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Total_Noob releases yet another revision of his TN-V eCFW!

The Z

I am simply "The Z" :)

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124 Responses

  1. jeje says:

    help tekken 6 work when i did not yet installed it but… when i installed it its not working anymore? help plssss

  2. bayou billy says:

    Tekken works perfectly try dumping your actual UMD and not some bootleg copy off some website or torrent.

  3. jeje says:

    can you pla monster hunter 3rd eng” can you plss verify if its working on your vita mine is not?

  4. SakeBlade says:

    Thank you Hazer. to the rest If you would open your eyes and read I did look, A LOT in fact, but its all good now so thank all of you and for all the hard work youve done!

  5. Stef says:

    bonjour et merci je suis en 3.01 avec l’exploit king of pool j’ai bien fait la mise a jour pour tnv6.
    j’ai réussi à installer l’iso psp du jeu riviera mais depuis j’arrive pas à installer d’autres iso psp ça me met fichier corrompu.
    Pourtant j’ai bien renommer “GAME.ISO”

  6. k3nn says:

    based on earlier comments and my testing on how to use this new eCFW for FW 3.01…

    1) use TNV 4 Savedata for King of Pool
    2) use wololo’s copy of OFW 6.60
    3) use the readme.txt in TNV 4 (i.e., install 6.60 to vita on recovery menu)

    i am not sure why TNV-6 is not working for King of Pool. but with the previous comments, I was able to make King of pool run TNV4 for 3.01 vita using the above steps.

    tomorrow i’ll try updating to TNV-6 since my 3.01 now has 6.60 PSP emu

  7. green archer says:

    Is Metal gear solid and half life working in this new version of TN-V?? thanks!

  8. CRem says:

    For Gravity Crash and others :


    It works fine for me … thx THE Z

  9. Lucie says:

    What is the theme’s name of the image?
    I like it

  10. Lucie says:

    I downloaded king of pool now?

  11. xPreatorianx says:

    Which mgs? Peace Walker works. i haven’t tried PSX titles

  12. pisson says:

    First of all thank you so much Total_Noob !!
    But I have a question : when playing a psp game, how can I return to psp home (on a psp there is the button home, but on a Vita, the home button go to the Vita menu) ?
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

  13. Alucard says:

    Thanks for this new release !

    I’m on TN-V6 with 3.01 and 101 in megamix exploit.
    I would like to report a problem with the game “Castlevania Symphony of the Night” who is inside the game “Castlevania X Chronicles”.

    “CxC” is working fine, but when I launch a new game or a save of “CSotN” the error “C1-2858-3″ appear. I tried with different language system but nothing worked.

    Hope my repport can help.
    See ya

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