Steam Machine Steals The Show At CES 2014, 13 Different Companies Announce Theirs


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  1. DigitalChaos

    The ibuypower looks kinda like a flashy ps4. Falcon Northwest TIKI is pretty much a over priced PC, hope its able to make me sammichs while i play DONT STARVE both the steam game and IRL at that price for it XD

  2. jurian

    Most of these are laughable. The big idea behind the steam machine was to bring pc gaming to the living room like the consoles. Why would I want a tower next to the tv? It’s pointless. And then there are the ones that are using other pc vendor cases, they may be microatx/itx cases, but I’d much rather build my own pc and put steamos on it, or windows and install steam and set it to run on startup and default to big picture mode.

    The only ones that are possibly worth it are the:

    Gigabyte – brix pro

    All because of the original specially made cases, and are assuming them to be relatively the same size as other consoles. The rest of them are just PCs that run steam.

    P.S. An SSHD has a portion of the drive as solid state (usually not anywhere close to half. Most commonly about 8gb), which generally acts kind of like a cache. The drive itself determines what it writes to the ssd portion (if the drive is self optimized) or the OS, device drivers, and/or software (if host optimized). You never install or put or see anything on the ssd portion.

    • Shapeshifter

      Dude mini atx isn’t that bad it’s a great platform
      Google mini atx builds and see the price u can build ur own it’s not like mini atx is exclusive to oems
      U can build a 400 dollar build which will be smaller than a ps3 and 3-4 times more powerful than a prebuilt system
      The steam machines are amazing and though a few of them are pricey and large even the cheaper smaller ones will suffice and play a lot of games on high settings
      Valve is even promoting building ur own system and will not reduce features etc

      Btw you’re right about the ssd caching bit my main laptop has a 64gb ssd caching drive with a 1tb and it is way faster than a 7200rpm 1tb and nearly as fast as a high end ssd

  3. gunblade

    Skip to commmet I only like the steam box cuz it was lil and tiny like the new mac air pro but I haven’t used my steam go a while counter strike was the game… O wish gaming pc motherboard came with dual flu or like the ps4 jus sumtjing with a two core i7 and a core I5 to handle the background prosessing probly 8rams for each cpu better built I’m graphics card…

  4. gunblade

    Nice article dough I Still like alienware… Herd razor thinks it’s spelled is prety cool but if they making steam box then yea they should think to make them like consoles an like two or three hundred dollars..

  5. omegarib

    The weballen one remind me my washing machine Hahaha Hahaha! !!

  6. Dockotis

    Up to $6,000 for a stream machine?!… for $4,000 I can build a sexy tower that looks better, functions better with multiply OS’, NVidia Titan SLI while rolling with a Quad-core i7, 16GB RAM, liquid cooling system, and seeing how Steam OS was said to be openly available (really also a glorified and OS version of Steam Big Picture), I wouldn’t go anywhere near $6,000…

  7. Roland

    I’m so excited the idea of the steam machine is, dare I say it, picking up steam.

  8. gunblade

    Yep it was jus like the first gaming pc that I thought was prety mean I also like there area 51 cases… Wish Sony do like an alien ware thing with there vioa wish they was real cheap though…

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