Release: TN-V6 for the Ben 10 AFVA exploit (PS Vita 3.01)


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121 Responses

  1. abdou005 says:

    Goooooooooooooood :D. But Wololo the ” Running TN-V4″ should be now Running TN V6 😀 😀 😀

  2. FishSticks says:

    Running TN-V6 for the Ben 10 AFVA exploit (PS Vita 3.01):

  3. Gareth says:

    Big ups to everyone involved in this release. I’ll test this once I finish work, can’t wait to get some emulators onto my VITA. 😀

  4. Galford says:

    wow thanks the long waited release for Ben 10 is here !
    Congratz for those who are patiently waiting have fun !

    great Job guys 😀

  5. Allowo says:

    Hi everybody and thanks for your hard work ! 😀 I have question, I recently installed the TN-V4 with 101-1 Megamix and I would like to know if it’s possible to upgrade my TN-V4 to the new TN-V6 without buying Ben 10 😀 Thanks in advance for your answer ! :)

  6. diego says:

    not work for me, after green screen shows error c1-2858 – 3

  7. diego says:

    i´ve copied all of them, please take a look to my folder and tell me if im doing something wrong,,,

  8. diego says:

    still show the error, i´ve copied all that files, please take a look of my folders and tell me if im doing something wrong…

  9. diego says:

    IT works man!!!! thanks a lot!!! 😉

    • allan says:

      hey how did you make it work

      • bakatora says:

        hey, just a heads up allan, if you ave trouble starting up, download the savedata again (unles you have the zip still, and keep you 660.pbp) then download tnv4 and WAIT once it stallls and boom. then go to advanced – install 660, then either your vita crashes (from my experience) aaaaand bingo everything works.

  10. 110706 says:

    why would one waste his time on this, when you can run PSP games at 1080p using PPSSPP? let alone 1980 emulators….

  11. FRANCIS says:


  12. htann1 says:

    hold r when booting to take you to the recovery menu then go to advanced and install your 6.60 files then exit. you should be fine after that

  13. AA Gamer says:

    Too bad not many benefited from the exploit…

  14. Redirr says:

    I got working King of Pool on 3.01 with savedate US others.

    can I update with this one?

  15. Redirr says:

    ” why would one waste his time on this, when you can run PSP games at 1080p using PPSSPP? let alone 1980 emulators…. ”

    Because Under PSP emulator you run 100% perfect.
    And under PPSSPP it’s not so good for runing psp games.

    And :

    Running a PSP emulator inside a PSP game inside a PS vita

  16. bateman says:

    Dumb question, but is it safe to access the PSN store while having an exploit game installed?

  17. Insane says:

    No.O Bateman…just kidding :) I dont know¿?

  18. Asmith906 says:

    If your game crashes when trying to load the Ben 10 save file Hold R while loading it. This should bring up the recovery menu then you can go to advance and install the files

  19. Insane says:

    Dont forget to BACKUP the Game…Real important.

  20. AliFOJ says:

    I’ve updated my xmb to TN-V6 days ago and it isn’t much of a change from TN-V4 and I never got to check TN-V5 as when I updated it TN-V6 was available.

  21. INFEKT says:

    worked, thank you :)bigup

  22. luqman says:

    why i install tn-v4 or tn-v6 cannot show on my psvita …
    i try all ways but not show my psvita 3.01…pls help

  23. l.o says:

    how do i exit the game?

  24. Gareth says:

    Works great, amazing work again.. 😀

  25. david says:

    im getting an error after the screen where is says ”caution…” and to continue press x after that it loads the game up a bit freezes and then i get en error (c1-2858-3) please help?

  26. Armax says:

    Damn, the first time i was selected for a ninja release and i was too late.

  27. stonemandy says:

    Thank you will wololo got the game right before they removed it

  28. Masturbeatoff says:

    I truly wish there was a way to find out who leaks the exploit games to sony.We could punish these people by public execution either hang them or we all can stone them to death which i rather do ; )

  29. sonicTH says:

    waahahhhag… Porqué siempre me entero tarde porqué??!!! D: >.<

  30. licious says:

    What button combo do I press to get back to the psp XMB menu?

  31. stonemandy says:

    Ok dumb question dose changing .cso to .Iso rely work ?

  32. Hazer7 says:

    I bet king of pool will stay up for a long time because of winter break. If it gets pulled fast then it would mean that sony is making their employees work on the holidays.

  33. MrNiceDon says:

    Don’t wan’t to be rude or something but ‘kanker’ means cancer in the dutch language. And seeing ‘credits to kankertje’ just doesn’t feels right just saying

  34. Deck says:

    If anyone is still getting that c-something error, just copy over all 3 save files and hold R while pressing x on ben 10 to load the saves

  35. Gambit622 says:

    When i extract the game save, i get three folders name ULUS10488game1, game2, game3. when i try to transfer to vita using ocm it doesnt see that file as a saved game

    • bakatora says:

      heres a hint: run the game once as far as putting a name in, so it makes some save data. then go to cma ps vita–> pc and copy your save. from there look for this single save, check the nationality of your save and copy the three (while deleting the previous save) and blammo.

  36. Xperimental says:

    Hey, thanks again for all the work you do for us.

    I have a problem running NesterJ, all roms are running upsiding down
    does anyone esle has this problem?

  37. Xperimental says:

    Ok, update form NesterJ_1.12 to 1.13-signed and it’s all good.

  38. juunen says:

    i want to ask a question, how to copy old psp saved data to the exploit vita? thanks

  39. maou says:

    please answer…please…

    Is it okay for me to turn on the wifi, and flight mode off to go to youtube, internet, and fb in my vita if I have install tnv?

  40. Hellbelial says:

    PE3 Doesnt even start or it’s showing like a broken item,anyway to get that fixed?.
    Tales Of Destiny 2 Japan also working
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep also is working just fine,i downloaded a diferent version of the game.So this is the game list i tried so far working without problems:
    Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles
    Fairy Tail Portable Guild Japan
    God of War Chains Of Olympus
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep European version (I will try Japan version later)
    Little Big Planet USA
    Megaman Powered Up European Version
    Puyo Puyo The 20th Anyversary
    Tales Of Destiny 2 Japan
    I have some more games to try,well at least a few more like Tekken 6 i will let you guys now later.

  41. Hellbelial says:

    Nope,Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday doesnt work at all,i doesnt even appear in the game list.

    • dimighost says:

      name of file must have MAXIMUM 8 letters, doesnt count extension files… and must have all letters UPPERCASE
      example fo parasite eve:

      PS: you will be able to identify your game inside… when you are running TN-V

  42. strykeriuz says:

    Works great…do we need to wait for a new VHBL or not? i tried to install an emulator and it dont work for me

  43. FallenX says:

    If we have to put all three save game files onto the vita, how do we know which save game file we put the homebrews on.

  44. francis says:

    I got error c-12858-3 .on king of pool 3.01 tnv6 it flashes green and got this error. Help. Tnx!

  45. stonemandy says:

    Awesome got it to work now to install iso’s . I couldn’t get open cma to work tho

  46. F says:

    Been following all this relatively closely, but I missed when the last kernel exploit was released. What version was it on?

  47. francis says:

    Ivd tried it dimghost bt error as always. I even changed the language of my vita from italian to frenchh to error… why o why? What happened?

  48. dimighost says:

    post some screenshots in forum for help

  49. Hellbelial says:

    I manage to get work Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday amd God Of War Ghost Of Sparda,i guess that for GOS i *** up the name of the game without noticing,as for PE3 the game apears to be damage,the one i download in the first time.I downloaded USA version and it’s working just fine.Whoever want Psp isos contact me on my Facebook Cristian Goitea i have Kof XII and Kof XIII on main page of my Facebook.Merry Christmas to all american Citizen!!!.Thanks to wololo for creating this amazing website,to The Zeet for all of his video tutorials and of course thanks to TOTAL NOOB for his hard work.

    • matt says:

      I thought this site does not support piracy

      • Hellbelial says:

        Not Psv games dude,some users have an original psp games but they dont want to pay games that already have,im not one of them,and i will not buy a psp before you or someone say “Why hack vita to play psp?,if you want to play psp games buy a psp” so,what happen if i want to play both in one console? so this is like that.

  50. Hellbelial says:

    Hey guys for everyone who’s asking about how to close Psp Isos games,just press and hold Ps Button and the menu of the vita must show up,then close it with the X in the left and you will see a message about closing the game,select yes and it will return you to explot menu again XD.Have a good day guys,enjoy Christmas Time,do not get drunk hahaha.

  51. ivo says:

    hi, now whith the ps4 a fact.
    what about a cfw that installs over OFW?
    and lets u then decide witch payload/patches to use ?
    preferable in an exploit UN

    i think ps3 is dead allready
    but only chipped not cracked

  52. Rah says:

    Question, is it okay to delete the ‘660.PBP’ file after you have successfully installed TN-V?

  53. chris says:

    Im still getting the C error. Even after holding down R and pressing X on the caution menu. It freezes before i can even select a save. Anyone got an answer?

    • chris says:

      solved – obviously made some noob error. Just make sure when you transfer your saves that one of them is around 32mb rather than 135kb.

  54. BlowjobDYNAMITESTIK says:

    thanks for the goodies this holiday season makes me hard : ]

  55. Nanajana says:

    Will “King of Pool” PSP game work with this exploit?

  56. Li Zhe says:

    corrupted! king of pool and 101 megamix cannot transfer!

  57. Li Zhe says:

    Request your help! My PSVita is HongKong version!

  58. Veeta says:

    Currently receiving the ‘C1-2858-3’ error after copying savedata for the US version. The screen does flash green and appear to begin to load before throwing the error.

    I have placed the required files in my game1 save folder before copying, renamed the eboot, etc.

    I’ve also copied the game2 and game3 folders (as this is the only way I could get the screen to flash–where it appears the exploit begins to load).

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  59. Veeta says:

    Solved the ‘C1=2858-3’ error issue. Hold ‘R’ on the game loading screen to enter into recovery. From there go to Advanced -> Install 6.60. Works great now!

  60. SniPer says:

    Hi All i Have a PSVUPDATE.PUB a dOwnold it from Here
    kan you tell me How i install iT
    AnD ThnXx !!

  61. Rah says:

    Thanks for making this man.

  62. raj says:

    can someone please help me. i have done everything as the instructions go but everytime i transfer kings of pool pr even mega 100 in 1 the dam thing does not show up on my home screen. please some one help me out

  63. Hellbelial says:

    Tales Of Eternia and Medievil Resurrection tested and working.

  64. no more says:

    no more exploit available on us psn

  65. Hellbelial says:

    For those who loose my psp working tittle list here it is:
    Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles
    Disidia Final Fantasy Europe
    Fairy Tail Portable Guild Japan
    God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta
    God of War – Chains Of Olympus
    Killzone Liberation Europe
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Europe
    Little Big Planet USA
    Mana Khemia 2 Portable Plus Japan
    Mana Khemia Student Alliance EUR
    Medievil Resurrection
    Mega Man Powered Up EUR
    Naruto Don’t Remember exactly the name of the game but it’s a japanese version.
    Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday English
    Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday Japan
    Puyo Puyo The 20 Anyversary Japan
    Silent Hill Origins Europe
    Street Fighter Zero 3 Japan
    Tales Of Destiny 2 Japan
    Tales Of Eternia
    Tekken 6 (I had to Download it again because mine was broken i think)
    Tekken Dark Resurrection Europe
    Valkyrie Profile Leneeth Japan

    Well then,those are that i’ve tested so far and work perfectly in the exploit Megamix.

  66. S.A.Promo says:

    you mast have bay the game from psn to run TN-V4

  67. Amd says:

    Hi guyz I have got a Problem I have copied all exploits to ps vita using CMA but none of them showing on home screen.Megamix 101 in 1 ben 10 , Ninja all have same me get out this.My

  68. Eric W says:

    In regards to the games that were pulled from the PSN, why not use Gamefly and rent them so that you can still do the exploit? I just checked and they have the Ben 10: AFVA game for PSP that was needed for one of the exploits. For the other ones that are within the list, I am not sure if they have them or not, but Gamefly has the Ben 10: AFVA one.

    Here is the link for that game on Gamefly –

  69. Kevin S says:

    Can someone help I’m trying to run Birth by sleep ISO but it just gives me a black screen :/

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