Nintendo 3DS hack: Gateway team intentionally bricks users’ 3DS, blames competitors for their “shady” practice


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103 Responses

  1. just a user says:

    i bought another 3ds xl just for this hack brand new if it bricks ohh well nothing last forever and it has saved me money in the long run. i still buy the games i like im sure getting smash brothers and a few others when they come out. money isnt even an issue its just im a jew. and dont mind making a small investment before i begin to save money. as for not supporting the developers i actually work in the industry so im helping them make money. so i dont feel guilty that they dont make a few bucks off me when i move their products.

  2. Thaun says:

    Okay let me just start with.

    Christopher. Out of all the people I’ve had the please to call ignorant on the internet you will probably be my favorite. Simply because you’re such a dense fool that it won’t even affect you.

    pirating is stealing. Plain and simple. Yes the company hasn’t gotten the money so it isn’t their money yet. However; you have a copy of their product. Copy or not. It is their product. You don’t BUY your games, the company RENTS it to you. BECAUSE of people like you.

    It is the companies right to step in and say “this is our product, you do not have permission to use it in such a manner” and sue the heck out of you for it.

    You saying its in an “owners” hands so they can do with it what they please is false. Sony alone has stepped in and PROVEN what I’m stating to you. (just so you have some research to do, but who am I kidding. You won’t do it, you’re nothing more than arrogant trash.)

    all the people you rag on about being stupid for paying for things, are the people you NEED for your I guess you could just call it fun. And with more and more people pirating, those people will dwindle more and more over time. Leaving NOTHING.

    the concept of making and running a backup of a game was exactly that, running a backup of a game you have played for. That doesn’t mean go back and sell the game once you’ve backed it up (we all know how many people do that ffs) it means you keep it and play on the backup so you have the original in case something goes wrong. Data sits and degrades over time. But that doesn’t worry someone like you right? You’ll just download it again stealing just ONE more time, over and over.

    So go on. Ruin things for EVERYONE, be an ignorant pig. Divulge yourself in your “free” stuff while it lasts. While you slowly pull the fabric that makes the gaming industry apart, and there is no more.

    and let me end with.
    I too have and still do, own pirated things. But as I find the money I go and pay for the actual thing to give back to the creator. All in all. My apologies to everyone else. (couldn’t sit here and blow a fuse on someone without calling myself out, seems wrong on my part.)

    good day~

    • Seb says:

      Talk about absolute demoralisation, you sound like a hysterical madman. Getting any sense into that head of yours is simply pointless by now, you’ve dug too far into egotism and self-importance. You’re a detriment to society, and a wall of text crapped with your foul language will not justify otherwise. So just stop. I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.

      • Aaron-Caleb DeCook says:

        Haha Seb I like what you said. It tickled me :) “you sound like a hysterical madman. ” “I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.”

  3. Thesis says:

    Is software piracy stealing? That really depends on the end user. The average user who down loads photo shop ($800!?! Really!?) probably not. Here’s why: intention, that person is neather making money with the software, or has the money to purchase it, and so the creator was never going to make any money off this person to begin with. This translates directly to all types of software including games.

  4. oxMUDxo says:


    I was system menu v4.5 as well, I was using a small 3DS tho.

    What firmware/ Launch file where you using?
    I installed 3.3b then thought I reinstalled 3.2
    It was running fine then it froese when selecting 3DS Profile, I waited and waited then held the power to turn it off then back on and blue screen of death..

    I still don’t under stand how it could be working find then all the sudden blip out like that.

    I hope theres a fix for this soon!!

  5. wololo says:

    I stopped reading after a few sentences where you proved you haven’t actually read the article. Feel lucky I still salvaged your comment from the spam folder.

    If you think Gateway3ds is not made of cheap Chinese *** just like its clones, you’re not only dumb, you’re also delusional.

  6. P2 says:

    Maybe when you make a game or some sort of software and want to sell it, you’ll understand. Some of us game devs work hard for the measly scraps, ya know.

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