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King of Pool still exploitable on firmware 3.01, hurry up and get it


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200 Responses

  1. Hazer7 says:

    Damn, Sony must be having a nervous breakdown by now.

  2. Esarria says:

    Omg thank you! Grabbed king of pool . *Does the happy dance*

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Me : Wow people doing happy dance after grabbed exploit?? how stupid
      “Me going to shower”
      “Doing random dance”
      Me : what the heck am i dancing for

  3. cham4356 says:

    Oh man, I already purchased Ben 10 but King Of Pool is actually $6 cheaper and the files are already there. 😛 That kinda sucks, oh well. I didn’t know. :(

    • ps3y2kvirus says:

      At least your supporting the devs, Maybe hopefully some parents will give their kids their ps vita’s early so they can enjoy

  4. Chris says:

    I’m glad i could grab the ben 10 game before it was pulled, hope the files will come soon :)
    However, I’m really mad because I’ve seen some guy leaking the information in a youtube video…

  5. carlos says:

    hello i bought now king of pool in portugal EU tanks and now how this works? xD i need to do a back up right?

  6. Brandon says:

    Does anyone know if you can use Charlesproxy to bypass the (soon to be released) firmware update? I play online a lot and I don’t want to lose the ps+ games

  7. CompC says:

    What files do we use to launch the exploit? When I use the files posted for 3.0, it says “load failed, the data is corrupted.”

    I transferred both folders of the save games for the exploit, and copied the two files for TN-V plus 660.PBP… but I can’t get it to work.

    • Chris says:

      I’m not sure but i think you may not copy all the files from the hack savegame into the original, only TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN and the original firmware 6.60

  8. ryohki says:

    doesn’t appear to be on the AUS store :(
    damn you leakers, I missed ben 10

  9. mahay says:

    Thanks to you guys I grabbed both (ben 10 & king of pool). so since the files for ben 10 haven’t been released yet, is it okay to apply TN-V for king of pool (ver 3.00) or do I have to wait for new updated files as current ones won’t work? Again, you guys rock!

  10. binarycomplex says:

    Awesome. got king of pool on two memory cards and backed up in opencma on linux. tried the latest TN files I must be doing something wrong. looking forward to figuring out what it is, may be linux arguing with opencma corrupting the save file… Who knows. Thanks Wololo.

  11. SenseiGai says:

    Thank you wololo for this opportunity. Programming here I come. 😀

  12. Jlove says:

    ben10 =770 mb 9.99$
    king of poll=74mb 2.99
    I boutgh both.

  13. w33g33 says:

    Available on EU/ita store right now

  14. Dmaskell92 says:

    King of Pool really saved my ***! When VitaFTP crashed, I lost GOLOR. I’m still on 2.12, but it’s nice to know I can update to 3.01 later on.

  15. Kenny says:

    Not on the Aus store. Damn.

  16. kimin says:

    here is hope! thank you god!

  17. serious question says:

    This King of pool exploit works on the US version?

  18. chpwhite says:

    I am a big believer of karma. U guys have helped this community a lot. Trust me, only good things await for you guys in the future. Thank you.

  19. CymraegAce says:

    I managed to grab Ben 10 straight after getting the email about it yesterday morning. Glad that the people who missed it have another shot at this, I was devestated when I thought I’d missed the 101-in-1 exploit. Big ups for the releases. I never thought I’d see some CFW for the Vita. Time to relive the PSP glory years. Heh.

  20. Nigga says:

    what about arcade pool? is this game still exploitable?
    because i already bought this game in the last ninja released

  21. matt says:

    i think the best option for us is the devs should launch a surprise attack like this and we get the fokkin ninja simultaneously

  22. zahid says:

    it says “load failed The data is corrupted”
    which file do we use.

  23. David says:

    I tried to install it with the TN-IV files. It doesn´t work, it says Load failed. The data is corrupted.

    We will wait patiently, thanks!

  24. frank-jaeger says:

    Also getting load failed when using king of pool exploit on 3.01 (eur ver). Will wait for ben 10 files…

  25. che says:

    Is the king of pool exploit faster than megamix one? Cause im on 3.01 and I didnt even know king of pool works on 3.01 im fine with megamix but that game sucks and its 400mb and im runnin out of space

    • Vita means life says:

      I think saving space is probably worth it. I don’t know how Megamix works, but with KoP you have to manually load the exploit save.

  26. Makoto-kun says:

    Downloading now cuz it uses less space than 101-in-1 Megamix.

  27. SIM_sk says:

    grabbed it from the German store thx :)

  28. Makoto-kun says:

    Works like a charm on 3.01 Vita HK.

  29. FrenchGamer says:


  30. Saqib says:

    Purchased Eur version of the game loaded TN-V4. “Load failed The Data is Corrupted” :(

  31. Arcane says:

    101-in-1 and King of Pool working great on 3.01 Vita EU with TN-V5. Great work again guys!

  32. Se Jin says:

    Can anyone clarify? Does it work on the US version?

  33. NNNRT says:

    King of Pool EU version not working on 3.01

  34. kevi says:

    So, does it work on EU Vita/Store version or not? Sorry I am a bit confused

  35. hutchy says:

    Wow wololo you saw how sad we were last night about the leaks and you made everything better today! Im glad I got up early to check the forums! Im not sure how I can put my happiness into words! Thank you x1000

  36. evakant says:

    King of Pool EU version not working on 3.01 Why????

  37. Jarvanso says:

    i have 3.01 eur and king of pool and doesnt work :( i dont know why.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Thanks wololo just finished to download king of pool! You are the best

  39. Mishka84 says:

    I think the EU Savedata is corrupt, but the HK Savedata works without loading TNV – so we must wait. :)

  40. job says:

    Just got TN-V6.

    TNX TN

  41. Chrono says:

    For all who say that data is corrupt:
    try these files http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=36115

    I’ve already installed 6.60 with King Of Pool EU)

  42. kevi says:

    Holding R while loading the savegame seems to work I am in recovery currently. EU/German here.

  43. zahid says:


  44. dave says:

    if i buy the game on psp psn store can i transfer it too my vita if i would buy a vita on monday?

  45. REMF says:


    please share me the link on how i can use this?


  46. lemski07 says:

    GOOOOD JOB I LIKE THIS MORE THAN THE FIRST TWO KIDDY RELEASES LOLOLOL and its only 2.99$ I could buy dlc for the remaining 7$ gooooooood JOB MAKES ME HAPPPY

  47. kevi says:

    OK seems my comment didnt appear as I wanted to. “+” and the rest are two seperate links where you have to download the files you need (savegame according to your location)

  48. spdübel says:

    Thank you so much!!!

    I was too late for Megamix and literally slept during the Ben-10-Crisis…
    So waking up and reading that I missed *again* an exploit was like the “Choke-Hold of the Anti-Christmas Dragon of Wrath”!

    But while getting kicked in the *** on BF4 *kind of mortification for me* I read about KoP, grapped my PS Vita, got kicked on BF4 and there it was…

    My very own christmas miracle brought by Father Wololo!!!

    You won’t believe it but you made my chrismas days so much better! I will even be able to face the relatives of my wife with a smile *for the next fourteen days!!!* knowing I have just to go to the cellar giving me 2h searching that fancy rioja they drink like water while playing 1h:59m the games I *yes, I actually* love!

    Again: Thank you so much!

  49. PspJunkie says:

    Cool. Just grabbed this. Nice it’s only 71 mb. (And cheap)

  50. bopz says:

    HAHA thx I didn’t give a dman about those ninja release as i don’t care of tn-v4 cause it personally uninterest me but for a $5 game i can give a try lol thx

  51. king slime says:

    anybody can buy this game for me ?plz help me im can’t buy form the web

  52. Emil says:

    Im still on 2.61. Any chance to get fieldrunners from ps store without a ps3 to my vita? Otherwise i buy this game now..thank you!

    • Netrix says:

      No, but even if you had a PS3, you wouldn’t be able to transfer it, if it is the US version that you would be getting. The US version isn’t set up properly to allow copying it to the Vita from the PS3.

      Without a PS3, no chance at all, so don’t buy it.

  53. hotdogicn says:

    I grabbed the game from US store,but when I try to load the gamedata(downloaded from hackinformer),it told me data corrupted…….I did as what”http://wololo.net/2013/12/17/release-tn-v4-for-ps-vita-3-01-and-below/” said,but I can’t get it work.
    Could anybody help me please?

  54. smiletime123 says:

    It works!! use the link @Chrono posted on page 1! ill repost it for you but thanx everyone for the awesome work! :)


  55. hotdogicn says:

    I’m gonna have a try at HK store

  56. FrenchGamer says:

    Not work King of Pool EU French

    Tuto please?

  57. RKOrton says:

    С0-11136-2 error when start 101 in 1,***???

  58. Francis says:

    Hi, Please help me, when im trying to have a load in King of pool, im getting error (C1-2858-3).

  59. 128bit says:

    At this moment i’m not an owner of PSVITA,but i have 1 ps3 whit CFW 3.55 and 1 ps3 original…
    Can i download the game from the psnetwork whit the PS3 original,and then trasfer the game from the ps3 original or ps3 CFW 3.55 from the ps3 to the PSVITA ?!?!
    For use then the TNV4 or V5 ?

    • Ricky D says:

      No – you need to get the game downloaded, installed on a vita and backed up to your PC before they pull it from the store

  60. obscura says:

    open cma v 6.0 by hossain why it dont’work on Vista Home Premium that’s all i need for it to work on 3.01 help..

  61. Galford says:

    ahaha everybody is happy 😀 all smiles on holidays !!!

  62. mlc says:

    Well at least there is some happy news =)

    Hopefully this lucky coincidence will lessen the disappointment of the ninja release.

  63. REMF says:


    C1-2858-3 error

  64. Dominic says:

    Fantastic! this game is much better than the megamix in my opinion, it is much less space, it helps when limited to a 4gb card :)

  65. Tiguy82 says:

    Thank for sending an email warning about the exploit! I was able to buy King of Pool. Now it’s time to try the exploit! :)

  66. paragonx9 says:

    Hey guys, I found one of the leaks:
    hopefully there’s a guy in the forums called “sebastorron” so he can be banned or something…

  67. Redirr says:

    Works for me.

    I got King of pool from Store.

    Used the savedata “FW301-KingOfPool_US_Other.zip”
    Follow the tutorial post main page ok!!

    Now let’s do some hacks rsrsr

    • joeybada$$ says:

      what tutorial post

    • Davey says:

      OK I’ve already TN-V4 hacked 100-1 Megagames /w FW3.01, it worked great.. and now I got King of Pool to have ready for a buddy who hasent hacked yet but I want the process to be easy for him so we both now have KOP and Ill have a second eCFW title on my Vita no big deal… OK.. KOP is WAY more confusing! The FW301-KingOfPool_US_Other.zip has two folders. Normally we restore the save-data folder with amended files. but the GAMEDATA folder would require restoring the entire game! (right?)

  68. Raicen says:

    I can get into the green screen and Recovery mode more than that = freeze why…

    • ZHyPeR says:

      That happened to me at first you put the files in the wrong folder I would tell you the folder but I forgot what’s is called and I don’t have my of atm

  69. Eddie says:

    Ive got my cousin a Vita for Christmas…. Can I make him an account, buy the game and copy it to my Mac via CMA then copy it his Vita on Christmas?

    • Dark GOD says:

      You can backup your Memory card then unregister your Vita from your PSN account.
      Create the new one for your cuz and get that game downloaded to your Vita then back it up to the PC.

      Now switch back to your original PSN for your Vita and restore your files back.


      You could simply share your PSN with him and both of you can buy games together to save money.

      If his your cuz why not do that?
      (That is if your not already using 2 portables on your PSN)

      Hope this helps.

  70. pep says:

    Me da error de carga de archivo

  71. Mayke says:

    My Ps vita not loader the data
    show this :
    There no data (king of pool) 3.01
    Pls helpe me
    Sorry my bad English!

  72. pep says:

    me da error C1-2858-3 error que tengo que hacer para solucionarlo?? ayuda porfavor :(

  73. Lord Zero says:

    Eagerly waiting for Ben10 files !!.
    I thought that i would never be able to get CFW in my Vita, but thank to you guys, i will be able to enjoy homebrew for the first time on a long time.

  74. joeybada$$ says:

    do i need to put my saved data folder in a certain place for my vita to find it?

  75. anthony6965 says:

    hello, i buy now the game king of pool on playstore and take savedata, that ‘s ok for me , play correctly the patch of TN-V4 .i would like to know if a possible savedata about
    Ten 10 . Thank you wololo and everybody for realise exploit , good job,big kiss by france

  76. Cloudkun says:

    I keep getting an error message when I load the save for King of Pool, I’m using the US save file Other. If I could get some help to get this to work I would really be thankful.

  77. Lawliet314 says:

    I have one problem with open cma, i have got all the files ready but when i try to look for the cma directory (program files/sony/cma/)to install open cma its not in my program files or program files (x86)? but i have installed the new update for cma from the sony website and it only runs when ever i turn on my computer? Its like its secretly installed and i cant access it manually :/

  78. No longer a Rager says:

    YES! I thought all hope was lost after that assface leaked the Ben 10 game before I could get my hands on it. This is great news. Now I can finally enjoy some eCFW on my Vita! WOOP! Cheers to whoever discovered this. >:D

  79. Oliver says:

    I try again and again but when I load the save message “An error occurred has. (C1-2858-3)” please help me

  80. aqua says:

    I need help Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team doesn’t work on TNV-4 ,I installed TNV-6 through xmb and I Still can’t get it work. When Uno exploit was released I was able to run every psp isos with no problem though…. Does anyone knows why? thnks in advance SUPER WOLOLO

  81. MN says:

    Has the game got pulled by sony or is it just not available from Aus PSN?

    • skits says:

      I didn’t find it on the Aus store as well, I don’t think it is available for us

      • ryohki says:

        I looked yesterday, and it wasn’t there.. don’t ever recall seeing the game in stores for PSP, don’t think it got a local release.

        what I would give to get something for AUS without it being leaked :(

        any way for us to make this work?

  82. obscura says:

    yes got it working im soo happy.. All Hail TN and THE Z,They so deserve It…

  83. SkyKing says:

    I did everything correctly, but it keeps saying that it’s corrupted when I try and load the files.

  84. Leires says:


  85. Gilbo says:

    Anyone can confirm if KoP exploit is working with 3.01 on Italian psvita?

  86. Hax0r says:

    King of Pool removed from UK PSN store?

  87. wilder says:

    Yep, seems King of Pool has been already removed from UK PSN store.

  88. exequiel says:

    megamix and king of pool! success working fine to my vita witwiw!

  89. Gilbo says:

    Italian people, grab King of Pool before it’s too late, I confirm it’s working great on 3.01 :-)

  90. ogogo says:

    phew just managed to still grab King of Pools well i had 2.02
    exploit but wanted the newest one cuz if i get any newer games i was forced to update anyway

  91. kast1x says:

    yay king of pool works 3.01 thank you

  92. great holidays for everyone says:

    sony just focus on making games on the vita then maybe we will update… i bought legit tekken on psn store and that cost more than the exploit but we play psp on our vita cause lets admit it s vita library lack games like for example a game nba etc and thats a must

  93. Money says:

    Wololo, Please tell me why it is not possibele to release a demo exploit …

    money, money… or what…

  94. HD says:

    Can some one help me !!! i put the isos in nph gamedata0 file where the tn.bn 660.pbp and all that stuff is, i put all letters cap 8 characters with .iso at the end tryed without it 2 and it does appear on the memory colum where the games are the only games that appear are the one purchased by psn can someone tell me what am i doing wrong?..Thanks in advanced.

  95. ogogo says:

    did u write the .ISO big too ? just do GAME.ISO and check if u have rly the Extensions to show enabled cuz if u name it GAME.ISO and the extansions are hidden then it would have the name GAME.ISO.iso and u wont even know it

  96. JonJonB says:

    Just wanted to post and say thanks for this announcement, I just missed the ninja release last time and came here on the off chance there was any news about some future hope only to find that there was a game still available AND that I had the funds to pay for it already on my US account (change from previous purchases). I was all over this and now have a vita running TN ecfw thanks to you guys and your great work.

  97. best one says:

    i have a king of pool the uk version and it gives me a (c1-2858-3)

  98. joeybada says:

    Can someone really help me, everyone else has been having this problem, for king of pool 3.01 the iso’s won’t show up, and yes file extensions are correct and there in the correct folder ive transferred them and they don’t show up

    • Norrin says:

      make sure u have em renamed to CAPITAL letters including the extension. so Wipeout.iso wont work while WIPEOUT.ISO will show up in xmb menu. also if u have to use .CSO files, simply rename EXTENSION to .ISO and they qill work. no need to convert them really to .iso format.

      THANK you very much WOLOLO and all of u who made this possible. u are really doing an awe job.

      the 3.01 EU KoP worked like a charm.

  99. REMF says:

    Finally!!!!! i got it!!!

    • sal says:

      I still can’t get the iso to show up cma troubles,

      • Ghack says:

        Hey can somebody help me please which files am I suppose to transfer to my ps vita I get 2 files NPUH10053 and NPUH10053_GameData0 which one do I transfer can someone help me get tn-v6 to run king of pool 3.01

        • hjacked says:

          both folder… then extract TNv6 files and copy it to NPUH10053_GameData0 folder, you also need to download 6.60 PSP firware, rename it to 660.PBP then save to same folder (NPUH10053_GameData0)

          I’m on 3.01, using Kop Exploit…100% working…you should have the correct REGION of the game exploit to work…or you will get C1-2858-3

  100. Bertje says:

    @Gath: Both

    Game is still in stores! Go get it quick…
    Current local time in Japan: 09:13:45

  101. sayid says:

    Hi I have King of pool on Firm 3.01 but where is the link to download the savedata for this game to exploit it?

  102. Mat says:

    Damn wololo, you guys are really trolling Sony hard. They’re gonna have to remove KOP again? lmao

  103. sayid says:

    sorry any one can help me?

    I have two folders NPUH10053 and NPUH10053_GameData0 I paste the content of “release_tnv6″ & 660.PBP to NPUH10053_GameData0 this folder has 32MB and NPUH10053 has 117KB and then synchronize with CMA and I saw two save data on my Psvita, those files to sync correctly but after opening the game nothing happens or I have to press a button to boot the exploit? or I missed something?

    Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\53bab77bd0747f0a\NPUH10053 and NPUH10053_GameData0

    I try to run in King of Pool on 3.01 FW


    • sayid says:

      I from mexico si alguien puede ayudarme gracias.

    • smiletime123 says:

      When the game loads…you want to go down to options…select load and select the file. Now if this is the FIRST time running you as re going to need to hold the R trigger as soon as you hit load….keep holding RTrigger until you see the menu pop up…the follow the rest of the instructions… hope that helps :)

  104. shan9991 says:

    The link to 3.01 king of pool US_other version is not working. IS it broken?

  105. mat says:

    Sony fixed this, US files are corrupt and fail to load.

  106. mat says:

    OK it finally worked, you need the new files or you will data corruption.


  107. Stef says:

    bonjour et merci je suis en 3.01 avec l’exploit king of pool j’ai bien fait la mise a jour pour tnv6.
    j’ai réussi à installer l’iso psp du jeu riviera mais depuis j’arrive pas à installer d’autres iso psp ça me met fichier corrompu.
    Pourtant j’ai bien renommer “GAME.ISO”

  108. Galford says:

    Hey 2 folders in the zip in KOP_US_other rar file? im confuse what em i gonna do with this folder NPUH10053 & then this one NPUH10053_GameData0 ? i transfer files from TNV6 but only the TN & FLASH files and 660.BIN to this folder NPUH10053_GameData0 then transfer both of them NPUH10053 & then this one NPUH10053_GameData0

    ~> i didnt do anything to this folder NPUH10053 i just transfer the files from here NPUH10053 to here NPUH10053_GameData0 so whats wrong ?

  109. hotdogicn says:

    Well,still available in US store now.Does it mean that Sony has given up pulling this game out?

  110. Azezzara says:

    Everytime i try to load the king of pool exploit, it just says that there is no save file. i have transfered everything! please help.

  111. Azezzara says:

    it specifiecly says “there is no data”

  112. rygrass says:

    Game is taken down i guessing?

  113. victr1 says:

    King of Pool still is still available on US PSN.

  114. Jakesie says:

    Hi all, this is awesome. I can still remember my first exploit UNO last year just before XMAS. was so happy when i managed to download. Saw that there is new TN-V version out and thought heck lets upgrade the Vita. Luckly KOP is still in the store. Downloaded the game, upload the files and booja, all working. TN-V6 seems more stable. Brilliant work guys. Merry XMAS to all

  115. best one says:

    just to say thanks i found out the problem now it works on king of pool uk vision 3.01 now i can play my psp games on Vita and keep up your good work

  116. Mad_MAX says:

    Is it still working ?? Because i can`t find this game King of Pool in PSN :(

  117. Bobo says:

    It is still available, trust me.

  118. Blainizzle says:

    This is still on the u.s market surprisingly.

  119. Yuuno-Misaki says:

    King of Pool is no longer available.
    Just letting you all know–

  120. raj says:

    im trying to use king of pool and 101 megamix, everything i click on copy to my psvita, nothing comes up, its like i never did anything. please help someone

  121. raj says:

    same with ben 10 alien force, i copy the contents to psv but it doesnt show up on my screen, please help me!!!

  122. rygrass says:

    I don’t think its available in Aus/Nz or even was?

  123. Kostya says:

    please help, I downloaded the King of the floor for ps vita, Russian version.
    and saves on the King of pool does not have a russian
    What to do?
    release files on the King of the floor for Russia?

  124. Norrin says:

    KoP is still availible in EU playstore.
    U may have to start KoP and start a game.then save ur game manually.
    Prepare ur exploit savegame on ur pc, connect ur psvita and copy both folders to ur psvita.then close CM an everything.start KoP, on main menu go down to LOAD and select ur (copied) savegame. while loding the savegame hold R-trigger. u will see then the recovery menu of 6.60 tn-v. select ADVANCED and then install 6.60 files.the go back and exit recovery menu. the psp xmb will start now. once u hve installled the 6.60 files, u dont need to hold R-trigger while loading the exploit. psp xmb will start automaticly.

  125. Edo says:

    Hello. I updated the FW to 3.1 and bought the game.
    Everything works fine with the exploit.

    One question though: I have PS Plus. Is there a way to keep the PSN Store at FW 3.1 even when 3.2 will be released?

  126. Fithry12 says:

    Noob and user friendly video guide to TN V-4 Instalsttion using King of Pool

    • raj says:

      thanks for the video but still same problem. as i copy kings of pool from computer to ps vita it does not show up on the home screen

  127. Jensma says:

    Damn, the game isn’t on EU psn anymore

  128. chris says:

    hey please give the reason why doesn’t show up on my home screen after i follow the instructions and copy to my file on psv please give tutorial how to show up 101-1 megamix on psv……….

    respond please …..


  1. August 11, 2014

    […] FW3.00で対策されてしまったと思われていたKing of Pool(日本版名: キング・オブ・プール)のUsermode exploitが、実はFW3.01でも対策されておらず動作可能なことがWololo.netにより伝えられています。King of Pool still exploitable on firmware 3.01, hurry up and get it ・ Wololo.net […]

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