Trouble getting TN-V4 to work? Solutions here!


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111 Responses

  1. DTeKDeV says:

    Any clue on how to install CXMB? I figure that as soon as you open up the exploit savedata folder, I put my cxmb.prx and cxmb folder containing the vsh.txt inside there? Thanks.

    • Guys I have an idea on how to get megamix or reborn even after it is deleted.Now any person who has downloaded the game before it had been deleted can upload the backup in network

    • Evilchaosz says:

      First, you gotta rename all related files to caps and keep the name short (e.g. CXMB.PRX).

      Then install PSP Filer from, transfer it to the exploit savedata folder, along with your ctf file (same naming rule applies), and then install and run PSP Filer from the CEF.

      Then from PSP Filer, shift/create the cxmb folder in ms0:/ and place the CXMB.PRX inside

      then shift the VSH.TXT to seplugins folder located inside ms0:/ (create the folder seplugins if its not there)

      as for your ctf file, move it to ms0:/PSP/THEME (you might need to create the folder again)

      And you’re done :)

  2. Astig_808 says:

    i use ftp sometimes if i feel lazy and its easy.connect wireless to ur laptop but i think it takes a little longer to transfer the iso’s

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      I do the same because CMA is annoying. I have to restart my Vita every time I want to transfer something. The first thing I installed to TN-V4 was VitaFTP lol.

    • Gunblade says:

      Wifi in the vita like 150mb I think… Wifi cloud storage…And laptop .. Can laptop be corei5 or amd run emu ps3 stream games to vita.?

  3. Steve Young says:

    I searched but get many different answers, what tool is the best for converting psx eboots to iso that will work on this release?

  4. Dark GOD says:

    Just to confirm:

    Works just fine on 2.12 with GOLOR Exploit.
    Just need to follow the instructions properly and it will work.

    • crzylegz says:

      so the same steps apply if you already have a vhbl installed? I too have GOLOR on 2.12 and not sure how to go about installing TNV4.

      • Dark GOD says:

        To avoid any confusion:
        Just delete your VHBL SAVE.

        Then download this one: (for US game)
        Or (for EU game)
        Get TN-V4:
        Download 660 PBP:
        (choose the PSP 1000/2000/3000 version, *not* the PSP Go version)
        Rename the EBOOT.PBP to 660.PBP

        Extract the savedata from the TN-V4 loader of your game on your hard drive, in your CMA’s PSAVEDATA/xxxxx folder (where xxxx are a bunch of letters and numbers).
        Copy TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN, and 660.PBP in the game’s savedata folder (where you can find ‘H.BIN’)
        Copy the game’s savedata to your Vita, using OpenCMA

        Run GOLOR Game
        On the first boot, the recovery menu will appear automatically.
        Select ‘Advanced ->’ menu and then select ‘Install 6.60 files’ (this step is only needed if you’ve never used TN-V4 before).
        Enjoy the install progress.
        After the install is done, go back and exit the recovery menu.
        Enjoy TN’s awesome work.

        Worked for me on first try.
        Adding ISO games is super easy.
        Just rename them to all caps and make sure there noire then 8 letters.
        Example: HEROES.ISO

        You can keep adding games to your GOLOR save folder and transferring to your Vita.
        When prompted to override your old save file choose yea. (Just don’t delete TN-V files)
        After each install of the game delete them. Then do the proses again.


  5. Help Please says:

    Hey wololo, can you or TotalNoob help me? I’m having the C1- 2858-3 error on my exploit. It’s running TN-V4 using the Megamix exploit. I just followed the instructions and tried the exploit out. The screen remained green then gave me the error. I tried switching languages between English for the UK and US but it didn’t work. But still, the green screen itself is a sign of help. Fortunately my device wasn’t bricked or anything, just the game was exited.

  6. vanngoctien says:

    I want to play GBA,NES games please guide me thank you very much.

  7. missle says:

    I’m trying to load it up for fieldrunners but I keep getting the error c12858-3. My language is set to US english. I think i have everything right.

    heres a pic of my folder.

    Can someone take a look?

    • Manuel N says:

      please read this thread,

      it was happening to most of us, using the fieldrunners exploit, the big mistake was trying to be redundant in order to avoid failures in execution of TN-V4

      just do it as our brother veridiux said

      1. Copy FIELDFIRMWARE & NPUZ00014 to your PSAVEDATA folder
      2. Place TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN, and 660.PBP in the FIELDFIRMWARE folder (to test ir just put those, not the PRX plugins)
      3. Copy these to your Vita through OpenCMA
      4. Run Game normally.
      5. Go into TN-V4 Configuration menu, and install 6.60 files

      and voilá
      you’re good to go

      Hope this helps

    • missle says:

      nvm i got it thanks tho

  8. Rubenctt says:

    Need help
    Have 2 vitas
    One 2.12 tnv4 runing Invizimals iso backup it crash whem camera is needed
    On the other one 3.01 101 works just fine

  9. BahamutBBob says:

    I’m sitting here, installing Crisis Core (that I ripped from my own disc about an hour ago!) and have had no problems so far.

    Thanks for posting this FAQ, wololo, this is my first kernel exploit, and it’s much smoother/easier to do anything than I thought it would be.

  10. D3V6677 says:

    I need major help. I am on 2.61 and have had Fieldrunners for a while nowwith VBHL. I installed Tn_V4 today and all was good but I was messing around and accidentally deleted Fieldrunner from my Vita. Did I screw myself that easy? How do I get Field runners back?!. I still have it in a bubble on my PS3 but I can’t do anything since Charles proxy does not work anymore. Please help me. I am kicking myself for such a simple mistake…..

    • DS_Marine says:

      Just restore the backup of your memcard with the exploit game using openCMA.

      You DID make a backup of your precious exploit game, right…?

    • mlc says:

      You can do this with the OpenCMA trick. You connect your Vita to your PC with Airplane mode on, then disconnect the cord physically and plug it into your PS3. This will bypass the firmware check on the PS3’s side, letting you transfer any compatible “bubbles.”

      But I suggest you back it up on your PC as well in the future.

  11. HELLPP says:

    How long till the next exploitable game to be announced that will be on the AU PSN.

    Estimated guess anyone? Wololo can you please help?

  12. The Budds says:

    My favorite part is not that tn-v4 has been released, it’s the bolded part of this blog entry lol.

    • Gunblade says:

      One wanted one 4×4 saving would have been fun.. My bad people wanted like one hybrid vw4x4..

    • Gunblade says:

      But I would have taken the pill if I was Neil Neil in speed was cool but Neil with the cyborg dolphin was way cool smart how a fish like creature could swim the Internet stream and data waves better then a human was to be like a wow or sword art online…..

    • Gunblade says:

      Yea one read me was like not all in English so I had to guess what to do think was the ocm but good I remember how to do it with the older versions.. Well first it was a dl that I jus can paste to the comp… Jus saw txt so was like this look cool…. On Xbox now since ps3 needs work..

  13. wololo says:

    It’s working for lots of people. If you have something better, feel free to share it for free like these hackers did. We are not getting any money when you buy an exploitable game.

  14. lwl says:

    If not sure installing iso/zip files ok or not, after trasfering files to vita, before testing inside tn-v4, you could enter VITA->PC options and check PSP savedata file size, anything invalid naming ones could be found that the filesize is not equal with your file

    I think this may filtered by $ony with invalid format :D, so following the instructions of file-renaming rules 😀

  15. HELLPP says:

    How long till the next exploitable game to be announced that will be on the AU PSN.

    Estimated guess anyone? Wololo or anyone can you please help?

    • DS_Marine says:

      I don’t have any information about it but still wanted to post this anyway: “Soon™”
      : D

      • Gunblade says:

        Yea I would hate not to have an exploit that runs on 3.00+ or one that does work with the ps4 so the xboxone facial voice recognition anything like the Facebook one think funny how the went to a single hd cam wen 3ddual would have done so much better fo deep perception… But I guess is better to have a sharper image for facial profile setiing up an Xbox one account…

    • mlc says:

      Well presumably they’re going to try to get it out before the next Vita update, so something like “ASAP.” I recommend regularly checking the site and forum.

      But no one can give you detailed information, because no one actually knows when the ninja release will begin or how long it will go on until the public release. (other than presumably the new exploit’s author and wololo)

  16. tokia says:

    idont get it about downloaded zip iso games.

    • Iris Heart says:

      That should help with installing ZIPs properly. As for ISOs, the instructions are in the readme and on hackinformer. Just follow them exactly as they say, and it should be simple enough. Also, take special note you follow THIS.

      “The filename must be less than 8.3 characters, ALL uppercase:

      GAME.ISO is ok

      Game.ISO is not ok

      GAME.iso is not ok

      SUPERLONGNAME.ISO is not ok

      GAME.ISO.iso is not ok (typical if you hide filename extensions on Windows)”

  17. dev/zero says:

    Nobody MADE you buy any games. Nobody MADE you wait -as you say, “a year”- and because the files for TN-v4 were provided to the masses for free then I think you should…

    Chill out.

    They owe you nothing and yet they are giving you stuff for free so relax and learn a few things. Like consideration, respect, and patients for instance.

    It doesn’t do any good to yell at people that are giving you help and not asking for anything in return. If you anger them enough they will just quit helping all together.

    How would you feel, spending months of work on a project that you are doing without pay and when finished you share it with the world for free.
    Only to have some impatient, spoiled kid screaming at you and not even provide any insight into what the problem is.

    • drd7of14 says:

      Yeah Patients (It’s patience)…lol Just kidding around. But seriously. Completely agree. People need to stop being so whiny. Seriously wish I could figure this stuff out myself, and I’m just grateful people like wololo, and this site, exist at all. Otherwise, I would have nothing at all. Thanks to everyone that makes this at all possible.

  18. mlc says:

    It can be hard to get it to work, of course, but as long as you’re careful and you take some effort learning about it, you’ll definitely appreciate it.

    Just make sure to backup everything all the time, and don’t make any silly mistakes once it’s working. You will feel silly having said this about TN (and wololo et al) once you get it working and realize it makes your Vita twice as awesome and enjoyable.

  19. L3roy37 says:

    So i have to keep copying and overwriting the exploit savedata file to load the new stuff i copy?

  20. tokia says:

    i have DL psp games in compressed file like this how to put in TN?

  21. Noobers says:

    Noob as heck, better die

  22. Julien says:

    With firmware 3.01, it works very well. I had no problems. Just observe the operating conditions and installation .

  23. Darth_Vexen says:

    Anyone else is having trouble running the SNES9x TYL 0.4.2 emulator? It starts ok but keeps crashing when loading a rom. All the other emulators run fine BTW.

  24. Bobo says:

    to all guys who make homebrew possible on vita, u are great! unfortunately sony doesn´t see so. 😉 but who cares? 😀

  25. Darth_Vexen says:

    I forgot to tell I’m on the Megamix exploit on 3.01.

  26. Gunblade says:

    Wy u should have gotten the games before the 1.81 wy I need a vita under 1.81.. Patches make harder for outher exploits to work…. UNO if u had a ps3 cf u could play the psp games wish I had a ps3 with cfw but I got to fix my ps3 power suply.

  27. Rick says:

    another Ninja??

  28. notder says:

    here how to run exploit 「家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!バトルアリーナ2 スピリットバースト」

    credit apolo1192

  29. Galford says:

    i have no problem at all .. its my first time doing this thing and it took me 3 hrs to get it >_<
    the problem is im playing non stop & now im so tired lol

    im playing yugioh tag force 5
    naruto ultimate impact 3
    samurai showdown anthology
    and im more DL to come !!

    im so grateful and appreciated to all your work guys !!!
    My Christmas Vacation is sooo complete !!

  30. tokia says:

    the open cma cant connect in ps vita.

  31. Patrick says:

    How do I add plugins like CW Cheats? Or eben better Tempar?

  32. Tim says:

    I am trying to copy over homebrew/emulator. says my file is 38mb on my computer and says that before i copy it over to my computer…but when i actually look at the folder size on my vita it says 32…tried copying it many times and deleting the vita file then copying it over, but still says 32mb not 37mb….

  33. Hellbelial says:

    Nes perfect,sega perfect,snes slow,mame slow,gba perfect,neo geo a little bit of lag.
    Psp Isos Tested So Far:
    Fairy Tail Portable Guild Japan
    Megaman Powered Up Eu
    Parasite Eve The 3Th Birthday Doesnt Work but i’ll try another version
    Castlevania Dracula X

    All working except PE3.

  34. Yolo says:

    how to install plugin?

  35. whackm says:

    hi Wololo, you mentioned that there was a new Urbanix exploit for pre 3.x firmwares. do you know if that ever got released?

  36. Vitality says:

    Just wondering, is it possible for USB connection when on PSP Home Menu? I tried it, but the error occurred. I hope it is working so I can transfer the game and any homebrew files easily.

    Any homebrew application that can be used easily for file transfer like ISO and PBP file format?

    • Evilchaosz says:

      Nope not possible. The easiest way to transfer is through VitaFTP.

      • Vitality says:

        I tried with VitaFTP. It works when transferring, but just a bit slow, so that’s kind of let down to me when transferring big ISO file.
        Once the new firmware is up, I would probably not using CMA to transfer the file using USB since it would require new update, so for now I use this opportunity to transfer any wanted ISOs to save data then (using the method from last UNO exploit).

  37. tokia says:

    the open cma r6 its not working from now!

  38. GEEEK says:

    My problem is after all worked well on 3.01. I decided to free up space on this 32gb memory card. I deleted some unnecessary games on vita homescreen. Now back on xmb my game column has undeleteable corrupted data areas. How do I remove them since hide em in vsh recover Does not work?

  39. JBZ says:

    Do I have to copy the whole save file with all the things I want to have in it(backups and homebrew) every time I want to just add something in there?
    I see that homebrew can be installed, but what about backups? Though it is not a big problem for me, I could see it as cumbersome if you have a small memory card and had to switch the stuff in it more often.

  40. Sovan says:

    I don’t see megamix launcher Game pls help me

  41. Hellbelial says:

    Why you have to erase the coments?.

  42. hsiao758 says:

    2.02 UNO TN Recovery menu not found “high memory support”
    can’t use 64MB

  43. jeje says:

    i have questions…i installed iso’s and cso’s properly then when i try to run all the games and others dont work, i deleted it, but it seems that the file is not fully deleted cause the size of my memory stick is not changing (example my free space of my vita is 11gb and i deleted a game size 1gb then it it should turn into 12gb..but didnt change, its the same?)and how do i delete or uninstall it properly?help

  44. GEEEK says:

    [quote=”Jdmi3n”]theres an easier way to erase them, at least what i found out.
    if you installed any games or emulators they dont work, to erase them go to your psvita setting bubble>application data
    management>add-on data (psp). In here you will see a corrupted file, its the game thats installed, just click the bottom right and hit delete. If you want the save data then back out once and go to save data psp/other and delete it there.[/quote]

    Good to Go.

  45. GEEEK says:

    Seems so but, The size is important to check cause I lost A working pspfiler and psexporer that worked but showed corrupted data in settings….?

    Good luck

  46. exequiel says:

    TEKKEN 6 not working? help.. heheh..

  47. Egelsetzer says:

    If you get ERROR C1-2858-3 while launching a homebrew, not the exploit, backup everything, formate your memory and install the psp game again, from your pc, and install tn-4. Worked out for me!

  48. gunblade says:

    was wander isent using my vita memory to store and play game going to have it like loose storage max over time wouldent addind a hard drive help like with the psp hard drive mod… ooh and reninstaling the same fireware over a couple time can messup the root storage wy i guess the ps vita shows a warning wen i updated n try to update again…

  49. AliFOJ says:

    I’ve installed some ISO’s and they are working fine. Also TN-V4 is working fine on Gamecracy 2.12. So thanks all for your hard work again.
    I’ve got a little problem though. One of the PSP game was already installed in my Vita that I downloaded from PSN store and when I tried to delete it, it didn’t and now it’s showing me corrupted file which wont get delete and it has takes 1 GB of my space in memory card and I have a small memory card of 4 GB so it’s a real pain having so much memory consumed over nothing so can someone help me how to delete it?

    • gunblade says:

      u can try pspfiller its kinduf easy once u get the hang of it or save ur games and what else u wont to save to a computer or ps3 and reformat the vita memory card jus make sure u copy every thing epecily the exploit game ooh and to point it out dont have ur vita with a psn account have auto sysnc psp save to psn cloud there like no way to get it of well not with jus a vita on a lower firmware..

      • AliFOJ says:

        Thanks for the help mate. I tried the PSP filler too but it wasn’t deleting the file as well -___-. Though I was gonna try your method and was backing up my stuff on my PC and when I went to save my PSP game to the PC I saw two corrupted files there and I deleted them from there and now I have all my wasted memory back. 😀

  50. BARRELLCOX says:

    Thank you wololo and z for maintaining the site. You put me in such good company.
    i love you.

  51. Salar says:

    ISO Files are old PSP isoz and PS1 Iso ?
    With Sound Or Without sound ?

  52. Bobo says:

    psp with sound, ps1 still no sound.

  53. luisleo says:

    my backup is erased E (c0-1136-2) what happening?

  54. hasu says:

    well tn-loader for King of Pool (JP) crashes too

    • Techni Myoko says:

      I get the same thing. TN 4 and 6 both crash

    • Techni Myoko says:

      Try turning your Vita off completely, then on again. Worked for me

    • kutay says:


  55. Hazer7 says:

    I think Tekken 6 requires high memory. I can’t get that ame to run on Megamix.

  56. thanksyall says:

    I just want to say, that you all of you guys rock!

  57. Diag says:

    why should i install iso or cso files? they are already running without installing them from the xmb (and even fast enough) :/

  58. Z says:

    No problems here…followed the guide and everything worked as designed, although it took me few min to realize that dang “ISO’s” have to be in caps…lol…Great job guys!!!

  59. Crzylegz says:

    I’m currently on FW 2.12 with GOLOR exploit and I’m trying to install TNT-V4, now my question is do I need the latest version of CMA? When I tried to transfer the TN-V4 files from PC to Vita it couldn’t connect, any solutions?

  60. Todavía en 1.81 ya con TN-V4, primero me salio la pantalla roja y no supe que hacer volví a ver mis tutoriales creados y empece de cero y ahora trabaja demaravilla de nuevo, mi duda es con urbanix 2.61, ¿puedo actualizar a esa version y usar urbanix xploit o es imposible subir a un oficial firmware usando update me subiría a 3.01?.

  61. Calvin says:

    Please help me I’m on 2.12 with robot exploit and all I see is a green screen.
    I downloaded and renamed the eboot

  62. wz says:

    Hi, i just got the exploit game,but i cant find any savadata from the link below.

    So, what should i do? thanks you

  63. Sugoi says:

    Thank you sooo much, i can finally play tn v4, i forgot to renamed the eboot.pbp into 660.PBP, greeds for Colombia South America.

  64. kutay says:


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