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OlliOlli Yes! the next indie hit for PS Vita

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  1. TheDevilitself! says:

    well for me the true is that i hate indie games, is not that the games are bad is that….. how i should say it(STAY AWAY FROM MY VITA) and stay on ipad or whatever. this is my opinion and this is how i feel about indie games. don’t take it personal ok.

    • Edzo says:

      Im just sick of the word indie at this point lol. The games are fine

      • italkgame says:

        Even though I am obviously guilty of using the term as well, I think you got a good point there. I myself kind off dislike the term especially when it is used for marketing purposes. But on the other hand the indie games I really like set themselves apart and I almost feel like at their core they share the same design philosophy.
        To me, indie stands for different, thought provoking, creative and unique. Like AAA, independent developed games can be anything from sucky to great

    • KYRSP33DY says:

      ^ this

  2. BlackFire27 says:

    Nothing but “indies” on the Vita. Where are all the big name games? Starting to regret this purchase.

    • Hellbelial says:

      Sony must be embarased for this *** game,vita is dead until they start to move the *** of the employers and get more games.

  3. himura says:

    this game available on Asia store?

  4. mickey d's says:

    Honestly I love indies on the Vita its a great platform for indie games to thrive on. If you want more big name titles I agree with you, I just don’t think we need to affect indie games to do that. We can have a lot of both

  5. fate6 says:

    You seem to be pushing this game rather hard
    look nothing against it but this is not the “big hit” you seem to think it is

    at least I don’t think so

    • italkgame says:

      Well I did a preview for the game so I decided to deliver a follow up. But to be frank, yes, I am very pleased about how the game turned out. Like I said there is room for improvement but I think and hope this game will be a big hit, and it seems a lot of critics agree with me. This isn’t a guarantee for sales of course.
      Btw I have no problems with you voicing another opinion, especially not when you go about it as politely as you did.
      Tastes differ, and there are a lot of cool games heading to Vita. So you probably get your fill too.

  6. Hazer7 says:

    When is that Killzone Merc update coming?

  7. jake says:

    Personally I think the Vita needs more games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss & WipEout 2048… I don’t hate indie games… It’s just that I feel that that’s the only thing coming out. imo the above games actually would beat a lot of the console games that I have =/

  8. Godoka says:

    i know this is off topic but can you play the monster hunter 3rd portable(eng patched) online?

  9. Dmasell92 says:

    I prefer games with visual stimulation, indie games are lame. Unless they can run VHBL ofc.

  10. ViRGE says:

    Even after seeing the various gameplay trailers and reading some of the reviews, I still don’t get quite why gamers are so enthusiastic about this game. It looks and seems to operate like an endless runner with a few more tricks up its sleeve, which is okay, but not something amazing. Nor is the pixel art anything special these days since pixel art is so heavily used by budget developers. The £8 price on the other hand isn’t too bad, but it’s also not cheap.

    I don’t begrudge people for liking this game, but I’m not seeing the attraction. Especially not in light of the 14 for ’14 sale that just ended.

    • italkgame says:

      I think the biggest difference between endless runners and this game is that OlliOlli gives you a basic tool set that you can truly master. The feel of the game is very different from endless runners which mostly have a reaction based feel to them were you need to evade obstacles. OlliOlli is much more about knowing what the layout of the level is and then leveraging the risk reward feature to get the most out of the stage.

      What games do you normally like to play?

  11. Edzo says:

    Wow I impulse bought this last night and am completely addicted. I totally get the hype now. Got ranked #8 in the world on daily grind 😛

  12. Base Ventura says:

    Guys I need help!
    I´m in NeonCity 2, and i tried for hours to land that 360 hardflip! I have no idea on which spot I have enough hangtime to land it! Did anyone of you master this already?


    • italkgame says:

      My Vita battery is drained so I currently can’t check to see if I remember correctly, but I think you can pull it of at the start of the level. I execute required moves mostly at the start of a stage or near the end. It might help if try for it after a grind or a gap that gives you a lot of airtime.
      How do you like the game so far.

  13. Nazar_Ops says:

    Bought the game yesterday. It was totally worth it! This game is awesome! It’s very fun. 9$ well spent. No regrets.

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