FIFA 11 exploit released for Vita FW 3.01! (And yet another leak! :-/)

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  1. mlc says:

    that’s a shame, but the ninja release went for a while so hopefully a fair number of people got it

  2. jeje says:

    heck yeah!!!

  3. ijwrighty says:

    Isn’t Fifa 12 also released?

  4. Epoke says:

    Saturday Morning 1:00 AM Estern standard time

  5. wololo says:

    Just to clarify, the game is available in the US and in Japan, not in any other locale.

    About the leak, what do you expect, an apology from the people who spent their time making this release happen? If that’s the case, just find your own exploits and release them yourself, we’ll see how you manage to get the info out to 50’000 people and make sure none of them is a ***.

    • mlc says:

      I took that comment as general confusion about how ninja releases work, and the entire concept of a leak. It could certainly be crazy entitlement or simple misplaced anger, of course, but I didn’t think that made much sense since it seems obvious that the people releasing it wouldn’t want the release sc*** up.

      Maybe he thought that the post about the leak with the files was literally labeled leak, i.e. “surprise release?” haha

    • Epoke says:

      Maybe that’s why i don’t see it. Normally when US it’s available in CA/North America too.
      About the Release YOU are in charge of it not the guy who made the save, i don’t expect an apologia, so like i said : “Saturday Morning 1:00 AM Eastern standard time” would be a progress, by the way i got all the others excepted for 3.01, why did i missed 5 in a row? I don’t think it’s my fault…

      • mlc says:

        It is available in the NA store, which as far as I’m aware includes Canada. Sorry if my “California” bit confused you, as I was being stupid, haha, you obviously meant Canada. Get it ASAP.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        it may or may not be your fault, but it isn’t wololo’s fault either, he’s the one trying to help. Someone leaked the game, wololo can’t do anything about it if it’s outside of his territory (/t and maybe sites like qj – where he could contact the admin)

        Out of the 5, two were due to leaks.

    • mlc says:

      Sorry Epoke, guess I was mistaken. =(

    • Rick says:

      I downloaded from the dutch psn store so that’s also working

  6. Rafa Gomes says:

    OMG, not avaiable in BR store =\

  7. DarkZeroDai says:

    Sorry new to this whole thing,does that mean people in EU have to wait till the next firmware update for a new ninja release?

  8. this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

    And… it’s gone.

    Shame that I went to sleep at 9 PM yesterday (have a huge test at a faraway university at 9 AM today). I thought for sure it’d be released on the weekend for some reason. Congrats to everyone who managed to get the release, and enjoy your exploit!

    • wololo says:

      It’s the middle of the night in the US, I’d be surprised?
      And yes, it was planned to be released on the weekend, in case you haven’t read the full thing, the release got leaked, hence the messy announcement

  9. Abdou005 says:

    There won’t be any “Ninja Realise Soon”. and if ever it comes, it will be only Vhbl. Just Create a US Psn Store and Get it before the Game get PULLED. it is really the last chance Guys!

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      It’s already been pulled.

      • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

        Oh wait, it hasn’t! Never mind! Sorry!

      • wololo says:

        You’re the only one to report this so far. I’d be extremely surprised given that it’s the middle of the night in the US. As a reminder, the game is *not* available in Canada, Brazil, Australia, or any other country, only in US and JP!

        • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

          I mean, I can purchase it through the US PSN store on my computer… does that even count? It’s not on the Canadian Vita and online (i.e. browser) PSN stores AFAIK.

          • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

            Actually, just reset my Vita and logged in with my US account… and this is the game, right?


            In any case, I think I’ll pass. I’d rather have the exploit on my main Canadian account.

  10. DarkZeroDai says:

    ok last question once purchase on the us account will I have to stay on the us account or be able to change back to the eu one (while still retaining “new features”)?

  11. MarSprite says:

    On one hand, I think it’s a good thing for the people who were waiting to receive access to the release to get a heads up on what the game is, and I also feel like maybe you could just say nothing about what the game is publicly. If some guy says “the exploited game is yada yada” then how does anyone know he knows what he’s talking about? Wouldn’t people just assume he was trolling?

  12. Exe says:

    How much does it cost? I can only see FiFa Soccer 11 in Canada and it cost 29.99$ That’s expensive, just need to be sure. THanks

  13. dyeyam says:

    game is still available. i’ll pass though.

    shame on the one who leaked the game

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      Yup, yup. I wonder how it got leaked? And who leaked it? Leaks *** me off so much. Why’d they have to go and ruin it for everyone… now I bet Sony’ll take the game down by today, and a good deal of people will probably end up missing the exploit because it’s a busy weekday.

  14. Victr1 says:

    Guys it’s almost 4am here in the US and I just purchased the game through the PSN Store directly from my PS Vita. I am currently downloading it as I am typing this.

    FIFA Soccer 11 PSP
    166 MB/ 1301 MB
    63 Minutes Left

    Hurry up and put $29.99 into your US PSN account so you can purchase the game and put it on your memory card. I will keep checking from time to time if the game is still available on PSN.

  15. Dio says:


  16. aisu says:

    Is the price of the game around $30??the exploit i mean

  17. Mahyar says:

    Sony can’t just “pull the game”. it’s an EA game so i assume EA would sue Sony for pulling it’s game?!

  18. powelldn says:

    Still available in US this morning.

  19. B7R says:

    FIFA Soccer 11 psp $29.99 — :O —-> $19.00 :(

  20. Rick says:

    Do you need the version from the PSN store or can i use a disc version from fifa 11?

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      You’re going to need the downloadable version… because you’re going to be playing your PSP games INSIDE Fifa 11. And there’s no way to rip Vita UMDs…

      • Shapeshifter0100 says:

        Vita UMD?? Are u stupid?! Vita has its own game card format not UMD like PSP
        And Ricky is ur question even genuine??

  21. Victr1 says:

    Finished downloading the game a little while ago. Took a little over an over to download and install. FIFA Soccer 11 PSP still available on US PSN.

  22. cedaga says:

    I hate when you don’t give complete info, FIFA 12 also works!!!! so I bought FIFA 11 and I could buy FIFA 12 instead and use it in other device with the same account… That was a bad from your part… anyway thanks

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      But isn’t it like $60? And freaking 5.8 gigs… well, if you already have the PSN version on your Vita, good for you!

    • wololo says:

      @cedaga Unless you haven’t read, the release got leaked, it’s not like we really had time to prepare everything properly.

      • Cedaga says:

        Oh sure, because is too much work to put a freaking 12 in the title… That’s all you had to do, anyway I bought it and thing 29.99 is too expensive for getting the exploit but as you said is probably the last I did it blind.

        • wololo says:

          We do not have confirmation that any files are available for Fifa 12, so we chose to not mention it for now. The initial plan was to *not* release Fifa12, and try to keep it for a future release.

          You’ll also note that I am not the one who wrote the article.

          That’s also not “all I had to do”. I spent hours reading the ongoing threads, tracking the leaker, synchronizing with the forum mods and with the dev, setting up a download page, answer countless emails for support, and set up an automated email to make 50’000 people aware that the release is happening much earlier than expected. All of that on my lunch break, because yes, I have to go everyday to a real life job in exchange for a salary that allows me to run this website.
          So no, changing the title is not “all I had to do” today.

          • Dmasell92 says:

            You’re awesome! Don’t let aggravated posters get you down, it’s best not to fuel the trolls.

          • vicman4 says:


            it’s crazy that people complain rather than give thanks for the altruistic work of others.

          • someone says:


            BIG thanks, Wololo.

            Your many efforts to keep games up as long as possible is appreciated by the VAST majority of the site. I’m sure you realize this.

            And of course, thanks to Mathew_Wi and qwikrazor87.

          • Letsplay says:

            I’m going to email you. If you need/want some help, I’m your guy. I work from home and have plenty of resources. Any help you want, just let me know.

  23. jose says:

    en el store de ue no esta si te metes desde la vita al store pero si te metes desde un pc al store europeo si sale. podria funcionar?

  24. cedaga says:

    No porque el exploit no viene con la opcion EUR

  25. jose says:

    en el ps store europeo desde un pc aparece el fifa 11 a 19.99 euros

  26. Rick says:

    i just bought fifa 11 ( psp) on the PSN store. Is there already a walktrough how to fix the exploit?it’s my first time

  27. Frank says:

    This game is way too expensive for what I can do with my PSP instead of my Vita. I will pass this time.

    • Cedaga says:

      I agree but since wololo said is probably the last exploid then I had to buy it, I wont risk to wait for nothing comming probably

  28. Runehasa says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I fail to see the benefit of this anymore. At a 30 dollar price tag for an obsolete game we are gaining the ability to run home brew and PSP isos on our Vitas. Now this like every other exploit will likely be patched very shortly when the Vita receives its next update so at that point its a trade off to play home brew or have online capabilities + new content. I personally suggest anyone considering this to just find yourself a PSP on craiglist for 30 bucks hack it and never worry about playing your PSP titles again. It is much less of a hassle and it runs all the same home brew without any issues.

    Until a exploit is released allowing Vita roms I dont see the point.

    • Asmith906 says:

      It’s useful for me since it would allow my to run my american games on a vita tv

    • victr1 says:

      So you would rather search for a used PSP on craigslist, meet up with a complete stranger to get the PSP, research and hack it than just purchasing FIFA 11 for $30 and be done with it? Really???

  29. ijwrighty says:

    How rude… Wololo and co put a lot of work and effort into exploiting these games. The ‘all I had to do’ comment astounds me. They have given u the info, it’s then YOURE choice if u wish to proceed…

  30. ego says:

    mi psp no tiene potencia para emular n64, gba por eso queria el xploit,yo tambien tengo esa duda , una actualizacion futura anula este xploit del fifa11? y por que no podria funcionar en el store europeo si tambien esta el juego?

  31. Asmith906 says:

    I’m still confused. Does the exploit work on the japanese version? I need to know this since my vita tv comes in today and I don’t want to spend all that money on a game if it doesn’t work

  32. natanael says:

    Fifa 12 also works?

  33. ijwrighty says:

    I’ve just been informed on the forum that fifa 12 works. I’ll report back to confirm when I get back home.

  34. fatman01923 says:

    Since this will be the last game announced for TNV for a while, I think its time for a reevaluation of the trust network you guys have. I hate to say it but you all might have to clear the database of people you trust and startover. Best way of doing that Im not sure. :/ Reguardless thanks for all of the devs hardwork.

  35. Bruno Araujo says:

    HELlOO im new HERE!!! I got FIFA 11 and now ?? my english is not too good … can someone helpe me to put Emulator on my Psvita 3.01?? Pleasssee!!

    Thank you guys

  36. duck says:

    careful not to update automatically i did this and update stopped exploit from working luckily redownloaded

  37. kaosnye says:

    Thanks you. Been watching and waiting since the release was announced. I was able to get the Monster Hunter version when it was released but updated long ago not realizing it wouldn’t work after updating. It’s great to be able to do this again.

    It’s unfortunate that people leaked it; probably some kid who thought he was cool lol.

    Thanks anyway.

  38. chronok says:

    oohh yeah, NOW DOWNLOADING!! its a quite expensive game but what ever

  39. salvador34 says:

    The guy who leak it….. i wish that his/her psVita explode in his/her face… hahhahahahaha

  40. walaewan says:

    yay! still managed to grab it from US PSN. a few hours more and it might be the end if it… damn you leaker!

  41. Just forget it says:

    $30? Yeah, nevermind.

  42. t2d2422 says:

    just grabbed it off psn thanks all…..

  43. Dmasell92 says:

    I have King Of Pool, it’s way smaller, and way cheaper. Hopefully some of you can enjoy this exploit, but I’m enjoying the exploit I already have :)

  44. Caio says:

    That’s what happens when 99% of the community is made of 12-year-olds

    • uichiban says:

      So what ? you’r the 1% ? i’m 30 yo and i was already hacking comodore 64 games on old floppy . Dont feel like an elite. You’r not…

  45. Rick says:

    is it also working with an EU version of Fifa11 (psp)

  46. chad says:

    i dont know about the rest of u but i got my ninja notification sunday evening and downloaded on monday, i dont know how the rest of u missed out

  47. Vitality says:

    Kinda expensive to get, but it’s the only chance; for now, to have eCFW for Vita for those who missed the previous exploit.

    I still have my 101 though and currently enjoy with it. (:

  48. SonicTH says:

    Not again, not again!!! u_u A esperar otra vez :/

  49. k3nn says:

    what’s worrying me is the trending….that’s 2 ninja releases being leaked! what gives?! i think $ony is onto this site! i just hope i’m wrong!

  50. RPRezo says:

    Guess I’ll have to wait for… something – whatever and whenever it might happen – my EU account is way to valuable to switch it :(

    Still, great work you guys. I hope it’s not the end though )

  51. WiZoOo says:

    im from mexico, the fifa 11 from Latam store works on it?

    cost the same, and have the same portrait, its works?

  52. phil says:

    thanks guys. you rock

  53. DarkFulgore says:

    Got it
    San Diego Ca 92154
    Psp Vita

    Thnk U

  54. Metzen says:

    Here goes nothing downloading now.

  55. Bigscrotem says:

    Hey WOLOLO thanx for sending the name of the game, unfortunatlly i dont have money in my account;( I’m trying to get my $card right now before psn pulls the game. I dont wanna miss it again so my cusion needs to hurry up! THANK YOU AGAIN WHOEVER SENDS MEMBERS INFO ON EXPLOITS! I REALY APPRECIATE IT! UR HOMIE MadMan a.k.a. Bigscotem

    • APRON-MAN says:

      if you look at the top underneath the title it says who wrote the article this one happens to be written by hgoel0974

  56. twiliteFox says:

    too bad the game is so expensive :( It really is a shame when I need to go through all this just to play the psp games I already own from PSN.

  57. sk says:

    Guys, I managed to download FIFA Soccer 11 from the Canadian SEN webstore (with my Canadian PSN). The link is this:!/en-ca/games/fifa-soccer-11/cid=UP0006-BLUS30630_00-FIFASOCCER110000

    Basically, how do I get this on my Vita? Am I sc***? Is there no way to do it? I’m not at home right now, but on a university computer. I tried adding it to my PS Vita download queue from the SEN site but it keeps giving me an error.

    • SpicyMcHaggis says:

      that is the online pass, not the game.

      • sk says:

        Um, no. I know that link only directs you to the online pass, but I assure you, I have the entire game–all 1.2 GB of it for $29.99. I can’t download it from PSN on my Vita because apparently “this game cannot be downloaded to a PS Vita system” even though it’s compatible with the PS Vita, and I HAVE PROOF OF THIS. It even says it’s Vita compatible on the PS3 PSN store.

        • CacaMaca says:

          If this helps, you are correct. The version both of us got is not downloadable on PS Vita. We are stuck with the PSP version (despite that it says that it’s compatible with PS Vita as well) unless S$$$ removed the Vita version before we got it.

          I’m afraid we need to wait for the next great thing :-(

          • wololo says:

            Did you actually purchase it from your vita?

          • sk says:

            @CacaMaca: We’re both poor suckers, aren’t we? :”( Curse Sony and their stupidity. Let’s get refunds! We can prove to Sony that they lied to us when we were purchasing the game, so a refund is definitely possible. Not a full refund though, because PSN is a piece of ***. They’ll just give us back $30 in PSN funds. I wish I could use some more *choice* words to describe this situation, but wololo likes to keep this place safe for all ages.

            @wololo: Nope. It’s impossible to purchase it from the Vita, for some reason. Either way, Sony DOES say that the game is Vita-compatible, and on the Vita’s PSN store, it ONLY says that it can’t be downloaded with a PS Vita, NOT that it CAN’T be played on a Vita.

          • Caca Maca says:

            @wololo: No. I have downloaded it via PS3. The game is displayed as being playable on both PSP AND PS Vita, however PS Vita does not see it when connected to the PS3 (PSP does, though). It goes without saying that it also works as expected on PSP.

            Hence, my previous comment that Sony might have blocked the VITA version.

          • Caca Maca says:

            @sk: Well, despite the $30 price tag, I made the decision to purchase it with the risk that it may not work. Yes, I am not too happy about it not working but I also don’t perceive it as the end of the world. When you gamble, sometimes you loose. Think in the long run: eventually we will get it and all of this will be worth it when we will look back.

            That said, I do agree that Sony did not correctly advertise the game as being playable on both PSP and VITA.

          • sk says:

            @CacaMaca: got an appeal for a refund submitted via LiveChat a few minutes ago. The fact is, Sony misled us, and now they’ll have to rectify the situation by giving me a refund. If they don’t, I swear I will fight tooth and nail for one. :) You’re pretty positive about this whole ordeal… why not just get a refund like me? It’s not our fault, really.

            I’m going to do my best to warn other Canadians from making the same mistake we (and probably, countless others) did. Moral of the story is, never trust S0ny not to mismanage their own store. Seriously, they’re so much worse than Microsoft in this aspect.

          • Caca Maca says:

            @sk: Sounds good. I’ll do the same and good luck! :-)

  58. Yukie says:

    Sorry if this is kind of a stupid question, but FIFA Soccer 11 is the same game as FIFA 11, right?

  59. chino says:

    fifa soccer 11 y fifa 11 sonlos mismos ?

  60. chino says:

    fifa soccer

  61. chino says:

    si fifa 11 y fifa soccer 11 son los mismo?

  62. kratelos says:

    Hello all :

    Fifa soccer 11 USA 100% fonctionnel sur PSvita 3.01 EURO !!!

    pour information le jeu coûte 30$ et toujours disponible

    very thx to Mathew_Wi and wololo :)

  63. kratelos says:

    imformation: ma psvita est neuf d’une semaine

  64. Gauban says:

    This is bs. We have a traitor among us leaking S#!+. Is there really nothing we can do???

  65. monte carlo says:

    Does anyone have this working? Both of my vita’s give me error C1-2858-3 when trying to load save file. I read multiple tutorials and followed all directions exactly and am pretty confident that it is all correct. It does say loaders are not tested yet in the post so it is possible that this is not ready yet?

  66. xacutaz says:

    i guess they took the game away from the store .. all i can see is fifa 14 and fifa 13 … *** it i already had tnv but i needed to update to play killzone .. and now i simply lost my tnv ….

  67. Gene says:

    Well got all excited that i managed to download Fifa 12 in time, come to find out here in Canada we don’t get the US version, tried to load the save file. It dont even show in the game to even load :( fail

  68. Gie says:

    whoa, I haven’t seen it yet..

  69. z31k says:

    The game is still up…

  70. Gene says:

    No good to me my vita wont let me log into US account plus needs a US Credit Card to purchase to add to PSN

  71. Sotona2 says:

    Leaker should BURN. Got the game nonetheless. Thanks for your hard work

  72. Yukie says:

    I read multiple tutorials and I’m pretty sure I was doing everything as they said, but I keep getting the error C1-2858-3 when I try to load the exploit save data. Was I doing something wrong?

  73. Thomp says:

    6.60 does work on US FIFA 11, but PROTIP: Do NOT update the game when prompted, otherwise you’ll get an error.

  74. Victr1 says:

    I just checked on my VIta and the game is still available in the US PSN store. Hurry up and get it!

  75. raven5826 says:

    Hi, Guys what can I say :)

    IT WORKS !

    Great, I was waiting for that day long time, becasue I haven’t chance to get previous exploits. Now I catch early morning FIFA 11 and I do everything as was mentioned before and works perfectly. I don’t have any errors etc. Here is short tutorial from GameBlammer :

  76. poisonfish says:

    I was kind of hoping but too expensive anyway thanks a lot you guys rule.

  77. jaybay says:

    I tried it, works perfectly make sure u add the files tn and flash files to ur savedata before transfer thats how it worked for me.

  78. Gamester says:

    Game is STILL on PSN! Incredibly happy after spending the whole day thinking I lost my shot… Downloading now 42 min remaining…

  79. Ronaldo Nugoli says:

    Valeu meu camarada, muito bom quando vejo um comentário br aqui ainda mais quando é pra dar um norte, pois to meio perdido aqui no inglês hehehe

  80. theleftykid says:

    I was very disappointed to the person who made the leak. The hack for this game should have not been released. But anyway people who had the game, you’re lucky. My vita still sucks without a hack.. -sigh-

  81. huss0406 says:

    Hi everyone:
    I may have a way of revenge(I say “may” because I did it and it worked for me, but, I cannot say that for other people because I know no one that has done this method).
    I did this with megamix 101 in 1. I bought the game and everything was ok, 2 days after its public release it was removed from PSN, so, what I did is to tell them that I wanted to re download the game because my memory card was formatted, but, it doesn’t appear in my download list to do so. Thus, I went to support and I told them about this situation and, 1 week after, i had my $10 back! Of course it’s a lie because I have the game right now… I hope this works for this situation
    Srry if it’s not so comprehensible, I’ll answer any question about this.(I did it and worked for me, I don’t know for others, do it at your own)

  82. Ztupid says:

    that was disappointing…when some idiots think that leaking it will help.

    all it does is rush the devs and makes error. unless that was their intended goal? if so, then they suk…

    still waiting on actual homebrew for vita that may remove those useless apps on my vita. lol

  83. Kenshi says:

    Thank you so much for all the effort in making this Exploit, Im new at this, just got my Vita on XMAS and im very grateful that this works smoothly!!!

  84. Tielur says:

    Well, I’m sick of always missing this. I’m probably going to just sell my vita. Why does sony have to be such jerks about this stuff.

  85. moxiemason says:


    It’s still up on the US store. I JUST bought it off of my Vita and it started downloading. I have it paused while I’m at work so I don’t chew up my data.

  86. edukarlo says:

    its still up.. now downloading it halfway.. i cant access my /talk account.. my ISP is dynamic wimax IP.. i have to go PC rentals awaiting for the ninja release.. switched from R2 account bcoz of this..

  87. Geminicontractor says:

    I doubt they’ll remove this that soon.
    I mean the game costs 30 flipping dollars(USD).

    • edukarlo says:

      your definitely right.. LOL.. that’s a lot.. maybe their doing something like including the update within the orig file itself and some may be *** if it will be updated without knowing that.. haha.. i just hope they won’t do such.. just thinking in advance…. ^_^

  88. Greysmoke says:

    Thanks for the info guys! Downloaded it this morning! and with the extra 10$ in the wallet i bought 2 games i really wanted to play. its a Win Win Win. ;D
    Only stupid part was the leak…That guy should be stripped of all electronic devices he owns.

  89. Dramaqueen says:

    I just bought Fifa Soccer 11 is that the one ? :s

    • Dramaqueen says:

      IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! IT FREAKING WORKED!!, it even start almost automatically. THANKS A LOT!!!! can’t believe I will play again my PSP games!!! DJ MAX here I come!!.

  90. edukarlo says:

    im new with this.. just wanna ask, if i play the FIFA game via the psp emulator, will i have no problem? or will i have to re-copy the saved data?

  91. supaevensteven says:

    So depressing. I bought this on the AU website through my PC. I then got home and found that I couldn’t access my Fifa 11 purchase though the Vita PS store AU. The weird thing though was I could download the game though my PSP and my PS3. Sooooo I tried to transfer the game from my PS3 to my Vita and in the content manager it shows NOTHING is there to transfer from the PS3.

    Can anyone help please?

    • CacaMaca says:

      I’m afraid you got the PSP only version :-(. Scroll up and read the dialog between me and sk.

      • sk says:

        It’s not PSP only, actually. It’s the EXACT SAME version as FIFA 11 in the U.S., the EU and the Japanese stores. The only problem is, S0ny’s DRM is so f—– up that it won’t let us transfer it to our Vitas. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THIS. S0ny is just being stupid, that’s all. /sorry I just get really, really angry every time I think about it

        If it was PSP-only, I’m pretty sure on my Vita, in the PSN store it’d say that it’s not a Vita game, NOT that it can’t be downloaded to a Vita system (what a friggin’ vague statement). Even the Vita store IMPLIES that it can be transferred to the Vita.

        supaevensteven, I suggest you do what you can to get a refund STRAIGHT AWAY. Fight for your rights! I did so yesterday. S0ny labeled the game on the SEN store as being “Vita-compatible”, and it even says so on the PS3 store, so any person could get duped into purchasing this supposedly “Vita-compatible” game on their PS3 or their PC, but then discovering that they can’t queue the game to be downloaded to their Vita/transfer the game to the Vita via the PS3. Sony misled us, and that’s that. I’m going to keep saying this over and over until I calm down. >.>

      • sk says:

        And to prove my point that the game WE (non-U.S. Vita owners) bought is the exact same as the U.S. store’s game: (this is from another user’s post here).

        Of course, the only difference is the size. Pretty sure that the game’s size is going to increase on the Vita.

        If you still don’t believe me, head on over to the U.S. Sony Entertainment Network store. It has the same FIFA games (more or less) as the Canadian version of the site.

        You can see clearly that I ONLY searched for PS Vita games. It’s pretty much the same deal as the Canadian store fiasco, except U.S. customers actually get to put the game on the Vita, unlike us Canadians/Australians.

        Bloody ironic, considering that the FIFA Soccer 11 was developed by EA Canada.

        • sk says:

          Gah, I made another mistake–on the U.S. SEN site, the FIFA Soccer 11 PSP game is 1.3 GB, while it’s 1.2 GB on the Canadian store. Strange. Either way, S0ny still duped me, and I stand by that. >.>

  92. gunblade says:

    Bumers it’s Alright thks. Was going get assasscreedd for da vita.. final fantasy default for the 3ds seemed alright played da demo..

  93. Ricky D says:

    So can this game still be bought and downloaded directly to the Vita? They took it offline yesterday briefly and I see a couple people having trouble getting it on their vitas

    Please somebody that’s purchased it try to download directly to the vita (after backing up your copy to your PC first of course). I have a friend that’s been looking for an exploit and he won’t be able to transfer from a PS3 so vita direct download is his only option

  94. Oz the great says:

    hi all just to let all know do not download/install the fifa 11 update it will mess up the exploid thanks

  95. jeerum says:

    Like i say’d years ago, every EA games has overflow if you but enough bytes to savedata 😀 GOOD LUCK!

  96. dan says:

    just to let people know, canadian account doesnt work. it wouldnt let me download the game to my vita. so i had to create a US account to just download it. i was able to download it at 10pm eastern time last night.

  97. sixteenbuttons says:

    Been waiting for the next release…Went to buy the game then was stunned at the 29.99 price tag. (Fifa 12 was 39.99!!)

    I found it curious that a 4 year old game was so expensive compared to other PSP games (Better selling titles for 19.99, others ranging from 5.99 to 14.99).

    Have other exploitable games been so expensive? Is it a move by Sony to detract people from buying it until they can release a firmware update to block the exploit?

  98. Gene says:

    Anyone get this working on the Fifa 12 Ca (Canada) version. Because the save folder is a different serial. I have tried it 100 different ways and it will not work. Just my luck…..

  99. sk says:

    I got my refund today.

    Just to let people who did the same thing as me–who bought the game from the Canadian SEN store but were unable to transfer it to their Vita–know, and to show them that they WILL get a refund. Don’t despair, guys. “One time gesture” my ***. If this happens again, don’t be afraid to call them out on it. Labeling an un-transferrable game as ‘Vita-compatible’ was a really bad error on their part.

    • CacaMaca says:

      As a note that I got my refund as well. @sk: I wish you good luck with the next release :-)

      • sk says:

        Haha, you too. Thanks. :) I know it probably won’t be, but whenever the next release is, I hope it’ll be available on the Canadian Vita store as well. One can dream. Man, I really need to get another memory card for stuff like this.

    • gunblade says:

      It’s alright atleast u got a refund.. I would have been to shy to talk on the phone to a Sony rep.

      • sk says:

        I never talked to anyone on the phone. I just used Sony’s LiveChat. Don’t worry, it’s LOADS better than EA’s LiveChat (as in, you get people who can speak English properly and don’t give you the same response every single time!). After telling the representative my transaction number, he let me know that he’d put forth my case to the higher-ups, and the next day, I received an email telling me I got a refund. Easy peasy.

  100. lordkingdome says:

    Hi guys. My eCFW works well. I download it from Malaysia and my psn is in us. Thanks.

  101. hKlong says:

    Hi, Fifa 11 was updated and i cannot run the exploit again

  102. Mayumura says:

    Bro, for some reason, I can’t access the forums. It says 403 forbidden etc..

  103. SpicyMcHaggis says:

    was planning on doing this any came home to my dog chewing on my PS Vita :(

  104. zach says:

    When I updated the game, the exploit would not work. It would just freeze up before it got to the menu. Should I just re download the game?

  105. Setzer Gabianni says:

    Just two silly question: every time I want to launch the exploit need I open the FIFA game and press R button or once the TN-V it’s installed it’s done and I can use the 1,3 gigas in other aplications and games?. And the second one: if I delete the savegame within the ePSP can I play the game normaly?… I’m not a big fan of sports game but for that price… I really want to worth the money I spend.

    • gunblade says:

      Wen I was on 1.8 or two sumthjng I had two exploits I could run so I would use the file view app and make a copy of the save n save it in a differnt folder then start a new game..

  106. Miguel Angel says:

    Hola Amigos latinos, por si no entienden las instrucciones aqui, mañana subire un video tutorial de como obtener este exploit, mi cuenta de youtube es Dota Mig, no se lo pierdan saludos

  107. Rei says:

    Well that sucks.

    Thankfully i already have TN-V on my vita so i didn’t need this exploit but i feel really bad for the people who did.

    hopefully there won’t be anymore leaks in the future and I hope this doesn’t discourage the people working on the vita too much

  108. it was working fine but after update the game it self now it is hang and have this error C1-2858-3

  109. lordkingdome says:

    the game been pulled!!!

  110. Daveybox says:

    Anyone every try and download the game in Canada, but using a US vpn?
    I was going to try last night, but didn’t want to waste $30

  111. Awash says:

    Guys I’m in canada I created account for us downloaded game just finished installing the game and exploit wololo rocks u should know u have to purchase ps plus inorder to turn off automatic updates but it works and was well worth the money keep up the good work guys!!

  112. Rodney says:

    Hi Guys, you can help me? im from brasil, and have a psn us acount but when i click to buy, i receive a message ” you are not elegible to purchase this content’ …
    sorry, for my vocabulary, i don’t spaek in english very well…

  113. Um.. says:

    Welcome to the internet =)

  114. William says:

    The game is down T_T

  115. Victr1 says:

    FIFA 11 PSP has been pulled from US PSN. The game is no longer available.

  116. disciplinal says:

    …***. I downloaded FIFA 11 a couple days ago and it was running fine up until today. I received an error so I decided to delete it….thinking I could just go back into the store and re-download it under “My Downloads”. Turns out I was wrong. What a waste of $30 :(

  117. BinaryMonkee says:

    It is very peculiar that the price tag on Sony’s FIFA 11 is $30. Conspiracy theory… I will never buy anything from Sony ever again just for the b.s they give you on all their products. I have the XB one but I won’t buy the PS4 . The exploit is not working . I tried copying the files and it just goes on and on saying it’s copying but nothing happens. After 15 minutes it copies about 3/4 of the way and it gives you some error that not all the file could be copied. So there goes $30. But I learned a lesson today : When you have *** like Sony , just stay away from their products just like their bluray players won’t play divx or any other home made files.

  118. Tanner says:

    Well, i installed the dosbox on my psvita and offically bricked the eCFW. any one know how i can fix it?

  119. Hellbelial says:

    Don’t bother.In tv4 silent hill origins hangs in the last part of the final,and valkyrie profile leneth it gives you an error in a part of the game and it shut down.I will not donate more until i see a patch in order to correct those bugs that Tnv4 has.

  120. Brainzapper says:

    I purchased FIFA 11 long back. It was working until now. When I start it just freezes my vita !! I deleted the FIFA 11 from vita and went to “My Downloads” and poooooof GONE !!!! Waste of $30 but then I remembered I made a backup of the game. Its in .psvimg thing. I copied it and it worked like a charm. My point is that why was my “VITA SYSTEM” freezing ? PS I did’nt update the game.

  121. chriscrash303 says:

    my fifa is freezing. i have the game in cmA is there anyway to delete the update

  122. aldo says:

    Hi Guys. Is this working for fifa 11 transfered from a ps3?

  123. aldo says:

    Is this working for fifa 12 installed from psvita card?

  124. Hellbelial says:

    Is it worth? because buying a game to play some psp games and until you find that the game you were playing it crashes almost at the end.That happen to me with silent hill origins and sometimes the sounds went out,the game crash when you pass the calendar fish puzzle and in Valkirye profile when you reach the doors of a castle the main exploit close up and show an error message.

  125. wafflXfry says:

    can somone tell me the easist way to catch an exploit? i have had my vita since last january trying to catch an exploit. i will get on the site everyday for 2 weeks and il give it a day or 2 and then what do you know i missed the exploit. I understand theres no real way you guys predict when one is discovered however can i sign up for notifications or somthing? im just really *** i missed the fifa exploit by 2 days because i go tired of checking everyday.

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