Heads up: new incoming Ninja release for TN-V on Vita 3.01


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308 Responses

  1. francisco says:

    hello all, where is the name the exploit??

    • taro says:

      i dont know too.
      it is confusing how the name still not appear on anywhere.

    • brennen says:

      no news yet francisco, just stay tuned. remember he did mention it might be released when the new update is live. which means do not update higher then 3.0.1. in this scenario there is ways to access psn store though different means, im pretty sure wololo covered. all i can tell you is to peek in every now and then and do nit update your vita higher then 3.0.1:)

    • Kenshi says:

      Quick Question, can i play Japanese PSP ISOs with this hack or is it region locked?

      thank you

  2. francisco says:

    im need the exploit name,

  3. Max says:

    HELP: I’m located in EUROPE.
    Can somebody please tell me how to play my europe-bounded games anymore
    when i switch my whole device to a “US-Store-VITA” without restoring and losing the HACK (in order to switch back to EUROPE-STORE-VITA?

    Fu**. This is all way too complicated. But i am really appreciating your work wololo!

    • motu90 says:

      I would strongly recommend you to get a second memory card, let’s say 4GB for about 5-10€, just for your (new) US account and the exploited game. Actually that’s the way I do it ^^

  4. SonicTH says:


    Espero que alguien entienda esto. Recuerdo haber visto aquí una guía (que no encuentro) acerca de conectarse a PSN por medio de un proxy que no pide actualizar (No el charls sino uno nuevo) y poder comprar y bajar juegos con openCMA. Si me pudieran pasar el link para estar preparado please, se los agradeceré n_n Saludos.

  5. Faiz says:

    “There are ways to ACCESS THE PSN FROM A LOWER FIRMWARE, and this is what you might end up having to do in that scenario.”

    find that in the thread and click on the blue bit

  6. Faiz says:

    This is pretty futile now,dont you think,wololo?
    They’ve released a SDK app that can be copied to your ps vita and its a certified by SonyTM NES Emulator for vita.Wadd’ya think?

  7. patrick lozano says:

    And… we are now under maintenance in psn there was no exploit before that so the last choice is to wait the maintenance is done (without a new update for the vita I hope) and wait till wololo tell us the name of the game good luck everyone 😉

  8. t2d2420 says:

    i can’t wait for the exploit…………..

  9. fcomoreno says:

    lo lanzara y yo estare durmiendo seguro lastima

  10. Tony says:

    PSN is going thru maintenance as of right now. If you can’t login to the PS Store then that’s why. Hopefully the ninja release will happen soon after this. :)

  11. Awalsh053 says:

    Psn store is up in canada no update tho

  12. BahamutSurge says:

    PSN is back up and no new update as of yet.

  13. Gean says:

    Será que o nome do exploit vai ser divulgado hoje cara

  14. jujucama says:

    Ya somos varios los que estamos esperando !!!

  15. gean says:

    estou apreensivo apertando f5 desesperadamente, pc, psvita,ps3 tudo ligado so esperando e nois BR hehe

  16. jc mendoza says:

    wala pa din

  17. jc mendoza says:

    pls email the exploit game in my email jaycee1910@yahoo.com

  18. jake says:

    email me too the exploit game if its still possible

  19. email me too the exploit game if its still possible

  20. Kuroi Akuma says:

    Lots of begging here.. We’re all waiting, just like you. And even if I do know the exploit I wouldn’t email you unless wololo announce it.

  21. philoneous19 says:

    i have a former exploit for 3.01. im under the impression that there are two downloads per game available on psn. i currently have one on my vita, but my question is(also under the assumption that they patched my exploit)- im looking into a bigger memory card and was wondering if the exploit would still work if downloaded to my new card or if it would be a wast of time and i would be better better off investing in the newest exploit?…would be great to know because i know time is of the essence

  22. sony says:

    come on we still waiting or should we wait till releases the update pr what???

  23. jc mendoza says:

    how long are we waiting??

  24. Ricky D says:

    There’s the same questions over and over every time they get ready to release the name of an exploit game.

    Can I haz the name of the game pleeeez?

    Can somebody email me the game name?

    But what if….?

    I was thinking…..?


    How about if I….?

    So basically just wait til it’s announced. I’ve picked up 3 exploitable games through these announcements. It will come. Be patient

  25. sony says:

    Huuu hahahahahaha

  26. lollercoaster says:

    Will the name be released today, sometime this week, or sometime next month? I hate how these things have to be kept a secret. I’m not going to my US account on my Vita just yet; gonna see if the exploitable game is available on PSN Canada first. It probably will be… I hope.

    What if S0ny removes it in an hour or so of it being revealed? Has that ever happened with the other exploitable games?

    • wololo says:

      Yes, it has happened in the past that they removed it before the public announcement. Typically when people couldn’t keep their mouth shut. But we’ve become somewhat better at this :)

      • lollercoaster says:

        I see. I think it’s better if you DIDN’T announce the actual ninja release (not the game’s name itself, which I’m sure you’d never do, but just the fact that it’s out) in order to minimize the chance of it getting pulled from the PSN store(s) so quickly… I check the wololo forums daily, and I’m sure a good deal of people here do the same. I mean, the Vita is gaining more and more popularity as time passes, so there are a lot of misguided Vita owners around here who simply don’t care about the importance of keeping quiet about stuff like this.

        • lollercoaster says:

          ***, I meant to say, “it’s better if you DIDN’T make an announcement via Twitter about the game’s name being released once it is out” but I forgot the ‘Twitter’ part. orz P.S. Why not have a Twitter with protected Tweets for release info? Or would that be too much, what with the amount of followers you’d end up getting?

  27. Knight says:

    I’m a noob regarding this firmware and have a couple of questions.

    1) Once we’ve gotten an exploitable game and have TN-V installed, will it still be usable if the vita firmware is later updated with OFW?

    2) Do the psp games that are run via TN-V need to be saved to the same memory stick as the exploitable game? i.e. Should I get a massive memory stick for this?

    • aaaas says:

      1) Well yeah, as long as you have automatic firmware updating off in Settings. If you try to access the PSN store from your Vita when you’re on an older firmware, it’ll probably force you to update.

      2) Obviously. You’re running the exploit inside a PSP game on your Vita. All of the ISOs you intend to play will be saved in this game (inside the game’s folder). Most people keep two memory cards or more for this purpose.

      • Knight says:

        Thank you. But just to clarify, are you saying that if I ‘were’ to update to the next OFW, that I would be unable to continue using TN-V? (i.e. can the firmware update block an existing installation of TN-V?) If that’s the case, then I would kind of be stuck with 3.01 forever if I want to keep TN-V huh.

        The reason I ask this is because ideally, I would like to have the PSP CFW on my Vita, while still having updated OFW so I can continue using my Vita normally without having to worry about potential PSN restrictions from Sony. But if I am being too ambitious in wanting this, then so be it, I will have to settle for PPSSPP instead.

        • aaaas says:

          Yes. Because the TN-V is only made to work with one type of firmware, which would be 3.01 in this case. And yeah, you’re stuck with 3.01 on your Vita, IF you only have ONE memory card or just one Vita. But you don’t need to buy another Vita in order to enjoy both the exploit and the legitimate PSN store. So people use two memory cards–one that doesn’t have the exploit (for legitimate purposes, or PS Vita/PSN games), and one dedicated to the exploit–for PSP ISOs, etc.

          So go and buy another memory card if you haven’t already–one for the PSP exploit. You don’t need to wipe your card you have right now. You can do both at the same time; the only annoying part is that you need a second memory card, but even a 4GB card is pretty cheap these days.

          I thought I already went over this in my last sentence, and I thought that this was kind of obvious if one did his or her research.

          • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

            aaaas, you’re wrong. When you swap memory cards out, the Vita still keeps the linked account and the games or apps the linked account has downloaded from the PSN store on it even after you pull out the memory card and do a reboot. You can’t swap accounts through memory cards. So basically, I guess if you can’t access the exploit because of your region, you’re sc*** if you want to keep your old account because you’ll be forced to wipe it and move all of your PSN games and such to the new US/EU account. You can’t download the games to this new account because you can’t have multiple accounts on a Vita! Moreover, if you want to switch back to your old account with the PSN games, you’d have to wipe the card once again, and re-download everything to your Vita again. Not sure if you can transfer save data/games/apps from one memory card to another because of the accounts problem. If you wanted your stuff from one memory card back, you’d have to make sure the same account is on your Vita? I’m quite confused. I don’t know how this works because I only have one memory card atm, and only physical games.

            The only way to circumvent this problem is by owning two Vitas {{if you don’t live in the US or the EU}}, the former whose PSN store always gets the latest exploitable game(s). One for the exploit, and one for your legitimate account. So you don’t have to wipe the same Vita over and over again in order to switch between the two. You’d have to be either crazy rich or crazy dedicated, though. Or maybe just really, really lucky. Like your estranged uncle died and left you a fortune kind of lucky.

            If you live in the US, this isn’t a concern because you can access the exploitable game readily and easily in your PSN store, while keeping your old games. No need to wipe a single thing. The only problem then is figuring out how to buy the newest Vita games from PSN and how to put them on your Vita without losing the exploit. :p Fortunately, the Vita still gets plenty of physical games. Unfortunately, all of the cool Japanese Vita games that are translated to English are usually only available through PSN, with no retail versions.

  28. miacal_black says:

    i just got my vita for christmass and i was so excited when i heard i could get games this way. were do i need to be for the anouncement. or how do i sing up

  29. jujucama says:

    I gave my son the PSVITA at Christmas. and now my son is asking me to go down different PSP games. Wololo I’m waiting for your ad.

  30. Nil says:

    anyone know if you got the name of the game with the exploit of vita with 3.01?? they will only announce or private = (….?

  31. patricklozano says:

    i’m exhausted what are we waiting for?…new ps vita update? just for the last psv exploit is too much time I dunno what’s thinking wololo right now…just making time for more people to know? c’mon! we were waiting for three days :/ I know is too much work but please stop this waiting :(

    • Nookingtons says:

      You should be patient and wait like everyone else. Be grateful that the developers of the exploit are even releasing it to the public, let alone people who constantly beg for the release. It will be there whenever they feel it is necessary to release it to the public.

      • maddenmike95 says:

        Seriously, just wait and keep checking back and you won’t miss out. Have money ready in your psn wallet and wait it out. Come on everybody who keeps begging, it would tick me off if I was a mod. It will come guys

  32. sam says:

    Omg I got no money in my wallet
    Dat sucks
    can someone give me a PSN code

    • Ricky D says:

      I forgot that one earlier

      Can I have some free money to buy this exploit?

      Why would you ask complete strangers to buy you a PSN code because you’re either broke or just don’t want to spend your own money (which is more likely)?

      You have time. If you need money go do some odd jobs in your neighborhood or go ask friends and family to spot you a few dollars, but don’t beg from strangers

  33. Rex says:

    Hi guys,

    Simple question. If I have two memory cards same region, and use one for the exploit, can I use the other for legitimately purchased vita games? Thanks!


    • Littlemana says:

      You can always use legit game with the exploit card .

      • Rex says:

        thanks, any way to buy/download psn games onto another memory card?

        • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

          As in the exploit’s memory card? No, because the PSN store (for all regions) requires the latest firmware. And chances are, once the exploit game is out, Sony will take it down once news of it breaks Twitter, and if you try to access the PSN store to buy a game or something, you’ll end up losing the game because Sony will forcibly remove it from your Vita, and will remove the download page for it. So if you don’t want to lose the exploit, the safest thing to do would be to disable Wi-Fi/3G on your Vita on that account… even then, there’s no telling whether or not you’ll be forced to update to the latest firmware while “switching” accounts (logging out of one account and logging into another forces you to reset the device) on your Vita. I guess that’s why some people keep two Vitas.

          Someone made a petition to make Sony let Vita owners have two or more accounts on one Vita. Let’s hope it changes something, if anything. After the PSP, I don’t blame Sony for taking a lot of extra precautions with the Vita.

  34. MadMan says:

    I just wanna know if the release will show up on this site,in time for me to get it,to late where i have to search other regions, another site, and do i have to sign up for anything ahead of time. Like i said before ” i had an earlier exploit for 2.60 and was a *** and lost it” so i dont wanna miss it again. This time if i do get lucky I’M NEVER UPDATING EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!THANX FOR UR TIME. UR HOMIE MadMan a.k.a. Bigscrotem p.s. psn online wouldnt let me spell *** thats why its spelled wrong. i know how to spell!!

  35. KainSneoX says:

    I have $ 10 in my wallet
    Is good? Or will I need more?

    • elotit0 says:

      we cant say yes or no, there are games that cost $5 – $20 so… we cant say

      • Setzer Gabianni says:

        Unless the exploitable game be Ace Combat Joint Assault (34.99 USd) Fifa Soccer 12 (39.99 USd) or Undead Knights (39.99 USd) if you have 30.00 dollars in your acount you don’t have any problems because every mini cost between 1 to 7 dollars and the price for the rest of PSP games goes between 10 USd to 29.99 USd.

        • Littlemana says:

          This game is in the ueu store but the exploit isn’t .

        • Only for the lucky says:

          It’s good to be prepared for higher prices, just in case. (especially if you’re in some bizarre situation where you can only use non-immediate payment, like shipped PSN cards.)

          It might REALLY suck to miss TN from low funds, and the benefits are worth much more than a few $10 bills, anyway.

          At the very least, it may be wise to hold some extra “either way” money that you can throw into PSN if needed, but keep if not.

    • crawler says:

      i got 20, always have 20!

  36. fn says:

    Is it fast to put money in a psn account?
    How long does it take for the money to appear after the payment is done?

    • ulf says:

      fastest way imho is buying a psn code card from ebay.
      There are many sellers, which provide 5min delivery and they offer €psn codes as well as $ ones.
      I purchased one and got the code instant by mail.
      just log into psn store and redeem the code.

      P.S. If you dont have acces to ebay search for g2a (they sell also directly from their shop so no ebay needed)
      Its a polish seller and he is offering psn codes in $, € from different countrys.

  37. faf3f says:

    so announcement for incoming Ninja release is now getting really old already. (I would say it was only a heads up since nothing is incoming since it was made)
    Incoming means it will be there shortly, now 4days have past with me checking frequently evrey 2-3hours.
    C’mon I need my sleep during Night, this is now becoming really stupid.
    At first I was happy with the news, but as longer it takes it gets more frustrating.

    • this_is_a_throwaway_account says:

      You guys need to take a deep breath and calm down! There are more important things in life than this! I’m sure you won’t miss it if you’re checking daily.

      I hope we can all work together and keep the ninja release… well, a ninja release. Be quiet about it once the name does get released, otherwise Sony will act quickly and take it down before half of us have the chance to download it. Please guys, don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

      P.S. wololo himself doesn’t know anything (he said so before), and the responsibility of the announcement lays on the person who found the exploited game (i.e. one of our beloved homebrew developers).

  38. awalsh053 says:

    Release will come u guys need to chill….cryin will only *** him off and slow things even more

  39. patricklozano says:

    It’s ok… I think many of us had expected too much about the ninja reléase, yup 4 days have past since that day, In my opinión just relax go outside, get a drink and (as me) if your hopes are in the floor there are still many good games at the store and the ps+ suscription too, they let too much time past that’s true but it’s only our choice to wait or just give a chance to something else :) good luck

  40. silverhand says:

    I just hope they don’t release it while i’m at school. -_-

  41. zluna says:

    why not use a trail version,like the psp patapon3?also some trail games could be used to all country.Damn it,I only have a Japanese psn account…my psp has something wrong on the switch,I want to use vita for some psp game.

  42. mario says:

    has the exploit been pulled yet ?

  43. DR460N says:

    As far as we know it has not yet been pulled, We are all just patiently waiting for the word.

  44. Kenshi says:

    Quick Question, can i play Japanese PSP ISOs with this hack or is it region locked?

    thank you

    • Only for the lucky says:

      Firstly, I believe PSP games are basically region-free anyway.

      Either way, I believe TN runs unsigned code. (emulators and other things, by bypassing any program “lockout” mechanisms.)

      I think any code made for PSP can work on TN. Especially most games, of any region.

    • wololo says:

      Psp games are not region locked

  45. Only for the lucky says:

    It’s good to be prepared for a higher price, just in case. (especially if you’re in some bizarre situation where you can only use very delayed payment, like shipped PSN cards.)

    At the very least, it may be wise to hold some extra “either way” money that you can throw into PSN if needed, but keep if not.

  46. salvador34 says:

    Today is chinese new year and still waiting for the name of the game ….
    i wish this is the day….

  47. LoneBlacWolf says:

    Just now saw this, i hope i can get this one before its gone…i still need to beat birth by sleep

  48. fn says:

    They might be waiting for the weekend… (and we hope Sony guys who are in charge of taking games off the PSN store don’t work at weekends xD)

  49. miacalsblackf8 says:

    so i have a us acount but im in australia can i purches a card for psn her or do i need a us card/code

    • Stef says:

      from what I know you need an US code/card but I think you can purchase one from Amazon US? just use/add an US address in your amazon account

    • DR460N says:

      If you have paypal, You can always login to your account and add funds via paypal. It’s pretty instant. no need for PSN code.

  50. chronok says:

    i bougth a psvita, just becouse the CFW, please free the game XDD, im afraid that sony update psvita and fu.. us :_(

  51. salvador34 says:

    and also still waiting for the name of the game….
    still not receive private massage from forum i sign in…..(wololo.net/talk)
    i online all day all night just to see the name of the game before it’s to late…..

  52. Twibar says:

    So is this were they will announce the game typically or a different article not even on this site period?

  53. o0NJAY0o says:

    Its only fair to release it saturday evening or on sunday. most people will be @ home, and have the chance to get it. at least in US and Europe. Dont know about weekends in other regions.

  54. Alan says:

    disculpen no se si entienda pero quiero preguntar si el juego va a costar mas de 10 dolares

    • kuniokun says:

      No te daran ningun dato sobre eso, es una regla prioritaria. the marcaran como spam si haces ese tipo de preguntas, solo espera pacientemente como los demas hasta que el anuncio sea publicado.

  55. Danny says:

    Hope to find out the name myself by some means….. I’ll keep checking in!

  56. himynameis says:

    Can’t wait. Just signed up to be a member. I bought a used white vita in December and have been actively watching this. Thanks for all your hard work.

  57. salvador34 says:

    hey not release yet? how long you want to hold the game name?
    and I’m still waiting for it…..
    please say it as soon as possible….

  58. WhoBuddy says:

    Thanks Wololo! I can’t wait for the name. What’s the best way to be notified? Just keep checking the website? RSS feed? Thanks!

    • someone says:





      • DudeStopYelling says:

        Why are you yelling?

        • someone says:

          Extremely stupid question. (and name)

          People who can’t see what’s right in front of them aren’t likely to notice normal-sized instructions between other comments.

          As this page has clearly marked forums that lead to easy instructions, yet people are still asking “how”, they clearly need help noticing very basic things.

          Therefore typing needs to STAND OUT when giving them instructions.

          • someone1 says:

            You did it again stupid. Stop yelling!

          • Someone says:

            Wow, you really are severely ***, aren’t you? Even after I explained I was using caps to help dimwits like you, your still wrongly believe that caps always mean yelling. You must believe street signs are shouting at you, too. I can picture you “shouting back” at drive through menus. Derp.

          • Someone2 says:

            “…your still wrongly”. What does that mean?

          • someone says:

            Basic context.

            It obviously means “you” rather than “your”. One typo. No big deal. (Especially when typed on a Vita.)

            If you want to nitpick, target actual stupidity, like the belief that capitalized words always mean “yelling”.

          • Someone3 says:

            You did it! You’ve learned to stop yelling. I’d be willing to bet that you didn’t know I was teaching you a lesson. Sometimes people are better off not knowing their being schooled.

          • someone says:

            My goodness, you really are THAT mentally ***. You actually believe you can teach someone “a lesson” of wrong information.

            I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was arguing with a down syndrome guy. It’s okay little fella.

            Have fun “shouting back” at road signs and drive-through menus.

          • someone better says:

            You yelled again xD also it’s kind of a jackass move to use down syndrome as an insult. Next time think before you open your mouth and let all the *** flow out.

          • someone correcting your ignorance again says:

            Oops! There goes your wrong ignorance again.

            Acknowledging your condition and showing mercy on you isn’t an insult, but an act of kindness. Using the phrase “down syndrome” was in poor taste, and I shouldn’t have. There are plenty of incredible people with that condition and they deserve respect. Like most people, they’re probably much smarter than you. You apparently have a single digit IQ. The evidence is overwhelming at this point.

            First, you seem to have trouble realizing that caps aren’t always “yelling”. (even when educated on it multiple times.) Sometimes they’re for visibility, like on street signs, some menus, and other information that needs to be highly visible.

            Second, the simplest basics of the English language seem to elude you. You somehow can’t tell the contraction “they’re” (they, apostrophe, are) from the possessive “their”.

            Third, one doesn’t type with their mouth, but their fingers. In fact, that’s another reason why caps don’t necessarily represent “yelling”. Typing isn’t talking.

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            I would ask you to heed your own words, but I realize that thinking is beyond your capability, so I’ll just respond with “that’s adorable” wherever possible.

          • someone you revere says:

            You were right about ONE thing. Using the phrase “down syndrome” was in poor taste, and I shouldn’t have. There are plenty of incredible people with that condition and they deserve respect. Like most people, they’re probably much smarter than you. You apparently have a single digit IQ. The evidence is overwhelming at this point.

            1. You apparently can’t comprehend that caps aren’t always “yelling”. (even when schooled multiple times.) Sometimes they’re for visibility, like on street signs, some menus, or info that needs to be highly visible.

            2. The simplest basics of the English language seem to elude you. You somehow can’t tell the contraction “they’re”(they ‘ are) from the possessive “their”.

            3. You don’t “open your mouth” to type. In fact, that’s another reason why caps don’t have to be “yelling”. Typing isn’t talking.

            4. You’ve apparently mistaken “dumb and stubborn” for “better”, which is not only an ignorant fantasy, but hilarious too.

            I would ask you to heed your own words, but I realize thinking is beyond your capability, so I’ll just respond with “that’s adorable” wherever possible.

          • someone who educated you says:

            That’s so adorable. You want to try to be a badass about all this “yelling” garbage, and keep insisting you “were right” after countless corrections. Then you try to switch positions when your wrong “corrections” start making you look foolish. Sorry buddy, this seat is taken, and it requires intelligence and dignity.

            No, I don’t think I’m an internet badass. However, I’m not going to lay there and take it when some *** tries to falsely “correct” me. At least you finally understand caps can be used for emphasis or visibility.

            When you respond to this, which you most likely will, it’ll show once again, you’re nothing but wrong BS. You’ll probably continue making time to try and look like “the badass”, until you get the “last word”, even though you were supposedly “too busy”. (or run like a coward, trying to re-pin the shame as you skulk off.)

            It makes sense that you love internet stupidity so much, since it matches your single digit IQ. I imagine you’ll have a blast, being your own favorite sitcom.

            I’d say bye, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to post again, until you get the “last word”.

          • name says:

            Just to let you know, I’m not the one who has been correcting you the entire time. My first post in the conversation was the one that started with “you yelled again”. I jumped in because it’s fun to watch people like you get super involved with meaningless conversations on the internet just to prove the other person wrong. Unless you give me another reason to reply, this will be my last message. It was fun while it lasted. Think about it: I had fun while you got more and more *** off. So who was the real winner?

          • someone in an A B conversation says:

            If that’s the case, your input means nothing. The whole “A B conversation, see your way out” thing. By taking his “yelling” argument, it was clear you’d appear to be him.

            I was purely explaining that caps don’t necessarily = yelling, to the SPECIFIC *** who kept wrongly nitpicking that, even after being corrected multiple times. I don’t care for common, ignorant misconceptions, and I speak up when I think something is inaccurate.

            If you truly have “better things to do”, then don’t go for the “last word”. That could drag on for a very long time. I enjoy exercising my skills vs people who try to falsely “correct” others.

            By all means, if you’re serious about a long debate, and you believe caps is always yelling, and you want to represent the original guy, go for it! I could do this for a long, long time. :)

          • name says:

            Haha alright in all seriousness I’m on your side. I know that caps doesn’t mean yelling. I just love internet comment wars 😛

          • someone says:

            Alright, then.

            Clearly I was just trying to educate the clueless, anyway. Then some *** popped up and needed to be corrected. Please pick actual idiots to troll in the future, not someone with a valid point. Good day. ^-^

  59. delk says:

    Still waiting. Checking every hour. Got 20$ in my psn wallet but still no news. I am really eager to find out the name of the game. Wonder if it will come out before next week starts.

  60. XxChrisXx says:

    Looking forward to this release, should finally be able to unlock the full potential of my PSvita. keep up the great work with all these great exploits!

  61. sam says:

    release it already c’mon

  62. BahamutSurge says:

    Considering we haven’t heard a single thing since this was posted, I’m thinking it isn’t going to happen.

  63. Mrfatto says:

    I agree with the last comment, it wont happen…maybe theyre waiting fir the firmware update

  64. Mrfatto says:

    Or maybe it was released already and we were left out lol

  65. KainSneoX says:

    If not, it would be good “team” make an announcement about it.
    Many “including myself” who is accessing all the time not to miss the announcement.
    They could say something about it

  66. maiko says:

    how fast does sony usually take it down?

  67. The_Goo_Guru says:

    Well, thanks for keeping my hopes up for the past 9 days, Trololo.
    Unfortunately, I am flying to a remote part of Australia to work for the next 36 days.

    The best part? No Internets.
    So if you could do me a solid favor and keep on keeping this release a secret until early March, that would be grand.

    Many thanks,
    Your faithful Ad clicking revenue generator.

  68. Mrfatto says:

    This sucks why announce a game to begin with…keep everybody waiting for this long, unacceptable!

  69. Mrfatto says:

    Ok, I understand and my apologies if I offended anyone. Thanks to everyone involved for your hard work and I will continue waiting patiently. I just hope I dont miss it before sony removes once its released.

  70. salvador34 says:

    i think my faith is tearing me part …..
    because the new FW is going out to night….

  71. Mrfatto says:

    I read the firmware 1.60 is coming for the ps4, any word on ps vita update?

  72. carsauce says:

    I await for this release

  73. last com says:

    there´s no such thing like a realease for all since the game was out for “trusted” members of wololo/talk fórum even if the didn´t have any ps vita they had that Green box for over a week so probably it will be pulled soon before the public realease as wololo explained in the post from the link someone put before that is the system if you are new your chances of having the game on time is nule plus sony will reléase an update tomorrow and, if you remember what I said before people in the forum had it since 10 days more or less so obviously sony knows about it and counting that this game uses the same usermode failure as the last exploits they are gonne be patched with the firmware update tomorrow :/

    • monte carlo says:

      If that is true I will be extremely disappointed in the system used to get the name out to people as I have bought 2 new vitas that I could not really afford at this time with overpriced memory cards just because this seemed to be the last chance to run my psp iso’s. (My PSP was stolen in a home burglary) I for one have followed the rules laid out to get the released game name and have been waiting patiently as instructed and not pestering people on the site like others. I hope that joining the forums and checking the site for weeks has not been a waste of my time not to mention my hard earned money. Not looking good for my intended birthday present for the kids :(

  74. curi0us hacker says:

    if by chance the firmware gets patched, can I still access the psn store on 3.01? I know it has been discussed before. I just registered. Hopefully there is a way around it.

  75. adodisco3 says:

    wololo u suck…game leaked again on your forum psp fifa 11 …Damn U really suck…

    • wololo says:

      The dev of the exploit himself is the one who made the information public. There’s so much damage control I can do… he is the person who found the exploit and is free to do whatever he wants with the release. At this point he thought it was better to make the release official because of a leak. Personally I wouldn’t have done that and I think the release would have gone fine, but it’s his choice.

    • someone says:

      Wololo did nothing but try to help everyone get this, and you spit in his face for it?

      *** move, dude. Like a whiny infant. Not cool.

  76. Wilson Wimpee says:

    When is the explot plss I always miss it plss man I really want to hack my svita im 17 just private message me pls I really want homebews and emus :(

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