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TN-V4: How to Install ISOs, CSOs and PS1 games (Installment 2 of 3)

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  1. whackm

    Hey all I wasn’t able to start Tekken 6 ISO using TNV4. Did anyone else get Tekken 6 working?

    • herschwolf

      As I mentioned in a post before, this was stated elsewhere that you have to Hide CFW Folders, “Run anti-CFW games” in later TNV versions, from the Recovery menu –>Configuration. Try to enable that and see what happens.

  2. francis

    Hi THE MACHINE, still it wants to update sir! 🙁

  3. Davey

    I have a box of PSP UMD games. I never put CFW on my PSP 1000 and was unaware of the whole backup scene, I never hacked. I bought a Vita but I almost didnt because I was going to have to re-buy all my games. Now I know how to make backups of my PURCHASED games and run them on my new Vita. This is so freaking awesome. I remember looking at all my PSP games thinking what I was going to do with all of them, I guess I could take my PSP AND Vita with me but thats kinda stupid. Sony could have thwarted piracy a little if they let you send them your UMD games and then have them activated on your PSPlus account or something.


    Hello TN!, your ps3 Theme wallpaper is very cool, how did you do that?

  5. smiletime123

    Is there any real benefit to installing the game iso to ms0/psp and then deleting the original…I have tried it both ways and it works….

    • carlos

      smiletime123 i have the same question tanks

    • herschwolf

      The only reason to do this is to copy over new ISO files, if you leave the game in the original location you will have to copy it over every time you want to upload a new game (more time to copy) but if you move location and delete the original, then when you want to upload a new game you don’t have to upload the other ISO/CSO files as well.

  6. otto

    U did not say anything about INSTALL.ZIP. I saw that in some videos, people put INSTALL.ZIP into savedata folder. where can I get it?

    • herschwolf

      The INSTALL.ZIP file is for Homebrew and you have to create it yourself. It would contain your homebrew files that you want to install. Check the first installment of the TN-V# usage if you want instructions on how to create it.

  7. Stef

    bonjour et merci je suis en 3.01 avec l’exploit king of pool j’ai bien fait la mise a jour pour tnv6.
    j’ai réussi à installer l’iso psp du jeu riviera mais depuis j’arrive pas à installer d’autres iso psp ça me met fichier corrompu.
    Pourtant j’ai bien renommer “GAME.ISO”

  8. carlo

    help please my iso/cso games won’t show up in the xmb

  9. carlo

    can i run the .rar games? if i extract it no ISO shows up

  10. Amir

    for some reason…
    when I transfer a savedata it really show 1500–>35
    I do overwrite – it takes 10 minutes approximately

    when I go to the PSP menu I don’t see it in the memory stick.

    In fact, I tried to overwrite again and it says 1500–>35 again :S
    it’s like it took time for nothing :S

    any idea?

  11. Amir

    Just happenen to find out that this works for me ONLY with CSO so far, and none of the ISOs I had tried to transfer

    can anybody else confirm ?
    or fix me by telling me what to do?

  12. Ziken


    Here the weirdest things…I left GAME1.ISO aka Tekken 6 in the savedata without installing it, and I’m able to run it…

    Thought I mention it.

  13. nitr8

    On my Vita there are not all ISOs / CSOs shown that i have put into the root/ISO folder. I have like 70 CSOs (minis) on the card but only 50 are shown. I don’t know why it’s doing that… 🙁

    I transfered them using FTP.

  14. Warcloud22

    The Gta vcs Iso would not load for me, any answers ??

  15. Sugoi

    The reason why the games don’t work is due to the file name, as THE Z said in this article…( “If your game is fully capitalized and has a shortened name, you can now transfer the exploit savedata to your PS Vita.” )… According to that i’ve noticed than a file name with more than 8 characters won’t be recognized, example: DRAGONBALLZ.ISO wich has 11 characters before the file extention .ISO, then it won’t work, so in order to get it work you gotta name it with 8 or less characters. Example DRAGON.ISO (or anything between 1 and 8 characters, numbers included).

  16. Michael

    Here’s an easier way to install CSO or ISO games using TN-V. Look into this You Tube Video. A lot simpler.

    • shafiq123

      hey,is there any chance that I can use the above method to using downloaded PSP games from the internet?..

  17. gpodgl

    How install PS1 games?

  18. jaffopunx80

    hi to all i have a answer i can’t find any psvita iso on the web but there’s some?or the cfw 6.60 i mounted in my vita is only for the psp isos?

  19. ijwrighty

    Is part 3 coming soon?

  20. belaaouam

    the game 101 in 1 megamix is not aviable in ps store europe

  21. Bruno

    got blackscreen with VALKYRIE PROFILE!!ANYONE ELSE?


  22. SomeOne

    then i copy files to my vita i dont exploit on my home screen.

  23. shafiq123

    hye!! I’m kinda new to ps vita..Can I ask some questions?…
    Can I use the same method to play psp games that I downloaded from the Internet?..
    If no,can someone tell me why and if there is any other method?..

  24. temisan

    can someone send me the link to part 1

  25. Assu

    Can anyone tell me how to transfer psp save game to vita? I have seccessfully transfer monster hunter to vita but i dont want to start over again. So i want to transfer the save game to vita. I use m33 FW for the psp. Please help guys. Thanks

  26. brad

    how can i do this using a macbook?

  27. Keira

    Ty now i can play FF type-0 in peace. <3

  28. TKLF

    I have a slight… glitch?
    Running TN-V10, 3.18, Gladiator Begins.

    It works fine up until the point where I try to install an ISO (P3P). After some time while I’m installing it (around ~30% or so), the screen turns black, stays black, and after a long while (~15 minutes), I get the “C1-2858-3” error. However, the ISO has seemingly been installed correctly, and runs fine (so far).

    Not sure if this is a crash I somehow managed to avoid, or if it’s some sort of bug. I suspect it’s related to the Vita timing out and turning off, but the PSP Emulator screen stays black as well until the error message appears. While blackscreened, the PSP emulator itself is seemingly unresponsive as well, though it’s possible to return to the Vita screen via PS button.

  29. Fletcher

    This will help you get roms for your emulator directly on your PSP/PS Vita

  30. small44

    No need to compress ISO ?

  31. paris

    Hello im the noob of noobs. I have a ps vita 3.50 system version. And i just want to play emulators on my ps vita. Can anyone tell me what should i do from the very beginning cos im not understanding anything.

  32. Guilherme

    Thanks for sharing this, i did the tutorial, the exploit works, but i put the game ISO (all caps, less then 8 characters….) but i can’t see the game on the psp emulator, can you give me any help?

  33. swapnil

    dude i brought a ps vita and it got upgrade in 3.57 now i want to install .iso file in vita from pc. but its not recognizing .iso file nor its showing in ps vita what should i do ???

    i have god of war chains of Olympus

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