Unstoppable: Total_Noob releases 7th version of his TN-V eCFW!

Running TN-V7 at a PS Vita Slim

While my colleague Acid_Snake is showing you 7 Days of Metal Gear, I am presenting you 7 Days of TN-V, in which we’ve reached the 7th revision of Total_Noobs TN-V eCFW.

After the promised TN-V4 kernel mode release, Total_Noob brought us even more revisions of his PS Vita eCFW, which now reached the status of TN-V7.

In TN-V7 he fixed various bugs and added another few awesome features, that every user of TN-V should really appreciate.

The changelog of the TN-V7 eCFW

* Added NoDRM engine. This allows you to play DLC’s and more. Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2 English Patch is now also supported.
(thanks to hrimfaxi for the idea (this one is written by me)).
* Added ‘PLUGINS MANAGER’ to VSH Menu. Now you can manage your plugins directly from VSH.
* Added ‘Restore ‘QSP’ folder’ to recovery menu (Advanced ->).
* Added support for homebrews without DISC_ID in their PARAM.SFO. This fixes for example the RIN GB/GBC emulator.
* Added check whether you have installed 6.60 files yet. If not, the recovery menu will boot automatically.
* Fixed loading of static ELF. Another factor that makes the RIN GB/GBC emulator and more homebrews working.
* Fixed bug where kxploit’ed/1.50 homebrews were not hidden when ‘Hide exploit game’ was enabled.
* Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.
* Improved system stability. The ‘QSP’ bug shouldn’t appear anymore.
* Removed ‘Allow anti-CFW games’ from recovery menu, because it is only used for ‘DJ MAX Portable 3′. However, this game works now flawlessly without this option.
* The updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore.


Total_Noob once again delivered a giant new changelog, with a lot of necessary fixes, some new features and even more improvements for his PS Vita TN-V eCFW.

What is your new favorite feature of TN-V7? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

TN-V7 is now officially supported by every (PS Vita) Exploit game

TN wasn’t the only one who was working on some code. Thanks to various people (qwikrazor, KanadeEngel and others) there are now available files for every released PS Vita exploit game.

Everyone who owns a working VHBL or eCFW at their PS Vita is now able to run TN-V7, if they are using the provided exploit savedata files.

The only game that got no files for any of the various TN-V eCFW revisions is the first PS Vita exploit game, Everybody’s Tennis. We think that no one uses the exploit anymore, and that’s the reason that no one bothered to create files for it.

Every other exploit game has its files and is ready to go for using TN-V. Here’s once again the list of every released PS Vita exploit game so far, and if you need the advice, then refer to this YouTube Playlist, which shows for every exploit game how to launch it properly.

Click the picture for a bigger version

Just download the new V7 revision via the System Update function of the XMB, or grab it from the various download sources below.

TN-V7 Source via: Wololo.net/talk


Download TN-V7 here

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  1. jeje’s avatar

    damn it when i update to tnv7 my tekken 6 dont work again.. ill try to install it again…


    1. Michael’s avatar

      Try go toTN- VSH menu from your PSP mode XMB and set CPU clock XMB and CPU clock game to default settings.


  2. auns555’s avatar

    Try to play PSone Game.
    graphic is smooth but don’t have sound!!!

    i play on version 7.2


    1. carlos’s avatar

      7.2 corrigiu o problema do som no ps1?


  3. jack wikid’s avatar

    God I can’t wait to replace my vita so I can start doing this again I feel so empty with out my vita :-(


    1. Wonderbread’s avatar

      The cure for that emptiness is not a Vita.
      It’s Jesus.

      And, this:

      It even plays Dreamcast games at top speed.
      I know because I long since sold my Vita and bought one of these. Its plain awesome. Period.
      And, there is no hassle and drama like everybody is dealing with here trying to play one game!


  4. Overlordhun’s avatar

    Hi a question I dont own Megamix :( its got pulled down.
    I read that MHFU (wich i have) have an exploit save.
    I have 3.01. IS MHFU just 1.80? Can you guys make a 3.01 version? Please


  5. auns555’s avatar

    Today I update TN-V 7.3

    I play PSone game name :
    Racing Lagoon

    Game can play smooth but same problem “Sound and music is not coming.”

    Please fix this problem. please please…


  6. auns555’s avatar

    Update TN-V 7.3

    I test to play PSP Game and some emulator work fine.
    God of war chain…
    Tekken 6
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
    NES emulator
    SNES emulator
    Genesis emulator
    Gameboy emulator
    Gameboy Advance emulator
    All work Great !!! Thanks


  7. Taro’s avatar

    Currently, my Vita is back at college waiting for my return. I haven’t used it for months but I’m excited for the release of TN-V7. So I have a question:

    If the games in the chart above are still available in the PSN store, will their exploits still work for the versions listed? My Vita’s at either 2.60 or 2.61 I believe and I wanted to try the exploit with one of those games.


  8. Ephew’s avatar

    I’ve never set up an emulator for the Vita. Just bought it when I heard it would run the localization patch for Valkyria Chronicles 3.

    Can anyone take a moment to help a noob with a link to a walkthrough for setting this up?


  9. Simon’s avatar

    Really sad right now. Only just came across this exploit and well. I couldn’t download the exploited games since I’m on v3.01 and those games aren’t available on the psn store. So gotta wait for the next batch of exploited games.


    1. bypasser’s avatar

      Your so right ! i updated and now i cant f*king put an exploit on my ps vita,my so f*king pi$sed at it right now because everyday im dying for news from wololo announcing a new exploit.:( I hate sony,exploit creators made sony so much money and sony just patched it.D____;


  10. Jeffrey’s avatar

    Still not working with UNO. :(


  11. jeje’s avatar

    can someone can i play online here? cause i cant find the “network settings”..? is tnv4-7 is not for online nly for adhoc?


  12. tryrush deppy’s avatar

    Thanks for everything¡¡¡¡
    my favorite is expanding iso allotment¡¡¡


  13. martin doughty’s avatar

    hello i was wondering if there is any chance you can downgrade the ps vita you use the hack. (noob)

    thanks mart


  14. f’s avatar

    Hello my ps vita is on system sofware 1.67 Can i just download Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the Us psn store to run the exploit.


    1. f’s avatar

      Sorry that should be super collapse 3 not motorstorm


  15. Bruno’s avatar

    Hello !!one question….
    do you guys knows how often the exploited games are releasing? and if will we have a next exploited game for 3.1 version?
    Thank you


  16. bypasser’s avatar

    when is a new exploit coming ;___(


  17. dean’s avatar

    guys im really new to this vita hacking. i’ve got a psvita 2.01 system version. and i see that i can use UNO to hack my vita (correct me if im wrong :D)

    but first, what should i do. how can i download uno, without updating my vita?


  18. khfan’s avatar

    whats the point in doing this on my vita this are only psp games id rather play my psp than hack my vita… noob thinking XD


  19. Dario’s avatar

    how to start games that require the system 2:12 remaining at 2.0?…..?


  20. Dario’s avatar

    Io sono al 2.02 vorrei mantenere exploit uno e giocare ai nuovi giochi che chiedono il 2.12??


  21. Danny’s avatar

    Any news on the latest exploit, on 3.1…..hopefully I’ll get it before take down! :) desperate to get on some old skool snes/gen games…


  22. Danny’s avatar

    Can’t wait for next! :)


  23. Steven’s avatar

    anyone else have problems with Dissidia 012 psn version not working from pspiso

    it installs and everyting but when i go to launch it,. it give the typical error,. tried both game drivers m33 and sony

    guess ill just rip my disc and see if its just the eboot version


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