Introducing the ultimate emulators list for the PSP and PS Vita

Emulators are by far the most popular type of homebrews on the PSP and on the PS Vita. Although we already have very well organized lists for VHBL and TN-V Owners (respectively here and here, thanks to SMOKE), his lists also include more things and can be a bit difficult to digest if you’re only looking for a specific emulator. Dragon Chan (with the help of kakarotto) has a great list with explanations and downloads here, unfortunately the links all point to a site in Italian where a registration is required, which is not great.

So I decided to come up with my own list. I tried to be as complete as possible, but more importantly, I tried to organize the downloads by “Generation”, at least when it comes to consoles. Hopefully this will make things easier for people, as my personal guess is that most people are looking for emulators specific to consoles of their childhood. So regrouping them by “generation” felt like the right move.

I used the opportunity to update most of the download links, make sure we had at least one working link for each emulator, added some download links directly on this server to make sure we don’t end up with a dead link in 3 days, etc… Overall a massive cleanup for an impressive list of more than 40 emulators, covering almost 40 years of gaming.

Without further ado, I present to you the Ultimate Emulators List for the PSP and the PS Vita. Enjoy!

Of course, if you find something this list is missing, please let me know!

(and no, don’t ask here for Roms or “bios” files, we won’t give those to you.)

  1. DarkVolkaN’s avatar

    Super nicely sorted list, great work as always! I was always too lazy to try new emulators, but now again wololo saved me/us :D


  2. pga’s avatar

    tinha que ter alguns ROMs de
    nesterJ – -
    MAjic Jewelry.nes
    007 James bond – the duel smd
    Ninjas Kisk bask smd
    688 Attack Sub smd
    After Burner 2 smd
    Aladdim smd
    Alex Kidd in the Enchanted castle smd
    Alien 3 smd
    Bomber-man Mega smd
    boogerman smd
    Castlevania Bloolines smd
    Cuttnroat Island smd
    Donald dusk as MAllard in COld Shadow smd
    Donkey kong 99 smd
    doom troopers – the MUtant Cronicles smd
    dragon ball z bu yu retsuden smd
    fatal fury 2 smd
    FIFA Soccer 1996 smd
    gn_chaos smd
    Gunstar Heroes smd
    Home alone 2 smd
    JUrassik park 2 the loste Wolrd smd
    lion king smd
    Mickey Mouse – Fantasia smd
    pac man 2 – the new Adventures smd
    rambo 3 smd
    Ristar smd
    sonic 3d Blast smd
    Sonic the Hedgehog remixed hesk smd
    sonic 3 smd
    Street Fighter 2 – Special Champion Edition smd
    Streets of rage 2 smd
    Strider smd
    Super Hang-on (REV 00)smd
    SUper Mario WOrld UNL smd
    Tiny toon Adventures Acme ALL-Stars smd
    Tiny toon Adventure – BUster s ´s HIdden Treasure smd
    Tojam and Ear1 2 – panic on funkotron smd
    Toy story smd
    Utmate Mortal Kombat 3 smd
    Verytex , smd
    X-Men 2 – Clone Wars , smd


  3. Dirty30’s avatar

    Awesome, great job. This is good stuff. This is the best site, thanks to all for their hard work and time.


  4. xoombie323’s avatar

    Where are the ROMs and bios?


    1. tjhooker73’s avatar

      Why are you even posting?


    2. UntilDeath333’s avatar

      1. I really hope you’re kidding 2. Google


      1. McLoven’s avatar

        lmao. ^^LIKE^^


  5. ShimaFlareX’s avatar

    You should probably mention FCEUltra( as an alternate NES emulator.
    It seems to be compatible with some ROMs that NesterJ is not (see for an example), but it lacks many features NesterJ AoEx has.


  6. RPGMaker’s avatar

    List is missing at least some emulators. The RPGMaker emulator EasyRPG comes into mind. Their past version run in my PSP, but since then they broke the build and apparently their PSP know-how guy left so no current PSP builds. A previous working build should be somewhere.


  7. trunk208’s avatar

    WTF theres a NDS Emulator :O


  8. David’s avatar

    Thank you very much. That’s a really clear list and could be really helpful, if you can’t decide which emulator you should use.


  9. Foxior’s avatar

    Hi. Do you have any information about sound/soundless in psx games emulated in psv?


  10. TheMewthree’s avatar

    Katsu just modded a PS VITA with HDMI out. Can’t wait to test these emulators with my vita screen on the TV!


    1. The Jay Doctor’s avatar

      Where did you see this. Katsu ha been doing some hardware hacking but I don’t believe he did HDMI out. There is a hardware mod out there but it is by katsukity. Is this what you mean?


  11. TravisAxel’s avatar

    I still wish there was something better than gpsp for GBA emulation. Games with 128k saves frequently break saves and theres no option to load your own.


  12. alex simmons’s avatar

    Hey if you love arcade shooters like cave bullets hell games then you need to get this emulator for your vita just look at my arcade shooter collection im building on my vita


  13. drd7of14’s avatar

    Have a question. Is it possible, probably not right now, but I figured I’d ask, to play with 2 controllers on emulators for SNES, NES, and such on VITA TV using one of the exploits, such as the recent FIFA one? If it isn’t supported currently, can it be in the future, because that would help define a reason for me to import a VITA TV, if not buy one as soon as they are available. That would make it even more awesome.

    It supports 2 player for PS1 games on the built in emulator, so here’s to hoping it is possible via a PSP game exploit.



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