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PS Vita Slim confirmed for Europe!

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  1. L2SSnake says:

    Am sticking with my ps vita OLED, like i said last time, dont care bout one hour longer battery, i like it, i dont care its bigger, i carry ps vita in a bag anyway.

    • mixedfish says:

      You keep telling yourself that, I’m trading in my Vita for the newer one next week. The improvements in ergonomics is a huge factor when you plan to play for 1 or more hours.

      Also no more that annoying glowing blue PS logo that blinds you when playing in the dark.

      • wata says:

        Yup, yup. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with the original Vita’s screen. It’s going to suck after a couple of years. Enjoy your burn in…

      • L2SSnake says:

        First of all i get myself plastic handle for vita, if your hands hurt when u ply for more the one hour, mybe you should practice a little bit 😛 To me shapnes and more beauti full OLED screen is big +, i dont care in ergonomics as long its same specification, so its the mather of choice, so u change yours i will not, besides, who knows what ps vita 3000 will have.

  2. Godoka says:

    Lol even if it comes to the states I won’t need seeing as I already have 2 vitas.

    My only issues with my vita is I paid 50$ more for my wifi only model than I did for my 3G+wifi.

    Also is the 3G any good for the vita? I haven’t tried connecting my vita to it because I’m not sure if it is worth the money.

    • fate6 says:

      I tried the 3G(in US so its at&t) and its terrible
      now worth the price IMHO

        • jokerii says:

          I agree 100%. Signed up for it at the beginning and it’s not really useful. Sure you can text with your friends on the app but you can’t play any multiplayer games unless its turn based.

      • Hollie says:

        eh sie#239;὞Andr&a ha questa fastidiosissima abitudine a usare stupidi abbraviazioni in inglese! mi ha sempre irritato molto 'sta cosa…limite mio, ovviamente, che in fondo in fondo sono una persona tollerante. ma…mi chiedo cosa vuole comunicare: che sa l'inglese???

      • My goodness, the cake stand is so so so cheap and beautiful. I saw some of the cake stand here cost about RM50-70 and some even RM100 over. Maybe I can use the Chinese praying plate with stand ones! haha…. Also very cheap! So hilarious right? haha….Have a lovely day.Kristy

  3. makak1984 says:

    Yes indeed interesting that they removed this port… Maybe it is some jtag possibility that should be checked?

    • fate6 says:

      You don’t know what JTAG is do you?

      • makak1984 says:

        Actually I know what it is… In order of speculations about that port that it probably is accesory port for tv out etc – good thing is check it… also good thing is check vitas memory card pinouts to normal micro sd.

  4. cyanberry says:

    “And for our friends from the states, that would be ~299,99$ for you”

    What?! I imported mine for less than that!

    • lolwut says:

      i guess SCEE and SCEA are ***.

      • Thrawn says:

        Uhmmm… YES, they are.
        BUT if you look at it from exchange rate view then it makes sense.
        1€ equals 1,345$ or 1$ equals 0,743€
        222€ are 299$ +- a few cent

        1€ equals 0,811£ or 1£ equals 1,233€
        222€ are 180£ +- a few pennies

        However, exchange rates vary from day to day so…:/
        At least they are little less greedy ***e$ than Nintendo where 1$ equals one 1€.

  5. daltonmccabeman says:

    The micro usb port is the universal for cell phones. It’s better than a proprietary vita cord!

    The vita doesn’t need accessories. it’s got gyro, cameras, hardware inputs. Who needs an accessory port? Let’s not pretend it was so interesting.

    But this vita is built to be cheaper >_> it’s annoying that it costs more… And not coming to us at the same time?
    -microusb cheaper than proprietary
    -no acc. port = cheaper
    -LCD is cheaper
    -1gb is dirt cheap, and its probably just OS memory, because it disables when you get a memory card.

    1gb is joke lol

    OLED looks better an all, but it’s often blotchy. Every vita I have ever seen myself has bloctches when the screen is black.
    I’m sure the LCD screen will be quite comparable to the OLED.

    For me, I don’t really know about slimmer, but LIGHTER is better. laying on your back playing is exhausting when you are playing a game till the battery dies.

    Also, more battery life is better. Realistically I get 4 hours out of my vita. so a 25% increase in battery life is good.

    But overall I’m surprised by the bias in this article. The whole article was about how bad the slim vita was for you, then there was a very small section at the end about pros. And after that a fantastic closer, belittling the person for choosing it.

  6. Balibari says:

    Raising the price of a console that’s not selling well doesn’t seem like the best strategy to me.

  7. Dark GOD says:

    The only thing that most people dislike in the new VITA model is the screen. (Me being one of those people)

    If it wasn’t for the screen I would upgrade from my original VITA.

    And although I am well aware of the risk in owning an OLED screen equipped device. I believe it’s benefits outweigh any possible negative outcome it may face in the future.

    Although I don’t see my VITA ever breaking..
    There are easy ways to make sure it never does.

  8. mlc says:

    Wait, is this seriously being sold for more than the price of a current, better OLED Vita?

    • italkgame says:

      Don’t forget that exchange rates don’t necessarily confer what the price point in other territories will be. We see this all the time in europe, a large reason behind many a gamer’s choice to go with the US PSN store.

      Sony or retailers are probably going to offer some value packs along side the new slim. Then when the initial wave of consumers who want/buy the new compact Vita slowly drops, Sony will lower the price.
      This price drop could also be for the memory cards.

  9. Razzy says:

    Well, dunno, the screen might be good, the blotches on the current Vita screen when it’s black are annoying sometimes.

    … And how is PSP3000 a downgrade from PSP2000? I have both, the 3000 has a mic and a vastly superior screen. Yes, it has some interlacing, but it’s barely visible for me, while, in comparison, the 2000’s horrible, horrible, horrible ghosting was much, much, much, much more visible.


    • Acid_Snake says:

      I agree 100% with about the 3000 not being a downgrade, the colors are times better than the 2000. Knowing The Z he probably calls “not having pandora” as a downgrade.

      • Razzy says:

        Yes, the colours were awesome too. And Pandora is kind of superfluous when you have a reliable exploit that maybe adds 15 seconds to getting to your game if you completely shutdown the console. I mean, when it’s working, it’s just like a CFW.


  10. says:


  11. radicaled321 says:

    lol complete waste of money, the only good thing about the new slim is the bigger start-select buttons. I will be curious to see if perhaps they make a PS Vita 3000 and hopefully actually make that one better than the amazing original:P

  12. shapeshifter0100 says:

    Lol The Z thinks psp 3000 was a downgrade!! It was the best psp overall when it got cfws for it on 6.xx
    The screen is wayy better it has skype and more ram and an inbuilt mic
    Plus its battery life was more than previous models

    • shapeshifter0100 says:

      And ohh yeah the psp 3000 even had a more realistic price tag $300 bundles compared to $500 for psp 1000 and 2000
      And I have a psp 3004 with me right now which is much better even according to my friends with other models and when we meet for psp lan parties in uni for a GTA ad hoc rampage they all ask if they can have a look at it coz only two of us have psp 3000s

  13. grief3r says:

    could sony stop focusing on overpriced systems and get some more developers making better games for once…

  14. Nazar_Ops says:

    OLED PS VITA master race. Sony is losing money on PSVITA. That’s why they decided to release PSV 2000 with a LCD screen. I bet the PSVITA 1000 will become rare in the future. Since OLED screens are really expensive. So if you are getting a VITA, buy the first version. Because it will become rare in the future!

  15. Thrawn says:

    Well somehow this was bound to happen, because producing the same product in two different revisions is not cost efficient.
    The interesting thing is, it took them a bit over 3 months to empty their storages, I believe that the sony storages outside of japan are empty now or almost.

    Well everybody here seems to be all out for OLED or AMOLED displays. Well they have certain advantages as well as downsides.
    Downsides of the OLED are reduced lifetime due to the organic materials decomposition caused by outside radiation (light, heat, UV,…) and one other major factor because OLED switches of the pixel and subpixel when displaying black. Then you have the classic light bulb effect, frequent on off switching wears them down rapidly.
    In OLED language that means: color shift, image persistence or even fallout of entire sub/pixels.
    Of course LCD displays can suffer the same faults but they are less prone to do so and their lifetime is much higher than OLED.
    Maybe this is one of the reasons why mobile phones do not use standard OLED and already have AMOLED+, Super AMOLED,… (reducing power usage and increasing lifetime).

    • Nagstor says:

      i have owned one lcd phone and its faded in colour wise worse than my oldest oled phone galaxy s even though it was used less so it depends on ythe user more than the technology i haven’t expferienced burn in on any oled screen than i dont leave my phone screan on when i dont use it as it wastes batteries

  16. Charles Fasano says:

    I want a BIGGER Vita. I can’t play more than 10-15 minutes before my hands hurt.

    I hope that Sony brings the 64GB Vita card to the US. My 32GB is filled to capacity. I hate that rear touch panel. I can never get it to work right with games that use it. Either my hand needs to be in an awkward position or I need to tap really hard. Really wish they used an R2 and L2 instead. The rear touch panel makes playing Jak II almost impossible when I need to use a Zoomer and avoid traffic while on a timer.

    Not all phones use a micro USB port. Some still use a circle plug, mine uses Mini USB. Most of my devices use Mini USB.

    I wonder if Sony changed the charging device to allow any USB plug instead of Vita only ones. The one that came with my Vitas have slots to prevent any USB cable except the one that comes with the Vita.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Go get the handle case. It makes the vita look like a PS3 controller. It’s awesome. I can’t play the Vita without it now. It’s so comfortable and the way it should be.

      I’m looking for one for my 2nd Vita I just got. I didn’t want mine to break then send it to $ony and they replace it with a *** slim so I got a 2nd just in case.

      The local EB games store said they have sold out and they aren’t getting anymore in as they don’t make them anymore. Damn it! If I find a store with them I’m going to get a few as they can break and they are needed for the vita.

  17. gba says:

    PS VITA 3.10 PS VITA 3.10 🙁

  18. 110706 says:

    Higher price than the original? i guess Sony just want to bury Vita for good…

  19. NNNRT says:

    I personally don’t like the new Vita. OLED is better than LCD. So the new screen doesn’t freak out like the old one? The internal storage is close to 850MB & can’t be used if a memory card is in. Is it for private stuff or something? The PS button doesn’t glow.. yuk. The USB port may be a plus, but the Vita having its own port is more classy. 😛 The mysterious port may be useful after some time. 1 hour more battery life? There’s a mod for that & a portable charger. No 3G version of the Slim, why? And both Vitas serve the same in terms of software & gaming, there’s still no vibration or flashlight, the camera is still sucky, the speakers still aren’t loud. Overall I would see the Phat better for gamers & the Slim for other uses & multitasking etc.

  20. alevan says:

    what’s wrong with the PSP3000?

    • Blue says:

      The only thing I can think of is the screen has a ghost-rectangle or something. You may not normally see it, but once you know where it is, you can’t stop seeing it.

      • Blue says:

        Oh, and I suppose that some PSP2000s are permanently hackable. (A minor issue, really, but I’m sure it matters to some)

        • shapeshifter0100 says:

          Not really the psp 3000 has some interlacing issue but I’ve never really noticed it much except a bit in the XMB

          • Blue says:

            I’m not sure what you mean by interlacing, unless you mean a giant, permanent rectangle that is hard to see on dark screens and much easier to see on bright screens.

  21. AliFOJ says:

    Its real name is PS VIta Slim downgrade but with a higher price tag then the fat but upgraded PS Vita. XD

  22. dmaskell92 says:

    The fat has the better screen, and with no video out on both, the fat has an advatage here. The only reason you get another hour of play is probably due to a less bright, less vibrant screen. I really never understood hardware revisions, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This slim is clearly a cheaper version of the Vita.

  23. Oguri says:

    I love the OLED screen but the LCD screen seems to have more accurate colours? My Galaxy Note II have a AMOLED and it’s very saturated(have changed the colour settings to “movie” though), however I don’t feel that way with the Vita since games just look beautiful.

    However the OLED screen supposedly have a much shorter life spawn than an LCD.
    Also the slim get praised in EVERY review I have watched or read for it’s increased comfort and better face buttons + shoulder buttons.

    I’ve got no idea if I should keep my beautiful OLED or change to something with more comfort and life spawn.

  24. meanpaul says:

    Why not america?

  25. englishMON says:

    you can do the battery upgrade your self i did they sell the battery on Amazon. what a waste of pushing out cheaper components.

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