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Nvidia’s New Mobile Processor has 192 Cores. More powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  1. biglittleps says:

    Its useless horse power for mobiles as they never utilize anything very well to create content because it will never mature and we will get a new update in a year with more horse power again. Technology is innovating horse power for the things we don’t need mostly but don’t try to improve things we need most.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I hear ya, there’s really nothing you can do with such a GPU as there aren’t that many AAA mobile games that even come close to the quality of a PS3/360, even if running on better hardware. This is another case of “I got the most powerful device out there that does the same thing as your less powerful one, love me please”.

      • quicksort says:

        I personally developed a game for android in unity, It’s really hard to do something “pretty” because the lighting effects and shaders take up SO much resources a mobile can’t handle it. But now it is possible. People could basically make easier ports of games.

        As I said, since it is possible now I think more ppl will invest in it. It would be great if more 3D engines did support it.

        • M says:

          There is no way that a ARM Cortex A15 could beat cell and xenon processors.

        • CycloneFox says:

          Problem is not the graphics, but the content. As a gamedeveloper you should understand this frutration.
          Like biglittleps already said, the mobile market gets yearly updates. That is, by far, too short-winded for a serious game. It is alright to have short games with nice (but compared to what consoles do on weaker hardware, last-gen like) graphics on mobile devices. But to have a diversified and good game, current/last gen showed well enough, that alot of people to compress time just hurts the game in the end. You need to have time to invest into content like level design, plan story/world and have to stay as true as possible to the vision of little people. That just doesn’t fit to the mobile market at all. Not to even mention the huge handycap of smartphone controls.

        • toaru_gamedev says:

          Less than 10% of smartphone games using intensive graphic processing capability of hardware. seriously, Android fragmentation is total ***. Only dedicated portable console could pull this kind of stunts, if they put this on smartphone then its just another medicority at best because none (or less than 10%) gonna use its full power.

        • Minimur12 says:

          Woooo! I gotta Nexus 5 that utilizes the SnapDragon 800 Quad-Core thingimajig CPU, and has 2gb of RAM, I’ve made so much use of it…… like Plants vs Zombies 2, blogging and reddit!

          It was once top notch but now it’s just dirt compared to that xD

      • Thrawn says:

        I don’t understand why all of you believe that this cpu/gpu is going into smartphones?

        The tegra familiy is an energy efficient gpu/cpu family that is mainly designed for mobiles but not limited to.
        I see the main application for this in netbooks and notebooks as this tegra iteration looks like an atempt to wipe out amd and intel as well as texas instrument cpu/gpus in said market niche.

        I believe that this gpu would perform extremly well in a netbook or a tablet with adequat resultion (2560&1440).

    • igivenup says:

      I disagree actually. Gaming seems to be moving into the direction of platform neutrality. Devices such as the Nvidia Shield will be helping to push forward the idea of actual console level gaming on mobile platforms. I think eventually everything will have a release for all platforms mobile and home…

  2. paul says:

    Nvidia are amazing. Not sure how much power the vitas graphics card takes up but im sure this would improve battery life. Probably not by much but every bit counts.

    With portable game consoles sporting this all we would need is a better battery and thered be little reason to own a home console.

    Please keep us informed if any cpus and batteries are made that are a leap forward like this was.

    • paul says:

      Just read about microbatteries.

      Sounds promising. Lets hope we see a finished product we can buy in the near future. Although i dought it will happen anytime soon…one can always hope.

    • Tony says:

      Well, I have a PS Vita. The graphics for expensive games like Need For Speed Most Wanted suck! I feel like I am actually playing PSx on my vita. It would be nice to get powerful hardware in mobile games. I really hate hard edges and pixelation on handheld devices that shouldn’t have that, like this PoS.

      • Wickedchew says:

        Graphics from PS1? NS Pixelated? in PSVita?
        hope you live your childhood in 90’s

        • dislaire says:

          yeah absolutely he’s right, like many games on vita the game is upscaled, it’s not native res and it just looks like a blurry pixellated mess. i hate when they do that on vita, just lower the graphics instead of lowering the resolution , it’s 10 times worse

  3. toaru_gamedev says:

    without put it in a dedicated portable console, its just a yet another medicore hardware.

  4. x-eye says:

    Which is why I’ve been saying the Vita is the future! Imagine it: a console in the future might be the size of a handheld device rendering current console sized devices irrelevant. And that’s why people not to mention Sony should take the Vita more seriously.

    • alpmaster says:

      Nvidia Shield Rocks more powerful than the Vita. More bang for your buck.

      • toaru_gamedev says:

        yet, not many games use its full power, so ?

        • MarSprite says:

          Whatever, all you naysayers can shove it, because Nvidia Launched their GRID BETA in December. That’s right it doesn’t “only work on the home network” anymore. If you couldn’t see that Nvidia was positioning to pull this off, then you must not have been paying attention. Now, not only is it my favorite emulation device ever sold commercially, but it can let me have the use of desktop games around northern California where I live. Later, it will do so around the world.

      • condoriano says:

        yeah enjoy playing fruit ninja.

    • Wickedchew says:

      or Angry Birds? in 3D!!

    • 110706 says:

      By the way things look, Vita will be rendered useless even faster. Sony sc*** up with all it’s proprietary stuff and expensive too.

  5. Thrawn says:

    Yeah epic and nvidia have a history… anybody remembering ut2k3 and ut2k4?
    Back then they basicaly pledged to each other and maybe even held a marriage ceremony behind closed doors XD

  6. Reynkz says:

    5 W power :O lol

  7. Valhalla says:

    *** is horsepower in terms as a measure on processing power. Nvidia, you crack me up!

  8. Wickedchew says:

    yeah, next time they will say it 220mphs 1000Horsepower in Nvigia Tegra Z2000

  9. Jah Nix says:

    While I’m all for improving the processing grunt on mobile devices, no expandability on these things cut down the full crossover – I keep telling my wife that apple would make a billion if they released a proper dock for the iPad with USB/HDMI/HDD etc etc so you docked your ipad/iPhone and bang kept working, at home or in office – Now thats integration…!
    The way things are going by the time we get Skylake, it might be a reality…

  10. Dark GOD says:

    I want this in a Portable XBOX.
    Microsoft should really join in on the portable gaming market.

    A Portable system from them with this chip.
    WOULD PROBABLY DESTROY all other portables in sales.

    But still I wouldn’t mind seeing it happen.
    If it means better games.

    • fackukawololo says:

      yeah with 15 mins battery life?.. as long as battery in mobile doesnt improve this wont happen good luck with that

      • Dark GOD says:

        No, don’t you read?
        It said in the thread that it only uses 5W.
        That’s 95W less then PS3 and 360.

        This mean battery would be just as good as on the PS Vita.
        If not better.

        Besides battery tech is getting better and better.

    • CJW says:

      I made similiar comments below wanting a portable/console hybrid from Sony/Nintendo…Ms would be welcome as well…..you know the easist thing might be to use this chip to make a portable ‘steam system’ that runs steam OS…..i personally have always wanted an x86 handheld that I could run the vast pc library on……steam portable could be the answer.

  11. fackukawololo says:

    and its battery life is approx 15min

  12. Pirate Cat says:

    Raw numbers are so informative!

  13. Z says:

    Yes, mobile graphics are improving every year, but I don’t think that they’ll ever match a high-end PC, because the desktop graphics are also improving. Plus, this isn’t really comparable to a low-end/mid-end PC. The GPU in this SoC is half that of a GT 730M, and it’s designed to use even LESS power. So this is weaker than even a modern low end desktop GPU.

  14. Dark GOD says:

    I think NVIDIA might be ready to announce a new mobile device soon.
    That will make the SHIELD look like nothing.

    Perhaps a much better designed NVIDIA Shield?

    If they made the SHIRD in a sine liar design to the PS VITA form factor.
    WOW that would be the portable to have.

  15. CJW says:

    My hope is advancements like this will leed to Nintendo or Sony making a true portable/console game system in the next generation. Imagine one sysyem to rule them all!

    When I was at best buy the other day I must admit ps4/xb1 demo reals sort of underwhelmed me. Sure stuff will look better with time but the new gaming hardware is really graphically not a big leap and won’t be until we get 4K gaming. So a portable hybrid that is sligjtly more powerful than ps360 (say like WiiU) could be a pretty awesome product if it was made by a major game company like one of the big 3.

  16. Hellbelial says:

    Sadly they will not release games like The Last Of Us,God Of War or Killer Instinct,they will release games like wow,lol and all that *** XD.

  17. Jun says:

    According to benchmarks…
    Tegra K1 is NOT faster than PS3.
    We are still far about 2 year for that to happen.


  1. January 15, 2014

    […] Nvidia’s New Mobile Processor has 192 Cores. More powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3. – Jd8531 blogs about Nvidias CES conference where they show the Tegra K1, the most powerful mobile processor, it’s just a shame there’s no real mobile developers that fancy developing fully fledged AAA games on it. But that’s not the point of mobile games, they’re supposed to quick, repetitive and addictive. Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc. Although Rovio have taken a really bad path and have just got greedy. I’m sure you’re all aware of the PS4 game Angry Birds: Star Wars. £35 on PS4, £1 on iOS, and their most recent game, Angry Birds Go! A racer, there’s the option to buy a medium spec car for $50. […]

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