous trouvez, vous le partagez ?
    je suis venu trop tard pour prendre fifa 11 ou 12 malheureusement :/

    merci pour votre travaille.


  33. Kavik’s avatar

    Hmm…how can there be “enough” exploit games if none of them are available for the current firmware? I just got my Vita a few days ago and feel like I missed the boat.


  34. serafin’s avatar

    Ya. FIFA 11 & 12 is no more. They took down the games from the store… So everyone no point looking for the game. Its over :( @kavik: I’m on the same boat as you buddy ;(



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