PS Vita: Homebrews, Plugins, Emulators and ISO/CSO on TN-V Without CMA or FTP

The Jay Doctor

I'm a guy who is really interested in hacking of all consoles, especially the PlayStation Vita. I am a blogger here on

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81 Responses

  1. rjwboys

    nice i like this way of installing …. btw I Have Lost The Game

  2. BahamutBBob

    This could be quite helpful, thanks for posting it, Jay Doctor.

  3. 173210

    It may be illegal to upload ISO/CSO to Google drive or Dropbox or something.
    Set up local web server.

  4. mlc

    Great tutorial! I’m sure this will help many people.

    I’ve been using Ad Hoc File Transfer this whole time, though ;P
    (but presumably that risks a crash triggering the same bug as FTP, even if it is seemingly much less likely)

  5. ivo

    nice tutorial
    but what about pkg downloaded with mediago
    can i install those to ?

    • The Jay Doctor

      As long as they are in a .ZIP it should work. Make sure that the name and extension of the file are both all caps and that in the .ZIP file there is folder with a EBOOT.PBP in it.
      If you meant uploading files to mediago insted of Dropbox or Google Drive then I don’t see why not.

    • The Z

      You cant install PKGs downloaded via MediaGo.

  6. PlaGeRaN

    This will only work till the next firmware update.
    After that we’re sc***. Will wait till something else pops up.

  7. rookie

    Is there any sound-fix/plugin for the psx/iso’s out there yet?


    Having CSO/ISO files on my dropbox is a BRILLIANT idea. I could name them all accordingly and upload them. That way I can clear the games from my PC, and always be able to access them on the go. I just tether my jailbroken iPhone 5s with 4G LTE and then download it! Thanks guys!

  9. ivo

    no sont mediago for pc … psp psnstore
    those packages for psp from it … how do i install those to psp or vita 😉

  10. Abdou005

    Great Man I like the idea ! I’m Going to use it for Homebrews/Plugins only :D. PsP and Ps1 games no problem sending it Via Cma :D. If Only PSPINSTALLER Had all the homebrews in SMOKE Thread…

  11. ivo

    what about a howto digitalcomics on psp 660 ?
    what about a pspRootbreaksthesandbox ?

  12. ivo

    what about doing all of the above inside psplink2.0 wifi ?

  13. SMOKE

    Yay! More advertising for my threads! 😀

  14. mma_jedi

    Thnx for the article, as ‘noobs always need instruction. Seems like a no brainer to me though, if you have ANY experience with a PSP with cfw.
    Only thing I use the Psp emulator to dl is files from Sendspace, as the Vita browser isn’t configured to dl from there.

  15. sav


    drag an drop/ftp is way easier, though slower for transfering big games an such but oh well.

  16. lol

    o god.. and again not ps vita scene just hack for psp.. 2014 here we go :/

    • wololo

      I hear you, if only for every 10 people whining like you there was 1 hacker, we probably wouldn’t have a problem.

      • SSJ-Vita

        Wololo I’m a lvl 1 noob with little to no skills but I wanna write code if even just to do simpleton stuff. Whats the best way/programs to plvl myself?

      • od

        woloLOL. actually im using my vita now more than ever because of tnv ecfw. psp games like gungir and guilty gear ac look gorgeous on the oled screen. as well as arcade and scummvm games. its too bad sony is phasing out oled version for a cheaper lcd version. but what can you do. except go and get the oled version. seriously. if you are a gamer. oled vita just. better. sony had a great 14 for 14 sale recently. grabbed the games i wanted. now im content with my vita and i have no problems staying with current firmw. until exploit is released for future firmw. only thing missing in tnv ecfw is the media engine plugin? that the original psp ecfw had (ps1 sound and being able to mount/view umd movies). but i can live with that. vita tnv ecfw is what i considered. in fgc term. gdlk. (godlike).

  17. Techni

    I get low memory errors and tons of popups about going from an encrypted page to an unencrypted one. By the time those are done, it shows no actual posts in the forum. Is there a more mobile optimized URL I should be using?

    • wololo

      This is srange. I constantly browse the site from a 3 year old phone and dont have any of the issues you mention. In particular, we dont have any https/encrypted pages.

    • The Jay Doctor

      I get those too, but not when accessing that thread. Make sure that you search to thread on Google then click through there directly. Navigating there through /talk doesn’t work.

  18. MPSP

    Hey, The Jay Doctor is this your first article? I haven’t seen anything from you before. Great post none the less.

  19. Hazer7

    Website that lets you directly download to cloud storage-

    (BTW Links have to be direct so links that take you to another site like mediafire,MEGA,4shared,etc won’t work.)

  20. SSJ-Vita

    for the Homebrew Games/Applications and emulators walkthrough, can that be done with psplorer? I’m on arcade TNv7.3 and I don’t think pspfiler works on mine, it didn’t the last time I tried putting it on my vita.

  21. Brett

    Can someone message me where to get ISO for free? It can’t seem to find any that work without a torrent

    • The Jay Doctor

      NO!!! We can’t. Piracy is 100% untolerated on this site. Buy the games!!!

      • Brett

        If they are telling us to get ISO from a ecfw obviously I am not going to buy them

        • Thekornerkids

          You don’t want to buy them because you enjoy piracy, which we do not condone here due to it being illegal. There are legal reasons for which to use ecfw to play ISO/CSO files. After all do you see a umd slot on the ps vita by which you can play your LEGALLY purchased and dumped umd’s with?

  22. ivo

    why without then ?

  23. ivo

    i just need one package

  24. ivo

    what about a tnv for game only
    and otherside showtime or xbmc

  25. Tall_Stack


  26. tokia

    im still waiting in psx with sound on tn-v 😀

  27. vitaplayer

    I have save issues on king of pool exploit. But only street fighter alpha 3 max(so far…) it saysno memory stick found, memory stick should be at least 256 KB etc.

    Total_Noob!!! Could you fix it? Please.. :)

    • The Jay Doctor

      Are you sure you have enough space on you memory card. Go to ps vita Settings -> System -> System Information and see how much storage you have and post it here. It sounds like you don’t have enough storage.

  28. stonemandy

    Um why can’t we just use usb mode on the xmb like its a real psp that would be great . Lol just a idea

  29. mdtodd229

    When I try to copy homebrew in psp/savedata/game exploret. It says cannot read ms0/psp/common/(game I downloaded). Not sure what’s going on there. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • The Jay Doctor

      This happens with some things but I have no idea why. If you watch the first video you will see this happened to me. Are you sure that it is named correctly? i.e. All caps fir both name and extension. Check to see if the game is available on PSPInstaller. You can get PSPInstaller through that same thread. If all else fails use (Open)CMA

  30. mneco

    PlayStation Store in manutenção ?

  31. patrick lozano

    thank’s the jay doctor 😀 and welcome to wololo I wonder where are the others…. since wololo said something like “new ps vita exploit” there are no new posts :/ even Minimur is lost with the “what happened this week” I hope everything it’s ok

  32. joshua

    btw i was just wondering was the “home” feature of the psp emulator disabled ? on an earlier tn-v i could hold down the home button then hit the x on that screen to see the home menu and exit a psp game to the xmb now i get nothing and need 2 redo the exploit to change games?

  33. mdtodd229

    I guess no one knows. Lol.

  34. NNNRT