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Release: TN SaveState Plugin


Technology is cool

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  1. salvador34 says:

    nice work well done…..
    I’m just waiting for the game announcement to try that….

  2. L2SSnake says:

    This is soooo sexy, now you have psp go thingy xD

  3. tokia. says:

    i need in DJ MAX PORTABLE 3 very useful plugin.

  4. Abdou005 says:

    Thank’s The Jay Doctor

    Yes This Plugin <3 <3 <3. Very very Helpful <3. and supported by all firmware !!! not only 2,12 ! Only a Legend can Do That and it is Total_Noob <3.

    See how he brings smile to us everytime with his Great realises in short time !!. I Believe That Dark_Alex is proud of what he is doing.

    We have now to admit it guys, Total_Noob changed the scene 80% at least Thank's to Him.

    Also, Want to Mention Hackinformer for All what he is bringing to us. and For supporting TN. He will bring surprises That will "Blow your mind" Guys :D. Just wait and you will see…

    PSP/PS Vita Scene forever <3

  5. Setzer Gabianni says:

    Is this savestate plugin work even in a firmware superior to the of. FW. 2.16? I mean… because of the less RAM memory (compared with the 64 megas of the ePSP in the fw. 2.16)

  6. austin says:

    Many thanks to TN for this. Btw, does this plugin also work for cfw 6.60 pro on psp ?

  7. Setzer Gabianni says:

    Sorry for repost but I just read the post of Abdou005… it looks that work 😛

  8. Dmasell92 says:

    COOL! Now we need Inferno ISO driver! Final Fantasy Type-0 is almost translated 😉

  9. rex0112 says:

    cool man. Tried that on Patapon and works like charm!

  10. NeonAera says:

    Awesome savestate plugin, Total_Noob!!! Can’t wait to try it! 😀

  11. trunk208 says:

    I realized if you have cwcheat plugins it doesnt work….

  12. Reshiramdragon says:

    Plz email me rh26904@gmail.com for the game

  13. Blue says:

    So, I tried to install this using the built-in plugin installer, but when I go to plugin->

    there’s nothing there. Just the “back” option. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      Update TN: XMB -> Settings -> Update System -> Network Update
      Also make sure that the P_XXX.ZIP file is in your game’s savedata folder.

      • Blue says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        I tried that. I have TN-V4, and it claimed it saw a newer version, but when it tried to update, it said “you already have 6.60, so there is no need to update.”

        • The Jay Doctor says:

          That’s weird. It should say that there is a newer version called 7.3 as that is the current TN version. The plugin manager is a feature that was introduced on TN-V5 that is why you don’t have it. I would report on the TN-V4 bug list on /talk (find it by googling “tnv4 bug list wololo).

  14. mdtodd229 says:

    i have the same problem no built in plugin intaller just the back button

  15. twfaf says:

    Same here.
    Only back button showing up.

  16. fluffychacham says:

    Congratulations, you just broke this website’s comment system!

  17. mdtodd229 says:

    Nevermind, I got it to work. I had to restore to my back up and then did an update in the xmb. The plugin installer then showed up.

  18. ivo says:

    what about a homebrew store plugin or a plugin manager xmb plus package installer plus homebrew store brewology on psp 🙂

  19. ivo says:

    break this ? … its the breakest !

  20. mdtodd229 says:

    nevermind again, i noticed after intalling just one plugin, the plugin intaller option goes away ***

  21. mdtodd229 says:

    Sorry for so many comments but i found a way to intall plugins my way. First i update the xmb, download the plugin i want, install it with plugin intaller. i then do another update, then i download another plugin of my choice. i go to the plugin installer and install another plugin. That seems to work for me. hope i helped.

  22. mdtodd229 says:

    why was my comment removed

  23. This plugin rocks! It’s worked with all 21 of my games so far. One thing I did notice though is a weird high frequency ringing noise when I load some states. It lasts a couple of seconds then goes away, other than that great work!

  24. Hazer7 says:

    It freezes my game sometimes. There are still some bugs.

  25. neoceaser says:

    ok the savestate plugin is great,there is only one problem its not working on my black vita on 1.81,and I know everything is setup good.Since I have it running on my red vita 2.61 and on my white vita 3.01.Its not a big deal,just like to know if it can run on 1.81,and what the heck am I
    doing wrong on that one vita.

  26. mummy28 says:

    i changed a toolbar on my pc and now i cant login

  27. demon777 says:

    im mummy28

  28. kocco says:

    Is this plugin working with PSP? If yes, then how to install?

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