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So, we had a new Ninja release for you, but…


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  1. diego says:

    i have downloaded that game yesterday,GOT LUCKY… im still waiting for the files,,, thanks a lot WOLOLO, from Colombia, sorry for my english…

  2. mlc says:

    I forgot to mention this before, but the “f#ck elitism” bit actually makes me think about politics and the left. I’m a politically minded person and quite far to the left. (if we consider left/right to be a sufficiently detailed description)

    People on the left but outside of “mainstream parties” (this is more common in the highly limited 2 party US system) are well aware of our tendency to fight amongst ourselves and essentially “devour our own.” Everyone is so concerned with ideological purity and their own specific beliefs that there is a huge amount of infighting and anger directed at people that are 90% allies.

    I think that’s what’s going on here. They get the idea that you’re doing the ninja release out of some personal desire for attention or to benefit your particular group of “friends”(site members), and they emphatically believe that it’s most moral for everyone to have access to it. In this case, unlike in politics, it is clear that the “f#ck elitism” leakers are definitively in the wrong and confused. I see them as having good intentions as well, but being too ignorant about the conditions surrounding these releases to understand clearly what you do and why.

    Although it’s possible that the “f#ck elitism” is coming from someone with a grudge against you, I honestly think it’s someone with very strong beliefs who doesn’t understand that the ninja release is altruistic rather than selfish or “elitist.” (and that you’ve been forced to do ninja releases by Sony, since obviously you’d benefit just as much if not more from a “big news” surprise front page release)

  3. So I was curious who leaked and found this video that was released 3 days ago.


    And here is a screen shot of the video in YouTube


  4. Mr Rab says:

    Unfortunately I’m not in that 100. heck probably not even in the top 1000. I just don’t participate in the forums much. I just come, read some really interesting things, maybe comment some or answer a question if i know the answer, pretty much the average user just like many of the other people. So here is to the hope that people don’t ruin it for us regular guys. And thanks for all of the work everybody does.

  5. Chaosruler says:

    we have to consider the fact Sony themselves might create
    a user at /talk, to really know if it’s Sony representive or not under that user we will have to at least sacrifice one exploit

  6. SomeoneSpanish says:

    i am user from here… and i saw someones ninja releases (i used UNO release from here)

    But this ninja release i saw it in a ps3 spanish site

    i dnt know if u know it and u give it or they stole it

    i want know it… im user in both sites but i didnt it… i dnt enter to the other site… i was surprised because i was looking my email and i has one for them when i forget than i am register on it (the spanish site)

  7. dede360 says:

    merci pour l’exploit je l’ai eu il y a quelques jours. je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens divulgues les exploits anvant. pourront nous avoir la suvegarde de ben 10 s’il vous plait

  8. Nazar_Ops says:

    It’s really sad that people leak the game name. Sony peasants. I mean, I have nothing against Sony. But I seriously dislike their greedy policies. And I can’t believe that people protect their ***.

  9. gunblade says:

    bumers missed this one.. still figureing ps4 or vita my bad.. thks anyways so i did tell about an exploit but it was like after the public release and i told him about the site to and how to sign up and get the ninja releases… wierd how sony somtimes would have the game still fo dl for almost a day after its ninjah release… the new tnv look cool tough thks total_noob…

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  1. December 23, 2013

    […] lucky enough to grab the Ben 10 exploit last week while the ninja release was ongoing (the game got pulled from the PSN store before we could make a public announce), the long wait for you is over. Enjoy this release and […]

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