Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PS4/Xbox One Browser Games, PS Vita Slim, And Ni No Kuni Vita!


Huh, this notebox is good. Password: Minimurspassword /talk password: minimur12pass Hold on, people can see this?

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28 Responses

  1. Cloudy says: is just a link shortener…

  2. Sky Yuki says:

    I always love over saturate

    I use digital vibrant for nvidia card saturate
    But it’s just not the same
    The vita are much better

    I compare PC Blazblue CS (arcade rip) (720p)
    And PS Vita Blazblue CSEX

  3. James k says:

    If Ni No Kuni came to ps vita I think I would just about blow my load! Lol. I got the CE but haven’t had time to play bc of two kids. The vita version would be an immediate all work and family hiatus for approximately 75 hours :)
    It could also be a Tales game… Or, wait for it… A numbered final fantasy!? Even the 13s on ps vita would be amazing…

    • anona says:

      If it is Ni no kuni, I hope we will be able to Somehow convert our PS3 saves to be playable on the Vita… I borrowed a friends PS3 to play the game, but only managed to finish the story, didn’t get all the extras completed. What’s the deal with cross-buy games, can you use the same save file for PS3/vita?

      • shapeshifter0100 says:

        Yeah some cross play games are rumoured to use Sony’s cloud even xbox one is getting one drive(renamed skydrive)
        These will Sync data including saves/games/screenshots etc across PlayStation devices and in xbox’s case -across Windows phones,PCs,tablets etc

  4. NNNRT says:

    Some games on work on the Vita. :P

    • shapeshifter0100 says:

      Yeah basically its HTML 5 I believe so any HTML 5 compliant device/browser should be able to play on sonyfied I guess ….. Unless its not really HTML 5 and turns out to be java or something

  5. BahamutBBob says:

    I really, really hope we get something better than Ni No Kuni. I did not enjoy the demo at all. I’m not the biggest fan of Studio Ghibli either, so having them tied to it doesn’t sway me into falsely liking a game with bad gameplay.

  6. jake says:

    Is it possible to stream a cfw ps3 to a local website, then use the ps4 browser to control it (or stream pc).

  7. Ace says:

    Dude there is a monster hunter getting released called Monster Hunter Frontier G for the ps vita.. but only outside.. its sad that we dont get a vita mh… yet…

    nice read by the way…+1

    • Minimur12 says:

      Oh… I think I even reported about this a while back! Silly me :)

      Thanks for letting me know, and thanks! :D That’s why I do it :D

  8. Frezzno says:

    Here in Sweden we just got PS mobile activated in PS store. The content is really thin but I’m interested in PSM anyway. Hope you can take up some EU releases of PSM until next time, Minimur12.

  9. arz02 says:

    Before a Ni No Kuni release on PSVITA, i think its more possible that it be a NIS tittle like The Witch and the Hundred Knights or Disgaea D2, specially this last because there are other two Disgaeas on PSVITA

  10. BlazingHaze says:

    EA is similar to what Microsoft is doing but not the same. 1st they didn’t ask you to promote the game say good things about it ect. 2nd they said not to FOCUS on glitches. That means you can say some bits about glitches but not a video just about BF4 Glitches. So you could give a bad review or whatever. But the people who review it are mostly BF fans. But a example is JackFrags. He loves the BF series but he has noted out some point is his BF4 video. He also recently released a video about the EA sellout problem. YOu can check his YT channel by googling him.(cbs inking it.) :D

  11. Charles Fasano says:

    I actually want a fatter, bigger Vita as the current Vita is too small for my sausage fingers and I can’t play more than 10-15 minutes before my hands hurt. Same goes for the original PSP. I wish the current PS Vita mounts would not cover up the rear touch screen as I need it in some games.

  12. Shadowtiger says:

    is it just me or this website is down? because i cant access it at all.

  13. Tony says:

    Sometimes I question Sony’s ability to think. Sharp has the VERY BEST screen ever created: The IGZO. Not only is it the best in quality, but the lightest and the most battery efficient. Why aren’t this devices using them?

    I had the opportunity to buy an Sharp Aquos phone when I visited Japan, the SH-02E, which has that screen. I have never seen such quality. I don’t know why these companies aren’t making more business with SHARP.

  14. sathriel says:

    Ni No Kuni for VITA? Meh, if it is going to be a port let it be at least a port of something we can’t play normally (like Type 0).

    Will MOnster Hunter sell 2.8 millions? Duh, it’s Monster Hunter.

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