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Microsoft offers $100 for your PS3 VS the snappy comeback of Sony folk

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  1. Netrix says:

    First! 😛

    Anyway, where did the “save $100” come from originally?

    • squiggs says:

      The ps4 is 100 dollars cheaper than the xbox one. They are saying have 2 consoles for 100 dollars less than the competitor

      • Netrix says:

        Yes, I am asking who is saying that… As in, someone came up with the response that you can save $100. That response must have originated somewhere. The article says there is no proof either way, but I’m asking where the first occurrence of the said response showed up.

  2. Reynkz says:

    I think Sony has most reasonable offer; PS4 seems pennies more powerful for less in hardware whereas Xbox One seems more creative with their software than Sony. My opinion tho.

  3. Mr. Magoo says:

    Damnnn, Microsoft has some cojones!! I am happy with my ps3 and ps4. Don’t get me wrong, I would be interested in a Xbox ones but I have grown fond of the true remote play and am not willing to give that up.

  4. mixedfish says:

    Wouldn’t want to be trading in the last generation consoles. Need to play Lord of Shadows 2.

  5. Hazer7 says:

    So basically Sony is saying that save $100 as well as keep the PS3 by buying a $400 PS4 and not buying a $500 XBONE. Well, its another win for Sony….its almost like MS is trying to be pwned by Sony.

    • Hazer7 says:

      How about this. I trade the PS3 and buy the PS4 with $300 out of my pocket. That’s $200 savings If I would’ve bought the XBOne which can go towards games 4 PS4.

      • Darth_Vexen says:

        Yup, but you lose your PS3 and the PS4 is not PS3 backwards compatible. I like the idea of keeping the PS3 and *waiting* for the PS4 to have more and better games. Don’t even consider to buy a X1.

      • squiggs says:

        Sony is only making around a 14 dollar profit on the ps4 at for hundred, imagine how much they would loose at the price of 300

    • jake says:

      too bad it’s probably a fan reaction.. or else this would be the solution to Backwards Compatability xD

  6. xxx says:

    We can’t make any deals so here is our dumb marketing reply!

    thanks Sony .. wake me up when I decide to play Japaname BS

    • lolwut says:

      yeah whatever, go away n00b, this is not M$ Xbox hacking blog anyway.

      • Wrozen says:

        You ever notice when people have no real evidence or a real arguement to back up their opinion they turn to just calling things “dumb” or “stupid”?
        This person is basically just saying Sony’s reply is dumb and that’s it. They aren’t even giving a mature arguement either way.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    You gotta remember you. Red the camera with the PS4 where the xboned comes with the camera. In the end the PS4 actually costs more.
    But as the. PS4 has remote play with the Vita and the Xboned doesn’t the PS4 is a winner.
    But the PS3 can remote play anywhere in the world, the PS4 is limited to LAN.
    There are more and more reasons why the PS3 is still better than the PS4.

    But the other side, the xboned is better than the xbox360 coz…. Well, they still both suck as they are tainted by M$ and stuck behind it’s paid for features every other device has for free.
    What am I talking about? Have you tried it use Internet Explorer on the Xbox360? You need gold membership to use it. ***? Every device with an internet browser is free except for the xbox consoles. That’s what makes it suck big time.

    • Conjo says:

      PS4 +1 controller = USD$399
      Xbox One +1 controller + Kinect = USD$499
      PS4 +1 controller + Playstation Eye = USD$458

      • qq says:

        Do keep in mind the Xbone camera is 9000 times better than the PS4’s, and is a lot more powerful and requires better equipment.

        As I own both, I can assure you of this.


        “Xbox Turn Off”
        “Playstation Turn Off PS4”

        Seriously, that’s how that goes.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          do keep in mind that you don’t need a NASA super expensive camera for party games, that’s like buying a $3000 PC to play Angry Birds, and that is what Microsoft fails to see, that and MANY other marketing failures, they have no f-ing idea what consumers want and rather want to force their sh*t down your throat, here’s a personal example: in my faculty every once a year Microsoft comes by to do presentations of their products, mostly the Surface and Windows Phone, but they also showcase the Xbox (360), which they have hooked into a really nice big TV, the problem? THEY DON’T ALLOW YOU TO PLAY GAMES WITH IT, IT’S THERE ONLY TO SHOWCASE METRO AND CONNECTIVITY WITH OTHER CRAPPY MICROSOFT DEVICES!
          If I would want to buy a 360, I have to see how it plays, how it feels, which games it offers, but Microsoft doesn’t let me? how the heck do they expect to sell a gaming console if they don’t showcase the gaming side of it? stupid, stupid, stupid.

          • shapeshifter0100 says:

            @acid_snake I really like ur articles but coming from one dev and blogger to another , U are a thickheaded person to say a product u probably never have even held sucks
            Microsoft’s products such as the surface and windows phone 8 are really great
            I own all iterations of the lumia and surface series and none of them make me wanna switch to a crappy product(cough……..android…except nexus….cough)
            As for xbox and wp8/surface remote play its still in development and don’t forget who made a better camera(kinect) in the prev Gen sony is catching up and so is Microsoft
            Two of my fav companies so I don’t side either but both are great unlike ur poor judgements of Microsoft and Sony

        • Lord_Sloth says:

          Fun fact: I can turn off my PS4 without getting up amd I don’t need a $100 mic to do it. Seriously, Kimect being packaged in is the reason I didn’t get the XBone. I have no need of Kinect and Voice Control is a needless feature.

          • herschwolf says:

            What a lot of people don’t realize, or maybe just overlook is the fact that the XBOne was not marketed as a gaming console only. Sony did a great job of showcasing how their console was made for the gamer and that’s great, but MS is marketing their console as a complete media center replacement. You can even use it as a cable box. When people try to compare Sony to MS they are comparing apples to oranges. Spec for Spec, the devices are comparable, sure the PS4 has a little better memory, but that’s negligible to the other components it uses. Yeah, MS has a camera that comes with it, and to a “true” gamer this isn’t required, but the XBOne is NOT a gaming console, it’s a Media Center with gaming capabilities. I think in a few years when people look back at the release of these next-gen consoles, they will applaud MS for their forward thinking in reaching out to more than just the gaming community.

        • Thrawn says:


          It’s a home console!!! Why does that thing need a camera and microphone in the first place? For the NSA to spy on ya if you are trying to build a bomb, washing or printing money, tax evasion or using/growing/selling any kind of illegal drugs or killing your friend/girlfriend/wife/husband and or kids?


          Ok nevermind…

          The ps3 is not capable of being turned off via voice command like ps4 or xbone, but going to the first entry in the xmb and choose shutdown does it. And it can be turned on with its controller pressing the ps button, so it’s somewhat the same.

          M$ never came to our faculty XD, don’t know why but they never felt the need to do so, maybe because our whole faculty including teachers was *** off due to that awesome w32 blaster worm thingy XD. *ahh good memories*… 🙂

  8. NakedFaerie says:

    Yea, spelling mistakes. Typical Apple *** autoINcoorrect.

    It was supposed to say “you gotta remember you need the camera with the PS4”
    What’s the free software that comes with the PS4? That’s right, Playroom. And what does playroom need? Yea, the camera. So I’m right, you do need the camera but $ony removed it from the main package to drop the price and made you think it’s cheaper when it’s not, you just have to buy it separately making it more expensive.

    • CrimsonRaven says:

      Your a idiot, you don’t need the ps4 camera like the xb1 needs the Kinect, yes its true you need it for said software but does the Ps4 need it to run the system??? No no it doesn’t, and your still wrong its still cheaper ether way, its cheaper because its a OPTINAL device, where as Microsoft shoves it down your throat

    • Lord_Sloth says:

      Gosh, you’re dumb. Got my PS4 om Day 1 and don’t have the camera yet it plays juuuust fiiiine.

    • squiggs says:

      Camera is only 60 dollars

  9. Steven says:

    Microsoft is getting desperate.

  10. NNNRT says:

    So that’s how competing became? They make a sucky console & try getting fans from competers by making stupid offers? Anyway anyone who has a PS3 knows pretty well they wouldn’t trade it for an Xbox One. You failed this time, Microsoft. 😉

  11. lolwut says:

    lol M$ is idiot, 2nd hand PS3 still sold above $150.

  12. BlackFire27 says:

    You must be out of your damn mind if you think I’m just gonna give you my PS3 for a measly 100. If that’s the case I expect a free copy of Windows 8 and say 50-100 dollars in store credit. 100 dollars. Makes me hesitate to buy a next gen even more.

  13. vegeta says:

    only an idiot would sell his ps3, regardless of this offer. there’s tons of good games on it that you can’t have on your ps4, and now maybe we’ll see price cuts on them.

  14. deathlight says:

    Microsoft -> BURN!!!!!

  15. ivo says:

    they get 100 dollars if they sell their company to me
    both of em 😉

  16. StormWorm says:

    Do they test consoles?
    If not a bricked\dead console for 100$ lol

  17. maxxxivo says:

    PlayStation all the way, Xbox is a ***!!!

  18. omnipotent says:

    Yeah I can finally get rid of my ylod reflowed ps3 phat system with the void sticker showing. Dont know how long reflowed lasts, lasted long enough to deacticate game synch account after update and grab game saves and eject disc.

  19. maxxxivo says:

    the first 🙂
    Xbox r so disgusting

  20. ivo says:

    an ihn dienen hart ?
    come give me diene hart !
    cheers beatle

  21. LennyVita says:

    I will keep my PS3 and someday get a PS4. It works great. The Xbox one is $100 more than a PS4. so No thanks!!

  22. monseur says:

    hahahah that is funny as heck! it sounds so much as todays politics

  23. CrimsonRaven says:

    I still have my modded ps2 phat, I don’t think I’ll give up my ps3 considering I got the ps4 for Xmas, either way wouldn’t sell it, I think the ps3 to me is worth to much to just sell it for a meh 100 buck, I’m happy with the fact I get free games each month on the vita ps3 and ps4…sometimes psp

  24. Zik says:

    Lol. after reading these comments, i guess most of you all forget several mistake M$ made prior to E3 2013 and prior to Q4 Launch date.

    M$ before changes:
    1. Internet connection required for console usage, no excuse
    2. kinacte require for console usage

    btw, it kinda true that they changed it after Germany forced M$ to name their console something in regard to security issues…forgot wat it was called.

    and don’t forget the cost. Someone already got the console cost covered, but something else is needed

    PS3: $54.99 for DS3 (comes with rechargeable battery)
    PS4: $59.99 for DS4 (comes with rechargeable battery)
    Xbox 360: $54.99 for Controller
    Xbox 360: $19.99 for Play & Charge kit
    Xbox 1: $59.99 for controller
    Xbox 1: $24.99 for Play & Charge kit

    When you compare it, you actually save more money with ps3/ps4 and it already use the universal usb cable.

    Then, don’t forget HDD. Xbox 1 comes with 500GB unswappable HDD, while PS4 comes with preset swappable hdd. heck, Sony even include instruction on how to swap out the hdd. same with PS3 original, PS3 Slim and PS3 ultra slim.

    So, why would you buy something that seem to be a step back? so far, i have yet to see ANY improvement that makes it next gen. hdmi bypass is nothing. BD drive has been ps3 main drive. so far, they haven’t boost anything new compare to the ps4.

    and i rather buy a ps4. XD

    • Zik says:

      Oh, i almost forgot.

      M$ removed those requirements, the constant internet requirement was changed to first-time boot up after several people mentioned that not everyone has internet connection.

      M$ removed the always connected kinect after Germany forced M$ to include a label that it has a spy kit, which M$ changed it to avoid it as people wouldn’t buy it if that was on the label.

  25. DrDOA says:

    You guys know that was from NeoGaf, right? This isn’t actually real. :p

  26. Sky Yuki says:

    Damn i love reading all these comments

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