Playstation 4 Firmware 1.60 is coming very soon !

PS4 Update

Even though Sony did not officially announce the PS4 Firmware 1.60 yet, there are already some rumours about an upcoming PS4 Firmware Update 1.60.

It is known that currently just a few Headsets are working with the Playstation 4 and that some official PS4-certified Headsets are being released pretty soon.
But what has the new Firmware to do with those Headsets? Well, I will explain this in the following part…

The Headset

If we take a closer look at the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset by Sony Computer Entertainment, then we can see in the description of it, that we need a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 running the Firmware 4.20 or 1.60, respectively.

The release for this Headset is set due to end of January 2014, which means that there will be a new PS4 Firmware in the next 7 days, cause the January ends in less than 7 days.

It does not state which features the new FW 1.60 will offer, but it seems obvious that it will be necessary for those official Headsets for the Playstation 4.

PS4 + PS Vita

While we are looking at the new Playstation 4 Firmware 1.60, we might want to keep in mind that the Second-Screen feature of the Playstation Vita checks the version of the Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita, and therefore can deny the access to the Playstation 4 Link features, because a Playstation 4 running Firmware 1.60 will, most likely, need an updated Playstation Vita, so Sony can kill two birds with one stone.

The Playstation 4 Firmware 1.52 forces the Playstation Vita to update to Firmware 3.01 (or higher), otherwise the feature can not be used.

Since we get the Playstation 4 Firmware 1.60, we might can expect a Playstation Vita Firmware 3.10. Stay tuned, because I have got a feeling that the new Firmwares will drop earlier than we would like them to drop.


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  1. CoryP’s avatar

    Well, that sux, I just got my Vita hacked on 3.01 and use it with my PS4 when my son is playing on the Wii U… Now I have to hope that my exploit makes it through the next firmware upgrade, or lose PS4 connectivity


    1. M’s avatar

      Well U have only one option just go and buy another Vita.


      1. Frank’s avatar

        I think you should buy a FAT PSP. These one do the exact same things as an hacked Vita do. RIght now, the only thing avalaible are what the PSP was already doing.


        1. CoryP’s avatar

          I have a FAT PSP, bought and hacked it day one. It’s old and scratched and has strange dark spots in the screen. If I were to spend money, it wouldn’t be on another FAT PSP


        2. youbadboy’s avatar

          I have one for sale if anyone wants. White FAT PSP brand new in box untouched. No dead pixels, MINT. Oh and it’s on 1.50 OFW. Anyone? PM me


  2. L2SSnake’s avatar

    So i need to stay on 3.01 ofw vita, in order to grab exploit games ? If proxy works ofc


  3. Biggs’s avatar

    wish they would hurry up so exploit games come back :(


  4. Brandon’s avatar

    I was thinking that sony had took too long to release a ps vita update. At least let’s hope that it’s not just a “system stability upgrade” and Sony adds new useful features in the update.


    1. squiggs’s avatar

      if it is a change to the .01 to with the firmware number, than it is but if it changes as a .1 then it will include minor features.


  5. squiggs’s avatar

    is this supposed to be the new pulse elite headphones, if so where and when can I by them in America.


  6. Ricky D’s avatar

    Here’s hoping for Turtle Beach headphone support. Mine ran for over 200 bucks so I’m not too keen about buying a set just for the PS4 logo when the hardware is absolutely no different


    1. Ricky D’s avatar

      And sorry for the double post, but my headphones support 7.1 surround, but the PS4 still only supports 5.1????


  7. Lightbulb010’s avatar

    Playstation now beta?


  8. ivo’s avatar

    what about tnv-burnoutParadize-gta5 pkgmod for ps3 viaZ remoteplay on tnv exploit ?


  9. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

    One word : SHIT! still enjoying my vita at its current state and need to get the ps4 still.


  10. ivo’s avatar

    or a hackday 8 ps3 and ode … together with a vita tnv ploitz


  11. jake’s avatar

    F**U*U&RTH(HitETepo Was gonna wait for the next vita update so they’ll put the Ben 10 game back and then I can download it (I already bought it but data caps =( )[Using proxy] Oh well ;P


  12. Tony’s avatar

    Here’s hoping for DLNA support!



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