Ninja Release game getting pulled from PSN! GRAB IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!


I like beer.

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  1. The Z says:

    Also removed from:

    Europe (germany), America (united states), Australia.

  2. Bertje says:

    Was not available in Holland.

  3. Kijof says:

    Got it early this morning. Waiting for the save now.

  4. smiletime123 says:

    Damn glad I got it yesterday!! But damn that was quick…I guess they would catch on pretty fast…even if they don’t have a “spy” in the fourms. Any idea on ETA for the files?

  5. digidude512 says:

    Pulled from UK Store thankfully got it on my US PSN Account when I saw it in the forums.
    Backed up on 4 Computers.

  6. pspdev says:

    It got leaked in the comments in an article earlier

  7. vitalicious says:

    Phew.. mucho appreciated!

  8. Bertje says:

    @pspdev: 🙁

  9. jvhellraiser says:

    Guys back-up your game. never forget this is very important
    just in case a major error happens with your game you have the game in your PC.

  10. chad says:

    Thanks a lot you fvcking leakers, I had been hoping this was going to be released after Christmas a I would imagine the number of vita owners would increase greatly at that time but thanks to some ***holes out there you have ruined that possibility. Sickening just sickening I hope you’re happy ruining this for so many people, some of who may have been able to contribute something meaningful to the community. I am truly truly disappointed but unfortunately not surprised.

    @wololo sorry for the language that some may find offensive but I didn’t know what else to say

  11. gh says:

    the game is still up in mexico on psn!.

  12. yubo says:

    Not available HK

  13. Max7731 says:

    me in north america the game in question were available on the store to 18h
    and when I look around 19h and were no longer available on the store. Thanks to all Devs

    in French: moi au en amérique du nord le jeu en question étaient disponible sur le store à 18h
    et quand j’ai regarder vers 19h et il n’étaient plus disponible sur le store.

    Merci à tout les DEVs

  14. Zhar the Mad says:

    maybe it’s time to discuss how to increase our level of security? I feel sincerely bad for the ones who missed the exploit. And feel insanely *** at the apathetic asshat who leaked it.

  15. A.J. says:

    I think who so ever leaked it thought to get the save files asap bcz d last save files gt realeased jst aftr d game pulled frm evry othr store…

  16. stonemandy says:

    I glad I got the game yesterday.

  17. Arcane says:

    If it got leaked in the comments by someone, we know who’s responsible, right?

    Although, that does not change the situation 🙁

    You always wonder why!?

  18. Jlove says:

    f*************k you leakers.i grab it.but other people wanted to download it and then cannot.because you f****k leakers still alive.

  19. licious says:

    How do I get the TNV loader for this game?

  20. haha *** its in my purchased list. didn’t download or update my vita to download in time. -_- time for a refund.

  21. sa-chan says:

    I got this message (this content may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale NP-2247-5) ?

  22. Dock says:

    I severely hope this doesn’t get the wrong people *** and they decide not to release the required save files. Also, I think that dude was intentionally trolling, the one whom leaked it I mean. *** dude…

  23. Chris says:

    Is the loader up yet?

  24. jahjah says:

    great guuys and thank you all! my son is very happy ^^

  25. eighthdayregret says:

    As of 9:06 pm PST 12/22/2013, the game is still in my download list for Vita in the US.
    I dunno if the exploit is gonna be ported for the US, but I thought I’d let everyone know.

  1. December 25, 2013

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