Unstoppable: Total_Noob releases 7th version of his TN-V eCFW!

The Z

Usually located at the end of the Alphabet. Best friend of the ẞ-Letter :)

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159 Responses

  1. darkamon says:

    Got it! And i’m using FTP through galaxy s4 :)

  2. Norrin says:

    hi there.
    i updated via psp xmb and after update i got the red screen of death. restarted the exploit and then it worked.
    there is another problem i have. every time i turn off my psvita, after restart(next morning e.g.) i have an initial start of the tn-v and have to update date and time. not a big deal but its normal to work like that ?

    THANK YOU TN, the Z and all others involved and making this possible. You brought back the life to my psv and psp.
    CHEERZ to you all !

  3. Hazer7 says:

    The VSH Plugin Manager seems to be pretty useful. Specially if you’re experimenting.

    P.S is there any way that a Plugin section could be added in PSPIntaller?

  4. AliFOJ says:

    I just checked now that I had updated my XMB to TN-V6 days ago but now when I checked it it was back to TN-V4 I don’t know why!? And when I tried to update it through XMB it started updating the original 6.60 firmware. What’s going on here???

    • AliFOJ says:

      So apparently all my settings were changed as well and it had disabled the TN-V update. Still don’t understand how did I downgraded to TN-V4.

      • Adamiros says:

        If you transfered a game, homebrew or whatever using CMA inside the old savedata folder, it could replace your curent version with TN-V4. Be sure to backup your curent exploit game savedata before using it to transfer files.

  5. PlaGeRaN says:

    Damn! TN is going all out with his release’s.
    Hopefully majority of the bugs should be fixed now :)

  6. tokia says:

    i wish psx emulator are added sound.

  7. anthony6965 says:

    hello,everybody , be carefull when you use ftp , because sony’ll see what you do with your ps vita , i turn off internet and transfert all . the TN-V4 work correctly for me, i not update . Good job wololo and all guys working for us .

  8. Jay says:

    Definitely liking a lot of the new add-ons.
    Thanks a lot TN and everyone else who works on porting to various exploits.

    Hmm..my favorite new change, probably the no-drm so i can enjoy dlc now flawlessly and i can check out that new ENG patch for VC 3 when i get the chance.

  9. mangosteam says:

    all hail TN! and i was about to give up on making valkyria patch working for tnv. whew your just awesome man

  10. delta191 says:

    Feckin awesome work. really appreciate the CFW, it gives folk a chance to put much much more on their Vita’s, something sony won’t allow you to do.

    We all want sound in PSX games, that would be the icing on the cake. who wants to fill their 32GB memory stick with silent psx games?
    Maybe one day it will happen but hey, we should all be content with this excellent CFW option, it certainly warrants a big THANK YOU :)

    • Charles Fasano says:

      I would like sound in my PSX games too but the current state of the PSP Emu in the Vita isn’t capable of emulating the sound of PSX games. Hopefully the guy that was working on a sound plugin will finish.

      The real PSP has a special processor that only had the job of emulating the sound of PSX games on the PSP. The PS Vita doesn’t have this chip as the Vita itself is more than powerful enough to do it through software as it’s cheaper that way.

      I don’t know why people keep assuming that TN-V needs to be fixed to play PSX sound as that has nothing to do with getting sound to work.

      Total_Noob is a GOD in my opinion and should be praised for his work. I can now play PSP PSN games that I bought on my Vita that Sony won’t let me play since I lost my PSP some time ago.

      Just waiting for the 64GB Vita memory card to come to the US and I’ll be the happiest man alive.

      • reprep says:

        interesting, is there any psn psp game that uses this special chip for anything and accesses to vita’s software emulator?

        • Manuel N says:

          NOPE ! 😛

          • reprep says:

            i looked some more and it is called media engine. it has the same architecture and clock speed as the main cpu but lacks several features and shares the same ram.

            some homebrew uses it like snes emulator, N64 emulator for very limited things (especially sound) and these don’t work with vita for the same reason psx sound doesn’t work.

            what i really wonder is why no psp official game used media engine? even though it is limited, it still can be used for extra power. psx emulator and video viewer on psp uses it.

        • Techni Myoko says:

          He’s mistaken. It doesn’t have dedicated hardware for it. And any game that had music/video used the media engine.

      • Techni Myoko says:

        “The real PSP has a special processor that only had the job of emulating the sound of PSX games on the PSP”

        No it doesn’t. PSP came out a year before PS1 games did. Why would it have dedicated hardware for something it wasn’t planned to do? It didn’t even get PS1 games itself, PS3 did, and it copied them over.

  11. anthony2323 says:

    any new game exploits available?

  12. JiachengWeng says:

    I updated my TN to V7 using wifi
    and it crashed
    then I cannot get access to my memory stick!!!!!!

  13. JoghurtNinja says:

    Everytime I use TN for a while, the touchscreen and the analogs go very weird and unresponsive at times. Full restart helps tough. Is the exploit not closing properly or what causes this?

  14. fms1788 says:

    Thanks for the tnv 7 update to everyone involved!!! Has anyone tried playing ctr psx I cant get past the sony logo loadscreen. I would really appreciate it if someone knows a fix or if it can somehow be fixed in a future tnv update thanks for your help and keep up the good work thanks to the community my ps vita is not in the closet collecting dust.

  15. Francisco says:

    Tanks every body for this great Job!! Sorry for my english, Jejeje

  16. wikia says:

    new psn exploit please?

  17. rio93 says:

    no part cfw with Italian language !!! :(

  18. jeje says:

    my favorite tnv is the V6 cause it can play TEKKEN 6 😀 and i HOPE they fix the MONSTER HUNTER 3rD also just hoping and still ty for everything and i enjoyed my vita now since when i got the exploit..i never been addicted to my vita before hahaha….

  19. lawliet says:

    when psx support?

  20. jeje says:

    can someone explain me this plss…i appreciate if someone explain this * Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.?

    • reprep says:

      you could have max 32 psp isos on your memory card, now it is 128. a good preparation for 64 gb cards which are japan only for now.

  21. Joseph says:

    Keep getting corrupted Data when I try to download through Mad Blocker exploit. I can’t seem to update and I forget how to manually update… This sucks. I haven’t really messed with my vita lately because it’s boring kind of. I still wanted the update tho.

  22. francis says:

    tnx tnv noob//working dynasty warrior striking force psp

  23. KvomD says:

    in the meantime TN-V7.1 is online^^
    in my opinion TN is doing an awesome job.
    and it seems like he is doing that in fast forward mode 😉

  24. noobrstxk says:

    long live tn-v

  25. oreo says:

    He just released TN-V7.1.

  26. Working! says:

    Works on UNO exploit on 2.02, however, booting ISO’s gets black screen.

  27. daz says:

    Kingdom hearts doesn’t work now, guess I’m going back to TN-V 6

  28. alaui batista says:

    PSP Shin Megami Tensei Persona Black screen!

  29. newrcc says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS “more isos and more averything” O_O””’ tks youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

  30. f.rock says:

    hello all. i wasn’t able to download any of the exploitable games from the psn. does anyone know if there is still any other way to get tn-v on my vita? or if there is any other exploitable games? or perhaps anything info on any future release?

    thanks a lot!

  31. Riddle43 says:

    I have to ask why no sound with ps1 games when the ones I purchased work just fine are we all missing something simple thats right in frontof our faces??????

  32. KainSneoX says:

    new psn exploit please?

  33. maximansi2 says:

    donde puede encontrar ese tema que sale en el video del MH 3rd alguien puede facilitarme el link porfavor?

  34. maximansi2 says:

    where can I find that theme for TN is similar to the xmb ps3 can someone give me the link please

  35. Mr. Rab says:

    Lol white screen of death?

  36. GuyInDogSuit says:

    Holy ***, another one? The Noob is on fire!

  37. tarek says:

    Thank you all but I wish one day you can make a cfw for the vita

  38. anthony6965 says:

    il y a un gros problème avec le TN-V7 et TN-V7.1 sa fait beuguer les firmware 2.11 , on peut pas mettre de theme ,ps vita beug , difficulté pour eteindre et rallumer , la TN-V4 est mieux

  39. anthony6965 says:

    there is big problem wiht TN-V7 and TN-V7.1 , very beug with firmware 2.11 , difficult turn off ps vita and when turn on too , difficult put theme in ps vita , i think TN-V4 is best for 2.11.

  40. too2thehead says:

    can someone help me for some reason cma is not transferring over the files that im putting in the save game folder.what can be causing this it will say pc 1052mb to vita 32mb do u want to over right file i choose over right and when i check it when it’s done the file is still 32m. what im i doing wrong.

  41. PersoalMiner says:

    AWWW….I still have everybodys tennis exploit):

  42. ken says:

    Just updated to tn-v 7.1, hit x to restart, and I got a red screen showing the following message, “A serious error has occurred. Contact the technical support line for assistance.”

  43. crashas says:

    Looks like 7.1is here. Just got update:)

  44. NeonAera says:

    Wow, Total_Noob, you are seriously ballin’ and getting the job done! Great job on everything, and thanks so much, I appreciate it.

  45. gpodgl says:

    How install 138Menu in ps vita?
    download: http://zload.net/v2/archives/file/?id=2417620

  46. Hazer7 says:

    TNV7.1 just came out!

  47. coolfunkypanda says:

    Can someone please hep me as how to update im on tn v6

  48. od says:

    amazing. tn’s a code wizard with access to a hyperbolic time chamber. only explanation.

  49. Navizul says:

    Parabens a todos envolvidos… installed tn-v 7.1

  50. Technatorium says:

    Just got tn-v7.1 on my vita.

    I also got the red crash dunno if it happens to tn-v7 users since I was on tn-v6 still.

  51. rex0112 says:


    (sorry just can’t resist to say this)

  52. AaronO says:

    Does this mean that if I am on 3.01 and I buy any exploited game, I can install TN-V7?

  53. Dan says:

    can i use any of the old exploits if i have 3.01 and none ecfw or vhbl

  54. Wow there was a limit to how much games you can have. Lol.

  55. G36cBossMan says:

    yeah unstoppable all right… at destroying my ps vita and ignoring my pms…

    • Ricky D says:

      Not to be a *** but if your vita isn’t working it’s your own fault. I’m assuming you’re not 5 years old and can make your own decisions on whether or not to install software that isn’t officially licensed

      If you want help ask for help. Mine crashed too on an earlier version and it took a little work to get it working again

  56. Lewis says:

    Updated to 7.1 and got red error screen, restarted vita and worked. Then closed and tried to relaunch exploit and now doesn’t work. im on fieldrunners 2.61 and now the game just runs normally instead of launching TN exploit, any help appreciated would really like to avoid reinstalling everything

    • hotdogicn says:

      I also got a red screen error after updating to TN-V7 yesterday,but after I restarted the exploit, it worked,TN-V7 on King of Pool,FW3.01. Maybe you would like to have a try copying your old savedata into your vita? Hope it’ll work.

      • Lewis says:

        So I reinstalled the Fieldrunners save data from TN and the TN files and voala, everything back as it should be. Running 7.1 without issue, and thanks again to Total_Noob for the awesomeness

  57. Galford says:

    i’ll try this later ;P

  58. Aldo Malváez says:

    Getting error (C1-2858-3) while launching Crash Bandicoot Warped PSX Game after updating from v4 to v7.1, HK Ps Vita with [US]101-Megamix v2 exploit.

  59. 11770 says:

    same, rsod upon updating to tn v7 on king of pool through the xmb tho

  60. 11770 says:

    closed out the game through the ps button and restarted it , now running 6.60 TN-V7.1

    just try restarting it idk what else to say, this isn’t my area of expertise.

  61. olivier says:

    Update worked fine:
    1: red alert
    2: reboot : no red alert
    3: reboot : new config (country, time,…)
    4 : reboot, reboot, reboot … <: OK !!

  62. SSJ-Vita says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! A THOUSAND TIMES! Final fantasy 7 crisis core straight from my own personal umd rip functions lag free on 2.60 arcade TN-V 7.1 It didn’t work on the previous TN-V’s but 7.1 is golden!

  63. SSJ-Vita says:

    Now I’m curious if my birth by sleep and tony hawk rips will work 😉

  64. SSJ-Vita says:

    This time when I level up Zack fair it’ll be on a 5 inch oled with my several year old psp savedate from when I beat it the first time. Maybe I’ll actually read my strategy guide when making what her faces flower cart.

  65. SSJ-Vita says:

    It shakes me up a little bit that Total Noob can get FF7 CC to work on a ps vita…..and my galaxy discover can’t play minimon 3d for ***, “and it was made for it” -_- I thought android was supposed to be this big badass thing or something lol

  66. Techni Myoko says:

    Can you change it so the Install ISO option moves the file instead of copying it? Cause copying it means we need twice the size of the ISO available on the memory card to install it, where moving it would only take 1 times.

  67. jake says:

    I’ve always wondered. Is the name of this application self titled as “Total_Noob”? Or does TNVX mean something other than “TN Version X”… Total_Noob Vita 7?

  68. tokia says:

    how to install cps1 and cps2 on tn 7.1 6.60

  69. Wrozen says:

    Actually, Motorstorm was the first vita exploit game.

  70. ismetdai says:

    Symphony of the Night (in Dracula X Chronicles) still doesn’t work.

  71. azh_97 says:

    Is Tn V3 cannot be updated to TN-V7 using system updare in xmb?? I tried but I only get a corrupt file..

  72. luis763367 says:

    eu ainda estou atrasado mas por favor poderia me mandar um tutorial completo com os links e de como instalar isso passo a passo?pois os videos q vi n mostra como e onde jogos os arquivos nas devidas pastas no pc.to com gamogracy one instalado no psvita.obrigado

  73. kaotik-snake69 says:

    Is there any way to get the vita to connect to pc through the exploits usb option as it it was connecting like a normal psp just with a vita cable

  74. razor says:

    TN has great gifts on all Christmas/NewYear occasions! Keep it up dude!!

  75. tyrah says:

    i love u tn if you were straight id suck ya off!

  76. Guitar hero says:

    So now that I have no no choice to update… I’m guessing another 3 years for a new exploit then another 10 for it to be compitable with ecfw? After all we did lose so many exploits I lost count

  77. Rah718 says:

    That is a negative, unfortunately. None that are publicly known at least.

  78. -po@.fdlouvbl says:

    cwcheatdoesn’t run on tn-v7.1

  79. shocker says:

    Ah…i lose my chance grabbing the game from psn….guess i’ll say goodbye for a while to my vita and keep playing on nintendo3ds…with gateway:’)

  80. Digmac says:

    For anyone wanting to know Project Diva, Project Diva 2nd, and Project Diva Extend all work with TN-V7. Gran Turismo PSP also working with CWCheat, no lag as well…


  81. bostr458 says:

    i’m thinkin of sellin my psvita with king of pool on ebay.

  82. azh_97 says:

    Sigh.. Many of my game that works in TN-V3 corrupted after I install TN-V7.1.. Reverting back to V3…

  83. TotalNoob can suck the dragon in my pants.

  84. tokia says:

    how to install neo geo emulator on ps vita 3.01 please help.

  85. best one says:

    just to say thanks again only for you now i can play my amiga games with full speed on my Vita and it easy to install i use my psp to copy my emulators and my games to my Vita

  86. luis763367 says:

    Muito Obrigado seu tutorial está bem explicado,gostei vou seguir o seu canal.abraços

  87. Faiz Shah says:

    Hey guys! There is a youtube video of someone playing pokemon x and y on vita.Please release a tutorial wololo.
    Li nk:http://www.youtube. com/wa tch?v=6nf QZn9M xbA
    Get rid of spaces

  88. TN-V TESTER says:

    If you update Fw version 7.1 and you experience a system crash disable your plug ins and test them one by one. As there seem to be some compatability issues.
    Reboot-> fail
    Reboot-> >fail
    Reboot-> disabled everything-> worked

  89. TN-V TESTER says:

    TNV6 >> TNV7 it seem buggy, laggy, and glitchy. Although it seems to functioning I’m still experencing many problems

  90. Fran's says:

    I always jump at the newest tn version but monster hunter 3 with English patch ISO still gets a error on mine can any one try it mh3 English patch ISO.. It doesn’t work on tnv6 as we’ll I also got the red ring error but installed the mega mix again just extract the game file again put the flash 0 file and nth file just copy and replace and install 660pbp again it’s fix

  91. luis763367 says:

    Valeu mesmo cara deu tudo certinho aqui!!!

  92. Alucard says:

    Thanks for this release,
    but the game “Castlevania Symphony of the Night” who is in “Dracula X Chronicles” doesn’t work when we launch a save or the start of the game.
    the error “C1-2858-3″ appear when I launch a save or when I start a new game.
    I tried with different language system but nothing worked.

    Hope my repport can help.
    See ya

  93. JhormanC says:

    TN-V7.1 in “101-in-1 Megamix” throws error (C1-2858-3) is not compatible with the Spanish language ps vita … launched when some patch for this bug?

  94. JOSUE says:

    Ahora con la version 7.1 en el homebrew de neogeo no me da la opcion de configuracion cuando apretaba el boton de home de la vita. Ahora no puedo configurar mis juegos, ni salir del homebrew. Alguien sabe como habilitarlo u otra forma de configurar el neogeo? Saludos

  95. JOSUE says:

    I have a problem with setting of MVSPSP when I pushed HOME botton of vita, this option of setting of the homebrew doesn´t appear anymore with TN.V7.1. Can Someone help me with this?

  96. Souledge says:

    So do I have to install VHBL and then this after it? Or can I just install the V7 right away on a clean ofw?

  97. anthony6965 says:

    thank’s , good job, i change some file and now ,i can put the thème and change it, i go on psn and download game , that ‘s very good on Tn-V7.1. Put the game by ftp .happy news year every body !!!!

  98. crzylegz says:

    currently what is the best working psx emulator running on TN-V7.1? just curious, never bothered with ps one emulation but i have a few old ps one games i would enjoy playing on the go.

  99. ODong says:

    My exploit game is UNO in FW2.02.
    I see this ‘Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games’ for TN-V7.So I updata to TN-V7.
    But there is a problem with it,I have 52 ISO games,and now it Can’t enter to the game directory(Memory Stick) in TN-V7.1.
    How can I do?

    P.S: I use TN-V6 now,it only shows 32 ISO games but it can enter to the game directory(Memory Stick).

  100. REMF says:

    whats with the zip files included in the package?

  101. jeje says:

    damn it when i update to tnv7 my tekken 6 dont work again.. ill try to install it again…

  102. auns555 says:

    Try to play PSone Game.
    graphic is smooth but don’t have sound!!!

    i play on version 7.2

  103. jack wikid says:

    God I can’t wait to replace my vita so I can start doing this again I feel so empty with out my vita :-(

    • Wonderbread says:

      The cure for that emptiness is not a Vita.
      It’s Jesus.

      And, this:

      It even plays Dreamcast games at top speed.
      I know because I long since sold my Vita and bought one of these. Its plain awesome. Period.
      And, there is no hassle and drama like everybody is dealing with here trying to play one game!

  104. Overlordhun says:

    Hi a question I dont own Megamix :( its got pulled down.
    I read that MHFU (wich i have) have an exploit save.
    I have 3.01. IS MHFU just 1.80? Can you guys make a 3.01 version? Please

  105. auns555 says:

    Today I update TN-V 7.3

    I play PSone game name :
    Racing Lagoon

    Game can play smooth but same problem “Sound and music is not coming.”

    Please fix this problem. please please…

  106. auns555 says:

    Update TN-V 7.3

    I test to play PSP Game and some emulator work fine.
    God of war chain…
    Tekken 6
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
    NES emulator
    SNES emulator
    Genesis emulator
    Gameboy emulator
    Gameboy Advance emulator
    All work Great !!! Thanks

  107. Taro says:

    Currently, my Vita is back at college waiting for my return. I haven’t used it for months but I’m excited for the release of TN-V7. So I have a question:

    If the games in the chart above are still available in the PSN store, will their exploits still work for the versions listed? My Vita’s at either 2.60 or 2.61 I believe and I wanted to try the exploit with one of those games.

  108. Ephew says:

    I’ve never set up an emulator for the Vita. Just bought it when I heard it would run the localization patch for Valkyria Chronicles 3.

    Can anyone take a moment to help a noob with a link to a walkthrough for setting this up?

  109. Simon says:

    Really sad right now. Only just came across this exploit and well. I couldn’t download the exploited games since I’m on v3.01 and those games aren’t available on the psn store. So gotta wait for the next batch of exploited games.

    • bypasser says:

      Your so right ! i updated and now i cant f*king put an exploit on my ps vita,my so f*king pi$sed at it right now because everyday im dying for news from wololo announcing a new exploit.:( I hate sony,exploit creators made sony so much money and sony just patched it.D____;

  110. Jeffrey says:

    Still not working with UNO. :(

  111. jeje says:

    can someone can i play online here? cause i cant find the “network settings”..? is tnv4-7 is not for online nly for adhoc?

  112. tryrush deppy says:

    Thanks for everything¡¡¡¡
    my favorite is expanding iso allotment¡¡¡

  113. martin doughty says:

    hello i was wondering if there is any chance you can downgrade the ps vita you use the hack. (noob)

    thanks mart

  114. f says:

    Hello my ps vita is on system sofware 1.67 Can i just download Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the Us psn store to run the exploit.

  115. Bruno says:

    Hello !!one question….
    do you guys knows how often the exploited games are releasing? and if will we have a next exploited game for 3.1 version?
    Thank you

  116. bypasser says:

    when is a new exploit coming ;___(

  117. dean says:

    guys im really new to this vita hacking. i’ve got a psvita 2.01 system version. and i see that i can use UNO to hack my vita (correct me if im wrong :D)

    but first, what should i do. how can i download uno, without updating my vita?

  118. khfan says:

    whats the point in doing this on my vita this are only psp games id rather play my psp than hack my vita… noob thinking XD

  119. Dario says:

    how to start games that require the system 2:12 remaining at 2.0?…..?

  120. Dario says:

    Io sono al 2.02 vorrei mantenere exploit uno e giocare ai nuovi giochi che chiedono il 2.12??

  121. Danny says:

    Any news on the latest exploit, on 3.1…..hopefully I’ll get it before take down! :) desperate to get on some old skool snes/gen games…

  122. Danny says:

    Can’t wait for next! :)

  123. Steven says:

    anyone else have problems with Dissidia 012 psn version not working from pspiso

    it installs and everyting but when i go to launch it,. it give the typical error,. tried both game drivers m33 and sony

    guess ill just rip my disc and see if its just the eboot version

  124. ashino says:

    does it work with psvita 3.15?
    what exploit game should i use in my ps vita?
    pls help

  125. Josh says:

    I need another US exploit for ecfw!!! I cant wait!!!

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