Merry Christmas! King of Pool got pulled from the PSN


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92 Responses

  1. alpmaster says:

    Happy Holidays Thanks everyone for making my Vita Playable again =D May God bless your day and keep friends and family protected.

  2. Vita means Life says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t pull it as soon as the 3.00 KoP exploit was released.

  3. kenny says:

    Was this game ever available on AU store?

  4. Pygmy says:

    Man, I was so super unlucky!
    Australia’s psn didn’t have most of those games, and ben 10 got pulled before I could get it because of that stupid leak!
    Will probably have to wait another 2 years before another exploit comes out.

    Well, happy xmas to everyone.

  5. computerchris says:

    oh ***, I missed it by a few hours

  6. Nazar_Ops says:

    Merry TN-V6 christmas 😀

  7. chad says:

    I know how you feel, I got my vita today Christmas, thought I’d still be able to get KoP as it was still on the site yesterday afternoon here in the US, and I probably could have gotten my vita yesterday had I pushed the issue. Screw the leaker, as I’m sure there were many people receiving a vita today who could have and would have made use of Ben 10. Who knows maybe there will be some sort of Christmas miracle.



  8. Galford says:

    Hello guys can i play PS3 iso games in my vita using exploit KOP/TNV6 or just psp games ? pls reply

  9. SniPer says:

    Hi All i Have a PSVUPDATE.PUB a dOwnold it from Here
    kan you tell me How i install iT
    AnD ThnXx !!

  10. Astig_808 says:

    Merry Christmas all and happy holidays!!!

  11. SniPer says:

    Hi All i Have a PSVUPDATE.PUB a dOwnold it from Here
    kan you tell me How i install iT
    AnD ThnXx !!

  12. k3nn says:

    without the new tnv4 i wouldn’t have been able to play latest vita games + my psp games…so thanks a bunch!best of both worlds now!

    merry christmas to wololo and the devs and evrybody that had generously given the game names and tnv. nice santa pic, but we’re not pirates here…well of course, no one would ever admit that! ;P

  13. stonemandy says:

    Thank u all verry much working on all my game’s marry Xmas hope uall have a good one . Phantacy star portable 2 looks awesome on vita

  14. santa says:

    I wish you a Merry Christmas i love you all!

  15. Chuck says:

    We’ll my vita reborn but my ipad got sc*** over by evasion I had a perfectly fine ios 6 jailbreak

  16. Pj says:

    I missed the game just got ps vita today

  17. Rah says:

    Yep, this has been a very fruitful Christmas season indeed. Season’s Greetings to everyone who worked hard to make this all possible. Oh and.. F&*k Sony! 😀

  18. Fithry12 says:

    User friendly guide on how to instal TN V-4

  19. Fithry12 says:

    User friendly guide on how to instal TN V-4.

  20. ion says:

    Thanks man! I was very close. First I had TV V4 using arcade darts but I did a mistake and deleted the game. Thanks to you I got king of pool in the very last hours and now everything is ok. Nice job total_noob!!!!!!!!

  21. Technatorium says:

    Thanks to all involved in finding the exploits, creating the programs and such. Too bad Sony is on this exploit stamping out kick. Oh well.

    I was able to install the exploit all just yesterday though i had the KoP game downloaded to my ps3 well before then just in case this happened.

  22. ivo says:

    does 101in1 work on 301 ? it doesnt for me … alllthough the language fix does a little more (aka green flashing screen)
    than dan c1 errors all over …
    it feels like a dancing c1³ error device

  23. Dark GOD says:

    Merry Christmas!
    A gift from me to you for your Vita’s!

    PS Vita Wallpaper SETS [1150 AND GROWING]:

  24. pcb_revival says:

    Looking forward to Vita and VTV scene in 2014.

    Congrats to all those involved and their generosity.

  25. grief3r says:

    lol that’s sony gitf? pulling kop ***

  26. fuzz says:

    there are 2 more games exploitable and not been anounced….hahahahahaha

  27. TrsgicTheBlubbering says:

    Typical Sony grinches. >_< Gotta love the picture though! LMAO!

  28. notder says:

    Merry Christmas you guys! XD

  29. skyking says:

    The King of Pool US exploit doesn’t work for me. Yes it gets me to the XMB but when I try to put a ISO or CSO, even though I do all that is necessary, make it all caps including the work ISO or CSO, it doesn’t work. Also, some homebrews like PSP Filer after being installed, it says it’s corrupted.

    • ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

      Really? Well it works for me with no issues at all. I can play PSP backups and homebrews with no problems at all. I am using KoP exploit in US account.

  30. deaos says:

    on the UK store the game wasn’t pull,still there…

  31. mitohereiam says:


  32. ivo says:

    merry the better
    merry xmas merry newyears …

    what i really would like as a present in bintro
    is instead of a virtual pc … a virtual psp
    and not an eboot emulator
    but a real firmware emulator
    and somehow tnv happens to be just that

    so how would i go at running tnv on a pc ?
    write my own recompiler decompiler to read it in ?
    have a virtual fs ms0:/ in a vmdk virtual file?

    greets and wishes

  33. ivo says:

    and in a Hd upscaler … alltho i have no clue about that code
    so what are all of u doing for oldyears parties ?

  34. tokia says:

    i wish ps1 emulator are already sound.

  35. Thats funny but my Ben 10 is showing on downloads list but not King of Pool. hmm

  36. ivo says:

    tokia if u use psOne emu for psp
    then u have sound and run iso

    but what about …

  37. beastes says:

    you merry xmas to all and thank for the tn-v is cant stop playing snes9x and masterboy emu

  38. carlos says:

    alrady donate a smal amount to those peopel o made possibel this tanks guys

  39. alvin1122 says:

    merry xmas to all and thanks to all developers :)

  40. Bunk3r says:

    So sad that i just got a new psvita yesterday night but i couldn’t buy any of those before they were pulled :S

  41. Aonymous says:

    Perhaps a solution would be possible to sniff packets sent from psn games to the console by creating a gateway where you bounce the packets, the store on the device during the download of the demo version is to see how this runs on the device.

    even if the store sends packets with encryption, if you download a PSP game we already know how to iso, then you might understand the psn crypt algorithm data

  42. Aonymous says:

    the gateway may be written on the net where the psvita is connected so as to intercept what you are doing;)

  43. fuknHUGEcock says:

    Thanks for the exploit lets party with all the buck tooth geeks that can never get a hot girl!

  44. Andrew says:

    when there will be a native hack???.

  45. Stewart says:

    Hi I wondering if Ben 10 was patched yet?

  46. Bobo says:

    thx for Sony for let King of Pool in store over xmas. :)

  47. Hacker101 says:

    can somebody send me the game files of king of pool or 101 in 1 megamix. i missed them both in psn. pls. send it here sorry for the noob question. i’m dying here for having games on my vita. tnx in advance

    • xPreatorianx says:

      @Hacker101 those files are useless because you didn’t buy the game. When u get a game off PSN u also get a license that is unique to your PSN. So unless u have that license and the original PSN account, the game wont launch.


  48. jlo138 says:

    @wololo, can someone do an in depth review of the JXD s7800b? Looks like a good emulation device. 7″ screen.

  49. mario says:

    I mist kings of pool i need a game plees

  50. M says:

    Can’t believe I saw this so late! Hope there are some more exploitable games soon :s

  51. francis says:

    thanks for the king of pool. psps dynasty warrior working. tnx noob for the files! cheers!

  52. ivo says:

    Chrome for linux in binary bash sh script installer plz

  53. ivo says:

    exploit decompiler recompîler Lua-.o

  54. paul says:

    My computer isnt working. Is it possible to use bluetooth on my smart phone to install tn-v?

  55. Xperimental says:

    I saw all the send me a exploit game, and was wondering. could we not create a share account
    and donate $5 or $10 so the next exploit game could be sent to someone.
    Basically if i sent my friend in Germany 101in1 game files and the account i use to
    buy it could he not run the exploit?

  56. mohsen says:

    some one help plz i get king of pool try some games (GOW,Metalgear,pes12,….) working good.
    WWE12 AND WWE11 GET ERROR (C2-12828-3)
    any idea

  57. tramuyo says:

    You can reuse your ol’game. Just be sure to use an account which u downloaded previously an exploitable game. Im doing with BEN10 AFVA… :)

  58. Jensma says:

    I am too late.. No brews for me :(

  59. vensou says:

    Hi everyone, i just get py Vitra, can someone please tell me if there any exploit game avalaible right now

  60. Renegade says:

    me too! can someone tell me if there’s any exploit game available!

  61. salh says:

    can someone please tell me if there any exploit game avalaible right now

  62. zyq says:

    I am lucky ,I got this game.

  63. Woolley says:

    So you’re telling me it’s virtually impossible now for me to install any kind of CFW? At least until (if they even do) release another exploitable? Wow. Talk about a inefficient way to go about modding.

    • wololo says:

      Feel free to share your more efficient way with the community, I guarantee you will be on the FrontPage of all scene websites.

      • Woolley says:

        Didn’t mean to offend Wololo, just very frustrated by the fact that it took me this long to finally get around to purchasing a Vita then come to find out I missed the ship (by a couple days) to do something I really would have enjoyed. I have my fingers crossed tightly for another release :(

  64. roman18 says:

    Good Morning! is it possible to install tnv on my vita if i would wait for king of pool to return on psntore from my ps3 then download it from my ps3 then copy it to my 3.01 vita? I would really appreciate if someone can answer this. Thank you!!

    take note that there may be a new firmware version for the vita.

  65. franz says:

    Sony may patch it aswell when they put it back on psn so its useless and they will return it after a new firmware..thats why i bought megamix in the first day..i bought the game way before the exploit was release hahau u noob guys wait for exploit to be release thenu excpect the game to be there

  66. Woolley says:

    Didn’t mean to offend Wololo, just very frustrated by the fact that it took me this long to finally get around to purchasing a Vita then come to find out I missed the ship (by a couple days) to do something I really would have enjoyed. I have my fingers crossed tightly for another release :(

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