Vita HDMI output mod: Yet Another Amazing Achievement by Katsu

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  1. xPhoenix777

    I want to know how! :)

  2. patrick lozano

    heck yeah obviously it’s gonne be the big thing playing on a tv no need of a vita tv anymore and full compatibility with all vita games!! katsu is awesome!

  3. I actually made a video about this yesterday. But i really want to see the schematics for this so I can do it myself.

  4. dmaskell92

    This is really cool, but I prefer to keep things mobile. No video out sucks because you can’t record gameplay, but other than that I really don’t care. I never had any interest in VitaTv either.

  5. Blueprint

    This is so cool…..his tweet is a little cryptic with the HDMI chip comment – does that mean you need some sort of IC to do the hdmi or that its already in the Vita…either way in the original talk/spec the Vita was supposed to have HDMI out but they left it off. So the signal outputs must have a connection point on the motherboard.

    I for one am a huge fan of the idea of VitaTV. Think about it in that Roku and other devices that are sort *** as game machines go for $50-$100.

    If Sony could get Vita TV down to say $50 no controller and 8gb memory card (Plus say a $50 one year PSN+ subscription)…then Vita TV could compete in the US as a streaming media and set top box. Sony alrady has a big library of Movies, Music, TV, Sports on PSN and the Vita has some good games……but the truth is so far the best Vita games have been Indy titles. So the Vita TV could become the cheap indy game machine and streaming mediea.

    The Vita TV can also act as a streaming extender for PS4, allowing you to play it in another room/TV with remote play. Plus PS Now is going to bring up to ps3 streaming to Vita supposedly? At any rate Vita TV already gives you Vita, PSP, and PS1 which is a great library of games.

    I think VitaTV could become the new Wii being the dominate ‘cheap’ casual gaming device. This would be great as it would lead to more development of AAA and 3rd party ports for Vita portable. Then Sony puts out the psvita 3000 that is essentially the VitaTV handheld with hdmi and ability to link with ps3/4 controllers.

    Tell me how that is not a good market strategy in the US?

    • squiggs

      that is a terrible idea. some thing like that would never happen because you would be giving away vita tv’s. because at only 50 dollars make you money back completely with the plus membership, 25$ card. with that thinking why not just give away a vita tv with every purchase of a vita tv. what makes you think that sony would give you a year membership for buying there 100$ console when they will not give you anything when you buy there 400$ console. think with you head, 100$ is not a bad price, 150 is a great price for a bundle.

    • veelk

      What if the Vita itself could control the Vita TV, like remote play, with its touchscreen too, allowing every incompatible game to suddenly BE compatible?

      • sathriel

        Yeah, that was what I was hoping for, it blows my mind that SOny didn’t think of it. Or they did and thought… nah, it’s too expensive, let’s stikc to DS3 controller and leave players unable to play many of the best games for VITA.

  6. Galford

    knowledge is power !

  7. Stranno

    HDMI output + TN-V. Lets see how it works, i want it right now.

  8. David

    But isn’t it funny? You should have bought a PS Vita to be, in theory, able to experience amazing videogaming on the go and now you want to connect it to your TV again.
    However, amazing hack. Another step into the very right direction.

    • jake

      It would seem kind of ironic, but this hdmi hack allows for more things than just “play on TV”. This mod(?) would allow you to output the video of your vita to a video recording device, and thus upload your gameplay on youtube WITHOUT showing your hands and anything outside of the screen (as well as noises, but there are already alternatives to that such as using an AUX cable).

      In short, the videos you upload to youtube will be better. 😀

    • veelk

      Who told you that someone would want a portable console ONLY because it is portable?
      We who have bought a Vita care about its library of games, like games that arent available on any other console?

      Sure, being portable is cool, but just about everyone would appreciate a video output. Imagine being able to show all your friends the game you’re playing, everyone comfortably on the couch? and not a croud of heads around the one playing?

      Just the comfort alone is what makes this great.
      When you are at home, it’s just awkward to stare down at a screen. While on the TV you can just sit back and relax while you play.

      Gaming on the “go” isn’t all that much of a selling point to me personally either.
      See, if you’re in a car, you might get motion sick.
      In a public place, its not that enjoyable either. You will likely not be able to listen to the game that clearly even with headphones. And you might not hear someone talking behind your back. Screens are also best looked at in places that are a bit darker, like indoors. The sun won’t let you see that well. Besides, if I’m outside, i’ll just enjoy the fresh air :)
      Lastly, if you’re traveling, you will likely be at someone else’s home, where there will ALSO be a TV! So you would have brought a full fledged console in your hands that can connect to the TV.

    • Millgiass

      I only wanna do it to capture game play footage. I have Disgaea world records to flaunt but I can’t with my current set up because people *** about image/sound quality since it’s camera to vita recording.

  9. ivo

    hdmi IN + hdmi out psvita for xbox one compatibility and dualsystem mode

    • Josh M


      • jake

        Not hating on the XBOX ONE console (it definitely has the best controller in my book), but imagine if the PS4 had a HDMI in as well… I mean, you could play wii on your Vita, or your PC on your Vita, or even watch live (ok a bit of lag but still) TV in your bedroom at night when everyones sleeping.

        • drd7of14

          The T.V. would work, with lag, but that hardly matters, but you would still need a Wiimote and a keyboard and mouse. It wouldn’t control those consoles using the VITA’s inputs through the PS4. The PS4 plugged into an Xbox One, you can’t use an Xbox One controller to control the PS4 interface. You need to pick up the PS4 controller. It just sends the video through the units, essentially saving an hdmi port.

  10. ivo

    infectus UP2 PSV TNV PSVITA

  11. mangosteam

    thats very cool considering its not region lock anymore!!

  12. MightyZ

    Now THIS is interesting..

  13. sdfsf

    i think Katsu is like DarkAlex in nowadays
    DarkAlex – psp
    Katsu – Vita

    keep on wurkin. Dont stop

    • tinostar91

      katsu is using known facts about Vita (Video test pins, eMMC pin layout) and experiments, I wouldn’t say that programming for which was DAX well known has something to do with hardware modding.
      Oh, and also katsu didn’t do anything seriously groundbreaking on software side of Vita yet apart from that corrupted names in settings (Yifan’s comment to that)

      • Acid_Snake

        I agree with you, while Katsu’s achievements are awesome, he kinda had all the info and tools to his disposal, anyone with that could have done it, DAX on the other side hacked the PSP blindfolded, with little to no information to hold up with.

  14. francis


  15. ivo

    i want a psvita with hdmi IN&OUT
    and modchips flashers and patchers
    alongside tnv-psp-1001I1 exploit
    without the need of external
    installation of software release

  16. anhnghia

    3 hacks in a row? He’s on fire!! TEAM FIRE!

  17. dyeyam

    I hope instructions will be posted soon

  18. Airoue

    Katsu is the hacker the scene needs, but doesn’t necessarily deserve.

  19. ivo

    what about patches to compile psplink2.0 as wifi 660 plugin ?

  20. ivo

    if u compile psplink2.0 wifi as 660 plugin
    then u can run it on vita
    and once u have a working connection
    u can run remotejoy plugin
    to see psp screen on pc

    and u can do so mutch more with psplink
    from debug output to launching any host
    on ur pc remote directory directly.

  21. Techni Myoko

    Hackers once again, fixing Sony’s mistakes. What else have they fixed? They made PSP go, actually useful, the christmas it was hacked to play PSP games. They enabled custom soundtracks/remote play/screenshots in all PS3 games. Unlocked the PS2 and PSP emulators on PS3 to play any game it was capable of running. Sony is synonymous with sitting on their hands.

  22. Charles Fasano

    I would assume that this would use a micro HDMI port as that would be nice and small. Unless this uses that accessory port that we don’t know what it does.

  23. kuagelo

    Now /this/ is a PS Vita TV.

  24. kramoyag

    wow no more ps vita tv..

  25. lemski07

    thats what you call ps vita tv lol

  26. Edward Carnby

    I think we should start donating to these guys….

  27. MilkySan

    Holy ***, this is awesome. We should definitely start donating!

  28. Anonymous

    I have two questions on this. Does it work on Vita Slim, and how will he provide detail (selling installation service or providing schematics).

  29. lolwut

    i guess sony is silly enough for not including HDMI out in PSVita when they put tvout on PSP. They gave youtubers (well not limited only to youtube) a hard time capture their gaming session, i guess that’s yet another reason Vita sales not so great. WELL those videos means very much like FREE ADVERTISEMENTS. Sony go fix it with PSVita3000 or your next portable console (PSP3 !? don’t forget video out port) ::peace::

  30. tokia

    cant wait.

  31. Occuler

    Superb Breakthrough but seems very Risky. Soldering and all. Possible Brick. Awesome still.

  32. Quetz


    I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 Katsu

  33. 110706

    I guess he took some inspiration from Vita TV HDMI port? anyway great news! you rock Katsu!

  34. Jun Chang

    Make it public.
    These guys will be finished.

  35. Nazar_Ops

    So will we see a tutorial on how to do this?

  36. lightbulb010

    Who wants to tear apart their vita tv to trace out the video circuit? Anyone? C’mon be a sport!

  37. Sky Yuki

    Katsu was people who do it yourself
    Interest of waiting for sony to do it
    Nice guy

  38. englishMON

    cant wait to use it on my 46 inch touch screen wowaweewah!

  39. gunblade

    Make a android tv psvita android hybrid the usb ones should jus need a battery and figure out how for get the psvita controllers to work with the android tv I was think jus wire the vita bluthooth in the the android bluthooth but idk if it would work right if the vita can’t realy sync the android tv think Sony Need a update for the vita.. well if the vita scene got downgrade backups hdmi all need not like a custume firm lol if Sony be doing the same thing weird though I thought the tree file was needed to update the vita. was different guess was the fact each file had a different idk not sure.. still coool.. speacker mods psp had speacker mods full 5.1 sound lol.

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