Total_Noobs SaveStates Plugin for TN-V coming soon!

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  1. dragon quest says:

    heck yeah

  2. Blareot says:

    Cool! I was waiting for this (although it would have been a lot more useful if I hadn’t beat Riviera yesterday (XD))

  3. darkstorm-ud says:

    I am here!!!

  4. rex0112 says:


    Waited sooooo long!

  5. L2SSnake says:

    Damn i want that, ffs 3.01 ofw ps vita..

  6. perfig says:

    Keep the good news coming !

  7. drawerfloat says:

    It looks like multi-tasking on TN-V! 🙂

  8. R3Y says:

    to bad a miss the 3.01 xploit this could bein fun to do 🙁

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      There was so many chances to grab a 3.01 exploit… There could be an exploit a week and people would still complain they missed it. Don’t update, wait for Sony to bring the games back to PSN, and transfer one with PS3. You technically can’t miss an exploit.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        Unless you update your Vita ofc.

        • jake says:

          That’s what I’m doing. I missed the exploit (I actually bought it but due to using up all my data I couldn’t rlly download it. So now that I have good internet I’m just waiting for the next vita firmware to pop up so I can do the proxy thing so I can still get the eCFW from the Ben 10 Vilgax Attacks exploit (NZ problems). Wow… I should’ve so gotten a PS3 lol ;/

      • R3Y says:

        i miss it becuase i give my psvita to my nephew and i bouth another one and got it yesterday

        • fatman01923 says:

          Man, you should have been more cautious with that lending out. We were warned, well in advance that TNV was coming. But alas like others say just wait for it to return on the PSN store and use a PS3 to transfer it to your PS Vita. If you don’t have a PS3 then I believe you mind as well update.

  9. jd20dog says:

    i always just wanted the psp go save state function in the xmb
    seemed a better use of the umd spot in the xmb, like the fts over usb connection

  10. KANTUTAN says:

    when it gonna be released it?

  11. Vitality says:

    That means, I can just save state every games until I reach the limit and just simply load any games without having to quit and wait for main menu or loading screen.

  12. NNNRT says:

    I hope it supports cushome.prx 🙂

  13. NeonAera says:

    Cool feature! Awesome job, Total_Noob, if you are reading! You always come through with these fantastic hacks!! Hats off to you man.

  14. Rah718 says:

    This is going to make my SOCOM FTB2 play through on the ‘Elite’ difficulty a lot less frustrating. You just saved my PSP from utter destruction via kinetic energy from hitting the wall across the room. Thanks TN 😀

  15. Rah718 says:

    Btw, anyone know the name of the racing game he was playing? Loos like NFS, but I’m not sure which one.

  16. CraddaPoosta says:

    THIS is the final and last thing I need for TN-V to be absolutely perfect. MacroFire and CWCHeat already work. All that was left that I needed was PSPStates, but this is going to be even better.

    What excellent news.

  17. help says:

    what dbz game is he playing ?

  18. GuitaristMatt says:

    useful for a type-0 exploit

  19. mangosteam says:

    nice, hope he gets time to add inferno driver for ff type zero fan translation, and thanks for all the hard work

  20. Voltrom says:

    2014, people interested in psp games.

    • jake says:

      You make it sound like it’s a bad thing… =/ Just because a new generation arrives, the previous one doesn’t become obsolete. Unless you’re one of those weirdos who only care about graphics graphics graphics ect…

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Hey it’s not like i ever played these psp games before
      Yeah i’m new to playstation scene
      First console i got (by myself) is PS vita
      And of course i didn’t give it much thought thinking it can play psp backups

      So yeah i mainly brought ps vita to play psp games
      It’s not bad cause i got tn-v and a ps vita games as bonus

  21. jake says:

    Day 8 & 9 of Hacking acid_snake?

  22. Monty Burns says:


  23. zyq says:


  24. reh says:

    TOTAL NOOB u rock bro!! salute!

  25. Mr.X says:

    Only *** for PS Vita
    Only Dash Games
    Only Dash Tools
    Better to Sell a PSP as an PS Vita

  26. franz says:

    damn now my vita has all my attention psp xploit plus killzone merc for 10 bucks vita now is beast

  27. franz says:

    if u miss it then u dont want it badly first thng i did is too buy megamix xploit was 10 bucks

  28. Rei says:

    awesome now corpse party will be so much easier now that i don’t have to back track to a candle every time i need to save

  29. Frezzno says:

    Acid_Snake! Acid_Snake! Yeah yeah The Z… Also Total_Noob. Save state is luxury.

  30. hgoel0974 says:

    So I’m assuming this makes a RAM dump of the PSP’s user mode, scratchpad (if anything uses it),VRAM and UIDs? and then loads everything back in later?

  31. tokia says:

    i wish psx game with sound soon.

  32. ivo says:

    hi, what about a tnv-timemachine-m33 ? or a pandora mode ?
    looking for things todo a tnv prepared downloader would rock my psp2 … so whats all this dualbooting ?
    anyway i cant wait for psp2 UP undiluted platinum …
    vita chips incoming ?