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Trouble getting TN-V4 to work? Solutions here!


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111 Responses

  1. Hazer7 says:

    I think Tekken 6 requires high memory. I can’t get that ame to run on Megamix.

  2. thanksyall says:

    I just want to say, that you all of you guys rock!

  3. Diag says:

    why should i install iso or cso files? they are already running without installing them from the xmb (and even fast enough) :/

  4. Z says:

    No problems here…followed the guide and everything worked as designed, although it took me few min to realize that dang “ISO’s” have to be in caps…lol…Great job guys!!!

  5. Crzylegz says:

    I’m currently on FW 2.12 with GOLOR exploit and I’m trying to install TNT-V4, now my question is do I need the latest version of CMA? When I tried to transfer the TN-V4 files from PC to Vita it couldn’t connect, any solutions?

  6. Todavía en 1.81 ya con TN-V4, primero me salio la pantalla roja y no supe que hacer volví a ver mis tutoriales creados y empece de cero y ahora trabaja demaravilla de nuevo, mi duda es con urbanix 2.61, ¿puedo actualizar a esa version y usar urbanix xploit o es imposible subir a un oficial firmware usando update me subiría a 3.01?.

  7. Calvin says:

    Please help me I’m on 2.12 with robot exploit and all I see is a green screen.
    I downloaded and renamed the eboot

  8. wz says:

    Hi, i just got the exploit game,but i cant find any savadata from the link below.

    So, what should i do? thanks you

  9. Sugoi says:

    Thank you sooo much, i can finally play tn v4, i forgot to renamed the eboot.pbp into 660.PBP, greeds for Colombia South America.

  10. kutay says:


  11. wololo says:

    It’s working for lots of people. If you have something better, feel free to share it for free like these hackers did. We are not getting any money when you buy an exploitable game.

  12. dev/zero says:

    Nobody MADE you buy any games. Nobody MADE you wait -as you say, “a year”- and because the files for TN-v4 were provided to the masses for free then I think you should…

    Chill out.

    They owe you nothing and yet they are giving you stuff for free so relax and learn a few things. Like consideration, respect, and patients for instance.

    It doesn’t do any good to yell at people that are giving you help and not asking for anything in return. If you anger them enough they will just quit helping all together.

    How would you feel, spending months of work on a project that you are doing without pay and when finished you share it with the world for free.
    Only to have some impatient, spoiled kid screaming at you and not even provide any insight into what the problem is.

  13. mlc says:

    It can be hard to get it to work, of course, but as long as you’re careful and you take some effort learning about it, you’ll definitely appreciate it.

    Just make sure to backup everything all the time, and don’t make any silly mistakes once it’s working. You will feel silly having said this about TN (and wololo et al) once you get it working and realize it makes your Vita twice as awesome and enjoyable.

  14. Noobers says:

    Noob as heck, better die

  15. Gunblade says:

    Wy u should have gotten the games before the 1.81 wy I need a vita under 1.81.. Patches make harder for outher exploits to work…. UNO if u had a ps3 cf u could play the psp games wish I had a ps3 with cfw but I got to fix my ps3 power suply.

  16. Dark GOD says:

    Just ignore ungrateful kids wololo.

  17. drd7of14 says:

    Yeah Patients (It’s patience)…lol Just kidding around. But seriously. Completely agree. People need to stop being so whiny. Seriously wish I could figure this stuff out myself, and I’m just grateful people like wololo, and this site, exist at all. Otherwise, I would have nothing at all. Thanks to everyone that makes this at all possible.

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