Nintendo 3DS hack: Gateway team intentionally bricks users’ 3DS, blames competitors for their “shady” practice


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. ChristopherNeff says:

    To answer your question as logically as possible Ricky D, I’ll just say it bluntly. Piracy is NOT stealing. That’s a myth. That’s why there’s two different words for it. Stealing is taking the actual original software or hardware in which case it is no longer in possession of it’s rightful owner. Piracy is nothing more than simply making copies of that software/hardware and either freely distributing, or selling the copies in which case, the original never left the ownership of the author. And by the time you download something from torrenting sites such as the pirate bay, what your getting is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of the original, etc. Now trying to use software such as points card generators to hack into Wii Shop, DSI Shop, 3DS shop, PSN, XBOXLIVE, etc, could indeed be seen as actually stealing in a way simply because although your still downloading a copy, it’s a copy from the actual official store rather than from a pirate site that someone else made a copy of. If I break into ITunes store to hack their credit system to download music, that’s a form of stealing, if I get the copy from a torrenting site, that is not, because you know that no matter how many copies of copies it is, it still originated from a payer, who then made a copy, and then the downloaders made copies and so on and so forth. Does it hurt sales? Absolutely! But hurting profit and causing them to lose future money that doesn’t actually exist in their hand yet is not staeling, only if you do something to cause them to lose present money that is actually already in their hand and ownership from previous sales is it stealing. But there’s no such thing as future stealing. And digitals are endless, physical is not. Therefore, if I steal a six pack from the grocery store I am NOT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER entitled, nor am I justified for doing so, simply because taking something physical isn’t piracy, it’s right out stealing. You can’t Pirate a physical object but you can steal it. So trying to compare physical theft with digital Piracy is like trying to compare if an apple or orange tastes better, or trying to compare a man who steals to a man who murders, and also proves you don’t understand the true difference between stealing and piracy. So now I just told you. Basically when you steal a physical object, it costs money to replace it, and the prices of other products in store often increases a little to make up for the loss, so you not only hurt the business but every customer as well, but it costs absolutely nothing to simply make another copy of something digital. If someone breaks into my house and steals a music cd, that’s obviousely stealing, but if I make a copy and either sell or give it to him, then he stole nothing. If I pay for a digital content and I make copies and give them to all my friends, they’re not stealing from the producers and the like because like I said it’s only stealing when the original is removed from the owner’s possession. If I become a music producer and someone hacks my PC and steals my song, that’s stealing, however, if they only download the copy I have online, or buys it, and then makes copies, it’s not stealing simply because all I have to do is right click, copy, and paste, and then re upload to the servers. And what does that cost me? $0.00! It’s the same with a game store. If I go to GameStop and take a PS3 Game like say God of War III for example, and I run off with it, or I break into the store at night and take it, that’s obviousely stealing. However if I go to GameStop and buy it pre owned, take it home, put it in my PC, use DVD Decrypter to rip an ISO, burn it to a disc, and mod my PS3 to play it, and then I go and take the original back and get my money back, I didn’t steal simply because the game never left their ownership or rather was returned to their ownership in the same quality as when I bought it. Same goes for renting movies as well. Now if I were to try and keep the original, and send back the copy, then yeah, you get the picture, I’m sure by now! :)

    • Ricky D says:

      I only read bits and pieces of that mess, but I gotta ask if you’re retarded? You can try to justify it and quantify it any way you want to but downloading games, music, movies, whatever instead of buying them is stealing. Plain and simple. The musicians, actors, graphic designers, animators,etc, etc, etc, etc don’t get money for their work. You might as well have walked into walmart and shoved that bluray down your pants.

      Oh, and one more thing. Did you see what I did there? Did you see how I broke up thoughts into paragraphs so it’s easy to read? Nobody ever reads page long single paragraph rants. If you have a point (which I think you’re just trying to justify stealing) then think out what you’re trying to say beforehand and try to make it easy for the reader….otherwise nobody’s gonna bother to read it and you’re just wasting everybody’s time

      • Dylan H says:

        Nope. Illegally downloading files without buying them is NOT stealing. Is it wrong? Of course it is! While it isn’t actually theft, it is hurting the people who made the content that you are downloading without permission. Piracy is not and can never be considered stealing, as you need to be taking an actual copy of what you are pirating, if you copy it, you’re just copying, there is no physical aspect to it.

        It is wrong to pirate, but you can’t call it stealing. That’s just not the right word for it. I’m not defending the people who do this stuff, infact, I do it too. But if you’re going to try to make people sound bad for doing it, atleast get your wording right. They call it piracy for a reason, and not stealing.

        Hope this cleared things up for you. :P

    • P2 says:

      Piracy is stealing. Some people can’t afford the games. I was like this as a child in the PS1 era since I couldn’t afford those sweet, expensive JRPGs. I’d rather pay the makers of the game than the people giving me access to it for free.

      The giant wall of text defending piracy is kind of a sign of denial. As a game developer, I am insulted by your ignorance, Chris. Us devs work hard ya know :(

      • Dylan H says:

        Although piracy is wrong, if I were you, I would atleast be happy knowing that there is a demand for your games or software, that people actually want it. Many only pirate because they do not have the money, including myself, but if I had the cash, I would most certainly purchase the software, instead of pirating it. This doesn’t make me right, but I have a reason for doing it.

        People pirating your software is a sign that there is a demand, that your product is good. If I were you, I would be both mad and happy at the same time, they may be pirating your stuff, but atleast they like it. But hey, I don’t make games, so who am I to talk?

  2. Byte says:

    The “problem” with Wololo’s calculations is the the exploit only works on firmware versions 4.5 and below (lower than 4.1 can be upgraded to 4.x by a one-time use of certain game carts). Nintendo ALREADY patched Gateway before it was released (not unusual, e.g. Sony also had PSP firmware 1.51 out before swaploit/kxploit). 3DS’s that are “online” and used to access the eShop have all been upgraded.

    If GW through a new exploit gets their flashcart to work on v5.x, v6.x and v7.x it becomes a whole different story, but for now it’s a relative niche market for people with old 3DS’es.

    • Byte says:

      Edit: a foolproof way to downgrade to v4.5 (potentially even a fake downgrade to 4.1 followed by an “official” upgrade to 4.5) will count as well, it will allow anyone that wants to use a GW flashcart.

  3. ChristopherNeff says:

    What I’m saying RickyD is that when you download something that you didn’t pay for, it’s not stealing simply because who you download it from already paid for the song and can make as many copies as he wants and can give or sell them to as many people as he wants. It’s not like I’m going to the actual stores and stealing the physical copies or even hacking into the official websites to steal the downloads, but rather simply downloading from a torrenting site in which case the customer was the one who made the copy and justly did so in his own right.

    When you take an actual CD from a store, it’s stealing because it’s a physical object that the companies had to pay to make and has to pay again to make another when one is stolen, AND they’re not only losing a sale but even the money that they already paid to make. It doesn’t cost them to make more digital copies though since like I already said, you just simply right click the file and Copy then Paste. Also like I also said before, hurting profit of a company is NOT stealing simply because your only hurting profits that THEY COULD have had but since those profits didn’t actually reach their hands yet, then you stole nothing from them.

    So the profits aren’t actually rightfully theirs yet until it reaches their hand. So costing them a million dollars out of their own pocket or out of company pocket is stealing of course, but causing them to not gain a million dollars worth of profit isn’t stealing simply because if it’s not in their hands yet then it’s not yet rightfully theirs, thus anything we do to hurt future sales isn’t stealing from them.

    Or to put it in a different way to see if it actually sinks into that thick skull of yours yet, if a company makes 1,000 copies of a song and someone goes and hacks into their site to download the songs that are the original copies than that is stealing, however, if someone buys one and makes Ten Million copies and gives one to each person, neither he, nor anyone else stole shit simply because they’re only copies from the rightful buyer, and not the actual originals.

    Thus, I conclude this that when I rightfully pay for a physical Music CD from a physical store, or I buy a digital song from an online store, once that song or CD is in my hand, once I rightfully pay for it and own that copy, it’s mine to do with as ever the FUCK I please! The End

    • P2 says:

      Maybe when you make a game or some sort of software and want to sell it, you’ll understand. Some of us game devs work hard for the measly scraps, ya know.

  4. Cobalt says:

    “If you pay for piracy, you are not only dumb, you are also giving away your money to fundamentally bad people.”

    Paying for a $50-70 cart so that you can play hundreds of dollars worth of games isn’t dumb.

    • P2 says:

      It is if you wish to encourage game developers to make games. Of course 100 games for 60$ is a far better deal than 1 per 60$, but you do not factor in the game devs not getting any money. If everyone pirated, no one would make the great games we have.

      • Christopher says:

        Duh, but not everyone pirates now do they?! Exactly! Which is exactly why I can! Not everyone does it so thus I can bank off of all of the ones that DO pay their money to the developers and because of them devs can still afford to make games thus I can use the good ones as my stepping stones and ladder to the good life of pirating. Basically using the innocent payers and supporters to get my games for free.
        Does that make me a villain and the bad guy? Of Course, but then again the concept of good and evil, right and wrong, hero vs villain are nothing more than empty titles to those who rise up above the illusion and sees the Truth. You see once you see past the illusion of good and evil, you see the moralistic ones for what they really are, a resource for your own advancement, and self gratification, which is greedy and selfish but those too are just empty words to one who sees the truth and caters to ones self.
        Which is exactly what I meant by how the moralistic ones will always be below us in my first post. We pirates are above them. Let them pay for their games, songs, movies, software, etc, let them be the supporters while we Pirates get a free ride for life!
        Don’t get me wrong! They’re important and absolutely necessary to keep the devs alive but just because we need them doesn’t mean I have to be the one to carry the burden of morality. They can carry the burden while I and the rest of the Pirates can free ourselves from it all and live a light life on top with anything we want at our finger tips, instantly. The internet is now the time and era of instant gratification and by the power of the Pirate vested in me, I seize the opportunity with swift action and take dominion over all of it with an Iron Fist!!! HA HA!!
        Therefore P2 your fears of devs not making enough money is unfounded.
        Thus, I conclude that I am above ALL moralistic people as they are nothing more than a bridge and tower to my life on top, as not only a Pirate but also as a God! Sure, I’m only human, I’m no God…Yet, BUT I AM however liberated with this way of thinking AND this applies not just to pirating but to ALL things regarding morals. It’s just one of many steps to rising above that of humanity and achieving ULTIMATE PERFECTION!!!

        • P2 says:

          No one has a moral “burden”, it’s just the fair way of things. It’s easy to steal in this day and age is all. And I completely sympathize with not having any money/ torrenting games. I was there. Now that I have income/a life, I don’t mind paying the devs to keep going. Let’s hope the pirates don’t scare the game makers off ;)

          You can type a wall of text in reply to each of my comments, it makes your denial of theft all the more obvious. lol

          • Christopher says:

            So that’s what this is all about is it? You think I’m poor? WRONG HA HA!! You’ve been missing my point all along. The truth is, I DO have the money to buy them, but I just don’t feel like it cuz I like free and I don’t even have to leave the house to buy them, I’m fuckin lazy! My point all along is this: If it makes me feel good, I do it, which in my case is Pirating. I just don’t give a flying fuck what others think about me so long as I like what I do. And I like boasting about how EVIL I am HA HA HA!!! The first two or three posts were in defense! That last one was a Fuck It I’ll just reveal my true colors to everyone post! I treat Pirating as a way of life and chosen path of the dark side just as a Satanist treats theirs!

  5. just a user says:

    i bought another 3ds xl just for this hack brand new if it bricks ohh well nothing last forever and it has saved me money in the long run. i still buy the games i like im sure getting smash brothers and a few others when they come out. money isnt even an issue its just im a jew. and dont mind making a small investment before i begin to save money. as for not supporting the developers i actually work in the industry so im helping them make money. so i dont feel guilty that they dont make a few bucks off me when i move their products.

  6. Thaun says:

    Okay let me just start with.

    Christopher. Out of all the people I’ve had the please to call ignorant on the internet you will probably be my favorite. Simply because you’re such a dense fool that it won’t even affect you.

    pirating is stealing. Plain and simple. Yes the company hasn’t gotten the money so it isn’t their money yet. However; you have a copy of their product. Copy or not. It is their product. You don’t BUY your games, the company RENTS it to you. BECAUSE of people like you.

    It is the companies right to step in and say “this is our product, you do not have permission to use it in such a manner” and sue the hell out of you for it.

    You saying its in an “owners” hands so they can do with it what they please is false. Sony alone has stepped in and PROVEN what I’m stating to you. (just so you have some research to do, but who am I kidding. You won’t do it, you’re nothing more than arrogant trash.)

    all the people you rag on about being stupid for paying for things, are the people you NEED for your I guess you could just call it fun. And with more and more people pirating, those people will dwindle more and more over time. Leaving NOTHING.

    the concept of making and running a backup of a game was exactly that, running a backup of a game you have played for. That doesn’t mean go back and sell the game once you’ve backed it up (we all know how many people do that ffs) it means you keep it and play on the backup so you have the original in case something goes wrong. Data sits and degrades over time. But that doesn’t worry someone like you right? You’ll just download it again stealing just ONE more time, over and over.

    So go on. Ruin things for EVERYONE, be an ignorant pig. Divulge yourself in your “free” stuff while it lasts. While you slowly pull the fabric that makes the gaming industry apart, and there is no more.

    and let me end with.
    I too have and still do, own pirated things. But as I find the money I go and pay for the actual thing to give back to the creator. All in all. My apologies to everyone else. (couldn’t sit here and blow a fuse on someone without calling myself out, seems wrong on my part.)

    good day~

    • Not True Thaun Not true at all! I’m not pulling the fabric from the game industry! And you know why? Cuz these companies make enough money as it is, even with us pirates, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc still are billion airs, or maybe million airs and the companies make millions.

      I’m just a person who doesn’t fork out my hard earned cash to greedy little FUCKS who try to rip you off every step of the way. Increasing the money cost of each new console, systems that mysteriously break down one day after warranty, discs that don’t work over a barely visible scratch, making you buy extra shit for to play shit you already paid for, such as mandatory updates to be able to play PS3 games you own on disc, I mean what SHIT is that huh? What if someone doesn’t have, can’t afford internet, then what, hmmm? I’m just lucky I can afford Charter 30 meg internet.

      These big wigs don’t give a FLYING rats ass FUCK about us game junkies, they only cater to one entity, them damn selves, increasing their power, and lining their own damn pockets with Gold!!! They try to monopolize everything! Quote: If you pay for piracy, you are not only dumb, you are also giving away your money to fundamentally bad people. What is SHOULD be is: If you pay for games retail, your not only dumb, your also giving away your money to fundamentally BAD people. The Game Companies are the TRUE Evil, not us Pirates.

      Quote from the Goonies: This was my coin here in the wishing well, it was my wish, and it never came true, so I’m taking it back, I’m taking them all back. That’s exactly what I’m doing in regards to the big Dicks, oops, I mean wigs. You see, if I don’t agree with how someone is running a business, or is charging an arm and a leg for a product, but made the mistake of getting me hooked on it, I’m gonna right that wrong by just taking that product.

      You see, the companies have enough brainwahed idiots who are so hooked into video games, that it consumes their life, so they foolishly fork out whatever money is required to get the next game, or console, much like a man addicted to nasty drugs will pay whatever is needed for his next fix. You see, they’ll even kill and rob for the drugs. And lookie here, I seem to see that people are dropping out of high school, and what do you know, even stealing money from parents, and places to buy games, mainly World of War Craft which I thank God never git hooked into. Which is the root of the companies evil, and money making plots

      . You see, three things can happen with the drug addict. He can be a fool, and keep paying more and more for his fix, or he can get help and break free all the way, or even better, he can just beat the fucking living shit out of the drug dealer, and take by force, the drugs that the seller owes him, for making the foolish mistake of ever getting the person addicted to drugs in the first place!

      Basically, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc has enough brainwashed FuckTards who will constantly pay money to these greedy FUCKS for ever, thus, because of idiots like them, they avert any and all damage done and caused by us pirates! Trust me, there’s just as many money wasters as there are Pirates.

      Basically, The Game Companies made the foolish mistake of getting me addicted to their product, used shady practices to keep us forking over the Dough, and just gets Greedier, and Greedier by the day. So I USED to be one of those brainwashed fools who would constantly fork out the money, and get extremely unhealthily depressed, and insanely obsessed when I couldn’t afford the game or console I wanted, but NO MORE!!! I’m tired of their shit! Video Games has already consumed my life in the past, and I’ve now awakened partly from the delusions of it all, but there’s no going back for me now! I’m in too deep, so there’s only one option for me, one path to which I’m completely 100% justified for doing, and that’s PIRATING!! P-I-R-A-T-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going back to a life without video games, I’m gonna keep playing them, and keep pirating them forever now, knowing there will always be brainwashed fools who will advert any, and ALL damage caused by me, and other pirates.

      So when I begin tearing the fabric, THEY will always be there to sow it back up again. So you know what? MICROSOFT, NINTENDO, SONY, etc… FUCK YOU!!!!! Now I’m gonna do it the right, smart way, and just TAKE what you owe me!!!

      Good Day!~

      • Seb says:

        Talk about absolute demoralisation, you sound like a hysterical madman. Getting any sense into that head of yours is simply pointless by now, you’ve dug too far into egotism and self-importance. You’re a detriment to society, and a wall of text crapped with your foul language will not justify otherwise. So just stop. I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.

        • Aaron-Caleb DeCook says:

          Haha Seb I like what you said. It tickled me :) “you sound like a hysterical madman. ” “I’m actually astounded by how you find the time to write all that.”

  7. Thesis says:

    Is software piracy stealing? That really depends on the end user. The average user who down loads photo shop ($800!?! Really!?) probably not. Here’s why: intention, that person is neather making money with the software, or has the money to purchase it, and so the creator was never going to make any money off this person to begin with. This translates directly to all types of software including games.

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