Nintendo 3DS hack: Gateway team intentionally bricks users’ 3DS, blames competitors for their “shady” practice


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111 Responses

  1. Tnutbutter says:

    This is why I never even attempt to purchase hardware mods.

  2. Hazer7 says:

    Honestly I think hardware mods should be illegal. It defeats the entire purpose for DIY hacking. People should dedicate their time to learn their device and the hack rather than just find an easy fix. Of coarse if the hardware is necessary they should still play around and experiment with that hardware.

    • TelgarDrakore says:

      That is a stupid and ignorant thing to say, Hardware mods almost always the first step to DIY hacking. Its through hardware mods that we eventually find out enough to create easier, softer mods/hacks.

    • tinostar91 says:

      Do you realize that their hardware is only that card? Everything else is being done on software side (bypassing security, running their own code..). It would be hardware mod if they would be selling additional board which you had to solder to 3ds and even that needs software part which will be doing the same as their flashcart.
      I think you are imaging it like someone just has to put random chip on board and magically everything works.

  3. Hazer7 says:

    I wonder what’s Wololos plan to capitalize from this huge hacking market.

    • wololo says:

      Sadly, for us people with a conscience, that amount of money is more difficult to obtain :)

      • UE says:

        more difficult… impossible 😛 you tell me.

      • Guardian says:

        I got it! Pay super hot models to host your events, I mean when you give free PSN codes or any other prices, that will attract the masses… on the downside I think that will let you with even less money than what you had beforehand…

  4. RandQalan says:

    This is nice to know

    But I will state this any software or hardware can be used for piracy and most likely the first mod for the vita will be hardware just my 2 cents

    For all I know someone has the hack for the vita already just like the PS3 first hacks

    and did everyone forget that the true blue did something just like this as well

    • Arras says:

      That may be so, but in this case the hardware is literally only there for the sake of making a profit. Anything this card does can be done using software only. You will need a ds-mode compatible flashcart to run the homebrew file that installs the exploit, but those can be gotten for around 10 bucks if not less. The entire Gateway is pretty much useless, it’s just there so that you have something you need to purchase.

    • lolwut says:

      nah, usermode exploit can’t be used to run pirated copy of vita games.

  5. Jaxc says:

    Much respect to you Wololo. You have summed it up very well.

    To be honest, I am a pirate but with this Gateway fiasco (and in general the whole 3DS scene) I have to ask myself if it’s really worth pirating games. I am affected with pirate syndrome, so much. While I won’t be able to buy every game I would like, I could easily buy 2-3 games every few months. I think it would be more fun to play games knowing that my money went to the developers (whatever amount).

    I am glad I never bought their Gateway card. Been watching the whole scene, they (gateway) called other teams Mafia (laughing as I type this, when they themselves are bricking consoles in a way and extorting money ($100 return charges if found the 3ds had a clone card). It’s funny.

  6. aerinas says:

    Hi, I like this series of articles, but this one seems to be more about not buying gateway stuff then about how it actually works.

  7. Sam says:

    What’s your stance on Team Xecuter of Xbox acclaim? They claim to be pioneering hacks but all they do is recycle other people’s work, and then if you try and do it the “old fashioned way” (the original hack done by the original dev), then they offer no help and don’t even allow your thread to go any further on their forums. Money-grabbing ***.

  8. Essery says:

    There are also a good chunk of people so bothered by Nintendo’s bacwards peddling that they even get these flashcarts on 3ds to bypass the regionlock, so it’s not only used for piracy

  9. If somebody wants to use homebrew on his 3DS (v4.1-v4.5) take a quick look at this thread (You only need a DS mode flashcard to install the ROP Loader): and better get the ROP Loader Install File from the original source:

    Use it at your OWN risk and better not try it if you have already used Gateway 3DS or a clone on your 3DS. (^_^)

  10. tsundere says:

    Thanks . I a reading this forum for years now (you guys gave life to all my psp´s 😀 ) but this is the first time commenting (as much as i recall).
    I was thinking of buying a 3DS and a Gateway3Ds (yeah Pirating is bad, but im a gamer with heart and i just dont have the cash for all the good games :( ) but you guys again saved me.
    This time from making a bad decision.
    Thx m8s.

  11. wisest.guy says:

    I get a hint of jealousy/envy from this article.

    If authors want to sell their exploits or give them away for free that is their business. Everyone has a different value on what they are worth.

    Without Gateway there would be no way to play backup games. If they are gone in 6 months I don’t really care, but the fact they gave us all the opportunity to play 3DS roms is enough of a reason to support them over people who just rip their efforts.

    I’ve come from a community that only supported rippers and in the end nobody was prepared to contribute anymore, so what ended up happening is all the old content was recycled again and again. I don’t really want to be involved in that type of community again…

    • lolwut says:

      i guess you don’t even know what is an ETHIC.

      • wisest.guy says:

        If you truly cared about strong ethics you wouldn’t even considering tampering with your console in the first place, otherwise you would be contradicting yourself.

        So the question raised shouldn’t bring about the question of ethics, as they say there is honour even among thieves…

        Promoting people to buy a rip off clones is too an ethical issue but that isn’t what concerns me. The concerning factor is it sets a precedence, that we should all stoop to the lowest common denominator to get what we want.

        Now the only reason someone would aggressively promote such destructive behavior is if they have been emotionally compromised, incapable of seeing what disaster awaits.

        • wololo says:

          There are many ethical ways to tamper with one’s hardware, you’re talking of things you obviously do not understand. Assuming I am “emotionally compromised” when I don’t even own a single Nintendo product is assuming way too much.

          Have you been reading this blog for a while, or just came here for the first time today? This blog has a strong history of discussing hacks, hackers, their techniques, as well as scams; which is exactly what I’m doing here, from the unbiased opinion of a guy who doesn’t own a 3DS. I am also sharing my opinion on the matter, based on more than 8 years of observations of the world of console hacking: you are delusional if you think Gateway 3DS would support their products more if there weren’t any clones.

          The main point of this article was to open people’s eyes on the amount of money that is at stake in this business, as a new point of view as to why the Gateway team will not hesitate to brick a few consoles to reach their goals.

          Also, once someone made the decision to pay for piracy, it is beyond me as to why they would try to be “nice” and “ethical” in their purchase choice. The decision to be ethical has to be made before that point. After that, it is just hypocrisy. I do not “recommend” people to buy one of Gateway’s clones, I just open people’s eyes on the fact that there are no “good guys” or “white knights” in this business.

    • lolwut says:

      its you n00bs that always correlate console hacking with piracy. Backup games my ***, i’m sure over 99% using Gateway to run pirated copies. There’s no reason to jealous to mere RICH THIEVES!!!

    • wololo says:

      I think you missed the point of my article. I am not envious of people who make money from piracy. I have, however, something against people who do so and pretend they are a legit group/company and will provide good quality support and hardware, when all evidence points to the opposite. My whole point is: if you are going to pay to pirate games (which is dumb), make sure you spend the less money possible doing so. Paying people more just because they say “clones are stealing our hard work” is so far beyond my irony limits that my meter exploded.

      I make a good living with my real life job, and hacking is a hobby for me. I am not envious of people who make money through illegal means.

      • RandQalan says:

        Or to sum it up pirated the pirates and claiming you are not one is a summation of this company’s moto

        I get it they will brick your consoleif you do not use only theirs so they make profit

        Not only are they a major rip off they want to own the market so they will brick your 3DS for it as well

        and could possibly do it even if you never use an off shoot version bugs may make the card brick your system

        So they are the pirate that want to look legit

        Who would want to deal with someone like that

        Company moto

        O it is ok if we do it but you are not allowed and if you do then we are going to break your system

  12. L2SSnake says:

    “since you are giving your hard earned cash to a group of crooks, you might as well minimize the amount.” that much say it all, it rly funny to see kid’s and older ppl givin’ their money to this kind of ppl. If u have money buy games instead, why risking something that just came on net. Yeah rush to that place, be a first to buy. That’s dumb. Read a little, search on google, find some other means of information, but don’t buy random stuff. I honestly think this kind of we-hack-ps3-ps3-ds-et-companies exists just to take money from dumb ppl. And that “we put random bricking code” ffs, its like their stuff is TOP CIA code. It all gets copied, patched and in the end (like all way’s) leak in internet.

  13. goodfeller says:

    yup yup yup. wololo said what I think.
    It’s pirate war went too far to kill off its competitions(cloner). They complaint their ‘hardwork’ of pioneering got stolen. ‘pioneering’ of what?! =>piracy. no matter how hard they tried but it is clear piracy. it all comes down to its business practice of milking out of piracy. Their claim give me a good laugh everytime I see some updated one.

  14. Charles Fasano says:

    Their code better be damn good and not have any issues or they could wind up bricking 3DS’s of people using the Gateway Card. I understand the need to protect one’s work but to intentionally hurt the end user instead of trying to hurt the people stealing their work is just plain wrong.

    I love the idea of not having to carry around a bunch of 3DS game carts everywhere I bring my 3DS. You don’t have to be a pirate to use a 3DS flash cart as long as you have a legitimate copy of the games on that flash cart.

  15. Lightbulb010 says:

    If their business is legtimate why isn’t it licenced by Nintendo. No “hard work” is required to get your code to run, unless it’s unsigned code a.k.a. something nintendo is going to lose money on. What about nintendos “hard work”, you know, the work they did to stop this kind of thing. The “hard work” they did to create the console in the first place.

  16. Vegeta says:

    $80 to play 100+ games for free, I’m sold. I really like your guys and your hacks wololo just to let you know and as I’m running your XMB on my Vita as well which I’m grateful of you guys. But I’m also a Gateway user and I’m really satisfied by all the features that Gateway gives us. They are the first one to come out with a hack and I do think it’s really expensive but it also provides what we need. I don’t have any issues with it so far and have enjoyed so many games which wouldn’t even be released in my country. What you guys are saying in your blog is your own personal opinion not what we users think. I do admit what your saying in your blog but what I’m not getting is if you have some kinda personal issue with Gateway or are you just trying to help us????

  17. the_randomizer says:

    All I can say is, anyone who was willing to do this to their 3DS, to find an easy way to mod it run ROMs (which I have nothing against to be honest), you knew the risks, you should have taken into account the slight chance you’d ruin your consoles. Granted, Gateway isn’t blameless, and I hope someone makes CFW and blow it right open so these *** don’t get a single cent.

    • mlc says:

      End users had little reason to believe that the creators of this product would intentionally brick their 3DS, though. “Gateway isn’t blameless” is a silly way to say “Gateway is entirely to blame,” considering this wasn’t some simple mistake or unavoidable flaw but intentionally inserted to punish competition and the users of their competition.

  18. Ztupid says:

    When I really think about it, and I mean really think about it…it mostly because of Gateway 3DS that tries to profit from it.

    They KNOW that there are people who can’t afford games every months it comes out, but it doesn’t mean you SHOULD just pirate the heck out of it. I always buy the games that I like, because it means that the developers would tries to make games that troupe their current games. It always nice to see the developers getting the funding they need to jumpstart the next game in the series or standalone.

    But, sadly, when you have groups like Gateway 3DS who charge you $80, you’re better off buying two games for that price, knowing that you don’t have to worry about your 3DS not getting bricked.

    Oh, and don’t forget, True Blue did the same thing, and it was funny when they tried to keep ahead of the competition, but you get ALMOST no support from them and their site was DOWN after Cobra came out.

    Remember, Demand create supply, but they’re probably a groups either from Brazil, Middle East or China who’ve learned to exploit people from the USA into paying money for *** product when you’re better of running homebrew to play with actual game.

  19. oxMUDxo says:

    Sooo, I should be happy I bought the R4i 3DS Gold Deluxe Edition.? Or should I be freaking out because they copy GW Firmware and my 3DS is really at extreme risk of bricking the next time I play.?

    Is there a way to uninstall the Lunch file from the 3DS?!

  20. Albatar says:

    Now that the multi rom is about to come I will buy Gateway when online will work on it (and I don’t care being a pirate cause if no flashcard was available I don’t buy games).

    • mlc says:

      I don’t care about piracy in the least, but I really don’t think buying a product like this soon, or anything from Gateway at all, is a good idea. They just intentionally broke many people’s expensive devices, so you’re taking a bit of a risk by doing business with them.

  21. I have read (on another forum) that the brick code is only contained in the latest beta firmware? So the code is not present in the earlier firmwares and was a step from Gateway after various clones appeared?

  22. Awesome article Wololo, glad to see someone else speak out against these type of devices :)

  23. xoombue503 says:

    So what wololo says that if yi fan lu hacks the vita and is selling the hack for $20 …then somebody else reverse engineer his code,and sells it for $5 we should all go with the random guy who is charging $5.

    • Yifan Lu says:

      I would be stupid to try to sell anything of questionable legality since I never tried even the slightest to hide my identity. Sony would be knocking at my door in minutes if I try to make a quick profit selling pirated dongles.

    • wololo says:

      @xoombue503 the fact that you use Yifan Lu in your example proves that you completely miss the point.

      By putting the example of a dev selling his hack directly, you imply that the devs who found the 3DS exploit and developed some patches around it are the ones selling the Gateway 3DS. There is no proof of that, and for all I know there’s actually a huge probability the dev is only a minor part of the whole thing. I know very few actual hackers who have hardware skills + software skills + all the contacts required to manufacture a device on such a large scale and cut deals with resellers.

      In essence you are trying to compare the work of a single hacker (who is perfectly known, using his real name, etc…) with that of an organization of several people who are doing their best to not be found. A dev like Yifan Lu has his private life, his reputation, his job, etc… at stake when he releases a hack. The people behind Gateway3DS made all they could to guarantee they won’t be personally accountable for anything that happens.

      In other words, you are comparing Apples with Oranges. By paying $80 for the Gatewy3DS, the chances that your money actually goes to the people who worked on the hack are actually slim. If anything, only a tiny portion of your money goes to the devs.
      For unrelated hardware components on a different device, I have been told that the devs took a lump sum of $100’000 for the exploit + the “CFW” around it. That represents 3% of the benefits, less than 0.5% of the total market.

      I don’t have enough statistical data, but that means when you pay $80 for the Gateway 3DS, there is a chance the guy doing the “real” work is getting as little as $0.5 from you. Less than if every user of a free hack donated $1 to the hacker directly!

      Please note that my numbers above are all speculative and based on previous experience with hardware. Look at how hard it is to drive a kickstarter project for some gadget: clearly the hackers are connected to a very well organized structure with connections among Chinese manufacturers, etc… Those are the people whom I assume are making money out of this. The devs are probably also getting a real good deal, but nothing compared to the entire money that is getting sent to these people.

  24. Jiro says:

    The best cure for expensive, dangerous, piracy is free, safe, piracy. I’d bet that if anyone releases a Gateway-like free exploit, that would instantly kill Gateway.

    Ironically, keeping things secret (or crippled) to “prevent piracy” may just make things worse without actually preventing piracy at all.

  25. Yifan Lu says:

    My favorite part are all the kids rallying FOR Gateway. I threads on gbatemp like “gateway should sue clone makers” and “how dare people try to steal gateway’s hard work” and “I agree with gateway’s decision to brick clone owners. that’s what you get for trying to be cheap.” And these are not just fringe opinions that people laugh at; you see threads with 20 pages of agreement. It’s like these kids don’t even see the irony burning them.

    Also before anyone asks, the kernel exploit gateway uses is very simple and a very amateur mistake made by nintendo. The same kind of exploit will never work on the Vita for at least three big reasons.

  26. MizuhoChan says:

    The only reason I’d want something like this is to bypass the region lock anyway. Rune Factory 4 is a good example of the region lock being completely unnecessary.

  27. mlc says:

    How sad. I was hoping that the Gateway device would enable users to bypass the region lock, but if they are willing to do stuff like this then I can’t really see how any user would EVER buy from them.

    This goes beyond merely selling overpriced, cheaply made devices or operating in a “fly by night” manner, or even misrepresenting their product; they are willing to destroy expensive hardware just for a market advantage. And it’s highly likely to blow up in their faces, as they’ve just seriously damaged any trust users could have in ANY 3DS flashcart in the near future.

  28. carcrusher1138 says:

    This is why you use more reputable sources. For the DS, the R4i SDHC is the best and wont brick your system. Its also reputable and actually has support. Their R4 3DS is great and ive had no problems with it. Gateways r4 on the other is the worst.

  29. Edzo says:

    So they are like the Gamestop of hacker groups?

  30. lolwut says:

    someone should make 3ds cfw to put end to this clone wars. I don’t care either way since i don’t own 3DS.

  31. oxMudxo says:

    My 3DS just bricked!!!!

    I was using the R4i 3DS Gold Deluxe Edition.

    Now what are my options to get this fixed?

    • mlc says:

      There isn’t any fix that I’m aware of.

      Gateway’s “anti piracy” technique told the eMMC that connects to the NAND that it is of size “0.” So, while we don’t know if you’d need to reflash the NAND with a backup, you can’t even try it because as far as the hardware is concerned the device doesn’t exist. So the fix is presumably to open it up and replace the eMMC, or possibly to rewrite the eMMC with a hardware hack. But no one has made any automated tools to do this yet, or as far as I’m aware even attempted it to see if it is a possible solution. We’ll know more in a few weeks when more people get bricked and Gateway shows themselves to be unwilling to fix even their own customers’ bricks, as someone will likely attempt to fix a bricked console on their own.

      The Gateway team is doing some blackmail thing where they’ll supposedly fix a 3DS that was broken by their software and card, but they say if you send them a 3DS that was broken by modified software or a “clone” card (like the R4i) then they’ll just refuse to repair it and charge you $100 to send it back. Even an actual Gateway user would be pretty foolish to send their device to a group that’s willing to brick unsuspecting, innocent consumers’ hardware, though.

      • mlc says:

        Actually it looks like more recent info may disagree with what I just said. Apparently the “reporting size of 0” claims were in error.

        So since the eMMC uses a modified version of the MMC standard, there is a possibility that it has been write-locked and read-locked. Assuming that wasn’t done with a password, people will probably figure that out fairly quickly and someone will post a tutorial on what to connect to the eMMC and what command(s) to send to remove the lock. But it is certainly possible that it is irreversible, whether due to missing features/commands for the eMMC or a password requirement that no one other than the Gateway team has. (especially since only a few relatively qualified people have speculated about what Gateway might have done)

  32. oxMUDxo says:


    I was system menu v4.5 as well, I was using a small 3DS tho.

    What firmware/ Launch file where you using?
    I installed 3.3b then thought I reinstalled 3.2
    It was running fine then it froese when selecting 3DS Profile, I waited and waited then held the power to turn it off then back on and blue screen of death..

    I still don’t under stand how it could be working find then all the sudden blip out like that.

    I hope theres a fix for this soon!!

  33. LuKe_AA says:

    Buying Flashcarts as early as having a bunch of upcoming games within the next months, which all will sum up to a library still as short as the 3DS one is the only dumb and senseless part; most of the “1% or more 3DS users” addressed in the article should know that; there’ll be no guarantees the product will function with games released from mid 2014 onward; it’s the first flashcart of its kind and the user’s feedback is low (and these people put bricking functions to prevent competitor’s hardware from being used? lol) and not positive might say; the product still has lack of software functions which make it all simply annoying to use (such as being compelled to mount one game at the time only and difficulties in saving features, as far as I read).

    Only those who are willing to reverse engineer the product and/or understand it to perhaps correct the afore mentioned “perks” are the ones who’d find the product interesting to buy in the very first place.

    The so called “piracy” should be addressed with the mentality adopted before the digital and printing era, where copyrights (1790) permitted you to take a product, transform it and sell it as a new product (they shouldn’t even address each other as competitors) and it goes for no one to claim there are bad people behind whoever manufactures this kind of products, regardless of how much the “real workers” get. The “real workers” oughta know how much they were going to get or didn’t know, who even cares? If they were enslaved in a basement working for a misery, that’s another story tho I doubt that is the case. When you pay for a game, where do the money go to and who gets the most? The software engineers or the directors?

    As far as saying that the way this group handled their product is poor and what they see as their “competition”, I can agree with it; trying to make the gaming companies looking like saints and those who develope pieces of hardware to expand/pirate their products as bad people, from my (tho non)experience, I can state I completely disagree.

  34. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    I wonder how your systems got bricked. I am using mine, R4i 3DS Gold, and its still working on my 3DS’s latest firmware even though I did not update the firmware on its cart itself.

    Well, anyways, thanks wololo for such a nice and detailed article.. I am really grateful that I have found this site of yours and been a follower since last year.. You saved my Vita from collecting dust in my cabinet.. Lol 😀

    • mlc says:

      The Gateway team inserted malware into their firmware to destroy the reputation of their competitors through breaking devices.

      But I don’t really know enough about it, but from what I’ve heard you definitely do NOT want to be on card firmwares between 3.1 and 3.3. There is a chance of a permanent brick any time you boot the card if you are on any of those firmwares. So you’ll want to be certain that the card isn’t on one of those, or you will probably have a ruined 3DS shortly.

  35. OR says:

    Say what you will about the Gateway team, but they have continually updated their cart and have followed up with all the features they’ve stated they were going to do. This is no different than the flash carts that have been available for the DS for quite a few years.

  36. Wamphyri2b says:

    I know I’m coming in on the tail end of this, but I just wanted to ask something for discussion purposes. How is this any different than Nintendo bricking your Wii console for hacking it? Or Microsoft locking thousands of Xbox 360’s into a locked update loop (cleverly disguised as a error code in hex) for having modified DVD firmware, then charging you to repair it. While anyone with a copy of their Wii NAND & the knowledge to restore it could repair it. Or the technical expertise (plus equipment) to restore Xbox 360 DVD firmware to finish the update so you could use your console again. What gives them the right to damage your personal property & extort you to repair them any more than these criminals? Don’t take that the wrong way, I am not defending these ba$tards. I just don’t see a distinction between these guys damaging your property & a “legit” company doing it.

    • wololo says:

      It isn’t different. I wasn’t aware of microsoft and nintendo using such dirty tactics. I dont see how that helps their business at all.

      • lisreal says:

        As far as I know the only thing Nintendo did close to this was give out an error upon boot if you had a Wii from Korea that was changed to a different region. As for the Xbox, the errors were actually caused by firmware issues, and wasn’t a case of microsoft bricking. The majority of the disc drive issues were from people installing an update from a burned game, the drive getting reflashed (this update was pushed for XGD3 support so it wasn’t made to stop piracy directly) and after a reboot the update failed to install since, well, it couldn’t read your burned stuff anymore. This was fixable by running the update from USB or just a standard burned disc with the correct update The other cases of this were generally caused by spoofed drives, again just a fault of how the 360 works and not Microsoft trying to break consoles. However with that said they did refuse to repair consoles affected by the later error which is pretty lame considering a lot of the time these were just refurbs with official firmware, they were just spoofed drives.

        • fate6 says:

          Glad I fixed the drive on my Xbox by simply buying the same model drive and swapping the boards

          No risk of bricks since as far as the Xbox is concerned its the same drive

          BTW since I don’t have any soldering skills its currently being held together by electrical tape :3
          (over a year on no problems so far)

        • Wamphyri2b says:

          Well, that is partly correct but in the case with Microsoft they designed it and knew it would happen that way. If you had modified firmware on your drive it could flash it to the new stock firmware revision, they made a conscious decision to make it lock you into the error code. It could’ve easily just failed to update or flash the new firmware revision which would take the drive back to stock. The error happened regardless of the method of install you chose. That failure due to installing from disc media is a separate issue that can happen regardless of back-ups or originals, depending on status of your drives laser and other factors. They chose to lock out drives that were not stock, rather than make them stock with the XGD3 drive update. That is shady behavior. I spent over two weeks repairing and finalizing updates for people after that. I only had one out of close to forty that had a spoofed drive, the rest had modified firmware except for a couple that had simple drive failure during the update. I did it all for free, even for people that I didn’t know, because it was the right thing to do. Plus it helped me with contacts, but that isn’t actually why I did it. As for the Wii, at a certain point the updates were made to brick your Wii if you had modified cios in your NAND. I don’t remember at what update point they started that, since most of the repairs for Wii’s I do are hardware failure, but they most certainly did it purposely. They could’ve very easily designed the update to flash over the NAND and put it to the new stock update but chose not to do so. To me, this is the same as what these guys are doing.

    • Frezzno says:

      The difference between Gateway and “legit” company is that “legit” companies actually repairs your devices. And if it’s within your guarantee time they repair it for free with free delivery in some countries.

      • Wamphyri2b says:

        “Legit” companies will most certainly not repair your device, without charge, after they do this to you. They tell you voided you warranty by modifying your hardware. But then comes the, “We can fix it for $$$.$$ or you can buy a new one.”

  37. Lennyvita says:

    This is low. They just lost all reputation and respect. to purposely put something in the code that can damage the 3ds. like most posts, stay away.

  38. lisreal says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The fact of the matter is the Gateway is simply a form of DRM being sold to profit off people who want to pirate, and is probably stalling the 3DS homebrew scene too. I think at this point a usermode exploit wouldn’t be a bad idea as apparently the ones mentioned a year ago through save exploits are still there, therefore they would work on all firmwares and would be more attractive to developers as more people could use their work. At this point the 3DS scene is basically DRM cards that only play roms and a small portion of people making some homebrew that utilizes the same exploit

  39. Thrawn says:

    Somehow, anyhow I feel reminded onto the times of DSTT, R4 and M3. They had something similar, a fake killer code inlcuded which if used on a clone of a clone killed the flash card.
    There were even clone repair programms available. XD

    But destroying the gaming device itself goes a little too far, it should be not the gaming device that gets damaged, rather more the clone should simple not boot at all.

    • makak1984 says:

      Not the same, but yes there was a bricker but Gateway thing is way way drity practise… “Old” brickers for DS caused only flash card birck… but here it bricked whole console. Offered solution for 100$ is scam as heck. If they don’t encrypt their fw and other used it so for me Gateway is devil company.

  40. oxMUDxo says:

    they still have the bad 3.3b firmware up at there sight

    Why are they not taking that down to help protect there users?

    I bricked my 3DS and I never knew about making a eMMC backup, its not warned or on any of the tutorials that I can find!!!

    I’m in complete awh.

    I hope this is more of a lock that can be fixed and not so much a brick.


  41. Ricky D says:

    While it’s kinda sh*tty that they’re bricking consoles instead of just bricking the flash carts made by clone manufacturers that just copy/paste the software you guys gotta ask yourself what did you expect? These flash carts are made solely to bootleg video games so it’s funny to see people talking about ethics with these guys

    And yes, I can run backups on my PSP, PS2, Wii, PS3, etc but I do buy games that I enjoy to support the game companies that make them so they’ll continue to make good games. My 100+ steam account and my 1800+ PSN account is proof enough of that

    My point is stop crying when something like this happens. You guys knew the risk when you modified your systems and you knew the risk when you decided to go the cheap route with clone carts that just copy/paste the code of the original. I’m sorry for the guys that had their consoles bricked, but to be perfectly honest you have nobody to blame but yourselves

  42. Roland says:

    For those of you out there actually seeking a good flashcart for your 3ds, I HIGHLY recommend the Supercard DSTWO.
    It does not play 3ds games but will play any DS game or homebrew. It also gets updated within a few hours of 3ds updates. All in all it’s a beautiful piece of hardware and worth the money. (Just be sure to only order from an authorized reseller, you may get a clone otherwise…)

  43. Ztupid says:

    @Ricky D
    Think carefully about what you just said. Gateway “INTENTIONALLY” put the codes in so that people who bought the clones would get bricked handheld console. Have you seen DarkAlex do the same when people used his works to make CFW that was 5.55+? Did you see Rebug doing the same thing? do you see hardware flasher doing the same thing? N-O. What Gateway trying to do is dominate the markets and trying to run away with what they have. They don’t EVEN have anything that allow you contact them if something happen. and for a group selling these, they’re just like True Blue dongles that came out for PS3. All they see, bottom line, is profits. Ethics comes in for a hackers. do you want to be known for the exploits you’ve found or do you want to be tied to a groups known to intentionally brick your consoles/handheld?

    This is the reason why Hackers communities tend to get bad name. it when it get exploited for profits with no supports. IF, and only WHEN it DOES happen to Vita, i ensure you that teh same group behind gateway will do the same thing. Also, don’t forget that the handheld consoles is nearly $200 just for the 3DS.

    what i’m REALLY sadden by is that, IF you know you can’t afford the games, but just go and buy Gateway for that kind of things…you’re better off going to the park and playing soccers. at least you’ll get exercise, meet different people and ACTUALLY have a rl.

    • Nhoj says:

      I don’t need a Vita-side hack. I can afford all the games I want and would rather not steal from indie devs. $5-10 isn’t much and the Vita’s “blockbuster” games are virtually free anyways.
      Region locking and reggie’s cocky attitude is why I hate nintendo.

    • Ricky D says:

      I did think before I posted and nowhere did I say Dark Alex or Team Rebug were the same as these guys. There are countless honest and reputable hackers that do it for the joy of doing it and would never put in intentional brick code in their work and certainly wouldn’t charge to aid in piracy

      Having said that cart and dongle manufacturers aren’t in the same league and the simple fact that they’re trying to make a profit by helping people rip off game companies should give you guys some insight into their character so I’ll ask again why some of you seem so shocked by this? The people that bought this stuff knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly who they were dealing with and like I said, they have nobody to blame but themselves. It doesn’t matter if their console cost 20 bucks or 2000. If you’re dealing with shady and unethical companies like these then don’t go crying when they pull strong arm tactics. I’m not surprised by it so why are any of you?

  44. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    hey guys, just want to share this.. Some hacker from a 3ds scene has just made a potential hack for 3ds that can be CFW and will run homebrews if it booms.. here is the link .. I think if this will be released, GW or any other clones out there will be the end of their business just like the TB from ps3s that become obsolete because of cobra cfw.. sorry for my bad english..

    • Ken Arromdee says:

      Except that he doesn’t want to release it, “to prevent piracy”. (Again, this doesn’t prevent piracy, this prevents *safe* piracy and makes companies like Gateway rich off of piracy since they’re all there is). He might be releasing a usermode exploit, which could be used to run emulators, but not 3DS ROMs, even though emulators are typically used for piracy too.

  45. wololo says:

    I stopped reading after a few sentences where you proved you haven’t actually read the article. Feel lucky I still salvaged your comment from the spam folder.

    If you think Gateway3ds is not made of cheap Chinese *** just like its clones, you’re not only dumb, you’re also delusional.

  46. Christopher Neff says:

    Too bad for you, if you indeed stopped after only a few sentences then you didn’t even get to the best part of my post, that of the piracy part. It’s near the middle and starts right at the point that literally reads: And on the topic of Piracy. Read that part, Wololo and tell me what you think. I’m dying for your feedback on that part of my post more any other part of it.

  47. Christopher Neff says:

    Wait it’s no where near the middle, my bad, it’s actually closer to the top than I thought.

  48. Christopher says:

    Well too bad for you then, if you indeed stopped after only a few sentences then you didn’t even get to the best part, that of the Piracy part. Go ahead and read that one part if nothing else Wololo and tell me what you think. It’s kind of still near the part and begins with: And on the topic of Piracy. I’m dying for your feedback on that part of my post more then any other part of it.

  49. Christopher says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to post twice, my PC glitched.

  50. Ricky D says:

    Wow…the sense of entitlement I just sifted through. I’m sure there’s more pirates on here than not, but how do you feel you have a right to steal from a game publisher, the coders, the artists, movie producers, musicians, etc?

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do like the rest of us, but when you act like you’re entitled to do it just because you can you just make yourself look foolish and childish

    I mean honestly do you feel you’re entitled and justified in going down to your local grocery store and stealing a 6 pack just because you can get away with it?

  51. ChristopherNeff says:

    To answer your question as logically as possible Ricky D, I’ll just say it bluntly. Piracy is NOT stealing. That’s a myth. That’s why there’s two different words for it. Stealing is taking the actual original software or hardware in which case it is no longer in possession of it’s rightful owner. Piracy is nothing more than simply making copies of that software/hardware and either freely distributing, or selling the copies in which case, the original never left the ownership of the author. And by the time you download something from torrenting sites such as the pirate bay, what your getting is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of the original, etc. Now trying to use software such as points card generators to hack into Wii Shop, DSI Shop, 3DS shop, PSN, XBOXLIVE, etc, could indeed be seen as actually stealing in a way simply because although your still downloading a copy, it’s a copy from the actual official store rather than from a pirate site that someone else made a copy of. If I break into ITunes store to hack their credit system to download music, that’s a form of stealing, if I get the copy from a torrenting site, that is not, because you know that no matter how many copies of copies it is, it still originated from a payer, who then made a copy, and then the downloaders made copies and so on and so forth. Does it hurt sales? Absolutely! But hurting profit and causing them to lose future money that doesn’t actually exist in their hand yet is not staeling, only if you do something to cause them to lose present money that is actually already in their hand and ownership from previous sales is it stealing. But there’s no such thing as future stealing. And digitals are endless, physical is not. Therefore, if I steal a six pack from the grocery store I am NOT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER entitled, nor am I justified for doing so, simply because taking something physical isn’t piracy, it’s right out stealing. You can’t Pirate a physical object but you can steal it. So trying to compare physical theft with digital Piracy is like trying to compare if an apple or orange tastes better, or trying to compare a man who steals to a man who murders, and also proves you don’t understand the true difference between stealing and piracy. So now I just told you. Basically when you steal a physical object, it costs money to replace it, and the prices of other products in store often increases a little to make up for the loss, so you not only hurt the business but every customer as well, but it costs absolutely nothing to simply make another copy of something digital. If someone breaks into my house and steals a music cd, that’s obviousely stealing, but if I make a copy and either sell or give it to him, then he stole nothing. If I pay for a digital content and I make copies and give them to all my friends, they’re not stealing from the producers and the like because like I said it’s only stealing when the original is removed from the owner’s possession. If I become a music producer and someone hacks my PC and steals my song, that’s stealing, however, if they only download the copy I have online, or buys it, and then makes copies, it’s not stealing simply because all I have to do is right click, copy, and paste, and then re upload to the servers. And what does that cost me? $0.00! It’s the same with a game store. If I go to GameStop and take a PS3 Game like say God of War III for example, and I run off with it, or I break into the store at night and take it, that’s obviousely stealing. However if I go to GameStop and buy it pre owned, take it home, put it in my PC, use DVD Decrypter to rip an ISO, burn it to a disc, and mod my PS3 to play it, and then I go and take the original back and get my money back, I didn’t steal simply because the game never left their ownership or rather was returned to their ownership in the same quality as when I bought it. Same goes for renting movies as well. Now if I were to try and keep the original, and send back the copy, then yeah, you get the picture, I’m sure by now! :)

    • Ricky D says:

      I only read bits and pieces of that mess, but I gotta ask if you’re ***? You can try to justify it and quantify it any way you want to but downloading games, music, movies, whatever instead of buying them is stealing. Plain and simple. The musicians, actors, graphic designers, animators,etc, etc, etc, etc don’t get money for their work. You might as well have walked into walmart and shoved that bluray down your pants.

      Oh, and one more thing. Did you see what I did there? Did you see how I broke up thoughts into paragraphs so it’s easy to read? Nobody ever reads page long single paragraph rants. If you have a point (which I think you’re just trying to justify stealing) then think out what you’re trying to say beforehand and try to make it easy for the reader….otherwise nobody’s gonna bother to read it and you’re just wasting everybody’s time

      • Dylan H says:

        Nope. Illegally downloading files without buying them is NOT stealing. Is it wrong? Of course it is! While it isn’t actually theft, it is hurting the people who made the content that you are downloading without permission. Piracy is not and can never be considered stealing, as you need to be taking an actual copy of what you are pirating, if you copy it, you’re just copying, there is no physical aspect to it.

        It is wrong to pirate, but you can’t call it stealing. That’s just not the right word for it. I’m not defending the people who do this stuff, infact, I do it too. But if you’re going to try to make people sound bad for doing it, atleast get your wording right. They call it piracy for a reason, and not stealing.

        Hope this cleared things up for you. 😛

    • P2 says:

      Piracy is stealing. Some people can’t afford the games. I was like this as a child in the PS1 era since I couldn’t afford those sweet, expensive JRPGs. I’d rather pay the makers of the game than the people giving me access to it for free.

      The giant wall of text defending piracy is kind of a sign of denial. As a game developer, I am insulted by your ignorance, Chris. Us devs work hard ya know :(

      • Dylan H says:

        Although piracy is wrong, if I were you, I would atleast be happy knowing that there is a demand for your games or software, that people actually want it. Many only pirate because they do not have the money, including myself, but if I had the cash, I would most certainly purchase the software, instead of pirating it. This doesn’t make me right, but I have a reason for doing it.

        People pirating your software is a sign that there is a demand, that your product is good. If I were you, I would be both mad and happy at the same time, they may be pirating your stuff, but atleast they like it. But hey, I don’t make games, so who am I to talk?

  52. Byte says:

    The “problem” with Wololo’s calculations is the the exploit only works on firmware versions 4.5 and below (lower than 4.1 can be upgraded to 4.x by a one-time use of certain game carts). Nintendo ALREADY patched Gateway before it was released (not unusual, e.g. Sony also had PSP firmware 1.51 out before swaploit/kxploit). 3DS’s that are “online” and used to access the eShop have all been upgraded.

    If GW through a new exploit gets their flashcart to work on v5.x, v6.x and v7.x it becomes a whole different story, but for now it’s a relative niche market for people with old 3DS’es.

    • Byte says:

      Edit: a foolproof way to downgrade to v4.5 (potentially even a fake downgrade to 4.1 followed by an “official” upgrade to 4.5) will count as well, it will allow anyone that wants to use a GW flashcart.

  53. ChristopherNeff says:

    What I’m saying RickyD is that when you download something that you didn’t pay for, it’s not stealing simply because who you download it from already paid for the song and can make as many copies as he wants and can give or sell them to as many people as he wants. It’s not like I’m going to the actual stores and stealing the physical copies or even hacking into the official websites to steal the downloads, but rather simply downloading from a torrenting site in which case the customer was the one who made the copy and justly did so in his own right.

    When you take an actual CD from a store, it’s stealing because it’s a physical object that the companies had to pay to make and has to pay again to make another when one is stolen, AND they’re not only losing a sale but even the money that they already paid to make. It doesn’t cost them to make more digital copies though since like I already said, you just simply right click the file and Copy then Paste. Also like I also said before, hurting profit of a company is NOT stealing simply because your only hurting profits that THEY COULD have had but since those profits didn’t actually reach their hands yet, then you stole nothing from them.

    So the profits aren’t actually rightfully theirs yet until it reaches their hand. So costing them a million dollars out of their own pocket or out of company pocket is stealing of course, but causing them to not gain a million dollars worth of profit isn’t stealing simply because if it’s not in their hands yet then it’s not yet rightfully theirs, thus anything we do to hurt future sales isn’t stealing from them.

    Or to put it in a different way to see if it actually sinks into that thick skull of yours yet, if a company makes 1,000 copies of a song and someone goes and hacks into their site to download the songs that are the original copies than that is stealing, however, if someone buys one and makes Ten Million copies and gives one to each person, neither he, nor anyone else stole *** simply because they’re only copies from the rightful buyer, and not the actual originals.

    Thus, I conclude this that when I rightfully pay for a physical Music CD from a physical store, or I buy a digital song from an online store, once that song or CD is in my hand, once I rightfully pay for it and own that copy, it’s mine to do with as ever the *** I please! The End

    • P2 says:

      Maybe when you make a game or some sort of software and want to sell it, you’ll understand. Some of us game devs work hard for the measly scraps, ya know.

  54. Cobalt says:

    “If you pay for piracy, you are not only dumb, you are also giving away your money to fundamentally bad people.”

    Paying for a $50-70 cart so that you can play hundreds of dollars worth of games isn’t dumb.

    • P2 says:

      It is if you wish to encourage game developers to make games. Of course 100 games for 60$ is a far better deal than 1 per 60$, but you do not factor in the game devs not getting any money. If everyone pirated, no one would make the great games we have.

      • Christopher says:

        Duh, but not everyone pirates now do they?! Exactly! Which is exactly why I can! Not everyone does it so thus I can bank off of all of the ones that DO pay their money to the developers and because of them devs can still afford to make games thus I can use the good ones as my stepping stones and ladder to the good life of pirating. Basically using the innocent payers and supporters to get my games for free.
        Does that make me a villain and the bad guy? Of Course, but then again the concept of good and evil, right and wrong, hero vs villain are nothing more than empty titles to those who rise up above the illusion and sees the Truth. You see once you see past the illusion of good and evil, you see the moralistic ones for what they really are, a resource for your own advancement, and self gratification, which is greedy and selfish but those too are just empty words to one who sees the truth and caters to ones self.
        Which is exactly what I meant by how the moralistic ones will always be below us in my first post. We pirates are above them. Let them pay for their games, songs, movies, software, etc, let them be the supporters while we Pirates get a free ride for life!
        Don’t get me wrong! They’re important and absolutely necessary to keep the devs alive but just because we need them doesn’t mean I have to be the one to carry the burden of morality. They can carry the burden while I and the rest of the Pirates can free ourselves from it all and live a light life on top with anything we want at our finger tips, instantly. The internet is now the time and era of instant gratification and by the power of the Pirate vested in me, I seize the opportunity with swift action and take dominion over all of it with an Iron Fist!!! HA HA!!
        Therefore P2 your fears of devs not making enough money is unfounded.
        Thus, I conclude that I am above ALL moralistic people as they are nothing more than a bridge and tower to my life on top, as not only a Pirate but also as a God! Sure, I’m only human, I’m no God…Yet, BUT I AM however liberated with this way of thinking AND this applies not just to pirating but to ALL things regarding morals. It’s just one of many steps to rising above that of humanity and achieving ULTIMATE PERFECTION!!!

        • P2 says:

          No one has a moral “burden”, it’s just the fair way of things. It’s easy to steal in this day and age is all. And I completely sympathize with not having any money/ torrenting games. I was there. Now that I have income/a life, I don’t mind paying the devs to keep going. Let’s hope the pirates don’t scare the game makers off 😉

          You can type a wall of text in reply to each of my comments, it makes your denial of theft all the more obvious. lol

          • Kenneth says:

            I got news for you brother… Game makers are pirates. I’ve been working in the software and gaming industry as a programmer for over 10 years and just about everybody I know pirates games, music, movies and software. Most of us have a try before you buy attitude about it. If something absolutely blows my socks off and has great replay value, I support the devs and buy it. It only make logical sense to experience the product before you make the investment. Who in their right mind would just blindly hand over their money before knowing what they’re getting? Oh yeah…. Most of everybody that is alive today. smh People need to stop being so naive.

  55. just a user says:

    i bought another 3ds xl just for this hack brand new if it bricks ohh well nothing last forever and it has saved me money in the long run. i still buy the games i like im sure getting smash brothers and a few others when they come out. money isnt even an issue its just im a jew. and dont mind making a small investment before i begin to save money. as for not supporting the developers i actually work in the industry so im helping them make money. so i dont feel guilty that they dont make a few bucks off me when i move their products.

  56. Thaun says:

    Okay let me just start with.

    Christopher. Out of all the people I’ve had the please to call ignorant on the internet you will probably be my favorite. Simply because you’re such a dense fool that it won’t even affect you.

    pirating is stealing. Plain and simple. Yes the company hasn’t gotten the money so it isn’t their money yet. However; you have a copy of their product. Copy or not. It is their product. You don’t BUY your games, the company RENTS it to you. BECAUSE of people like you.

    It is the companies right to step in and say “this is our product, you do not have permission to use it in such a manner” and sue the heck out of you for it.

    You saying its in an “owners” hands so they can do with it what they please is false. Sony alone has stepped in and PROVEN what I’m stating to you. (just so you have some research to do, but who am I kidding. You won’t do it, you’re nothing more than arrogant trash.)

    all the people you rag on about being stupid for paying for things, are the people you NEED for your I guess you could just call it fun. And with more and more people pirating, those people will dwindle more and more over time. Leaving NOTHING.

    the concept of making and running a backup of a game was exactly that, running a backup of a game you have played for. That doesn’t mean go back and sell the game once you’ve backed it up (we all know how many people do that ffs) it means you keep it and play on the backup so you have the original in case something goes wrong. Data sits and degrades over time. But that doesn’t worry someone like you right? You’ll just download it again stealing just ONE more time, over and over.

    So go on. Ruin things for EVERYONE, be an ignorant pig. Divulge yourself in your “free” stuff while it lasts. While you slowly pull the fabric that makes the gaming industry apart, and there is no more.

    and let me end with.
    I too have and still do, own pirated things. But as I find the money I go and pay for the actual thing to give back to the creator. All in all. My apologies to everyone else. (couldn’t sit here and blow a fuse on someone without calling myself out, seems wrong on my part.)

    good day~

    • Seb says:

      Talk about absolute demoralisation, you sound like a hysterical madman. Getting any sense into that head of yours is simply pointless by now, you’ve dug too far into egotism and self-importance. You’re a detriment to society, and a wall of text crapped with your foul language will not justify otherwise. So just stop. I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.

      • Aaron-Caleb DeCook says:

        Haha Seb I like what you said. It tickled me :) “you sound like a hysterical madman. ” “I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.”

  57. Thesis says:

    Is software piracy stealing? That really depends on the end user. The average user who down loads photo shop ($800!?! Really!?) probably not. Here’s why: intention, that person is neather making money with the software, or has the money to purchase it, and so the creator was never going to make any money off this person to begin with. This translates directly to all types of software including games.

  58. Kenneth says:

    Last I checked this planet we live on is run by crooks, con artists and cheaters. The most successful people in this world did not get where they are from playing fair or being honorable. Approximately 90% of all wealth is owned by 1% or less of the population. People like me are scraping by to feed our families, working around the clock with no breaks and very little to show for. The low and middle class are trapped in a loop as if running on a treadmill. Modern day slavery with the false sense of freedom. Big business reaps all the rewards at our expense while we’re distracted by their products.

    If their product can be so easily exploited, they should either improve their products or get out of the business.

  59. Hutch says:

    I cannot see the 3D, it just looks like an image jumping back and forth… Others see it as 3D, I just cannot… So my question is, can I play the newer games 3Drom on the old DScart, as long as the 3D is off, or the DScart can’t load the… Data(?) At all.

    In other words, could I get a 3DS ROM on the DScart if 3D is off on the system?

  1. March 27, 2015

    […] У нас была целая статья на эту тему, и вы можете найти её здесь (на английском языке): Nintendo 3DS hack: Gateway team intentionally bricks users’ 3DS, blames competitors for their “s… […]

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