Off-Topic: New iOS 7.x Jailbreak available – Supports newest iDevices!

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  1. Reynkz says:

    Never was much of an apple fan, but their tech is pretty sweet, nice to see other developers taking their spin on their software :3

  2. Acid_Snake says:

    this is what I don’t like when I want to go to the main page: articles that you can easily find in other sites. When I come here I either want new and interesting articles, or I want PSP/Vita exclusive articles. For these type of news I already have other sites to go to, I don’t want to see become yet another news site.

    • Trevx64 says:

      He said offtopic chill at go make your own website if youre worried about it…

      • naki says:

        I don’t really mind these kinds of articles, but in some ways I have to agree with Acid here, since other (much bigger) sites like engadget cover this kind of news, whereas I come here for PSP/Vita news.

        Although to be honest I would put Acid’s Metal Gear articles in the same category as this post. ( no offence 🙂 )

        • wololo says:

          Side note: enGadget, in general, have no (technical) clue what they are talking about when it comes to hacking. Not that The Z’s article goes into any details (I’ve asked him to not dig into details since we are not an iOS hacking reference, we could easily make mistake), but if engadget is your “go to” place for iOS hacking news, I humbly suggest you find a better place 😉

        • Acid_Snake says:

          Although I see where you’re coming from with my Metal Gear articles (there’s countless reviews out there), I am unable to find a decent countdown of Metal Gear titles that tell you the story in the most summarized way possible without loosing essential information, and all this done in a non-biased way so that new-comers who are expecting Metal Gear Solid 5 can have a taste of what Metal Gear was all about, so they are not lost when the game, for example, shows a young Liquid or a young Solid.

      • NNNRT says:

        He already has one. 😛

    • wololo says:

      We all share a passion for hacking, and I think an iOS jailbreak is big enough news that we can afford to mention it. As a matter of fact, if I had more time, I would love to see us cover Wii, Wii U, xbox, etc… hacking as well.

      • totsk1 says:

        I agree. We do not only own sony devices but other devices as well so it’s a good idea to include articles on any hacking-related devices. While I’ve written some tweaks on my iDevice it’s also a great idea if this site holds a repository of codes/tweaks/hacks for other devices as well

      • Tech says:

        Thanks for the news wololo. I have been focusing on the PSVita i completely missed hearing about the iOS 7 jailbreak.

      • mlc says:

        Yeah, I think many people would appreciate this news. I don’t really follow general tech sites often enough, so mentioning “big” news like this could be fairly helpful.

        Although I only have an iPod Touch 4g (which can’t use iOS 7), and I’ve left it on some lower firmware for a long time. I don’t even remember what it’s on off the top of my head… 4.3? lol, so you see how well I keep up with iOS news without helpful reminders like this.

    • wtf says:

      Metal Gear Solid FTW!! derr…

    • Acid_Snake says:

      some people took my comments with far too much rage. I didn’t want to offend the article nor The Z, I also didn’t mean, at all, that the article was badly written, I only expressed my feelings that is going in a direction I don’t like with far too many things that you can easily find in other sites, whereas have always had original content.

      • TRJO says:

        I on the opposite think it’s great to have this article here, the must of news (regarding what I’m interested on) I get is on facebook, twitter and 2 other dedicated sites and it was actually news to me the release of the jailbreak.

        I think the rage (not from me, I just have the opposite opinion) is because you’re a bit of a reference here, so a reference disliking another reference, even making wololo stating his position is a big thing.

  3. Dark GOD says:

    Thanks Z
    Time to try iOS 7. 🙂

  4. Frank says:

    Your link to evasi0n doesn’t work.

  5. jlo138 says:

    Sweet. I lost my jailbreak because a developer didn’t mention that a particular tweak wasn’t compatible with my iPad 4th. It stated it supported all devices but not specific generations. Ended in a boot loop. Good thing I backed up just a few days prior so I lost nothing in the recovery process. I will consider this for my 5s.

  6. qwikrazor87 says:

    Finally something people can correctly refer to as “jailbreak”, that term belongs to iDevices, not Sony devices. lol

    • The Z says:

      Finally a person with a brain.

      One does not jailbreak PS3s or Vitas, just iDevices

      • Jailbreak – process of removing limitation
        iOS Jailbreak – process of removing limitations of Apple Inc. on iOS
        PS3 Jailbreak – process of removing limitations of SEC on PS3

        • Don’t get me wrong though. I love my iPhone and love my psvita. But it’s also true that we need a different name other than jailbreak in the PSHacking Scene

          • Nitial says:

            But wasn’t one of the PS3 exploits actually called PSJailbreak?

          • acknologia says:

            well geohot was an ios hacker first so thats why when he made the first ps3 hack he or the internet (i cant remember) called it the ps3 jailbreak and it caught on i guess.

      • Seriously, people need to grow up. says:

        Jailbreak = Breaking out of a software “jail” of some kind. ie sandbox restrictions, mandatory codesigning, etc.

        These restrictions are included on most modern systems and “hacking” these systems usually requires bypassing imposed limits. By it’s definition installing CFW on the Vita or PS3,4,whatever is technically considered jailbreaking.

        I’ve always found it quite silly how people on this site(and forums) get all bent out of shape because someone referred to “hacking” a Sony device as “jailbreaking”. It’s an umbrella term now used for far more devices than just Apple’s, deal with it.

        • qwikrazor87 says:

          Apples and oranges. lol

          • The part of my rant/explanation at the end that says “It’s an umbrella term now used for far more devices than just Apple’s, deal with it.” was not meant to sound as snarky as I see it does now. lol I just meant that it’s an umbrella term regardless of what everyone wants(even myself) so it’s silly to be all uptight about it.

        • drd7of14 says:

          To be fair, the term jailbreak was referring to unlocking cell service. The term has been thrown around to include unlocking the OS for hacking purposes, but the original term was just referring to taking your iPhone(where possible) from AT&T to T-Mobile, Sprint, etc…I’ve always had a problem with this term for that reason. The “jailbrake” software’s purpose had this in mind. As it also allowed freedom in development, more “jailbroken”-only apps were released, tweaks and so on and so forth. I’m not a fan of the term, because it’s purpose and meaning were lost among other terminologies. I guess it’s fine, rhetoric and all, but so many people misconstrue what it means to be jailbroken, even the software itself. A lot of them don’t even jailbreak it anymore, you can’t use other cell services. Soo…I guess for lack of a better term vs Public assumption, sets in stone a belief based on misinformation. Sounds like telephone. But whatever. The point is, it makes ZERO sense being used in conjunction with a device that does not support and sort of cell service or data service. Zip sense! Roar….Anyways. Just my contribution to society. It’s pretty pathetic. Wish I was better. 🙁

          • Actually, unlocking was always just called baseband unlocking.

            Jailbreaking was used to refer to bypassing Apple’s “sandbox” in iOS 1, which was just literally remounting / as RW as in iOS 1 there was no mandatory codesigning, ASLR, etc.

            Source: Wikipedia,, self.

    • NNNRT says:

      Actually, I sometimes use this term for my noob PSN friends to understand that it’s not like hacking a site. 😆

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I’m gonna play my jailbreak games on my jailbreak ps2 running a jailbreak ps1 emulator capable of running said jailbreak games.

      That was horrible, the term jailbreak doesn’t sound well with Sony devices.

  7. PspJunkie says:

    If you’ve never JB’b an ios device you don’t know what your missing, but please keep this place $ony.. There are many other places to go for ios. Don’t want to lose the cozy feeling of this place by bringing in console, handheld, ios and everything vs. us. It will just attract a bunch of trolls, haters and flamers. Keep it real Wololo! No offense Z. I like my idevices too but I love my Psp…Just sayin..

  8. hasu says:

    iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4/6.1.5 jailbreak for A4 devices has been released

  9. F says:

    Somewhat off topic, but in the midst of all this action on the Vita scene, what version was the last kernel exploit released on?

  10. tokia says:

    its working.

  11. ivo says:

    windows8 mce 2014 with pseudotv&livetv

  12. percy says:

    i just jailbreak my ipad air and the good thing about it is I can play psx games with sound using retroarch app you should try it, its running at fullspeed.

  13. afehst says:

    thanks mate, i was waiting for this for a long time!

  14. SifJar says:

    This jailbreak should be avoided, at least for now. I’ll try to summarise why in a non-biased, non-drama way:

    *Was released with an unofficial version of Cydia, which doesn’t have all the latest fixes etc.
    *Was released without a working version of Mobile Substrate, the underlying code which powers virtually all jailbreak tweaks (jailbreak apps are probably mostly OK)
    [These two points are due to the jailbreak being released in a rush due to some perceived “race”; won’t get into that though]
    *On Chinese devices, an alternative app store (i.e. not Cydia) is installed, which contains warez. [It has been remotely disabled now]

    In short, it’s half-baked. It doesn’t contain everything a decent iOS jailbreak needs (i.e. official Cydia and Mobile Substrate) to work properly.


    • Seriously, people need to grow up. says:


      The creator/maintainer of Cydia and MobileSubstrate was not given notice of the impending release and as such did not have time to fix his tools. It could be a day or so before updates are pushed for the general public. There are also /no/ working “tweaks” on the 5S yet because they aren’t compiled for ARM64. Things like iFile and F.lux work fine though because they are essentially just apps.

      • jlo138 says:

        I agree with the both of you. If your really considering it on iOS 7+ then look at their Q&A and you’ll see many people having to restore the device due to problems. Just don’t rush into it and wait until all the kinks are worked out before actually doing it. If you do, then leave it at the jailbreak and wait before installing any tweaks. My favorite tweak is probably Aquaboard. Your springboard acts like water for those who don’t know.

    • Tech says:

      The cydia creator, Suarik , has been updating the unofficial Cydia app with more stable version. He may not agree with the methods that evasi0n did but they at least are working together again. So there really is no reason not to jailbreak aside from most tolls are not ready to support ios 7 fully yet.

      I can say i have had Zero issues in the few hours i have used the jailbreak on my ipad4 with 7.0.4.

      Also there was a statement by the evad3rs to hopefully clarify their position.

  15. Godoka says:

    Just OTA updated and the jailbreak worked fine for me.

  16. I have a very simple tutorial for noobs!

  17. Be0ut says:

    Mentioning some of the benefits of jail breaking the iPhone would have been nice. It is nice to see different articles on this site as long as the main focus stays on gaming I think it’s ok

  18. shanamaigo says:

    It’s okay in my opinion to have different content on websites sometimes. Jailbreaking IOS 7 is a pretty big deal since a lot of people own Apple products, so it’s good to share some news on break throughs like this. However, if it was just a regular report on a new IOS app or Apple’s new end of the year profits then that would be detracting from this sites main purpose if it has one.

  19. riddle43 says:

    I for one am happy to see hacking of any type being talked about maybe if more people would talk about vita hacking we might have a useful hack by now so dont be scared to talk knowledge is power and thats what we need now is more knowledge on all things to help open that door so to all that dont want to see apple on here just remember this could in some way lead to the next big thing so enjoy the info for what it is. And have a wonderfulday to all….

  20. Lucas says:

    Thank you for this article. I really appreciate it 🙂

  21. eviLucifer says:

    My 5S is finally complete!

  22. nevercall says:

    whenever there’s an update about HACKING… I always get eager to try it myself…

    so guys, can u please LIST THE STEPS on how you get the knowledge to hack a device STARTING FROM NOTHING?

    starting from the most basic, like did you take a course or just studied it yourself? projects, etc…. until the time you got enough knowledge to hack a device… 🙂

    thanks and merry christmas

  23. chuck says:

    i have vita and a ipad2 lol.. it should have been a great xmas with both jailbreak but i updated from ios 6 jailbreak to ios 7 then im fcking stuck all the time with the apple logo ive restore to itunes so many times already… its sucks not having a jailbreak ipad my ios 6 jb was working just fine now its useless

  24. chuck says:

    miss playing san andreas on my ios 6 jb stuck on unjb ios 7 for now

  25. Dutt says:

    Well I dont care about the argument lol..
    I have Jailbroken my new iPad Air work just nicely.. 🙂

  26. PsxPWN says:

    THANKS for the IOS news Wololo! I have been waiting for the iPhone/iPad JB! I amwent away and I only check the PS3/PS4 and PSV news sites and haven’t kept up with IOS news in a while and I will be jailbreaking all my IOS7 devices when I get home. 🙂

    This XMas has been good for Jb and exploits. The 2 devices I got I wanted this year were an iPad mini 2 and PS4. got both on release day.

    I used to have a PS Vita when the Uno exploit was out and had Ark on it with Emus and Psp isos on it. I traded my old PSVita for a PS3 Slim and Jb it and have been in the CFW PS3 scene awhile. I picked up a PS Vita b4 Xmas again and missed the 101 megamix but I was lucky enough to dl the last 2 exploit games onto my new Vita so Thanks again!

  27. FokaiBoi says:

    Thank you for this!!!!

    been waiting for a JB since i got my new iphone prolly wouldnt find out about this till later so thanks wololololo

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