Soul Saga – A Comparison From 6 Months Ago And Now

Hey, I’ve met a couple of you in the steams that our game director/programmer/nearly everything does, here’s a re-visit to the kickstarter game I blogged about 6 months ago. Boy it has changed!

So since the extremely successful kickstarter where his goal was $60,000, and he ended up with just under $200,000, he seeked out new artists, more composers, and put more effort into characters, the production quality has leaped dramatically since the kickstarter has ended now I thought that it was time for an update, because it deserves one.


So first off, our main playable character Mithos we can see just up there, but here’s a larger photo of the change since the kickstarter:

Also, our main girl Elise has changed a lot, the reason the models were chibis was because that’s all our poor boy Mike could afford at the time. But the kickstarter was freeing him from shackles, and he seeked out some new artists which lead to the production quality leaping dramatically.

As you can see, the hat has kept it’s similarity, but apart from that she has had a complete re-vamp. A new mechanical leg, and also a boxing glove which the description on the website reads:

The bag is swung around to hit enemies, but she can also pull tools out of her bag and use them in combat.  The bag is a bit of a comical mystery; Elise seems to have an uncanny ability find a way to store giant tools in it that are bigger than the bag itself.  She’s quite the hoarder when it comes to her tools, and always seems to have a tool for the job. “Oh!  I’ve got something for that!”

Woah! She’s the Doctor!

Doctor Who you ask? Well google it! :)


So here’s one of Mithos’ other companion, if you remember who he is, known as Max, the robot.  He’s had a complete re-vamp and looks completely different also.  Here he is:

Oh, but we haven’t seen the villain yet! Let’s take a look at the COMPLETELY new design of Garen, the nasty person.

Garen’s new design is certainly interesting, but I think it’ll add more depth to the story if you can see his face, and will be able to see his reactions and emotions.
A new character was also announced recently, known as Ai, she’s very special…..

Here a video of what she looks like:

Ai is a new character that was added due to the success of kickstarter, who looks pretty cool, and I can’t wait to hear more about her. But Mike is the sort of guy that keeps as much as possible hush hush so he doesn’t ruin the game… I’m not sure if I’m happy or annoyed about that!

The music in that video is one of the new composers Mike has on board,  Steven Velema (Surasshu). He has been using Aivi previously and still is, here is some of the new soundtrack Aivi has produced:

Here’s the battle theme, how awesome is that?!?!

and here is a song called ‘The Bone Road’ this is most likely for when you are on a place.. maybe called ‘Bone Road’?

This is all I think he’s revealed regarding soundtracks, but wait! There’s more!

If you remember in all Final Fantasy games, there’s been a creature known as Chocobo’s…. well being as this game is inspired by many different classic JRPG’s, we’ve got Airship battles from Skies of Arcadia, Turn based battles from nearly every single JRPG, and many other stuff.


But here’s there very own version of the Chocobo:

A bird that wears sandals? Nice!
The names are a toss up between:
Cukyu, Que Que, and Squabbles
I personally prefer squabbles, it runs of your tongue better.
Here’s other monsters/animals that will feature in the game:
this one is known as a Snap Pea, why? I don’t know.

This is another piece of concept art, named the Torne, little animals, oh, and apparently their eggs are yummy.

Remember, Soul Saga has been greenlit on Steam, and will be heading to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita and Wii U. You’ll be playing this game in 6-9 months from now if everything goes smooth and to plan I guess. I’m sure it will though.


If you ever fancy hearing updates about the game, head to , he’s been doing an update every week, usually up on the site on the Sunday so it’s worth checking then. He also annoucnes the games he’ll be streaming doing on the update, his twitch page is . I’ll see you there!


So there we have it, this is what Soul Saga looks like 6 months on after the kickstarter. Why don’t YOU suggest an idea for the name of the sandal wearing bird? I’m sure Mike would love to hear your opinion!

  1. wickedchew’s avatar



    1. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

      Thought the same thing. Looks a little too much like Cloud now with the single shoulder pad and everything.


      1. wickedchew’s avatar

        with the same sword,stance,hair,shoulder pad…totally doens;t look like cloud, but still be waiting for RPG… ihope its a RPG aka FF


        1. ReapersRage’s avatar

          Thhe game is based off of FF, Xeno, WA and a couple other RPG’s. I donated as I really want to see a FFVII type game again, the golden age of jrps imo


  2. anon’s avatar

    Snap Pea = Snappy


  3. Mr Jack’s avatar

    Totally a Cloud ripoff! I saw it right away… lol


  4. Whaleiam’s avatar

    the main character looks like Cloud,
    Max looks like Ershin combined with Vivi,
    the new Garen looks like the unarmored Golbeth.


  5. Sn1pe’s avatar

    Hello, in regards to the main character looking like Cloud, please keep in mind the project has gone through several revisions of their characters completely from scratch because the community have found other game characters that look similar to the past iterations. No matter what you create in this world there will always be something that will look exactly like it. I’m not sure why nobody thinks about this but I don’t see how looking like Cloud is a bad thing, shouldn’t that be a good thing? to be similar to the great classics we JRPG fans adore so much? furthermore if comments like this keep coming up the creator might get catatonia as he just wants to create a game rather than a unique work of art, 3D art is also extremely expensive and his budget is quite moderate so please try to understand that as well.


  6. Thrawn’s avatar

    Yep looks promising.
    And the best thing, forget about the vita version, it has been greenlight!

    Probably the better choice. :)


  7. taiyaki04’s avatar

    the sandal wearing bird has a name, i think… on the upper left side of the pic, inside the box, it is written kukyuu (in japanese) and also, the other birds has kukyuu on the last part of their name(if it is really their name)…


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      That’s the artists name, i think Mike said it translates to dodo, that’s not the name thatll be in the game however, unless he wants it to be.


  8. Deadly Viper’s avatar

    They went from charming to bland with these changes imo. Not that I had that much interest in the title to begin with.



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