TN-V4: How to Install Plugins and CTF-Themes (Installment 3 of 3)

The Zett

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  1. cobaltex says:

    Ok, is that Ika Musume theme available for 6.20 and if so can I get a link?

  2. stinkysweatyballs says:

    how can i pay tekken 6 on the new tnv?

  3. TuckDezi says:

    is it me or does N64 work really well on TN-V4 despite the reported RAM issues

  4. Squidman says:

    That’s a kraken gilly seasaver you’ve got there, z.

  5. Booby says:

    Why do you say at Windows 7, and at your Vita? Don’t you mean on Windows 7, and on your Vita?

    • The Z says:

      Before you correct my (mediocre) english, how about I correct your german?

      You can’t speak it? Hmmm… Well, how about being quiet, okay? 🙂

      • niksko12 says:

        Why can’t you just accept what he said and move on?

        He’s just being a good guy correcting your grammar so that you’ll have a better grammar next time you make a video tutorial, that’s all.
        Sometimes we just need to appreciate what others are doing for us.

        Anyways, if you hate me for this, thats fine. I don’t wake up everyday just to please you.

      • Wrozen says:

        Being a native English speaker The Z, I can assure you that whether you say “at” or “on” doesn’t matter because they are both correct in the way you are using them. So you are not wrong in using “at the vita” even if it is a bit unusual to most native English speakers.

        • FriendlyAdvice says:

          Dont tell him that. If he’s perfecting his english, he should know that “at the vita” or “at the television” is incorrect in informal speech.

          As someone learning a second language, it helps tremendously when a local can correct me

        • Dmaskell92 says:

          IK give the Z a break ffs.

      • Z says:

        You go “Z”….Funny stuff 🙂

  6. Davey says:

    I think it would be beneficial to just get the FTP working on the Vita as I do and it will give you real transfer control instead of making packages, you can just copy individual files on demand and make folders. So much faster. Im using TNV on 3.01 firmware but still have issues with CSCHEATS Plugin working (need to load save games from other systems to Vita).
    Would it be beneficial to just include some important homebrew apps along with TNV or the firmware (whichever).

    • shanamaigo says:

      Where do I get the CXMB files that you had in your video? Specifically the Conf.txt and I already have the crxmb.prx from TN v4 folder.

    • fatman01923 says:

      Can confirm this as well The Z. I lost about 20 hours of progress on Persona 3 when the FTP took a *** on me! I could’ve cried then man.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        I lost the GOLOR exploit with no backup. Had to transfer King of Pool with PS3. I’m still on 2.12 though. To heck with FTP, PSPFiler extracts Zips anyway. I still use the USBtoFTP so the useless “USB Connection” says “FTP Connection”. I have backups of King of Pool using CMA and my PC. EVERYONE SHOULD MAKE BACKUPS!

  7. Elliotte says:

    Hi, Nice work for the installing process, However, one thing I’d like to comment is that at the first place, you can install FTP on you PSV, after that, you could just use the FTP app to transfer any files,ISO games,PSX games or pluginss to your PSV simply.

    Make sure your PC and PSV are in the same WIFI LAN!

  8. TuckDezi says:

    Oh & Why am i just figuring out that u can unzip in pspfiler

  9. Xperimental says:

    HI someone had said that “the 3rd Birthday” was not working.
    well i can confirm it is working on 2.61 just fine.
    You are still only able to use one joy-stick.

  10. tophat10 says:

    Ben 10: Alien Force — Vilgax Attacks

  11. Astig_808 says:

    i never themed since my psp slim lol.ill try and theme again 🙂

  12. bck2012 says:


  13. Warfather says:

    hey, i need help im a linux user and i tried using opencma but im having trouble using it can someone make a video tut?

  14. FishSticks says:

    I know it’s probably written somewhere but how do you quit a PSP game and return to xmb?

  15. jeje says:

    help when i did all of this….and i exit ont tn recover i recieve an error then close the 101 in 1 andi shutdown then my vita keeps on loading plsss someone help…?!!!!

    • jeje says:

      when i exit tn recover i get this (C1-2858-3) anyone?help?

    • Gerardo says:

      I just hold “L” and “R” om my PS VITA to log in into the TN RECOVERY MENU and from there go to (TN-V4 ONLY)-> Plugins and disable CXMB.PRX (TN-V5 ONLY)-> Plugins/Plugin Manager and disable CXMB.PRX. This was giving me the same problem but it was fix after i disabled CXMB.PRX. Good Luck

    • Hazer7 says:

      Hold the power button for more than 30 seconds.

  16. Insane says:

    temPAR v1.63 works on TN-V4 3.01 🙂

  17. Kid-Kotex says:

    hi The Z, can you make a video how install dlc archives, for example for the game metal slug xx for play with leona on ps vita with tn-v4

  18. Mr Rab says:

    You have a mistype where you said to put the THEME folder inside of the THEME folder where you should have said PSP folder. At least thats what i think you meant.

  19. venj says:

    HI can any1 pls give a link of CXMB files and CTF themes.pls

    by the way

    TEKKEN 6 is not working in this TN-V4

  20. Where do I report TN-V4 stuff? I think I discovered something real confusing.

  21. taiyaki04 says:

    Now put said THEME folder into a folder called THEME.

    i think this is a typo… it should be

    Now put said THEME folder into a folder called PSP.

    since the path is /PSP/THEME/file.ctf

  22. kevin21 says:

    when is the release of next exploit?? after 101 in 1 megamix,,,,

  23. jeje says:

    when i try to enable cxmb im getting an error..?what should i do (C1-2858-3)

  24. Alex311360 says:

    Will CWCheat work? I can’t find any plugins in GAME.TXT.

  25. guys get ftp says:

    its better to ftp cause its like just pluggin in ur psp u can see the root with PSP folders and ISO’s etc but its much slower cause its wireleslly i just ftp and make the vsh.txt then i made a folder called SEPLUGINS i put the vsh.txt there and just turn it on in vsh recovery

  26. Z says:

    Fellas, is there any way to RIP PS VIta Games that are stored on Physical Card (For example purchased in store), then compressed them into ISO format and voila play them just as we play PSP Games?

  27. Skinnyman89 says:

    Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attack removed from EU store. This morning was avaiable, now not anymore

  28. Alex says:

    Dude you guys can’t say the name of the ninja release. Read the rules.

  29. francis says:

    hi z! and all..the open cma 5 and 6 did not work for my vita 2.60 arcade darts…it suggest that i upgrade it first before i can use the content manager??? big problem if ill update, my arcade darts wud be useless. hope theres a new open cma for this.thanks!

    • rjwboys says:

      first turn on airplane mode, second turn off your vita by holding down the power button till the turn off pops up, hit turn off, third turn on vita forth use cma on vita it won’t ask for update now, hint if cma knows about an update it wants to update, but if cma doesn’t know about the update it won’t even pop up

  30. Mishka84 says:

    These *** “Tophat10″…Nobody said about this exploit but these ashole…
    Bye Bye Exploit – it was for many people an xmas-giveaway and for me too…thanks ***.

    • Hazer7 says:

      Its not his fault. There are far worse people than him. Some people make it their life’s mission to contact Sony about the exploit. And believe me I’ve had arguments with those jealous SOBs and about like three reply’s later I lost all hope for humanity.-_-

  31. Galford says:

    i finally did it wew 😮 ~
    thanks for sharing us your masterpiece

  32. jd20dog says:

    im able to get cmxb.prx to show and inabled in the plugins maniger, but cant get any of the themes to show in themes menu

  33. rex0112 says:

    Can anyone here confirm pspstate plugin working or not on tn-v?
    Last time it was reported not working cause the memary issue..

  34. kast1x says:

    after enabling cmxb.prx i get a black screen with error C1-2858-3 how do i get back to recovery menu from start

  35. kast1x says:

    nvm hold R like old psp lol

  36. Dmaskell92 says:

    It’s better to ignore leaker’s, people just assume it’s a troll. Saying anything confirms the leak is real.

  37. warcloud22 says:

    gta vice city stories iso doesnt work for 101 megamix.

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