It’s official: 2 exploited games in the top 5 Best selling PSP games of December 2013


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  1. Firstroll says:

    Erhmaged actually made it

  2. trolol says:

    101-in-1 Megamix is the best game ever, it’s really 101-in-1 as you launch the game, you will see other AAA games & custom games/apps inside =p

  3. compccs says:

    well them announcing it isnt really a surprise since they just copy and paste each month but it is interesting just how many or how few of these games sell… do they really sell that few of “regular” games that a exploited game can outsell everything that quick… or is the demand for exploits that great that they sell so many … interesting each way…

    • Riku says:

      It’s a little of both. demand for psp games isn’t that high atm

    • gunblade says:

      I think that the holiday sales help in the sense that ps vitas probly sold more units (also more since ps4 candour) so there was a more need to have a ps vita hacked… Wish psp games on psn was like way cheap I mean I can get a used umd from gamestop that could be cheaper then buying a digital version from psn… Wish ps vita had more game bundles and I think it was very wilerid seeming angry birds starwars at gamestop selling for 39.99 wen i can get the android version for like $5 now an angry birds bundle for the vita that had like five or all the angry birds games I would get for 39.99…

  4. LuKe_AA says:

    Sony should be thanking instead of finding way to patch the exploits within every new firmware.

    Those games wouldn’t sell as much **** without the exploits.

    • anon1313 says:

      Yea… OR they could patch it every firmware so NEW exploit games are released, driving even MORE SALES. 😛

      • obviously says:

        They obviously don’t care since they keep removing it from the store

      • Wrozen says:

        This person knows what they’re talkin about^^ xD
        I feel that if Sony never patched the game then it’d only be one game bought and most people wouldn’t have to buy it again after the initial release but as games get patched, many people want to update and wait for a usermode game exploit.

        • gunblade says:

          Yea missed da days wen Sony would jus have a patched games release like were back in the psp days u had to make sure u get the gtauto that doesn’t have the red label on the und that Dias greatest hits….

      • jay_are says:

        OR they could just make a:
        1. TV Output cable for the Vita (or a new revision of the Vita, ignoring the obsolete Vita TV)

        2. UMD Drive for the PS Vita.

        With a UMD drive, I would have never EVER needed an exploit.

        • grief3r says:

          here’s an idea, patch the actual game…

        • gunblade says:

          Yea missed da days wen Sony would jus have a patched games release like were back in the psp days u had to make sure u get the gtauto that doesn’t have the red label on the umd that says greatest hits..

  5. Hugo_Mundo says:

    A little late but yay.

  6. chad says:

    How about releasing another exploitable game to see if we can do it again this month, i missed last months by getting my vita on christmas and KoP was pulled christmas eve. I know it wont happen but one can wish.

  7. grief3r says:

    that really sucks for the people who purchase the game just because they see it on the list of so called ‘best’ games

  8. mlc says:

    This may actually be a sad indication of the huge failure of the Vita.

    I can honestly say I’m far more excited for a 3DS piracy hack that eliminates the region lock, as the Vita simply doesn’t have very many excellent games. I’d love to play a few of the games above my current firmware, but “a handful” within every couple of years simply isn’t helpful. The Vita, if you hack it, is the “ultimate” PSP, but otherwise it is rather bland. This is emphasized by the recent hardware changes like the screen, which are only harming the end user until some future large price reduction comes.

    My desire to upgrade is minimal, and I’m on 1.81 and own ~5 games. There are certainly some Japanese games I might enjoy, but the Vita is essentially on life support. If I buy another Vita it will be a “hopeful” act, but the exploits are currently the primary reason to own a Vita. (this is why I don’t bother updating to 2.12 or 3.01, as there is little to gain from the Vita library)

    • gunblade says:

      I 3ds hacked that lets me play ds games on the 3ds sd card.. and music and video… But acecards r still cool..

    • mixedfish says:

      “This may actually be a sad indication of the huge failure of the Vita.”

      Did you stop to think that maybe…just maybe this is THE PSP TOP 5 CHART, you know, the CONSOLE THAT’S NOW OBSOLETE.

      Guess not, you’re too busy being fascinated with PSP playback on the Vita that you don’t even go out and see the Vita library.

      • mlc says:

        I’m aware of the few games that interest me that I’m missing, obviously. I own several exploits above my current firmware. Although I don’t generally go out looking for new “so-so” games, as I have a whole bunch of games that I need to play. Probably hundreds or thousands of hours if you count RPGs (on other systems) that I haven’t finished or wanted to do a complete game on.

        Also the PSP both has an enormous userbase compared to the Vita, and is fully hacked for piracy. Those sales obviously represent Vita sales, as compared to (mostly) other PSP-on-Vita sales. I’m arguing that the sales numbers are due to a lack of quality Vita games.

        But, basically, I’ve seen the Vita library and it isn’t impressive. The market response and the average view agrees with my position on the Vita library more than yours, I’m sad to say. Though this may simply reflect the changing market conditions re: handheld gaming and “entertainment funds,” but unless you worked on the Vita team I’d say your defensiveness is unjustified. (perhaps even fanboyish) Maybe I struck a nerve? lol

  9. Galford says:

    i want to refund my megamix since i got KOP but im an asian i cant contact them ….

    • refunder says:

      I’m asian staying in Russia, I contacted US PSN service & they refunded my megamix =), It was 1 day before public announcement about its exploit

    • Sky Yuki says:

      I did
      But i don’t want to
      They will verify my account
      And i don’t want them to see that king of pool is gone too and will give refund

  10. Msnk8 says:

    wololo is a small community of the total psvita users
    so many dont know about it
    still the two exploits made it to top 5
    it simply shows that nobody buys *** from sony ,,, as they are too expensive
    sometimes if i really wanna play a game and am ready to pay for it when i log on to psn the prices are damn too high
    i am ready to pay for games but i am not ready to overpay for the games to play on the device that i bought

    if sony was a less greedier and made the prices a bit reasonable they would have made much more profits

    • gunblade says:

      Right I went to gamestop and angrybird star wars edition was like 39.99 I was thinking *** it’s like free but was like five dallers for android or iphone.

    • mixedfish says:

      Yes entirely Sony’s fault, Sony should subsidise publisher set prices on their store. After all Sony shouldn’t be in profiteering and be a charity.


      • Msnk8 says:

        dude back here in india the prices are so damn high
        that if i save money for 2 games i can buy an new psp
        there are same and even better on android for very reasonable prices
        take jetpack joyride for instance not free on psn but free on both android and ios
        also gta vc on psn is for 900bucks whereas for ios its for 300 bucks
        see the hugh difference
        and the IOS GTA VC comes with better and retouched graphics

        my point is sony should be a bit reasonable with the prices of the games
        we turn to piracy because we cannot afford the over priced games
        n i can bet if they make prices a bit reasonable there sale would go way up and can make even more profit

    • Chuck says:

      Agree bought tekken legit for 15 bucks and i can play now any psp games i want cause of megamix that i bought 10 bucks.. One psp game is so overprice 15 dollars for a digital copy which is so old aswell is a rip off step ur game up sony psp games should be 10 bucks max

    • Z says:

      agree 110%….Sony = GREED!!!!!

  11. gunblade says:

    I think pstwo games that ported to the vita could sell a lot if they was like ten dallers seeing as Sony would think to make money off of popular old games even having vita game cartigess that have like three or more classic pax pstwo and psp games on the game cardtrige would help Sony imean a bunch of people would love to play .hack//sign for the pstwo on the vita even if the gamecartige had like all the ..hack series of games on one game card they would even have like how sumgames like for the pstwo had like two or moredisk they could do the same and with vita games… But iI think it be like a two cardtige game so it would have to be wen u finish the first game u can then turn of the vita change to the next game cartige and the save is jus continued make a good idea if the game was like 32gig or more…

  12. 110706 says:

    PS Vita developers should intentionally let a “window open” in their game so we can get such exploits. In the end both sides are happy.

    • fate6 says:

      Yea it would be just grand when Sony sues the studio that does that 😀

      oh and lets not forget they would burn any and all connections so no one will let them publish for there system

      • 110706 says:

        and how would sony know its intentional?

        • mlc says:

          One single developer/programmer wouldn’t be able to (easily) get away with it without being noticed. A larger group, or the entire company, is a conspiracy and it would take a miracle to keep something like that from leaking.

          Also Sony would likely investigate the issue and see that the bug shouldn’t have been so easily overlooked, ending to significant harm to someone’s career or the entire company. Basically, even if everyone “in the know” could agree that inserting a flaw would be financially beneficial, there are far too many enormous risks for anyone to choose to do it.

          And even if Sony didn’t somehow catch that your bug was intentional, you’d still face possible backlash or a “leak” that could lead to prosecutions for mismanagement of the company or foul play.

          This isn’t an issue of justice where someone like a lawyer or government worker might risk their career over morality; no one is going to risk their livelihood to hack the Vita, other than perhaps hackers. (who, despite draconian laws, are not responsible for Sony’s security to the level of someone who plans to continue working in the industry) Even a single person with no family would have to be crazy to sacrifice their chosen career just to enable temporary Vita piracy.

  13. Z says:

    yup, I was lucky one to grab 101-in-1 Megamix before it was pulled of the PSN and lov3 it…Enjoying all them PSP games now!!!!!!!

  14. bigwhop23 says:


  15. James Way says:

    Wonder which way this will go now then…devs making it easier for hacking for the sake of getting people to buy the gam? Or sony enforcing better game development procedures, and QA, to ensure such exploits stop, potentially crippling the more unknowns?

  16. Lok says:

    I have installed the totalnoobs firmware using 101 in 1.
    Just to confirm, will I be able to use the Vita store?

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