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Soul Saga – A Comparison From 6 Months Ago And Now


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. wickedchew says:


    • GuitaristMatt says:

      Thought the same thing. Looks a little too much like Cloud now with the single shoulder pad and everything.

      • wickedchew says:

        with the same sword,stance,hair,shoulder pad…totally doens;t look like cloud, but still be waiting for RPG… ihope its a RPG aka FF

        • ReapersRage says:

          Thhe game is based off of FF, Xeno, WA and a couple other RPG’s. I donated as I really want to see a FFVII type game again, the golden age of jrps imo

  2. anon says:

    Snap Pea = Snappy

  3. Mr Jack says:

    Totally a Cloud ripoff! I saw it right away… lol

  4. Whaleiam says:

    the main character looks like Cloud,
    Max looks like Ershin combined with Vivi,
    the new Garen looks like the unarmored Golbeth.

  5. Sn1pe says:

    Hello, in regards to the main character looking like Cloud, please keep in mind the project has gone through several revisions of their characters completely from scratch because the community have found other game characters that look similar to the past iterations. No matter what you create in this world there will always be something that will look exactly like it. I’m not sure why nobody thinks about this but I don’t see how looking like Cloud is a bad thing, shouldn’t that be a good thing? to be similar to the great classics we JRPG fans adore so much? furthermore if comments like this keep coming up the creator might get catatonia as he just wants to create a game rather than a unique work of art, 3D art is also extremely expensive and his budget is quite moderate so please try to understand that as well.

  6. Thrawn says:

    Yep looks promising.
    And the best thing, forget about the vita version, it has been greenlight!

    Probably the better choice. 🙂

  7. taiyaki04 says:

    the sandal wearing bird has a name, i think… on the upper left side of the pic, inside the box, it is written kukyuu (in japanese) and also, the other birds has kukyuu on the last part of their name(if it is really their name)…

    • Minimur12 says:

      That’s the artists name, i think Mike said it translates to dodo, that’s not the name thatll be in the game however, unless he wants it to be.

  8. Deadly Viper says:

    They went from charming to bland with these changes imo. Not that I had that much interest in the title to begin with.

  9. dmaskell92 says:

    Did they need to copy the Chocobo? Totally unoriginal, and *** is wrong with charging into combat on horseback?

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