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Love Remote Play But Don’t Like The Vita Joysticks? This cool ‘hack’ lets you use a PS4 controller on your Vita


Technology is cool

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  1. william lingg

    Great article! thanks to all the wololo posters!!!

  2. Kyle Hyde

    This is kinda cool but I don’t have 2 DS4 so…

  3. Hazer7

    Is there a updated way to control my PC with the PS Vita?

    • David

      Oh yyyeeahhh, that would be so nice. Like in the old days were you was able to easily use your PSP as a casual gamepad. But I assume that at first the vita has to be hacked to enable this feature again.

  4. bennyweny1

    I’ve done this and I’ve only got one dualshock 4, you just have to log in as a different user on a different account and then play the games and it works.

  5. lolwut

    i guess the DS4 still connected to PS4 directly, right ? there’s no way to play it outside then.

    • gunblade

      Maybe.. easy way would be to get the ps vita to connect to the ds4 Then turn on remote play.. but I guess I should beable to use the ds4 with an Android connect to a laptop.

  6. lolwut

    no offense but isn’t this trick *** because DS4 itself not connected to PSVita bluetooth hence you can’t use it outside.

    • BahamutBBob

      It is kinda ***. You can’t connect a DS4 to a Vita, and the screen will keep dimming every 30 seconds since you’re not actually using the Vita.

      So it’s only really viable if you’re not going to leave your house, and if you don’t mind tapping something on the Vita every 30 seconds.

  7. Vitality

    Looks like that Vita has become the next Nvidia Shield. d:

  8. LennyVita

    This is a great hack, but so unnecessary if Sony would only release a update to allow the PS3 and PS4 controller to work.

    For now this is a great way.

  9. solidsnake

    It’s almost like an nvidia shield but better!
    Wonder if it works with PS3 and controller.
    Velcro is just soo great.

    • jake

      That’s like the only reason i’d get a Shield (for the streaming). But for Vita I originally just bought it for WipEout 2048 & Uncharted

  10. Pspguy

    Where’s LocationFree Player Support???
    I neeeeeeeeeeds it!!

  11. Will

    Not exactly an hack is it? Its just a system glitch,

  12. Antichrist84

    I would call this a method, not a hack.

  13. trunk208

    Why not Ps3 Controller to Vita?

  14. DarkElement

    Can also be done with only 1 DS, you basically log your DS4 in to a secondary account.

    1. Login the Vita through remote play, then use DS4 to log in to a secondary account. (my accounts are DarkElement and guest)

    2. Now the vita is assigned to your first created account (DarkElement) and the DS4 to the guest account.

    3. Now watch the top of the screen, see that it say’s ‘DarkElement’, that means the PS4 itself switched entirely to the primary account.

    4. Just press the PS-button on the DS4 and click your secondary/guest account and voila,you’re controlling your vita with your DS4!

  15. xoombie503

    O wow these noobs…its not a damn hack but rather a feature that sony didnt mention.ive been doing this since release.all you have to do is connect vita first and then press the ds4 ps button and itll ask you how you want to login.you can even use this feature to use the vitaas a second controller for co op games or 2 players.

    • The Jay Doctor

      Btw 1. Hack is in quotes because it isn’t a really a hack 2. Sony didn’t mention it because they didn’t realize that they included it, otherwise they would have mentioned it 3. The feature to use the Vita as second controller is called Cross Controller, a feature that Sony mentioned and we all know about. You can stop feeling special now.

  16. jake

    You don’t need two different DS4s. Just make sure Both devices are on different accounts

  17. xxx

    Looks like some *** thing you all would come up with.

  18. Mongolian DeathWorm

    This is awesome I must try this indoors and in public. Lol

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