New Year Giveaway: 2 years of Playstation plus membership, no strings attached

psplusChristmas is over, and December was an insane month with the release of TN-V for Vita firmware 3.01. And it’s going to be tough to top that, but don’t be sad! Last month, I gave away $150 worth of PSN Codes to 15 random winners among my Twitter followers and our /talk community; and for 2014 to start with a bang I have a special giveaway:

This week, 2 of you will have a chance to win a year of PS+ subscription, worth $50 each. And those are not the “free trial please enter your credit card” ones, no, the cool stuff with no credit card required.

I was one of the lucky people who managed to grab 2 PS+ subscriptions a few weeks ago on Amazon when they had a sale for $30 instead of $50. And, since I’m already a PS+ member for the foreseeable future, instead of stacking up the membership like crazy, I thought it would be better to give those away to you guys :)

If you’ve been living on an alien planet for the past few years: Playstation Plus is a Sony service that gives you free games for the Vita, PS3, and PS4 on a regular basis (in December we had games such as resogun and contrast on the ps4, hotline miami, gravity rush, Soul Sacrifice, or Uncharted on the PS Vita), discounts on many games, and it is also required for online play on the PS4. PS+ is a great deal if you play regularly. It’s even more of a great deal if you get it for free as part of this giveaway :)


So, I’m giving you two ways to win. We’ll have one winner on twitter, and since I know not everyone likes twitter, a second winner on our forums.

To participate on twitter for a chance to win 1 year of PS+:

  1. follow me on twitter
  2. retweet this tweet about the giveaway

To participate on the forums for a chance to win 1 year of PS+:

  1. Create an account on our /talk forums if you don’t already have one
  2. Say hi in this thread


I will select 2 random winners in a few days, one on twitter, and one on the forums. And yes, if you participate on both, you basically double your chances of winning. Good luck to everyone!

Important note: the codes I am giving away are for the US Store and will not work on an EU account. But it’s worth creating an account in the US PSN just for that :)

We’ll probably have more giveaways throughout the month, stay tuned!

  1. ivo’s avatar

    allso another one
    package cbr cartoon comics
    makes a cartoon and dynamic comic from cbr ebooks
    likz those apps


  2. ivo’s avatar

    yet another basic for vita and psp
    yet another qcma (yaqcma)
    yet another comic cartoon


  3. ivo’s avatar

    but what i could use the most being on ubuntu 804
    is binary shellscript installers for bash (linux)
    like that enemy territory binary shellscript installer
    but then binary shell script installers for evey linux and every app
    with deps included and forced

    maybe a shellscript package manager


  4. hutchy’s avatar

    If only i had twitter lol


  5. Hazer7’s avatar

    Be bold enough to live life on your terms.


  6. Zhar the Mad’s avatar

    Made a twitter account for this. Now,we pray. :p


  7. khairul_syazwan90’s avatar

    hi! Wololo. TQ 4 the chance.


  8. catty’s avatar

    Say hi in this thread locked :( so hi here lol


    1. wololo’s avatar

      The thread is locked because the event is over. Winners have been selected and received their prizes already.


      1. catty fails lol’s avatar

        lol hahahaha someone can’t read meeeeee omg -___-
        I can blame it on the wine bad wine lol


  9. catty fails lol’s avatar

    & blushes hello wololo oh god.


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