Slim, slimmer, the slimmest – Will the PS Vita Slim launch in Europe and North America soon?

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  1. L2SSnake says:

    Slim is ok, but i like fist ps vita OLED screen is much better then LCD, i like more vivid colors, but 1-2 hour less battery, It will be fun to hold it and compare

  2. salsacumbiambero says:

    Difference between?

  3. Dark GOD says:

    Yes I believe it will.
    And it will replace the OLED model.
    I know it may seem like a downgrade in hardware.

    But in order for SONY to compete with Nintendo they have no choice.

    Would be cool if the 1st gen and the new 2nd GEN screens were compatible on both models of motherboards.
    If they were I would buy a 2k Vita just and swap out the screens.

    Then the 2k Vita would be OLED and perfect.
    BUT.. Unfortunately I highly doubt that will be possible.
    NONE of the PSP screens can be used on any other model then the model intended for.

    Pity.. would be cool.

  4. VitaMeansLife says:

    Here is an in-depth comparison of the OLED and 2000 models:

    It’s in Japanese, but the pictures tell the story. It’s no contest. The OLED’s screen is far superior.

  5. Hazer says:

    The main reason we don’t want this is because we just bought a PS vita maybe even two. And we can’t just buy another. But we might get jealous of seeing someone else less deserving holding the upgraded PS Vita and eventually buy it. That’s how the console industry works and trust me they always make it work.


  6. kaluas says:

    I don’t care much about the battery time either .. Maybe cause i bought a PsVita power bank .. I just think that the OLED screen of the first Vita was the most beatiful screen ever to be installed in a mobile console …

    I really look forward to another PsVita system that comes with the OLED screen .. The 3000 maybe …

  7. Thrawn says:

    It could also be a ps3 without BD-drive, meaning it is only for the available psn content.
    If sony scratches the BD drive away, then the ps3 can become as small as the ps2 slim.
    And we all know that sony is capable of doing such a thing, (I’m looking @ you psp go).

  8. warfaren says:

    This Vita Slim is just lame… It’s not really better in any way (well, battery time).
    I don’t see what they were thinking! OLED allows for slimmer design than LCD anyway since OLED doesn’t require backlight while LCD does, so obviously LCD is gonna be thicker with a backlight behind it… Also afaik OLED screens consume less power since the black parts of the screen are completely turned off, this I don’t know for sure though… Maybe it consumes more power anyway somehow.

    Anyway I know Sony switched to cut costs but that’s ridiculous… The PSVita is already cheap enough as it is! The fat Vita costs about the same everywhere now that I paid my PSP-2000 on a sale, when it was 2 years old. The fat Vita is 2 year old now and the 2000 was just a new revision of a then 4 year old console. And I remember being really happy with the low price I paid for the 2000…

    Really, the hardware of the Vita is on par with several of the better Android phones that cost at least twice as much, and the Vita has proper physical buttons, back touchpad, analog sticks on top of that.

    I just don’t see why they need to cut costs so bad… Obviously they’re trying to make a bigger profit by having lower manufacturing costs but no lower retail price. Well, since they don’t have very many games for it they wont sell many consoles.

    What we need is more games, not a new dumbed down hardware revision!

    • Antichrist84 says:

      Agree 100% with your last sentence.

      I think Sony is losing tons of money on the Vita hence the cheaper screen but keeping the same retail price, trying to grab as much money off the Vita before it fully dies (hopefully it doesn’t)

  9. Nonlin says:

    I’m wondering if I should return my newly bought Vita to get a slim or if its not really worth it?

    The new start/select button, improve battery life and potential longer lasting LED screen do sound appealing. But the thought of losing OLED, the accessory port (which may or may not end up useless) or even the Vita for a day is what makes it hard to take it back.

  10. hene193 says:

    PS2 Super Slim? 😀

  11. gunblade says:

    If it’s not to heavy then a slim vita be cool

  12. David says:

    Okay, it seems to be official now, right? The launch will start in Great Britain on the 7th February.