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Minimur12, WTH Happened This Week? Tomb Raider :Definitive Edition Model Comparison, Xbox Problems, And Final Fantasy X-3?


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  1. AA Gamer

    Good to see a new post. But anyway, I thought that the Xbox One leaking was a rumor made by PlayStation fans. I was thinking about getting one, but now I think I’m gonna wait til’ next gen Xbox One (Slim model).

    • Minimur12

      You do realise it could be a couple of years before you get a slim version?

      Maybe wait half a year and get it when people on the production line aren’t being rushed and are more(ish) likely to take more time to books the console and make less mistakes. But there’s still some great games coming out door current gen, like Lightning Returns, for example. And the walking dead/ the wolf among us by telltale 🙂

      • Thrawn

        Hi minimur, I hope you had pleasent winter holidays and every one else too.

        Well there is one “part” of the Xbox one that contains liquid.
        The heat sink contains heat pipes which are filled with a rapidly condensing and evaporating liquid.
        Picture is from ifixit.com you can view the whole teardown guide and you will see that the xbox one cooler has said heat pipes.

        If this liquid is really from there I can not say, but I would advise not to play with a console with defective heat sink, as it will cause real harm to that device.
        On a side note: Every notebook, ultrabook, netbook, macbook and most gaming pc’s have coolants with heatpipes. Most common on high end graphic cards and high end cpus.

        • Minimur12

          Thanks buddy! And to you too 🙂
          And wow, I really didn’t think of the heat pipes, but I do remember seeing on the teardown that the heatsink is actually behind/underneat the CD Drive, close to where the power supply input is, but I remember seeing a few videos that you can fix that churning problem when you put the disc in by turning it upside down and then banging where the disc drive is. If there was a possible hole in the pipe on the top then it’s entirely possible that it leaked, and then somehow traveled to the middle… lol

          • Wamphyri2b

            If I remember correctly, the “leaking” substance was oily but solidified to an off-white substance once it cooled. That sounds like a sort of dielectric leakage to me. Who knows, the whole thing could be a hoax anyway lol.

  2. tinostar91

    but what component would actually hold oil in a console?

    Keep in mind that machines in factory where those consoles are being made require oil to work properly

    • Davey

      The ONLY fluid in the console is in the heat sink pipes. Its extremely rare that they break. Its a hoax or something else I think.

  3. Mugi

    That Xbox one image shown there, I’ve never seen those pictures in regard of leeking oil, the first time those images showed up was in a article about what happens if you put something on top of the console as Xbox one output for heat is on top of the console, it over heat and start to melt the plastic.

    Where did the oil part come from? Sure plastic is a tpe of oil but still?

  4. solidsnake

    I really want to play FFX on the vita but…
    I dont like having to update the firmware just to play one game which happened with DOA.

    • solidsnake

      Hmm, that oily xbox looks kinda like a bbq

      • Minimur12

        Haha, didn’t even think of that!

        If you managed to get ahold of the current exploit release, then you should be on the latest fw, but this game gaff between in development heck and they probably started putting it to the vita a while ago, where the ofw on the vita was around the early 2.x 🙂 impressed youl
        But it’s always worth getting the game if you want it 🙂 they said that of it was successful, there might be a FF XII remake also :0

      • yukon

        Lol, the Xbox One probably gets so hot, that you could fry chicken on it. I’m on a horse.

        • aceCaptainSlow

          Nope. I got the One on Christmas. The things that surprised me the most about it was how cool and quiet it ran. I moved the console to a different tv just after playing, and the outside of the console was room temperature.

    • Hellbelial

      Same here my friend same here.Now we have smart as on vita but guess what,i bet sony will release an update to get rid of the exploitable game,my mom want that game but losing all my psp isos to get only one game it’s silly.

      • mma_jedi

        Sony sent me a thank you email for purchasing some At&t 3g (I bought 3gig/30 days/$30)and when it expired Sony gave me redeem codes for Smart As and Super Stardust Delta AND 3mo. of PS+ for free. Maybe try that and keep ya ecfw. 🙂

  5. rampagelight

    oil on xbox one console? ..
    as a person who works at xbox Latam, we have never recieved any call regarding xbox consoles with oil…

    • Thrawn

      Yeah you xbox guys never gat anything. You don’t even got it when games for windows live support was transferred to you.

      Btw you don’t even get it that there is liquid inside the xbox one coolant. Now what happens if one of those heat pipes is not sealed properly. Console gets hot, liquid evaporates, pipes has a leak, fumes get out of pipe and condens on next cooler surface.

      Huh hows that you AWESOME tech support guys.

      • rampagelight

        uhmm.. what i meant is
        if any customer calls, even thou you might think we ignore those cases, we need to have a report for it and we have not recieved any
        i suppouse a customer would ask for a replacement since the console had freakin liquid coming out of it.. but there has been no report of a customer asking for a replacement or refund regarding liquid on a console…
        now the sam thing could happen to any consoel (ps3 overheating, psvita suddenly going into flames, etc…)so relax dude, i was just trying to give a different point of view, talking about drama…

        • Thrawn

          Yeah you’re right relax.
          It’s just that I have very bad history with xbox support and also with gfwl. So its already like a phobia and every time I hear XBOX in conjunction with SUPPORT all of those bad (cursed) memories gush into my consciousness making me going on a rampage and destroying every XBOX and GFWL INFESTED COMPUTER.
          That’s how bad it is, for me xbox support is on par with LJN, infact LJN is a little bit above due to their software products actually at least working. (gfwl is not)

  6. fate6

    So FF7 HD Remaster for Vita/PS4 right guys? no? how about FF8? FF9? so you don’t want the vast amount of money those releases would make? OK but don’t say the demand wasn’t there when fans have been asking for over ten years

    • thedicemaster

      there’s not as much of a rush to do remasters of games on platforms they can already be played on.
      FF 7,8, and 9 can all run on PS3/4/P/V as PS1 classics.

      • fate6

        Yes but Im talking a real HD remaster much like Halo CE and Fable TLC

        • Bullshiters

          You can’t HD remaster a PS1 game, you just can’t.
          Even if you can, imagine a blocky 3D character with high-res skins and textures, it will just make it look ugly and weird

          • Minimur12

            Not re-master, but you can re-make, where you re-do all textures, all models, and pretty much everything.

            So it’s possible to re-make but I have a feeling that’s why SE are hesitant to do it, because it’s such a large game, with an avg playthrough of about 50 hours, imagine how long it’ll take to remake everything. sure there are fan-remakes but it’s’ obviously not the same.

  7. Acid_Snake

    that oil thing looks really weird, even if there was some grease in the moving parts (mainly the Blu-ray Unit) it wouldn’t be that much and it would be much more dense. The other thing that comes to mind would be the leakage of another component like a condenser, but if it were the case, the whole Xbone would be f*cked.

  8. James Way

    Love the gif…couldn’t stop laughing at the dude at the end not noticing a burning car and then catching on fire.

  9. DJ_GLiTCH

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d think the ‘oil’ you’re referring to is actually just an excess amount of thermal paste that has been applied to some of the heatsinks inside the unit (Xbox One). Whether it was leaked onto the unit’s fan and pushed up through the vent or not is debatable, but it definitely looks like thermal paste and it has only shown up after the console has been used and had the chance to warm up (thus allowing the thermal paste to expand and spread out). Just my little theory anyway…

    FYI, for those that do not know what thermal paste is, it is a special layer of paste between a processor (APU in this case most likely) and heatsink (the fan and its base/metal spreaders that is used to dissipate the heat generated by the processor). It is not meant to be thick, as it does not transfer heat through thick layers, but is designed to be a very thin layer that is suppose to fill any gaps in the surfaces/metal finishes of the processor’s lid and the heatsink’s base (metal to metal contact is not flush enough, so this fills any inconsistencies).

  10. Hutchy

    Maybe that grill acts like an oil cooler lol still overheated…

    but if it were oil it would be runny, maybe more of a grease to lube up the moving parts ie the cd drive. or thermal paste like what the guy above me said. maybe it leaked out and hit the fan(literally)

  11. Antichrist84

    Another FF-X game? ffs…..
    Also that last gif is funny as fk..lol

  12. del_inferno

    My thoughts on the ‘oil’ for the xbox one would be a simple explanation. There is this newly found phenomena called ‘gravity’ that would cause said oil to sink to the bottom of the console. This is probably a hoax or someone that spilled something on it and claimed it came out of the xbox one.

  13. Archaga

    A new FF-X sequel would only be acceptable if it’s a replacement to the horrid abomination that is FF-X:2.

  14. Dalthakar

    Actually, there are certain components in PCs, servers, network storage devices, etc. that actually do have oil. In any non-SSD hard drive, there is a small amount of oil in the drive itself used to lubricate the calipers to ensure maximum spin without friction, thus keeping HDD temperatures down and ensuring longer HDD life.

    However, manufacturing defects can cause leaks in the hard drives which would cause oil leakage into the chassis. I believe it was either Hitachi or Seagate that had a problem with this just a few years back in server and storage appliance Fibre disks (Fibre, SATA, SAS…the connection backplane doesn’t matter). Due to the oil leak in the hard drives, my company had to end up replacing thousands upon thousands of drives.

    I’m not saying that is what happened here, but it is a possibility.

  15. mangosteam

    if there would be FFX-3 for sure ps vita would be sold out!

  16. NeonAera

    Final Fantasy X-3 would be $%&#ing AWESOME. I am a big avid Final Fastasy X person ever since it came out; it was my very first FF and I really enjoyed it. Was hyped when X-2 came out, played it and it wasn’t that bad too but not as great as FFX. Anyway, I hope sales go well for the HD versions.. they should!! FFX was a hit, and to play it again in HD and since they will be international versions with extra events and etc, it will sell excellent!! Praise be to SquareEnix for actually maybe considering Final Fantasy X-3; dream come true lol..

  17. Dmaskell92

    FFS X-2 was horrible, don’t waste your money Minimur.

  18. Toshirou

    gamestop in the US has had GoW preorders since the 22nd of dec release date is 4/2/14

  19. Toshirou

    also final fantasy X-2 will come in the form of a redeem code in the final fantasy x game case its download only for the vita so when you buy FFX you buy both games and on ps3 both versions are on the same disc its dude in the US around march 15th

    and sorry for the double post

  20. Roland

    That VitaTV to PS3 comparison video looks exactly like the sd/hd comparison video.
    So is Vita just getting the SD version, or is the video a fake?

    • Roland

      Just did a comparison myself of the 2 videos, and the vita version actually has better lighting and slightly better textures than the SD version.

  21. Davey

    The oil is from the heat sink pipes connecting the CPU & GPU to main cooling system. On most motherboards you have a heatsink pipe from the North Bridge to the South Bridge controllers that connect to their small heat sinks. The pipes are filled with a substantial amount of fluid that flows around as it gets hot (thats why it works so well) wiki it. Theres no oil in SSD’s. The only component that has oil is the hard drive but Ive operated on MANY and your talking about 1 drop of lithium at the most but it wont flow out like this because its more of a cream consistency. The only other component is the heat sink pipes which tells me its bad soldiering.

  22. Alex

    I loved ffx, if you guys could make something that brought back elements from that games story,I would be in love. Because I could never get sick of the eerie parts it offered that makde you feel a certain way. That game always left some kind of emotion with me ,granted its a final fantasy game. But its my favorite and I would love to see more from that ‘universe’

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