Release: TN-V6 for the Ben 10 AFVA exploit (PS Vita 3.01)


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  1. maou

    please answer…please…

    Is it okay for me to turn on the wifi, and flight mode off to go to youtube, internet, and fb in my vita if I have install tnv?

  2. Hellbelial

    PE3 Doesnt even start or it’s showing like a broken item,anyway to get that fixed?.
    Tales Of Destiny 2 Japan also working
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep also is working just fine,i downloaded a diferent version of the game.So this is the game list i tried so far working without problems:
    Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles
    Fairy Tail Portable Guild Japan
    God of War Chains Of Olympus
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep European version (I will try Japan version later)
    Little Big Planet USA
    Megaman Powered Up European Version
    Puyo Puyo The 20th Anyversary
    Tales Of Destiny 2 Japan
    I have some more games to try,well at least a few more like Tekken 6 i will let you guys now later.

  3. Hellbelial

    Nope,Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday doesnt work at all,i doesnt even appear in the game list.

    • dimighost

      name of file must have MAXIMUM 8 letters, doesnt count extension files… and must have all letters UPPERCASE
      example fo parasite eve:

      PS: you will be able to identify your game inside… when you are running TN-V

  4. strykeriuz

    Works great…do we need to wait for a new VHBL or not? i tried to install an emulator and it dont work for me

  5. FallenX

    If we have to put all three save game files onto the vita, how do we know which save game file we put the homebrews on.

  6. francis

    I got error c-12858-3 .on king of pool 3.01 tnv6 it flashes green and got this error. Help. Tnx!

  7. stonemandy

    Awesome got it to work now to install iso’s . I couldn’t get open cma to work tho

  8. F

    Been following all this relatively closely, but I missed when the last kernel exploit was released. What version was it on?

  9. francis

    Ivd tried it dimghost bt error as always. I even changed the language of my vita from italian to frenchh to error… why o why? What happened?

  10. dimighost

    post some screenshots in forum for help

  11. Hellbelial

    I manage to get work Parasite Eve The 3th Birthday amd God Of War Ghost Of Sparda,i guess that for GOS i *** up the name of the game without noticing,as for PE3 the game apears to be damage,the one i download in the first time.I downloaded USA version and it’s working just fine.Whoever want Psp isos contact me on my Facebook Cristian Goitea i have Kof XII and Kof XIII on main page of my Facebook.Merry Christmas to all american Citizen!!!.Thanks to wololo for creating this amazing website,to The Zeet for all of his video tutorials and of course thanks to TOTAL NOOB for his hard work.

    • matt

      I thought this site does not support piracy

      • Hellbelial

        Not Psv games dude,some users have an original psp games but they dont want to pay games that already have,im not one of them,and i will not buy a psp before you or someone say “Why hack vita to play psp?,if you want to play psp games buy a psp” so,what happen if i want to play both in one console? so this is like that.

  12. Hellbelial

    Hey guys for everyone who’s asking about how to close Psp Isos games,just press and hold Ps Button and the menu of the vita must show up,then close it with the X in the left and you will see a message about closing the game,select yes and it will return you to explot menu again XD.Have a good day guys,enjoy Christmas Time,do not get drunk hahaha.

    • Rico Uchiha

      Or press Select+Start

      • Hellbelial

        Nice but why didn’t you say it before i say it? because nobody answer that question before at least not here.Well it’s very damm hard pressing start+select sometimes im stick with just holding those buttons.

  13. ivo

    hi, now whith the ps4 a fact.
    what about a cfw that installs over OFW?
    and lets u then decide witch payload/patches to use ?
    preferable in an exploit UN

    i think ps3 is dead allready
    but only chipped not cracked

  14. Rah

    Question, is it okay to delete the ‘660.PBP’ file after you have successfully installed TN-V?

  15. chris

    Im still getting the C error. Even after holding down R and pressing X on the caution menu. It freezes before i can even select a save. Anyone got an answer?

    • chris

      solved – obviously made some noob error. Just make sure when you transfer your saves that one of them is around 32mb rather than 135kb.


    thanks for the goodies this holiday season makes me hard : ]

  17. Nanajana

    Will “King of Pool” PSP game work with this exploit?

  18. Li Zhe

    corrupted! king of pool and 101 megamix cannot transfer!