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Recently The Z talked about a savestate plugin from Total-Noob coming soon. It has arrived people! I got it as soon as I found out about it I installed it. The things that I like the most about it are that you don’t have to go back to the XMB to load another game and that you can save an XMB state in case you end up messing it up somehow. You can install using (Open)CMA or by using the Plugins method here. If you use the second method you will have to do a “tn savestate wololo” internet search, click on the release link and scroll down to the download link.

Here is the post by Total-Noob. If you can I would recommend donating to him:

TN SaveState Plugin v1
by Total_Noob

All my works are voluntary and non-profit. But if you want to support me you can donate me a small amount of money. I’ll take it with great pleasure: … id=8158859

Imagine you’re playing a difficult level where you need so much time to go through, but you always fail at the end against the big boss.
This shouldn’t be annoying anymore, as with this plugin you can save and load states WHENEVER, WHEREVER you want. You can ehm call it…ehm kinda cheating,
but this plugin can also be used for other purposes! In example to make checkpoints in ‘Lego’ games: I totally like them, but it is kinda annoying that
you can only save your data after a LONG play time of a level.
The PSP/PS Vita is intended for short gaming sessions and this is possible! WITH THIS PLUGIN! Now you can fastly switch from game to game, WITH THIS PLUGIN!
It is definitely an ultimate addon to the Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V. Also, it is compatible in XMB, PSP GAMES, PS1 GAMES, HOMEBREWS…

Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V has got a built-in plugin installer. This makes plugin installation as easily as never before:
* Copy ‘P_SVST.ZIP’ to the savedata folder where you usually put your ISOs, homebrews or plugins to. Transfer the savedata to the PS Vita using CMA.
* Boot up the exploit and keep the R trigger pressing while the screen turns from white to green. Now you should be in the recovery menu.
* Select ‘Plugins ->’, then ‘Plugins installer ->’ and install the archive ‘P_SVST.ZIP’.

IMPORTANT! The author will not be responsible of any kind of data loss.
To bring up the ‘TN SaveState Plugin’ menu, hold the START button for one second. You can choose your savestate by using the dialog pad:
* UP/DOWN: Move through slots, up to 10 slots.
* LEFT/RIGHT: Move through different games.
To save/load a state press R respectively L. Then it is important that you go to the livearea (by pressing the blue PlayStation button) and return back
to complete the procedure. This can take some seconds, as the savestate is a 31MB RAM dump compressed (expected compressed size: 3-20MB).
For FW’s below 2.10, the procedure takes some more seconds. After the completion, the (new) game will be resumed automatically.
The savestates are located at /PSP/SAVESTATE/.

If there are games which have problems or are not compatible with this plugin, please report them. Those bugs are already known and couldn’t be fixed yet:
* Savestates of XMB are not stable at the moment, so don’t use them. However loading states from XMB should work fine.
* Some savestates have got sound issues when they are loaded from XMB or from an other game, so better launch the game first and then load its savestate.

To developers
If you are interested in working on/improving/extending this plugin, feel free to contact me.

Thanks to Dark_AleX for ‘pspstates experiment’. This plugin is inspired of of. However the whole plugin itself was written by me alone.
Thanks to maxem for the libmenu.
Thanks to takka for utf8-sjis conversion.
Thanks to hackinformer for betatesting and all his great support.
Thanks to abdou005 for betatesting.



You can download TN Savestate plugin here

There it is! I would really advocate downloading it as it is a great plugin and works really well.  I’d also like to say thanks to Dark_AleX, maxem, takka, hackinformer, and addou005 myself. And most of all, thank you to Total-Noob. That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor.

Source: Total-Noob on /talk


  1. salvador34’s avatar

    nice work well done…..
    I’m just waiting for the game announcement to try that….


  2. L2SSnake’s avatar

    This is soooo sexy, now you have psp go thingy xD


  3. tokia.’s avatar

    i need in DJ MAX PORTABLE 3 very useful plugin.


  4. Abdou005’s avatar

    Thank’s The Jay Doctor

    Yes This Plugin <3 <3 <3. Very very Helpful <3. and supported by all firmware !!! not only 2,12 ! Only a Legend can Do That and it is Total_Noob <3.

    See how he brings smile to us everytime with his Great realises in short time !!. I Believe That Dark_Alex is proud of what he is doing.

    We have now to admit it guys, Total_Noob changed the scene 80% at least Thank's to Him.

    Also, Want to Mention Hackinformer for All what he is bringing to us. and For supporting TN. He will bring surprises That will "Blow your mind" Guys :D. Just wait and you will see…

    PSP/PS Vita Scene forever <3


    1. Dmasell92’s avatar

      I think Dark_Alex doesn’t give a shit, to be brutally honest.


  5. Setzer Gabianni’s avatar

    Is this savestate plugin work even in a firmware superior to the of. FW. 2.16? I mean… because of the less RAM memory (compared with the 64 megas of the ePSP in the fw. 2.16)


  6. austin’s avatar

    Many thanks to TN for this. Btw, does this plugin also work for cfw 6.60 pro on psp ?


  7. Setzer Gabianni’s avatar

    Sorry for repost but I just read the post of Abdou005… it looks that work :P


  8. Dmasell92’s avatar

    COOL! Now we need Inferno ISO driver! Final Fantasy Type-0 is almost translated ;)


  9. rex0112’s avatar

    cool man. Tried that on Patapon and works like charm!


  10. NeonAera’s avatar

    Awesome savestate plugin, Total_Noob!!! Can’t wait to try it! :D


  11. trunk208’s avatar

    I realized if you have cwcheat plugins it doesnt work….


    1. trunk208’s avatar

      well both plugin together


  12. Reshiramdragon’s avatar

    Plz email me for the game


  13. Blue’s avatar

    So, I tried to install this using the built-in plugin installer, but when I go to plugin->

    there’s nothing there. Just the “back” option. Does anyone know what the problem might be?


    1. The Jay Doctor’s avatar

      Update TN: XMB -> Settings -> Update System -> Network Update
      Also make sure that the P_XXX.ZIP file is in your game’s savedata folder.


      1. Blue’s avatar

        Thanks for the reply.

        I tried that. I have TN-V4, and it claimed it saw a newer version, but when it tried to update, it said “you already have 6.60, so there is no need to update.”


        1. The Jay Doctor’s avatar

          That’s weird. It should say that there is a newer version called 7.3 as that is the current TN version. The plugin manager is a feature that was introduced on TN-V5 that is why you don’t have it. I would report on the TN-V4 bug list on /talk (find it by googling “tnv4 bug list wololo).


  14. mdtodd229’s avatar

    i have the same problem no built in plugin intaller just the back button


  15. twfaf’s avatar

    Same here.
    Only back button showing up.


  16. fluffychacham’s avatar

    Congratulations, you just broke this website’s comment system!


  17. mdtodd229’s avatar

    Nevermind, I got it to work. I had to restore to my back up and then did an update in the xmb. The plugin installer then showed up.


  18. ivo’s avatar

    what about a homebrew store plugin or a plugin manager xmb plus package installer plus homebrew store brewology on psp :)


  19. ivo’s avatar

    break this ? … its the breakest !


  20. mdtodd229’s avatar

    nevermind again, i noticed after intalling just one plugin, the plugin intaller option goes away wtf


  21. mdtodd229’s avatar

    Sorry for so many comments but i found a way to intall plugins my way. First i update the xmb, download the plugin i want, install it with plugin intaller. i then do another update, then i download another plugin of my choice. i go to the plugin installer and install another plugin. That seems to work for me. hope i helped.


  22. mdtodd229’s avatar

    why was my comment removed


  23. InfoWarrior’s avatar

    This plugin rocks! It’s worked with all 21 of my games so far. One thing I did notice though is a weird high frequency ringing noise when I load some states. It lasts a couple of seconds then goes away, other than that great work!


  24. Hazer7’s avatar

    It freezes my game sometimes. There are still some bugs.


  25. neoceaser’s avatar

    ok the savestate plugin is great,there is only one problem its not working on my black vita on 1.81,and I know everything is setup good.Since I have it running on my red vita 2.61 and on my white vita 3.01.Its not a big deal,just like to know if it can run on 1.81,and what the hell am I
    doing wrong on that one vita.


  26. mummy28’s avatar

    i changed a toolbar on my pc and now i cant login


  27. demon777’s avatar

    im mummy28


  28. kocco’s avatar

    Is this plugin working with PSP? If yes, then how to install?



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