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Sony Teaser: Exciting Year For The PS4, PS Vita, and PS3


Technology is cool

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  1. sony says:

    hmmmmm nice

  2. Auwri says:

    The “Vita sales up 163% in the UK” stat is really misleading without context. December/November sales are usually much higher than the few months higher due to holiday shopping. The real question is “how are those sales compared to the same period a year ago,” and my understanding is that Vita sales are down from a year ago.

    • Thrawn says:

      Not just how they compare, you need to look at real values.

      For example last year in december they sold 100 devices (that is your base value), now they sold 163 devices (that’s a plus of 63%) and next month they will have sold 263 devices (than that’s a plus of 163%).

      But in this case the 163% are completely out of anything. They are here to amuse and nothing more, maybe also for filling a sentence. 😉

  3. Jake says:

    Without wireless video-out (Miracast, Chromecast for example) of the PS Vita, kiss that thing good-bye. Initially, the PS Vita had so much potential too!

    • SSJ-Vita says:

      I want you to be wrong so bad, but yeah sony stabbed vita in the womb and played dumb about it. Their anti piracy measures murdered the most innovative handheld mass produced, and these guys are here helping to duck tape some wings on it. And that really blows *** because psp was so awesome!

      • lolwut says:

        not really, vita just launched at bad timing. If Sony were not rushing vita out to market like securing big titles like Monster Hunter before launch, i’m sure Vita would kill 3DS sales by now.

      • tinostar91 says:

        “Their anti piracy measures murdered the most innovative handheld mass produced”

        Why do you think so? It does what it’s supposed to do without anyhow bothering users (no online verification, serial keys etc.). For developers it’s perfect because they know that their sales won’t be anyhow hit by piracy, don’t have to care about their own anti-piracy measures and even Sony would make them good advertisement on their site.

        Problem is that many people think about handheld devices as free entertainment, if it’s not the case then they don’t want it, 2 of my schoolmates refused to buy Vita just because they won’t be able to pirate stuff.

        I seriously would like to see how many people want to use modified firmware to program something in comparison to people which just want to get free stuff.

  4. SSJ-Vita says:

    where there is a lively scene there is also a buying scene, and I guess sony won’t choose that honor system.

  5. paul says:

    So turning the vita into not just a glorified controller but the most expensive controller in history. Made people buy more of the vita?

    Is it just me or does that not just wrong but totally stupid…?

    • lolwut says:

      just you. most people planning to use remote play to play outside over internet connection.

      • Thrawn says:

        Yeah remote play sounds nice an all but there is just a tiny problem with ps4 and psvita remote play.

        The analog sticks on the vita are to small, I played killzone shadowfall on my friends ps4 with his vita just to try that out, it is not awesome (the game yes but remote play not). Because on those tiny analog sticks you’re steering much to hectic and you simple do not have the accuracy.

        Maybe remote play will get much more attention when used in combination with a japano roleplay where speed and accuracy does not matter.

        But for fps and there likes it is not really useable.

        • sum1no1 says:

          The “hectic” steering might be more of a problem with latency than the size of the analog sticks. If there were no latency issues,it would probably just take some getting used to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at least from my experience.

          Remote play is a nice feature, but I agree, it’s not for games that require quick reactions… At least with average American internet. I’m curious about how well it works with high-speed internet.

  6. lolwut says:

    unless they announce Monster Hunter [numbering] on vita, its not really that great.

  7. GTA FAN says:


  8. Hellbelial says:

    If that’s so,why they don’t release the *** Tales of innocence r in usa and europe as a digital download?.

  9. sonysucksthemmaracas says:


  10. Nazar_Ops says:

    “Exciting year for the PSVITA” Be prepared, truck load of indie games are incoming!

  11. maxxxivo says:

    It’s nice that they put PS Vita before PS3

  12. shapeshifter0100 says:

    To save the vita I think Sony should try these:-
    1.add an android runtime to the vita’s OS like BB added in BB10(their issue is that they do the right things too late).. This will ensure a great library of apps to the vita and no vita piracy.though this won’t be as good as a native port of apps and not as good as native android,it’ll still boost sales IMO
    2.more free to play titles
    Keep the consumers happy especially those who want a vita but can’t afford the games and stuff…. This worked for games such as tf2 and if u want proof go to any popular torrent site and see how many cracked versions of free to play titles exist… I believe free to play is the future
    3.collaborate with mojang and release minecraft for vita with exclusive stuff and ensure its cheap or free or something where mojang will still get revenue and support it plus Sony still doesn’t lose anything coz more and more vitas will be sold
    4.introduce a cheap dongle or something like chromecast with mirroring for the vita and give it features which no other handheld–dongle/base station/dock will have
    5.encourage a native app store not some wreck like ps store
    6.make a free online gaming experience like steam
    7.allow homebrew which goes through thorough checks for indications of piracy and malware

    Though I guess thickheaded Sony would never do either of them without a b$ttload of money

  13. twiliteFox says:

    Maybe Sony should just focus on putting better games on the Vita, and not just porting games to show off its potential. Christ, the things been out for two years now and the 2 greatest anticipations for it are Borderlands 2 and Minecraft. Awesome to have on the go, but I already own them…

  14. ntldrkernel says:

    sony must release the next classics games remasterized in high definition for psvita: resident evil 4, devil may cry 3, devil may cry 4 and gta 5.

  15. aksk says:

    I want to play GTA and ArmoredCore on my VITA

  16. zorak_torok says:

    I just wanted to say that I havnt noticed any twitchy controls with remote play… Albeit, I did have to alter the sensitivity a little. Personally I think it just has to to with adjustibility. Ive owned almost every vita game, some more than once and I beat a few with remote play on ps3 such as Doom 3. Does anyone remember playing Turok on 64 for the first time?
    Granted the remote play on ps3 was VERY spratic as to performance… Duke nukem was completely unplayable, but then again you had to be on cfw to get it (as well as doom 3) to run… Point: Not designed for it. Ps4 is. Cod Ghosts actually adds touch icons onscreen as well as touching anywhere else knifes. Actually its just like declassified, only good.

    Anyway…. My opinion and experience.

    • zorak_torok says:

      I do want to add though that the graphics are very much so not hd, but that is to cover the latency issue…. Im also not sure why you have to hae wifi on both systems even on a local network. I can Teether with my phone, start remote play then turn wifi off via the phone and the local connection persists till a reboot.

      I know its verification of psn and sysfw conectivity, but I still dont get it after an initial connection.

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