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TN-V4: How to Install ISOs, CSOs and PS1 games (Installment 2 of 3)

The Zett

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  1. JessePinkman says:

    The Z and the others Are THE BEST TAHNK YOU VERY MUCH

  2. Tina says:

    Even though people who publish information about installing isos, torrents, and all that, always doesn’t encourage piracy… But don’t we all…

    • nope says:

      Nope, your the only one

    • Blooper says:

      Actually I backed up all my UMDs to .cso and ran them off a 32GB memory stick in my PSP. Way more convenient than carrying around disks, and improves load time.

      • Gikero says:

        I did the same with my PSP. I have a nice list of purchased games. I just ripped the UMDs, compressed and loaded off of my memory stick. Bookr was the first app that I got into on PSP and my first e-reader experience. Not everybody pirates.

  3. groxack says:

    Is there a problem if I let my games in the NPEZ00068 folder, I been using them whitout instaling. And how do you transfer the ps1 games?

    • secondlast says:

      i second this, i can play games without installing them, would there be problems if we don’t install them, aside from the fact that i need to recopy save file (exploit). when i need to add a new iso file? – this would overwrite the current exploit file and remove the games that already added.

  4. Tin says:

    wow thanks , first comment 😀

  5. DarthBreh says:

    On a sort of unrelated topic. I see that I can access the psn store through the psp xmb I added my account and want to purchase Crash Bandicoot 2 will it have sound and will I be able to backup the game and save game using CMA. I’m on vita 3.01 TN-V4. Thanks

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Any PS1 Classics either installed via the method here or downloaded through the PSP PSN Store will NOT have sound as these are being run via the PSP Emulator which cannot emulate PS1 sound.

      Only PS1 games downloaded through the PS Vita PSN Store will have sound as they are being run by the PS Vita PS1 emulator and not through PSP Mode.

      As a side note, why does every one assume that every one uses Windows and only gives instructions for Windows and not for Mac?

      • Deepsix says:

        Sadly Open CMA does not function on a Mac. You will need to run a windows virtual machine within OSX, install CMA, then patch it with Open CMA. This will allow you all of the same functionality. I use a Mac myself, works wonderfully. I haven’t really came across a better way.

  6. Enéas Luiz says:

    Hello! I can be banned from psn while using tn v4. Excuse my English, I am Brazilian and I thank you all on behalf of my country.

    • sync says:

      Yes, you could get banned. Although I have no record of such event in recent time.
      But it is better to prevent than to be banned. Simply let the PSVita into airplane mode while you play with TN-V4.
      When done, go back to normal mode and have fun! 😀

      • Enéas Luiz says:

        Thanks for your reply. Then just run that risk when I’m using the exploitable game, in my case the megamix, to get out of it I can use the functions of psvita normally (access ps store, play multiplayer games vita, download demos, buy games, etc. .). I’m sorry if I seem to be repeating the question, just like confirmation of this.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Almost forgot that you can backup PS1 games that are downloaded from the PSP PSN Store using CMA. You can even backup home-brew as long as it has a proper PARAM.SFO file which tells the Vita what it is. Any game or home-brew that doesn’t have this PARAM.SFO file cannot be back-uped up using CMA.

  7. Mark says:

    What is the process for ISOs of UMD movies?

    • It’s impossible to use the ISOs of movie UMDs, since ISO movies are put in ms0://ISO/VIDEO but to trigger the UMD video to play, you need any other UMD to be inserted in the PSP, it’s impossible for the vita, therefore they’re pointless. Either that or I might be mistaken and Total Noob added support to TN-V4 to allow them to run without UMDs.

  8. Dark GOD says:

    There isn’t one.
    UMD Movies require the use of any single UMD to be in the PSP drive. (To bypass the encryption.)
    Vita or PSP GO doesn’t have one.
    So it can’t be mounted.

    I don’t know why a virtual driver was never made for this.
    But it’s probably because UMD movies are encrypted.

    • fate6 says:

      UMD movies haven’t needed a UMD in the drive for some time now so its fully possible but why would you want to is the real question

    • The Z says:

      UMD Videos do work at the LME CFW for PSP Go, no UMD drive required.

      UMD Videos do not work inside of the PSPemulator. Same reason why the “video” tab is useless, it does not work.

      • Dark GOD says:

        I stand corrected.
        I didn’t know this.
        Probably because PRO CFW doesn’t have such a feature.
        And I never fully looked into LME CFW.

        Thanks for this.

  9. Crzylegz says:

    When installing TN-V4 am I going to need the latest version of CMA? I’m currently on FW 2.12 with the GOLOR exploit and tried to use OCMA to transfer the TN-V4 files and wouldn’t connect, any advice?

  10. Sarge127 says:

    Thanks! I actually installed a lot of Japanese ISO Games. (MHP3rD) and others! \m/

  11. TelcoLou says:

    Yeah .. but how DO you rip your legally owned PSP ISO?? Or extract the ISO image from the physical disc (that you of course, own legally)??

  12. Hazer7 says:

    BTW if anyones Vita crashes hold the power button for 30 seconds and hope that you backed up you game.

  13. john says:

    hello my exploit is working but the iso games not show in xmb why??

  14. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Hey guys, I have followed the instructions above. Majority of my games were working except for this game “Tekken 6”. I successfully installed it on PSP Emulator but when I try to start the game, it stays on the black screen.. Anybody experiencing the same??

    • gavdf says:

      same here. I tried different ISO but tekken 6 does not even start. all other games works fine though. same symptom ?

      • aragorn46 says:

        I got the same result about Tekken 6.. not playable in 3.01 megamix exploit.. Someone please help. thanks.

        • jeje says:

          sam here Monster hunter 3rd doesnt work also…help?

          • MikeG7 says:

            Please not the Monster Hunter 3rd… That was for me the only reason I wanted this exploit:-( Hope you guys will make this beauty works soon.

            Damn you Capcom why you didn’t release 3rd one in the West and put now on the PS Store as digital.Shame on you.

          • herschwolf says:

            This was noted somewhere and added in the recovery menu. You need to Hide CFW Folders, I think this option was change to something like “Run anti-CFW games” option in TN-V6. Run Recovery–>Configuration to find the option and enable it.

  15. Mdtodd229 says:

    Hello all, I was wondering if I go buy a 8 gig memory card, will I have to do anything different other then copy what’s on my 4 gig to the 8 gig memory card. Thanks.

  16. Tony486 says:

    PS1 games with or without sound?

  17. tokia says:

    how to fix tekken 6? tn 6.60? ps vita 3.01

  18. Vitality says:

    Wanna ask something about swapping memory card.

    Right now I have 8GB memory for my 3.01 Vita and planning to get 32GB for it later.

    I have two PS Vitas; one with 3.01 Megamix exploit and one is for playing original games only; that means it always updated with latest firmware.

    If let’s say Sony has released new 3.02 FW that patched Megamix exploit and when I got 32GB memory card after the exploit patch, I transfer back Megamix game that I have backed up on my computer and use the card to my 3.01 PS Vita, will the exploit still work? since I use 32GB card to my original PS Vita to access CMA and transfer the backup game.

  19. Archaga says:

    Wish I had a larger capacity memory stick. 8 Gigs is nice, but not nice enough for backups.

  20. anthony6965 says:

    bonjour, merci le Z pour tout, je transfert tout par ftp et sa marche a merveille, tu es le ùeilleur et tous géniaux

  21. anthony6965 says:

    bonjour merci le Z

  22. anthony6965 says:

    thank’ you for every think the Z , you are the best , i transfert by ftp , it’s working very good for ISO and CSO. Good job everybordy.

  23. phil87700 says:

    Eagerly waiting for next post :
    TN-V4: How to Install PS-VITA ISOs, CSOs and PS3 games (Installment 3 of 3) 😉 LOOOLL

  24. THE MACHINE says:

    HI ALL, i have this problem: i do not see my ISO/CSO’s on my VITA 3.0 with KING of pool. I installed properly the TN-V4 and 660… and also i know how to transfer ISO/CSO’s because i own another vita with 2.02 UNO and i transfer the same ISO/CSO all the time and they work, why does it not work with 3.0 ?c going bananass , please help

  25. THE MACHINE says:

    …Here’s what i just noticed, i have 1
    gb left of memory space, and when i try to transfer via open CMA an ISO file name properly, the memory stays at 1
    gb and do n ot go down?, that’s why i can’t see the ISO’S but why is it doing that?

  26. oookkk says:

    Cannot trsf iso’s on king pool 3.00 but was ok on uno 2.02, little help please

  27. now my vita has all my attention says:

    After tnv I didnt use my ipad for days haha… having a vita and psp os is just beast fck haters and even I have this I still have my legit copy of tekken psp which cost more than the megamix explout so that makes me a support piracy no way but we support open stuff even android is open source but it still selss hardware and software like hor cakes sony ahould focus ob making games more

  28. now my vita has all my attention says:

    Now 64gbs is a must with al isos music and vids I have 4gb lol

  29. zettek95 says:

    Will the hack continue to work even if the PS Vita is updated later on?

    • herschwolf says:

      Not usually. The firmware updates usually fix the usermode exploits. There are kernelmode exploits that I believe can’t be updated with firmware or maybe just closely guarded cause this is a deeper hack that allows us the usermode exploits.

  30. joss68 says:

    Hy Everyone!
    I have a question…There is a Psvita ftp stuff.Isnt dangerous about bann?
    I mean when we use about it the WiFi connect..
    Sorry about my English..

    • Smoker1 says:

      I second this inquiry. I understand what you are trying to get at Joss68. You are wondering how the whole PSVitaFTP works when the system connects to Sony and might hit you with a Ban.

      There is one possible way to deal with it though. Just disconnect your internet from your Modem/Router prior to performing the FTP and you should be fine. That is the only way I see it working without any problems unless someone else has a way to do it that is safe.

    • francis says:

      Hi guys! Got problem with open cma . I am on vita 2.60 with arcade darts.. when i installed the sony cma after that intall the open cma 6 copying its files and transfer it to in the programxx-sony-cma. When i launch it and connect my vita it said that i should update my vita system. Is there Something wrong with my installation open cma or my vita dt calls for an update? What would i do? Updating means loosing my arcade darts exploit…help pls….

      • herschwolf says:

        When you copy the OpenCMA files over, you need to run the batch file in it. Run as an administrator if you have UAC turned on. This will update the CMA system to not tell you you have to update.

  31. kaotik-snake69 says:

    I have installed psp iso and homebrew but my problem is I manage to install ps1 eboots but I just get a black screen when I load the game can anyone help with this?

    • herschwolf says:

      This is usually due to incompatibility or a poorly built EBOOT from the original PSX game, but remember you will not have sound – I don’t know any PSX game I’d play without sound, but to each their own.

      • kaotik-snake69 says:

        is there a compatability list anywhere I cant seem to find one and I guess I should just play them on my galaxy s4 then just for the sound lol

  32. joss68 says:

    Thanx Smoker1 🙂
    I try use it safe…

  33. Mdtodd229 says:

    Hello all. What do I have to do to my memory card if I buy a bigger one? Thanks.

  34. Roorszag says:

    The PS1 games why without sound? Why? Why?

  35. Ilikems says:

    How do you exit the iso and return to psp menu

  36. francis says:

    Open cma 6 dont work with my 2.60 vita…it said i have to upgrade my system.. i install the open cma correctly, installed it to the system admin for win7 clicked the runbt file but forcing my vita to system upgrade…heeeeeeeellllllllllppppp!

    • Elmo says:

      I first downloaded Content Manager setup, then I made sure I had all my files ready so that I would not have to reconnect to the internet. Next I disconnected both my PC and Vita from the internet (Airplane Mode) and then installed Content Manager. After that, exit Content Manager and run the Batch file as Admin. Now start content manager and make sure that you are not connected to the internet. Start the app on your Vita and connect your USB. That’s how I did it. Hope this helps.

  37. marian says:

    Install a ps1 game and the next game installed delete it first.What should I do to po install ps1 games without drying them on the first installed.Dino Crissis 2 has sound.Adventures of Lomax no sound.

  38. THE MACHINE says:

    to francis, hi, i had a similar prob and i restarted the whole process:
    – erase and reinstall sony CMA,
    -then close running cma and reinstall open cma 5
    -then run the files needed (.bat)
    then REBOOT BOTH PSVITA AND COMPUTER… ?THATS WHAT HELPED ME, hope it does the job for you!


  39. THE MACHINE says:

    Help!, i Cannot see the ISO files, i don’t know whY? i have UNO 2.02 and works great, i have vita 3.0 with king pool and running 6.60, but i cannot see the ISO’S , why?

  40. ionut says:

    help! after installing the ps1 games, these games are deleted automat.Ce can be done to install multiple games without having to delete automatically?

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