PS Vita hack: (xmax) katsu attempts to exploit the Vita NAND


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  1. darkshin0b1

    Hmm..interesting…this dude is on a mission.

  2. gameus

    Regardless if it’s groundbreaking, it’s still pretty cool. 🙂 Hopefully it leads somewhere.

  3. Zer01neDev

    The IDs error is probably cause of low time access to the SDCARD

  4. Henssou

    Art is an explosion Katsu !! well done, it seems we are going to have a big change in the vita scene, thanks for your work

  5. jd20dog

    keep going dude, your could be the next gen tn and dark alex lol

  6. Faiz

    Can’t wait for a hack where you can have two psn accoutns.

  7. Hazer7

    I say even if you do have the Native hack try to hold off till 2016. Give the game devs some time make more games. You can always bluff to make Sony really nervous 😉

    • Dmasell92

      They’ve had 3 years, quite an impressive run. Not such an impressive handheld (yet). Hacking could bring life to the Vita, or at least more sales.

      • wizardinblack

        I think you got it backwards. The device has some pretty impressive hardware (if u ask me) but currently it is limited by sony’s unimpressive software, giving it the illusion of being an unimpressive device, even when it has so much potential. Hopefully that will change soon!

      • Aces

        2 years, its been out for 2 years

  8. MPSP

    More progress. Slowly but surely we’re gonna make the Vita our B*tch 😉

  9. newrcc

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, good job!!!! You are great! Something BIGG is coming, i know i know, TY guysssssssssss!

  10. iCE

    Whats the bg music ?

  11. kada

    New FW update just around the corner. But no problem coz DG is possible for Katsu. Vita will be busted soon. And wololo what about new game? Waiting for ninja release…

  12. maxxxivo

    It’s turkish hacker, am i the only one who noticed?

  13. Yifan Lu

    This is not an “exploit” but just the same thing that happens when you remove a PS1 disk while it is spinning. It attempts to read the data, but because the SD card was reset while trying to access the card (removing and plugging it in), it doesn’t load the string values properly. Most likely the Vita isn’t designed to re-initialize the eMMC if it ever resets (since it shouldn’t on a real unit with the eMMC soldered in). Without re-initializing the sd-card, the vita will fail to read from it and that’s why it doesn’t load the strings and crashes at the end. It’s an interesting glitch, but because of the encrypted nature of the NAND, there isn’t much you can do to it (since even if you hot-swap the blocks it reads, it wouldn’t do anything).

  14. romain337

    EPIC sound!

  15. john

    Hopefully it leads to a dead end.
    Last thing I want is for Devs to completely STOP publishing PS Vita games.

    • Adams Myth

      My thoughts exactly.

    • 110706

      Inform yourself more.Take a look at PSP sales and compare them to PS Vita in the same period of time. And keep in mind PSP was hacked pretty fast.

      Devs will stop publishing PSV games anyway. Why bother with an almost dead system when they can make a killer app for iOS or Android and make millions.Not to mention smartphones hardware is getting more and more powerful so the argument of making PSV games cuz of it’s great hardware and what it can do, will soon become INVALID. PSV is loosing it’s niche pretty fast. And this time you cant blame piracy. *** Sony blames iOS and Android apps lol!

    • shapeshifter0100

      Lol are u really that dumb?? Look at ps2,psp and xbox 360 they are still being sold till date and still have titles coming out for them and have the max amount of piracy etc too
      This world needs a balance of good and evil,ying and yang, legit and non legit, payment and piracy……
      Look at locked down systems which are unhackable no one buys them usually
      People want open systems or even semi-open (read jailbreakable etc) systems
      Ps4 and xbone will be doomed compared to their lack of media features etc
      We don’t want to buy digital copies all the time for movies
      Why have 2 blu ray players in my TV room when I can use my ps3 or hack my ps4 in future to enable it

      • shapeshifter0100

        ^^my above comment is meant for Adam and John not 110706

      • yes

        People do buy locked down system though. Just look at the PS4, Xbox One and the 3DS (i know that piracy is possible on older 3DS firmware, but since it only works on older firmware, its not very easy to do piracy on the 3DS if you have upgraded the firwmare).

        People buy stuff that appeals to them. I dont have any statistics, but i’m pretty sure that the people who do piracy on for example PS3 and Xbox 360 is a pretty small percentage of people who dont. I wouldnt be surprised if its less than 1 percent, meaning that about 99% of all PS3 and Xbox 360 owners dont care about hacking it. Its the same with phones as well. I dont know about the percentage there, but i’m very sure that tons of people dont care about hacking their phones because they dont have any need for it.

        It can be very nice to have an open system for sure. For many, it has great appeal, and it is an extra selling point for many people. That is true. However, if the product itself is good enough on its own, then this will be the main selling point.

        I dont think the Vita would have sold any better or worse if it was hacked after some weeks or after some years. Maybe the hardware sales would be a bit better, but then again, if people buy the hardware mainly for piracy, then the software sales might have been worse. That is kinda what happened with the PSP, at least in USA. The hardware sales were pretty decent, but the software sales werent very impressive.

        • shapeshifter0100

          No what I meant was once these systems are in the market for say 6 months no one will buy locked down systems once their limitations come to light , the vita is too locked down too
          Even Microsoft understood that with wp7 which needed zune for everything and created wp8 which relied solely on normal mtp
          The ps4 and xbone mark the decline in consoles and rise in PCs mostly
          none of my friends bought either or even gonna
          They are happier with ps3s and 360s

          • yes

            I understand. Well, time will show how the PS4 and Xbox One sales will be in 6 months from now. If the sales goes significantly down, i think its mostly because of the games available, not because of any other missing features.

          • yes

            By the way, the main reason for why Zune didnt sell very well was because of the competition from iPod. iPod required iTunes to transfer music to it, so its not really that different from requiring Windows Media Player 7 on the Zune.

          • shapeshifter0100

            @yes . No (pun intended),I wasn’t talking about the zune and windows media player 7…
            I was talking abt wp7 ie windows phone 7 and zune as in the software zune which was an itunes style syncing software which basically “tethered” windows phone 7 devices to the pc same way itunes does to iphone(officially) this reduced its popularity amongst the younger gens who prefered android
            Now after the release of windows phone 8 ie wp8 we(yes I have a lumia and <3 it 🙂 ) don't need to use zune or any software anymore and the platform is becoming more open and yet secure with zero piracy
            In my country lumias and iphones now sell like hot cakes whereas android devices other than nexus are looked down on

          • yes

            Ah ok, sorry, i thought you ment Windows Media Player 7 =) Its nice that you dont need any specific software on Windows Phone 8, and this doesnt hurt on the sales, but i still think that the strong comeptition from Apple and Google (Android) is the main reason for why Windows Phones sells much less compared to iPhone and Adroid though.

          • Shapeshifter0100

            Yeah Microsoft did lock it down a bit too much initially but with every new update its becoming more and more open and a very clean malware free os compared to even iOS forget android no piracy
            It does have a few restrictions for games like minecraft pe (hasn’t been made yet coz it needs a certain access to the os to get playable frame rates)
            Otherwise it’s got potential especially with Nokia devs working hard on the lumia variants of wp8 ,the latest update being the black update and the one prior being amber update and nokia also has a whole ton of people porting famous apps and writing their own apps too at the same time with great quality
            I wish Sony makes a wp8 device too like the latest rumours suggest,not that Nokia is bad but like the vita even wp8 has great potential and great hardware/software

  16. Milky

    This is really interesting, i which i had the patience and knowledge this guy has!

  17. lolwut

    yeah just some failsafe measure just like when psvimg corrupted. In case psvimg corrupt, it will ask you game cartridge.

  18. suspicious

    There’s downgrade method which is piblicly unknown as you can see The Z videos about different firmware exploit, he jumped from 1 firmware to another flawlessly 🙂

  19. maxxxivo

    just dont abandon your work, keep serch for an exploit and sooner or later u will find at least on 😉

  20. Capcomlegend

    You got this!

  21. pploco1996

    We are getting closer and closer, people.

  22. NeonAera

    Katsu starting the year off with a bang! q: PSVita hacks coming soon? *prepares to get 64gb psvita memory card to back up his cartilage psvita games* 😛 Good progress, Katsu, whereever you are.

  23. beandip

    A ps vita made of cartilage? I would buy one

  24. darkstorm-ud

    it just a mistake…

  25. tokia