EU PSN Gets Excellent ‘January Sale’ With Huge Discounts!


Huh, this notebox is good. Password: Minimurspassword /talk password: minimur12pass Hold on, people can see this?

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16 Responses

  1. Vitality says:

    Nice list of discounts, but too bad I don’t have EU account.

  2. MGO_Vet says:

    Running out of things to post?


    Where is the usa version of this sale?

  4. David says:

    You don’t need a US version of this sale, because the US prices are always on sale by comparison to the EU prices (as shown in a earlier post). In my opinion it’s an amazing price cut and I would have never expected that from Sony.

  5. saeed says:

    Jak II: Renegade is free for me UK account

  6. quicksort says:

    Imagine sony releasing an update today.

    Actually a very good strategy to force ppl to update in order to allow them to play the games they bought from a sale

  7. Galford says:

    EU psn games are so expensive lol look at the original price thats ouch ! corrupt XD

  8. Thrawn says:

    FUUU… now for Sony standards that is a SALE.

    BUT still it can’t compare to steam, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    Nice try sony. :P

    Whooaa Dead space 3 from 69,99€ to 7,69€, now this makes me trust into EA and Sonys pricing politics. :/
    Maybe they forgot to reduce the price during the year.

    Well anyway, won’t waste a single € on any of dat stuff.

    • Shinyoite says:

      Actually, I must say this is Steam level-sale. Not that is matters, since consoles still have some games PC doesn’t, such as most JRPGs, which happen to be all I care about.

  9. ThisIsMySadStory says:

    Absolutely no discounted Vita games that are not ment for 8 year olds. Sad.

  10. NNNRT says:

    I’m putting $100 in my PSN wallet! :D

  11. - says:

    Why isn’t the Metal Gear Solid HD collection for PS Vita on this list?

  12. kevin21 says:

    nba 2k14 on ps vita??
    theres none.!!

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