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Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? GT6 People, Vita Sales Boom, PlayStation Twitter Goes Bonkers!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Hutchy

    I don’t think I would want to be watched by hundreds of people while I slept.

    Some of the crowds in race games are really bad especially in ps2 and old pc games.

    Good write up! I enjoyed reading this!

  2. alarmstufe

    Vita sales gone boom? Another exploit seems to be necessary for the new vita owners 😀

    (Me, for example.. 🙁 )

    • cboushell

      This was the reason I had hoped TN would have held off on releasing TN-V4 until after Christmas as I knew there would have been many more vitas out there that it could have potentially gotten installed on, but it’s his work so it’s his decision, after New year’s would have been even better would have given all those that got gift cards for Christmas a chance to use them to buy a vita. I know your pain I got my vita one day to late to get king of pool. Oh well will be patiently waiting for the next release.

  3. Guardian

    Now, on the part of the crowd… Well I find it impressive they still use this technique nowadays with all the processing power, I am referring to the billboard thing. That is where you show planes with rendered 2D images that will twist if you move around it. It works great with static objects like tress, some plants and even rocks, but on people that just does not look right. Now, in the GT6, one of the guys looks like if he is taking a dump… probably he ate something bad.

    • jake

      I think they think that we think it’s not what we focus on… In “Juiced” [PS2] they were really crappy images, yet the cars themselves imo look better than the sequel?!

  4. sugoi

    this was a lot of fun! thanks for writing. haha those 2D models, what is better? to lau gh or to cry at them? i find really intresting that “facerig page” thanks again for sharing

  5. JeoWay

    In the first picture of the streaming of the party, I didn’t realize Wololo would actually let you post that picture just because of it saying “Bang Bros” xD

    (If you know what I mean)

  6. BahamutBBob

    That US PS+ update looks very “meh.”

    I already have Bioshock Infinite on PC, and I really regret buying it at full price. I will give DmC a shot, though. (I am not a fan of the series, so the changes probably won’t bother me too much :P)

    And Minimur, I think the word you’re looking for is “sprites,” not “2D models.”

    • Minimur12

      Thanks for the tip! I’l remember to use that in future.

      and DmC is a great game, I bought it on ps3 not too long ago, but I’m not atall annoyed I could’ve got it for free, I’d hapily pay for that game 🙂 It’s a great game :0

      If you do end up liking that, you could always give DMC 4 a shot, it’s pretty good too 🙂

  7. H2Opsv

    They keep trying to push the same games off on us vita users. Wipeout, gravity rush, and Star Wars pinball. Screw Star Wars pinball.

  8. NakedFaerie

    I thought GT6 was total ***. There is no on-car view for most of the cars. Instead of just not having that view they make it all black looking really bad like a cheap PS1 game.

    For other games released at the same time Gt6 is one of the worst games ever.
    Forza 5 came out about the same time as GT6. Now compare the 2 and you will see how *** GT6 is.
    Oh, you complain that Forza 5 was on Xbox1 where GT6 is on PS3… Ok then, compare Gt6 to GRID1. Yea, an old game on the same console and you will see Grid is still better than GT6.
    How about Test Drive Unlimited 2. Thats also better than GT6.
    I’m talking about the car views. In all other car games that have an in car view all other games look 100x better than GT6. Even some PS2 car games look better than GT6 in car view thats how bad it is.

    I have tried about 10 cars and out of them 6 had no incar view. The whole interior was black.
    You cant say “oh, but there are so many cars they cant do incar views for all those cars” then disable the incar view completely if they aren’t going to make graphics for that car. It makes the game look really *** and worse than any other game at the same or similar release date.

    I always thought Gran Turismo was the worst car games as they have no incar views, no damage, AI cheats a lot.
    Go have a go at GRID then GT5/6 and you will see how good GRID is and how *** GT5/6 really are. For such a new game its a real let down. Its only for die hard GT fans as anyone that really likes car games wont want it its that bad.

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