TN-V4: How to Install ISOs, CSOs and PS1 games (Installment 2 of 3)

The Z

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  1. Amir says:

    for some reason…
    when I transfer a savedata it really show 1500–>35
    I do overwrite – it takes 10 minutes approximately

    when I go to the PSP menu I don’t see it in the memory stick.

    In fact, I tried to overwrite again and it says 1500–>35 again :S
    it’s like it took time for nothing :S

    any idea?

  2. Amir says:

    Just happenen to find out that this works for me ONLY with CSO so far, and none of the ISOs I had tried to transfer

    can anybody else confirm ?
    or fix me by telling me what to do?

  3. Ziken says:


    Here the weirdest things…I left GAME1.ISO aka Tekken 6 in the savedata without installing it, and I’m able to run it…

    Thought I mention it.

  4. nitr8 says:

    On my Vita there are not all ISOs / CSOs shown that i have put into the root/ISO folder. I have like 70 CSOs (minis) on the card but only 50 are shown. I don’t know why it’s doing that… :-(

    I transfered them using FTP.

  5. Warcloud22 says:

    The Gta vcs Iso would not load for me, any answers ??

  6. Sugoi says:

    The reason why the games don’t work is due to the file name, as THE Z said in this article…( “If your game is fully capitalized and has a shortened name, you can now transfer the exploit savedata to your PS Vita.” )… According to that i’ve noticed than a file name with more than 8 characters won’t be recognized, example: DRAGONBALLZ.ISO wich has 11 characters before the file extention .ISO, then it won’t work, so in order to get it work you gotta name it with 8 or less characters. Example DRAGON.ISO (or anything between 1 and 8 characters, numbers included).

  7. Michael says:

    Here’s an easier way to install CSO or ISO games using TN-V. Look into this You Tube Video. A lot simpler.

  8. gpodgl says:

    How install PS1 games?

  9. jaffopunx80 says:

    hi to all i have a answer i can’t find any psvita iso on the web but there’s some?or the cfw 6.60 i mounted in my vita is only for the psp isos?

  10. ijwrighty says:

    Is part 3 coming soon?

  11. belaaouam says:

    the game 101 in 1 megamix is not aviable in ps store europe

  12. Bruno says:

    got blackscreen with VALKYRIE PROFILE!!ANYONE ELSE?


  13. ps vita download vs psp3000 vs ps3 vita download ps vita psp

  14. SomeOne says:

    then i copy files to my vita i dont exploit on my home screen.

  15. shafiq123 says:

    hye!! I’m kinda new to ps vita..Can I ask some questions?…
    Can I use the same method to play psp games that I downloaded from the Internet?..
    If no,can someone tell me why and if there is any other method?..

  16. temisan says:

    can someone send me the link to part 1

  17. Assu says:

    Can anyone tell me how to transfer psp save game to vita? I have seccessfully transfer monster hunter to vita but i dont want to start over again. So i want to transfer the save game to vita. I use m33 FW for the psp. Please help guys. Thanks

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