Total_Noob releases yet another revision of his TN-V eCFW!

The Zett

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124 Responses

  1. grief3r says:

    7 days of TN-V

  2. hopshock says:

    Dumb question, but it’s still safe to buy Vita games on the Vita’s PSN store right? Still hoping to buy FFX/X-2 HD when it comes out.

  3. Xperimental says:

    Hi TN,

    would you able to setup TV-out and a PS3 or PS4 controller suport?


  4. Rah says:

    Total_Noob for President?

  5. job says:

    i got it since last 8hours b4 they post this article.


  6. JhormanC says:

    excellent as always congratulations … but still lack support the Spanish language: s

  7. SSJ-Vita says:

    Well this was weird, I went to update my TNV5 to 6 and it already was 6 : / Strange but cool. Thanks for all the hard work you guys!

  8. alex souza says:

    what about king of pool on 3.01? it is not working. i need you help me.

  9. wuliaoren says:

    grate man, grate job
    thanks for shirring your stuff

  10. Hazer7 says:

    Confirmed Tekken 6 working on TNV6.

    Its almost like my prayer is being heard!

  11. TuckDezi says:

    Ben 10 Files?

  12. too2thehead says:

    yes where is the ben 10 save files. i spent $10 on that game and then i find out i could of download a $3 dollar one hours later. that already had the save files on the net.

  13. bahgee says:

    If you are still on TN-V3, can you update to TN-V6 via the System Update without having to install TN-V4 and TN-V5 first?

    Vita with 2.02 and Uno exploit

  14. SakeBlade says:

    Dear Mr. Wololo. I’m srry to have bothered you, I know you are very busy, but I could use some help if possible. I have issues understanding things really bad and some help could be very appreciative on my end if you could help? I’ve tried to read eveything thing aout using the install for MonsterHunter Freedom Unite. I believe I have all the files but im not sure and everytime i follow the typed rules in the readme files i get currupt files when i go to transfer. I have the US ver of MonsterHunter FU but ive tried everything that i can phathom. :( Any help would be awesome because im not really smart :/ I dont even know if I have all the files. I think i do but not sure Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Hazer7 says:

      Please elaborate on the exact steps you took.

      • SakeBlade says:

        I grabbed the links from everything i found on the game i have and the TNv40. rar, plus the release_tnv5.rar plus eCFW_6.60_TN-C_for_MHFU_US.. i followed the instrustions inside zip not sure if i even have save file for MonsterHunter :Freedom Unite? only thing i think of :(

        • SakeBlade says:

          im on fW 3.01 from Sony as well

          • TJ says:

            The Monster Hunter Freedom Unite exploit -only- works on systems running 1.80 or earlier – see the chart above. If you’re on 3.01 your best bet would be to grab King of Pool before it gets yanked from PSN.

          • Kratos8051 says:

            See the table in this post. The Monster Hunter exploit is incompatible with OFW 3.01. I would guess that’s your problem

  15. metalminx says:

    yeah, i didn’t understand the king of pool “get it before it’s gone” since wouldn’t it be patched by sony at this point? since it was for fw3.00? so must have been public knowledge for awhile now?

  16. metalminx says:

    sorry, i forgot to say ”THANKS” for all the hard work, guys!!

  17. mculver says:

    has anyone gotten god of war there ghost of sparta to work? Iv tried multiple times andalways come up corrupt

  18. Maning says:

    hello my little brother delete my game exploit 101 megamix T_T and i didnt backup the game to my laptop..

    is there a way to get it back i try to download it again but sony delete it in my download list pls help

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      No, its been pulled.

    • Adamiros says:

      Your only chance is to wait until they release a FW update and put the game back to the store. Then you can redownload it using a proxy or PS3.

    • Rah says:

      Did you loose the game before you had a chance to install TN-V? If so, just grab King of Pool. It’s still available. 😀

      • Maning says:

        i feel sorry for myself im getting depress right now.. i want to punish my brother but hes just 8 yrs old im 17..
        hurting him will makes no sense ..

        Thanks for the reply if there is a way to refund my megamix, i will.. i gotto move on i love my brother i forgive him :)

        • Hazer7 says:

          Yea, if you ask Sony they might refund your game. I never tried it but I heard from a few people that they were able to get a refund.

  19. joshua says:

    so i assume “back at psn” means they found the exploit and fixed it?

  20. EmoryM says:

    Watching one of the videos created by Carnage Heart freezes TN and makes the Vita act very strangely, but at least now I can use VitaFTP to transfer them! =]

  21. g3dn says:

    thank you TN for your hardwork and giving the scene an exciting week!

  22. jianghp says:

    Thanks, I had play psp game by tn, now I can throw my psp. You are kindly to help all of us.

  23. maou says:

    Is it okay for me to turn on the wifi, and flight mode off to go to youtube, internet, and fb in my vita if I have install tnv?

  24. Lord Zero says:

    No news about Ben10 yet ? How long does this usually takes ? I been checking the site like once an hour…

  25. paul tayag says:

    help anyone,after i follow the steps to copy the tnv to my ps vita,it doesnt show any new files on my live screen,.so it means i cannot install this cfw:c

    help please????

  26. paul tayag says:

    help anyone,after i follow the steps to copy the tnv to my ps vita,it doesnt show any new files on my live screen,.so it means i cannot install this cfw:c

    help please????

  27. paul tayag says:

    tnx for those who created this cfw,i want to enjoy it as well

  28. paul tayag says:

    i thonk i know the problem now.since im a newbie for these,i didnt realize that u have to buy teh games from psn first for u to run the it still available?and how ,much?

  29. redcero says:

    Hey guys. I need some help. I have TN-V3 on my vita right now. I am on 1.81 and I use Mad Blocker Alpha. How should I install TN-V6? Do I have to delete my TN-V3? If so, How do I delete it? I downloaded the TN-V1-5 eCFW to V6 Updater but all it gave me was EBOOT.PHP and no instructions how to use it. I also tried the network update but I don’t think it goes from 3 to 4 or 6. I’m not really sure. Please any help would be appreciated.

  30. francis says:

    I am on 3.o1 vita with king of pool… it dont work…

    • Rah says:

      TN-V? Ofcourse it does. Works for me 😀

    • enesinabisi-angarali says:

      Yeah it works on me too. WITH KIngs of pool exploit on 3.01(latest) and using TNV6 Right now.

    • Lucario21 says:

      I’ve been having a similar problem with the king of pool install BUT I’ve been troubleshooting and have gotten far enough to get the white and then green screen without user intervention then a black screen and crash.

      BUT when i hold R i can get into the Recovery menu and attempt to install 6.60 files, which comes up with an error:

      pspPSARInit failed (0xFFFFFFFED3)

      I’m not certain how many Fs there where in the code but it did end in hex code FED3

      is this any help?

      • Lucario21 says:

        I finally figured it out, sony is hosting an unusual version of the 6.60 download which is broke enough that the TN-V installer will bug out and refuse to install it. attempt to install it too many times and you have to rebuild your Vita’s database. ditto if you attempt to uninstall if you havn’t installed it yet.

        long story short, AVOID SONY’S OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD as it no longer matches. instead download the version hosted here on WOLOLO.NET

  31. Klose says:

    Need BEN 10 Vilgax Attack Save Loader Pls!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks

  32. Chris says:

    Ditto on the ben 10 loader….

  33. Rah says:

    Now I’m not so *** about missing the Ben 10 release xD

  34. Anatoli says:

    I did everything according to the txt file many times, have 3.01 Vita and King of Pool, first of all automatic load doesn’t work, and if to load manualy from the load menu screen comes green for a second, than white for a second, and after that screen is black for about 30 seconds and than С1-2858-3 mistake. Can somebody help to solve the issue?

    • Anatoli says:

      Guys from the forum helped me. The problem was solved just by pushing the R while the exploit starts to work. Now everything is great!

  35. cloud says:

    tnv6 from xmb to update, change:
    tn recovery menu – configuration – Use TN network update (enable)

  36. newrcc says:

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! =D

  37. lemonjuice says:

    can anyone help me? i bought king of pool. im on 3.01. i download tn-v. and 660.pbp. succesfully copied to my vita. when i open king of pool, and go to load save data, it says load completed. but then i got blank screen. after a while it says “an error has occured (c1-2858-3)”. am i do something wrong? please help

  38. TRUTH00 says:

    I wonder if he made it compatible with the psp go 660.pbp would we have the Bluetooth feature so we can use a ps3 controller.If I am not mistaken lol havent played the go since I got 3 Ps vitas

    • The Z says:


      Some functions cant be used, cause the PSPemulator would have no access to it anyways.

      Second: Since the PSPGo is a 64MB RAM device, you would need FW 2.12 for using this, IF it would be possible in the first place.

      (Feel free to correct me, total_noob, if I am wrong)

  39. itsbasix says:

    Thank you for your hard work!
    Will it be possible to have a TN eCFW that works without having to set English language on “VitaOS”?

    Thank you again!

  40. jtsisik says:

    tekken 6 still not working, getting black screen after installing tnv-6, dont know the reason.. help please?

  41. Saifer28 says:

    More power to u guys! and Thanks for your hard work!

    dumb question,

    which folder should i put a saved file for a PSP game ? (i.e Yugioh Tag Force, so that i can all have the cards in the game)

  42. web says:

    The Language Bug is still there in Version 6. -.-“

    • The Z says:

      Use the files from, that fixes your “language bugs”

      • web says:

        do i need just the TN-6 update again or must i use the tn-4 files from

        • itsbasix says:

          I used this steps (from TNv6 already updated Vita):
          -download files from for my exploited game
          -just copy the Flash and TN files from tnv4 to savedata files from above
          -upload to vita through CMA
          -load the exploited game with my country language on vita (italian in my case)
          -everything works but still on TNv4 (no need to do “install 6.60 files” or anything, it just boots as usual)
          -update via network to TNv6
          -everything fully working with TNv6 and no language error (also no need to reinstall isos or whatever, they’re just there and still playable)

  43. enesinabisi-angarali says:

    Do you know that totalnoob accepting original cdbkeys as donate ? Im thinking to send him humblebundle leftovers or some dota 2 items(good ones) ?

  44. Coracoronoideus says:

    wooow TN V6 for 1.81
    gotta give it a shot

  45. amilli says:

    yeah king of pool 3.01 exploit working amillion thanks…to everyone who made this possible..:)

    pls guys need help
    1. can i play my ps vita physical game if new firmware is released
    2. can i update my vita physical game

  46. francis says:

    Tutorial pls..any video on psvita 3.01 king of pool…need a tutorial video with step by step download link for me as a amateur babyssss… thank you very much!

    • Hazer7 says:

      There is something called Google.

    • Miguel says:

      People went through trouble to program and find exploit least u can do is go through the effort to figure out the steps I means it’s all over the place if u look and read

      • Rah says:

        What’s a good program without an intuitive and user-friendly guide? You can’t expect people to just “figure out the steps”. In his defense, there really is only one sort of intuitive video tutorial out there (that I know of) by a guy with a heavy German accent. (No offense Zett) 😀

  47. wolf str4y says:

    im happy!! thank´s boys

  48. Phil87700 says:

    Wow u guys are lucky to own a Ps Vita :-(

  49. jeje says:

    what the heck ty total noobs iv been dying to play tekken 6 ty ty so much…

  50. jeje says:

    help tekken 6 work when i did not yet installed it but… when i installed it its not working anymore? help plssss

  51. bayou billy says:

    Tekken works perfectly try dumping your actual UMD and not some bootleg copy off some website or torrent.

  52. jeje says:

    can you pla monster hunter 3rd eng” can you plss verify if its working on your vita mine is not?

  53. SakeBlade says:

    Thank you Hazer. to the rest If you would open your eyes and read I did look, A LOT in fact, but its all good now so thank all of you and for all the hard work youve done!

  54. Stef says:

    bonjour et merci je suis en 3.01 avec l’exploit king of pool j’ai bien fait la mise a jour pour tnv6.
    j’ai réussi à installer l’iso psp du jeu riviera mais depuis j’arrive pas à installer d’autres iso psp ça me met fichier corrompu.
    Pourtant j’ai bien renommer “GAME.ISO”

  55. k3nn says:

    based on earlier comments and my testing on how to use this new eCFW for FW 3.01…

    1) use TNV 4 Savedata for King of Pool
    2) use wololo’s copy of OFW 6.60
    3) use the readme.txt in TNV 4 (i.e., install 6.60 to vita on recovery menu)

    i am not sure why TNV-6 is not working for King of Pool. but with the previous comments, I was able to make King of pool run TNV4 for 3.01 vita using the above steps.

    tomorrow i’ll try updating to TNV-6 since my 3.01 now has 6.60 PSP emu

  56. green archer says:

    Is Metal gear solid and half life working in this new version of TN-V?? thanks!

  57. CRem says:

    For Gravity Crash and others :

    It works fine for me … thx THE Z

  58. Lucie says:

    What is the theme’s name of the image?
    I like it

  59. Lucie says:

    I downloaded king of pool now?

  60. xPreatorianx says:

    Which mgs? Peace Walker works. i haven’t tried PSX titles

  61. pisson says:

    First of all thank you so much Total_Noob !!
    But I have a question : when playing a psp game, how can I return to psp home (on a psp there is the button home, but on a Vita, the home button go to the Vita menu) ?
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

  62. Alucard says:

    Thanks for this new release !

    I’m on TN-V6 with 3.01 and 101 in megamix exploit.
    I would like to report a problem with the game “Castlevania Symphony of the Night” who is inside the game “Castlevania X Chronicles”.

    “CxC” is working fine, but when I launch a new game or a save of “CSotN” the error “C1-2858-3” appear. I tried with different language system but nothing worked.

    Hope my repport can help.
    See ya

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