So, we had a new Ninja release for you, but…


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  1. tomgus1 says:

    I’ve been following wololo for years since my times of PSP and getting Wagic etc. I recently got a Vita in the summer after a lot of thinking and the idea of connecting to the PS4 (since I had one ordered). I managed to get the Ninja release for Megamix very late on as I was a new member and was happier when I saw this Ninja release a lot sooner thinking I must’ve done something right. Now it sadly looks like people cannot be trusted and the joy people can get from playing their old PSP games again (my PSP 1000 decided its time was over hence the Vita also) and homebrew like the mighty Wagic may be a harder thing to come by. Thanks again for all the hard work for the releases of the TN and VHBL releases and I hope there is some way that this can be remedied for the future for all those who abide by the rules of the community and the minority are swiftly dealt with.

  2. Dovlek says:

    My first one was MH3 and it was expensive. After MMBA i was happy. Been Getting the news on recent releases, but been happy with the old one. I have two vitas to enjoy both worlds. Sucks about leaks but in todays world, there are far more bad people then good.

  3. Dymlos626 says:

    As someone who’s been a part of the scene since the early days of psp se and oe cfw, it’s sad to see there are still people out there too stupid to realize the importance of keeping the community alive through mutual respect, gratefulness and unity. Since the days of Dark_AleX, Davee, Mathieulh, Fanjita etc. I have seen so many good things that can come from a homebrew community that works together, and that respects one another enough to appriciate the gift that is great homebrew and tear down enforced the limitations of publicly purchased hardware. I for one couldn’t be happier for what community devs have done for the psp and psvita. Hats off to those people because I’m no dev and without them I wouldn’t enjoy the amazing homebrew some people take for granted today such as cs psp, psp revolution, psp doom, wagic, emulators and soooo many more. If there was any one thing that hurts the homebrew community the most I would say it’s weasels who abuse peoples trust and leak information and data for their own personal gain. Shame on all of them. Sorry for the long rant, this s**t just *** me off is all. Thanks for everything you’ve done Wololo. You’re one of the great too man.

  4. Deck says:

    I’ve never posted on here before, and my account is pretty new. In fact, I signed up primarily so that I could be part of this ninja release since I’ve missed every other exploit, usually by a small amount. (I also want to start programming for the vita, maybe.) I started checking /talk everyday so I could get this exploit, and I did. But… what’s to say that some guy at Sony didn’t just do the exact same thing? It wasn’t terribly difficult. In fact, in wasn’t difficult at all. I even received a notification email.

    I guess I don’t know a ton about how these things work, it just struck me as odd that the top secret ninja release was so easily accessible to me, who has never made any contribution to the community. Maybe it was leakers… but it wasn’t for certain, yea?

    • AstroGMR says:

      YOU’RE one of the members that Wololo should ban as you don’t giv a dam about the community as you just signed up to see *** that’s hidden to people that doesn’t communicate or help the forums. You’re just like all the other people with 0 posts wh justtake, go, and tell. Get the heck off the forums.

      @Wololo, make itwhere you need 500 posts on /talk to be trustworthy. If they are there for that long, they will learn and see how rare it is for exploits to come by. Also erase accounts that has 10- posts and hasn’t been on for months. That’s the best way to get rid of these fools.

      • fate6 says:

        Funny thing is ninja release’s was the reason I made an account as well

        things sure did turn out great for me so who are you to say he should not be a part of anything?

      • totsk1 says:

        He’s just being honest.

        500 posts on /talk? Then TotalNoob can’t be trusted. You and your stupid idea should be banned.

        • mlc says:

          hence my “…”

          Nothing that Deck said warranted AstroGMR’s response or anger. I’d say he’s just lashing out due to this disappointment.

          Beyond that, posting a lot doesn’t prove you’re trustworthy. I could post a whole bunch, or not at all, and it wouldn’t imply anything about my ability to keep a secret.

          (and while I was initially skeptical of the ninja release method due to this exact sort of risk, wololo’s case for it and the apparent effectiveness won me over to the idea. also, obviously, some people will accept this kindness as a moral obligation to honor the benefactor’s wishes, while others won’t give a damn. post count and even the length of time we’ve been registered is largely meaningless)

        • Deck says:

          Geez. I was gonna say the same thing, some more restrictions would be fine. I wouldnt complain if I wasnt allowed to see it, or if im not allowed to see future things unless I become more active. I’d sacrifice my own access if it meant more security for the more active members… what made you think I was a *** and didn’t give a damn about anyone else?
          Of course I didn’t say anything about the release

      • zPluto says:

        NOT everyone is like that I just signed up myself and haven’t TOLD a single soul. How do you know if he leaked it if anything YOU could have leaked it. I myself is very lucky to get the game and I really appreciate wololo and friends for there hard work and dedication to make this happen. We should start getting rid of Fool’s like you who are ignorant and judgmental just because someone has 0 post’s.

  5. nitr8 says:

    I for myself bought a PS4 and a Vita two weeks after that. Now since I’ve missed the last ninja release I hoped to grab this “last” one… but fail. It was very early at this morning when the news about it was posted, (I live in Europe). Now I read that this was the last chance of grabbing a ninja release because of what? Some kiddy guy calling Sony and telling them “omgz0r I know zeee next expl0it gamez0r”. What the… I have to say the following: it’s no wonder why this happens. I also have to admit that it’s a really stupid idea to create some kind of “special members area” (“/talk”) where you first post the information about such ninja releases hours before releasing them to this board’s news page. That’s why this happens every time and Sony can react this fast while others won’t be able to download that game a few hours later after the news was posted. People are sad now and just imagine what happened with the release of the PS4: the Vita sells got pushed by about 68%. It’s a shame that you say “no more ninja releases” from now on… Just can’t understand that… (head shaking)

  6. htann1 says:

    Man this is a real kick in the teeth for au/nz as the previous one wasn’t available to that country

  7. rocko says:

    Hope they release the save files..really want to get some Homebrew on my Vita before work tomorrow.

  8. Gpodgl says:

    I never received an email announcing the name of the game, and i am a enrolled. 101 took the game I learned here. but also do not spread on the web. I do not know why not get email. but okay, Thanks.

  9. mangosteam says:

    whew who leaked it thats the question and i also saw the exploit game name in the comment of custom theme tutorial article , and i was the middle of thinking refunding megamix then buy ben 10 lol.. guess ill stick with megamix

  10. mlc says:

    wololo: The ninja release method is still the best. I was initially skeptical, but it has generally seemed to be far more beneficial than a sudden or announced public release. Don’t lose faith. People are undeniably flawed, and this sort of betrayal is guaranteed to happen (or be noticed by Sony) occasionally, but a highly limited “ninja” prior to a public release will just lead to fragmenting your “100 trusted people” group.

    I would argue that the more limited the ninja release, the more likely that one of those members will tell the people they fully trust. Since there is no specific way to tell who leaked (anyone informed prior to the leak could be responsible), restricting the ninja releases based upon a malicious or even unintentional leak can’t really benefit the community.

    Now I understand that this is an especially hurtful example of people being untrustworthy, considering this game was essentially an “extra” release out of kindness, but I don’t think you should let it make you too upset. I don’t know how many people it got out to, but I’m sure it was more effective than releasing to 100 “trusted” people and then doing a public release that is immediately pulled.

    Have faith; it is not always misplaced.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks, your post makes lots of sense. I think we need to regroup and find better ways to handle releases in the future.

      • DeathOfChaos says:

        Thank you. :)

      • mlc says:

        Thank you for all your effort to do these releases in a way that benefits the greatest possible portion of the community. It’s sad that we even have to use “secret” releases at all, but I can imagine it is especially frustrating for it to fail on some of the most important releases like this one.

        And if the forum is any indication, the leak this time was probably in error. Makes me wonder if some people even read the ninja release message other than the game name, or understand that the little green box does not mean everyone on the forum (and Google) can see it. The one post I saw on /talk that leaked the name seemed like a silly mistake by the poster, although I doubt leaks on 4chan or wherever were due to that particular unintentional leak.

        What’s funny is that I wasn’t thinking clearly either, as it didn’t “click” in my head that the post was leaking the *new* exploit so I didn’t remember to report it or respond in a tricky way, implying that the user was mistaken about the game being exploitable. (although obviously the damage was done, and I’m sure there were mods who saw it when I did or earlier) I feel kind of bad, as I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have realized had this been a ninja release that I had downloaded or planned to use. But since Ben 10 was unimportant to me, I didn’t even notice that it was a leak. =( I really felt like an idiot after learning that it had been leaked and pulled, and remembering that I witnessed a leak without so much as noticing.

        Hopefully you’ll be able to think of a way to make these releases work better. There’s clearly a lot of collective intelligence in the “super trusted” portion of the community, but it’s difficult to imagine a method better than the ninja release process you’ve been using. It’s annoying that people want to “help” without understanding the reasons for the ninja release, but much more depressing to think that some of the leaks are probably for a fleeting feeling of “fame” or simply an “I’ve got mine” mindset.

      • gunblade says:

        well ninjah realses been going good guess dont need to be to bumed and my bad havent been online much busy i guesss thks do

  11. Tamandua says:

    It is a real shame and a totally stupid move. I do not know, maybe I did not read it, but I thought when you announced that would be a second Ninja release, that it would be more logical to release it after the next patch of vita, which sure no take much time to appear. It is a shame to spend a Ninja release in a manner so stupid. I think it’s the first time I write here, but I just do it, to tell you truly sorry that someone ruin the work you just did for us, the users. Thanks to you I could change my UNO for 101 and ps plus, so many thanks for everything.

    Pd: Sorry for my bad English.

  12. Makoto-kun says:

    Don’t you think someone working for Sony is registered and also got the ninja release?

    • mlc says:

      that’s certainly a possibility since this was a uniquely important ninja release, but they could have done the same for any past ninja release. this was probably due to foolishness.

      and I could swear I saw someone mention Ben 10 on the forums, lol, although my memory isn’t particularly great so that might be something I imagined. (or a dream, lol)

  13. Makoto-kun says:

    Don’t you think someone from Sony is registered here and also got the ninja release?

  14. Makoto-kun says:

    oops sry for double post my internet is fu**ing up

    • mlc says:

      I think we’ve all double posted here. Even if it seems to succeed, half of the time I’ll load a previous version of the comments page with only some of the posts. I always have to refresh these news article comments repeatedly to see if the post really worked.

  15. Leires says:

    That’s..pretty friggin derpy of people. A quick google of ‘vita exploit ben 10′ shows that several people have made videos about the damn exploit days ago.. It’s a shame you can’t find ways to tie them to forumgoers. ._.

    I’m also surprised and worried about sony suddenly actively trying to block this stuff. I really hope they don’t plan to ban people from PSN (not trying to get people worked up or anything) or something equally as stupid.

    Iun got the answers to fix possible future leaks, but..that’s sad that this one died in the water.

  16. kimin says:

    I’m so despairing..I’m not only missed that game but also bought wrong game..
    I lost my money and chance…oh… can this things….no.

  17. hahaha damn. I bought the game last night. didn’t do the means of updating my psvita. hmmmm -_- sadness

  18. davide says:

    sony saw that until yesterday Ben10 not unloaded almost anyone within a day “20,000” people downloading the game …… does not need to read the talk to…. just see the increases download

    sorry for my English are Italian

  19. Something x3 Darkside says:

    Maybe Someone at Sony is a member of the Forums and saw it pre much straight away?

  20. licious says:

    Do I have to wait for a TNV loader for the ben10 exploit now?

  21. reprep says:

    i confess i registered to this site to get a ninja release and i did succeed in that and got the game before it was pulled. Thanks to wololo and others involved in the hack.

    i really think ninja releases are still the way to go. I guess this time sony was more prepared as it was hinted that a ninja release would come very soon. So this ninja release wouldn’t be the perfect candidate to analyze leaking algorithms.

  22. Darkmgcian23 says:

    i’m lucky..i have downloaded that game yesterday..
    so when TN-V usermode Loaders for that release wololo??

    and i’m sorry for my friend on this site can’t have it..

    why i can’t login on forum man??

  23. shindux says:

    keep it up yall, hater going to hate. lol XD

  24. k3nn says:

    the last year ninja release was good, i think there was no incident like this, so, i think the list of verifiable ‘good’ members should be trimmed down to those.or hmmm, i’m reading between the lines that even that list is kaput!
    it could also be a case of over-excitement from those f@^%&king idiots who leaked it, that now, these ninja releases are stopped…i don’t know…

    those guys that did leak this (plural because i’m not sure if it were one or many people), it’s now in your conscience and it’s your fault that it has come to this, so even if you enjoyed what the devs have been working hard on.from this point on, devs won’t bother to give anything out…but why does everybody have to take the punishment? ask yourselves and imagine you’re in a tight group like this and some damned fool made it all crash down, wouldn’t you be *** too?

    perhaps you see yourselves as a moralist and think you should report what is illegal here…but have you thought about how $ony so blatantly give nothing , in terms of customizability/programmbility/making vita your own. think about it for a second, how do you customize your vita to make it look different that the rest of the other vitas out there? does $ony help you with that? no? surely, they give us ‘free games’ on the PS+, you say..but is it really free? so long as you’re a subscribing PS+ member, duh! Does $ony give us a UMD -> Vita converter that could run our PSP games on the vita? noooo..$ony wants you to buy your PSP games AGAIN! just so you can play it on the vita. does it seem fair? heck, NO!

    you should have thought about the devs’ position(and the majority of the people here) before you made it worse.and now because of that stupid thing you did, no one gets a better vita.

  25. NNNRT says:

    Stupid, poor me. :( I filled my PSN wallet immediately after coming home, then searched for the game very fast, but didn’t find the specific name. So I asked wololo about another game with a similar name, it appears that it had been already removed. :cry:

  26. x-eye/blue tiger says:

    The PlayStation Vita is not the PSP. The Vita’s future does not lie with mere homebrew it lies with Sony having talks and consultation with the hacking community about how the Vita could be improved. Possibly even hiring the best and brightest among them.

  27. Cola says:

    Anyone can register the Forum,and have chance to get ninja release, how do you distinguish the pepole who work for Sony

  28. bearmon2010 says:

    Dont stop and keep yourself secret. That’s what leakers want you to do. Fight them back and keep it going. Those leakers are just the scum!

  29. Darkamon says:

    So i thing at this point that the only way we can follow the community is on talk forum secretly just as the ninja release.

  30. SylenNato says:

    words cannot describe the absolute disappointment and anger that i felt inside myself when i read about the leak…theres no excuse for those stupid enough to think they are helping by leaking…wololo, u are a saint for still giving people the benefit of the doubt and not crucifying all those involved…i, for one, am so grateful for those of you who decide to share said exploits, homebrew, ecfw, and so much more to us as a community…i grab every exploit game i can (ever since 1.8) even if i dont need it at that time, and thats all thanks to the ninja release system…i cant begin to explain how honored i feel when i read that i am “one of the trusted few” who gets the ninja release, and return that honor by doing the one thing i am asked of…DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE EXPLOIT GAME TO ANYONE!!!…not even my friends who dont even have a gaming console and wouldnt even know what im talking about if i did tell them…i would be heartbroken if the devs and hackers stopped sharing with the community, but i completely understand why it had to be done…so i beg of all of us as a family to please respect the rules, so that we may all continue to benefit from those who are kind enough to share their hard work with us.

  31. diego says:

    i have downloaded that game yesterday,GOT LUCKY… im still waiting for the files,,, thanks a lot WOLOLO, from Colombia, sorry for my english…

  32. mlc says:

    I forgot to mention this before, but the “f#ck elitism” bit actually makes me think about politics and the left. I’m a politically minded person and quite far to the left. (if we consider left/right to be a sufficiently detailed description)

    People on the left but outside of “mainstream parties” (this is more common in the highly limited 2 party US system) are well aware of our tendency to fight amongst ourselves and essentially “devour our own.” Everyone is so concerned with ideological purity and their own specific beliefs that there is a huge amount of infighting and anger directed at people that are 90% allies.

    I think that’s what’s going on here. They get the idea that you’re doing the ninja release out of some personal desire for attention or to benefit your particular group of “friends”(site members), and they emphatically believe that it’s most moral for everyone to have access to it. In this case, unlike in politics, it is clear that the “f#ck elitism” leakers are definitively in the wrong and confused. I see them as having good intentions as well, but being too ignorant about the conditions surrounding these releases to understand clearly what you do and why.

    Although it’s possible that the “f#ck elitism” is coming from someone with a grudge against you, I honestly think it’s someone with very strong beliefs who doesn’t understand that the ninja release is altruistic rather than selfish or “elitist.” (and that you’ve been forced to do ninja releases by Sony, since obviously you’d benefit just as much if not more from a “big news” surprise front page release)

  33. So I was curious who leaked and found this video that was released 3 days ago.

    And here is a screen shot of the video in YouTube

  34. Mr Rab says:

    Unfortunately I’m not in that 100. heck probably not even in the top 1000. I just don’t participate in the forums much. I just come, read some really interesting things, maybe comment some or answer a question if i know the answer, pretty much the average user just like many of the other people. So here is to the hope that people don’t ruin it for us regular guys. And thanks for all of the work everybody does.

  35. Chaosruler says:

    we have to consider the fact Sony themselves might create
    a user at /talk, to really know if it’s Sony representive or not under that user we will have to at least sacrifice one exploit

  36. SomeoneSpanish says:

    i am user from here… and i saw someones ninja releases (i used UNO release from here)

    But this ninja release i saw it in a ps3 spanish site

    i dnt know if u know it and u give it or they stole it

    i want know it… im user in both sites but i didnt it… i dnt enter to the other site… i was surprised because i was looking my email and i has one for them when i forget than i am register on it (the spanish site)

  37. dede360 says:

    merci pour l’exploit je l’ai eu il y a quelques jours. je ne comprends pas pourquoi les gens divulgues les exploits anvant. pourront nous avoir la suvegarde de ben 10 s’il vous plait

  38. Nazar_Ops says:

    It’s really sad that people leak the game name. Sony peasants. I mean, I have nothing against Sony. But I seriously dislike their greedy policies. And I can’t believe that people protect their ***.

  39. gunblade says:

    bumers missed this one.. still figureing ps4 or vita my bad.. thks anyways so i did tell about an exploit but it was like after the public release and i told him about the site to and how to sign up and get the ninja releases… wierd how sony somtimes would have the game still fo dl for almost a day after its ninjah release… the new tnv look cool tough thks total_noob…

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  1. December 23, 2013

    […] lucky enough to grab the Ben 10 exploit last week while the ninja release was ongoing (the game got pulled from the PSN store before we could make a public announce), the long wait for you is over. Enjoy this release and […]

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