New Playstation 4 Firmware 1.60 released – Adds support for various Headsets and a bit more !

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20 Responses

  1. DS_Marine says:

    ok.. ps4 fw released. Any rumor for new vita fw?

  2. Valhalla says:

    You mean “for a new X.X0 firmware change”?

  3. youbadboy says:

    We all knew this was coming so why release 3 exploits for 1 Vita firmware. Waste of 2 exploits IMHO. Just wait next time or before you know it we’ll be on 9.99 Vita OFW with no PSP games left to exploit. Now waiting for next Vita update so I can lose my homebrew yet again

  4. Almira says:

    Is there any interesting product you could recommend?Thanks

  5. fdgsdfgsdfg says:

    PRO Online won’t work with TN-V at all till its ported to it


  6. fdgsdfgsdfg says:

    PRO Online won’t work with TN-V at all till its ported to it


    PRO Online won’t work with TN-V VITA

  7. sonystyles says:

    Sonys master systems are down due to a hacker.when you call to find out they claim the systems are upgrading but if this was so they would stll be able to pull up your information and they cant so they are back to their lying ways.

  8. Psvitaps4 says:

    Will this new headset allow me to use the mic on my ps vita so when i play remote play i canstill talk to people in my party.

  9. Psvitaps4 says:

    Or will i have to set it up wireless to my ps4 remote play but hear audio from ps4 direct

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