TN-V4: How to Install ISOs, CSOs and PS1 games (Installment 2 of 3)

In the second installment I would like to show you how to install PSP games at your PS Vita. At first, we do NOT support any kind of piracy, and we do not answer any piracy related questions.

This tutorials is only for self-made backups of games that you own, this applies to PSP games but also to PS1 games.

Got some legal games? Okay, let’s get started!

For installing Games we need a few tools, I will show you how to do this at windows 7

At first we need WinRAR: Download (use the version of your language)

Then be sure to enable the file extensions (Important!): Click me

We also need a backup of our games. Just create them with a PSP or via some Homebrew tools from your PSN related files.

Got everything?

How to prepare the Games for transfering them to your PS Vita

In this part we will prepare our games, so we can transfer them to the PS Vita. Since PS1 games are .PBP files, refer to my homebrew installation tutorial for installing them.

Use the following explanation for PSP games in the .ISO and .CSO format:

Installing ISOs and CSOs is pretty simple.

Just grab your ISO or CSO and put it into the exploit savedata folder (e.g. for Megamix EU in NPEZ00068).

Then rename the to be installed game into GAME1.ISO, if it is an ISO file, or into GAME1.CSO if it is a CSO file.

Be sure that you’ve enabled the option to see the full file extensions, so you don’t end up with something like GAME1.ISO.iso.

If your game is fully capitalized and has a shortened name, you can now transfer the exploit savedata to your PS Vita.

Since we are transfering actual games, and not only homebrews, this might take a while.

When the savedata is at the PS Vita, start the exploit game and go into the XMB.

Now go to the game column and your game should appear (either at top or at the bottom).

Press triangle and install the game (this will move the game from the savedata folder to the ms0:/ISO/ folder).

It is recommended to later remove the game from the savedata folder, so you don’t waste space.

That’s it. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

If you’ve got any problems with installing games, refer to my tutorial video below.

I wish you a lot of fun with Total_Noobs TN-V4 eCFW.

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  1. Amir’s avatar

    for some reason…
    when I transfer a savedata it really show 1500–>35
    I do overwrite – it takes 10 minutes approximately

    when I go to the PSP menu I don’t see it in the memory stick.

    In fact, I tried to overwrite again and it says 1500–>35 again :S
    it’s like it took time for nothing :S

    any idea?


    1. carlo’s avatar

      you should name it .ISO or .CSO all caps


  2. Amir’s avatar

    Just happenen to find out that this works for me ONLY with CSO so far, and none of the ISOs I had tried to transfer

    can anybody else confirm ?
    or fix me by telling me what to do?


  3. Ziken’s avatar


    Here the weirdest things…I left GAME1.ISO aka Tekken 6 in the savedata without installing it, and I’m able to run it…

    Thought I mention it.


  4. nitr8’s avatar

    On my Vita there are not all ISOs / CSOs shown that i have put into the root/ISO folder. I have like 70 CSOs (minis) on the card but only 50 are shown. I don’t know why it’s doing that… :-(

    I transfered them using FTP.


  5. Warcloud22’s avatar

    The Gta vcs Iso would not load for me, any answers ??


  6. Sugoi’s avatar

    The reason why the games don’t work is due to the file name, as THE Z said in this article…( “If your game is fully capitalized and has a shortened name, you can now transfer the exploit savedata to your PS Vita.” )… According to that i’ve noticed than a file name with more than 8 characters won’t be recognized, example: DRAGONBALLZ.ISO wich has 11 characters before the file extention .ISO, then it won’t work, so in order to get it work you gotta name it with 8 or less characters. Example DRAGON.ISO (or anything between 1 and 8 characters, numbers included).


  7. Michael’s avatar

    Here’s an easier way to install CSO or ISO games using TN-V. Look into this You Tube Video. A lot simpler.


  8. gpodgl’s avatar

    How install PS1 games?


  9. jaffopunx80’s avatar

    hi to all i have a answer i can’t find any psvita iso on the web but there’s some?or the cfw 6.60 i mounted in my vita is only for the psp isos?


  10. ijwrighty’s avatar

    Is part 3 coming soon?


  11. belaaouam’s avatar

    the game 101 in 1 megamix is not aviable in ps store europe


  12. Bruno’s avatar

    got blackscreen with VALKYRIE PROFILE!!ANYONE ELSE?



  13. ps vita psp3000’s avatar

    ps vita download vs psp3000 vs ps3 vita download ps vita psp


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