TN-V4: How to Install Homebrews (Installment 1 of 3)

The Z

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  1. deaos says:

    Thank you The Z
    You are the best!

  2. Lord Lien says:

    If anyone is on a MAC, you can use the above technique with right clicking & selecting “compress” on the folder. The only thing you need to do after that is make sure the zip/file you create is all in uppercase including the .ZIP part.

    One other thing to note is not all homebrews will work. I seem to have about 75% success rate. I thought at 1st it might have been because I was using a MAC (the MAC creates hidden .DS_Store files all over the place, so I thought this might effect the installer) & they still don’t work when I use my P.C to download the files & make the installer.

  3. tokia says:

    thanks for info.

  4. maou says:

    how do I transfer my psp save from my psp cfw to TNV4?

  5. Parcifel says:

    Great thank you!!!!

  6. Hellbelial says:

    Found a solution,remember Open CMA 5 Offline? so,copy and paste those files into C:programs and search for Sony folder,in there CMA paste those files there and open bat.bat.Remember to turn off internet first i forgot to mention before i start.

  7. Tobsen says:

    my question is how does it work with emulators?
    Where do I have to save the ROM Files?

    Thank you,


    • Hellbelial says:

      Contact me on Face Cristian Goitea,i have Kof pics.I will ive you one of the files and also explain how to do it because you need to know that too.

    • yo says:

      Emulators work the same way. To install ROMs you’d need to add them to the ROMs folder in the emulator and then zip it.

      I’ve found that naming the zip “INSTALL.ZIP” usually fails and causes the XMB to think it’s corrupted data. Try naming it AAA.ZIP or something short if it wont work.

  8. neolight says:


  9. jatrix says:

    ok I am having problem with pspfiler. At first it was working fine after I installed it. Then after some time when I open it again an error occurred like the common error that always show c1-2858-3. TAKE NOTE: All were setup to English US and all ISO games are working fine including snes emulator but only the pspfiler is not working, after it loads this error appeared C1-2858-3. Is there anything I can do to fix it? THanks

  10. Gie says:

    Homebrew still doesn’t show after installing and deleted .ZIP file, is it incompatible? I’m installing PSP Filer 6.6, Vita ftp, pymenu 0.4 but none of them are showing in the game menu.

    • shadow says:

      I also had some problems with vita ftp. Try to make the PSP folder to ZIP (structure: e.g. PSP/GAME/vitaFTP) and just put it in the savegame folder. Works for me.

    • devon says:

      Go to video and click memory card then just go back to game folder and it will appear. The view just needs to be refreshed hence the going to video and coming back.

    • M says:

      Make sure that the name of files(XX.ZIP,EBOOT and folders) is in all capitals and under 5 letters (PSPFI.ZIP) and also make sure that u have directory right PSP/GAME/FTP

  11. tokia says:

    how to put psp save data in cfw?

  12. kevin21 says:

    when will be the release of the next exploit ???

  13. STINKYindianarrestedinNy says:

    Thank you z as *** as you may be we love you soo muchz!

  14. tokia says:

    how to istall nes games and psp save data?

  15. Hellbelial says:

    Contact me on Face “Cristian Goitea” i have Kof pics in the main menu of face.

  16. Hellbelial says:

    Ultimate Ghost And Goblins
    And Little Big Planet are woking aswell

  17. Dr.House says:

    I must say thanks for the video even though i didnt need it i can imagine all the idiots that do thumbs up z!

  18. ninjakakashi says:

    This worked fine for me with pspfiler but when it came to gpsp kai I also had to have the install folder in my folder.

    Might just be a glitch but I tried without and with multiple times and that is what worked for me haha

    This shows how little is know on the psp emu’s changed to the original psp in a way I think…

  19. sandisk998 says:

    I transfer the INSTALL.ZIP file but when I am on the PSP XMB and I hit /\ and then Install I get the error: “Install Failed”. (80010016)
    Any Solutions?

    • sandisk998 says:

      Update: I got it to work. Originally I could not install multiple emulators because I was receiving the error. First, I installed PSPFiler individually and it worked. I then downloaded some new emulators and installed them one after the other but when it came to the GPSP I was still receiving an error. It seems that the problem was GPSP all along. When I tried to install multiple homebrews, since GPSP shows up on the XMB first for the install, and the install couldn’t go past the GPSP none of my other emulators were installed.
      I tried another GPSP emulator and I put very few ROMS in the ROM folder and it worked this time.

  20. ninjakakashi says:

    If you don’t get an answer I would say lots of trial and error and to install psp filer 1st because that can help install things that get copied over but not in the right place and if you just want to use install files it helps for that aswell…

  21. Frezzno says:

    This tutorial helped a lot. Thank you The Z. Looking forward to read installment 2 and three.

  22. tHeN00bGamer says:

    ahhm i have a question, where can i get that 101 in 1 save data thing thnx? <<< srry noob here and do i need to purchase a game on psn???

  23. shindux says:

    any of you guys having trouble getting iso/cso on? i tried and fail…

  24. Bobo says:

    you must put the iso or cso in the same directory of tn-v4. change the name of the file into big letters, at the max 8 letters. including the extension .iso into .ISO or rather .cso into .CSO.
    here an example: thegame.iso -> THEGAME.ISO

    upload it with OpenCMA, start TN-V4, look at your memorycard, install the game (or not) and have fun!

  25. Bret says:

    So if I create a zip for say the SNES emulator with roms and everything, install it on my Vita, but want to add more Roms to it, how would I do that without deleting the ROMS/Save Games I already have on my vita? Thanks for everything guys you ALL rock!!!

    • Juan says:

      Yes! I Got the same question. What about backwards? I mean, if i play some snes game at the psp ui, my advances are going to be lost everytime I perform a transfer from the pc to the vita using CMA? This will be a normal operation each time i want to upload new homebrews to my vita right? So how can i be sure my advances are kept?

  26. Bobo says:

    use an another savegame to load rom on your memcard, then use pspfiler and move the roms into the right directory, it might work.

  27. AA Gamer says:

    Battle of Z sucks ***. I know it’s a demo, but the gameplay that they plan to have it as and the fighting mechanics isn’t gonna cut it. DBZ Tag tag team is a lot better this.

  28. maturin says:

    yop all I received my vita today and after having updated I have transferred megamix that was on my ps3 since Saturday, and I could run without problem

  29. l.o says:

    how can i install cwcheat?

  30. Tribolin says:

    im having problems with gpsp, i´ve downloaded a bios, but afer i try to load a rom, tn-v crashes, what’s the problem?

  31. Mike says:

    I have music on my tnv4 for some reason, it won’t delete

  32. Draven says:

    I recommend that everyone use The Z’s tutorial to install only one homebrew. VitaFTP. Once you have that, it’s SIMPLE to connect to your Vita’s emulated PSP memory card, and to directly copy and paste ISOs, homebrews and plugins. Just as easy as copying and pasting to a regular PSP was. It takes a lot longer than it does for the PSP, but, it’s worth the lack of hassle and effort.

  33. Smoker1 says:

    OK, I do not know what it is with this, either it is the Vita or OpenCMA, but this thing is VERY twitchy/picky. For some Files, be it CSOs, ISOs, or ZIPs, You have to use trial and error for transferring. For example:
    Take Family Guy PSP Game. I tried to have it as FAMGUY.CSO, FAMILYGY.CSO, and it will not transfer. However, I typed it as FAMGY.CSO and it worked no problem. I also tried to send over the N64 Emulator, and I dont remember how I finally did it, but after a few tried, doing different Names, I finally sent it to my Vita.
    Basically, I am guessing it is possible that Sony has made it so certain file names it recognizes will not work. So if at first you do not succeed, try a different name.
    Have tried running some Emus from Wololo Downloads Section like CPS2PSP, but it will not run. Will be trying other Releases to see if I can get one working.

  34. Wtfface says:

    I did all of the z steps but iso coming out corrupted what do I do

  35. KILLERHEDAKE says:

    Its hit or miss. NesterJ installed without an issue, clicked install, deleted the file after install, returned to Vita homescreen, returned to XMB, was there, ran fine. Did same thing for other emulators, installed, deleted, returned and not there. Tried not deleting the file after install, it would still be there but requiring an install. Im starting to think some run fine with TN-V4, and some do not. Eventually if we get a list together, that’d be great.

  36. chad says:

    I can’t wait for Christmas morning to get my amazon gift card so I can order myself another vita 1st one broke after dropping off my back porch accidentally. Looking forward to the next kxploit release, hopefully after Christmas, so I can get involved and help out here, I’ve got plenty of psp experience and all of what I’ve been reading seems pretty similar. Wish I could help now but don’t want to give any bad info as there seem to be slight differences with the way things were done on psp. Thanks TN, Wololo, The Zett, Mathieulh, and all others that helped bring this to the people, you make the handheld we love even better.

  37. olivier says:

    You Wololo and T_N tanks for this great job all work for me exept the sound on psx game ? dont know why but the tn-V4
    Is very nice im very happy to use it and get the exploit game on psn in time :) Tank

  38. Proto-Tyrant says:


    thanks for that tut Z^^

    you’re a good guy

    greeting proto

  39. aaron says:

    PSM is now confirmed to work in Ireland!! I’ve got myself some PSM games from the PS Store, the runtime pakage is also available, just need to test getting a licence and see where it leads to…

  40. SERRGIO says:


  41. Xperimental says:

    Just want to say thanks to Wololo,TN and all the dev’s that made this possible and last but not least thanks to Sony for a great handheld.

    I am on 2.61 and got tn-v4 to work after a couple green screen using 101-in-1 my first vita exploit, when the psp emu loads there is a lot of lag is this normal?
    Snes also very laggie, but iso pes-2012 run ok after the game start.

    ps: Does anyone know how to trigger the “half minuit hero”

  42. Mike says:


  43. Juank says:

    Any kind soul who replies to my post above?

  44. raizo48 says:

    the exploit game must megamix or can use another game example: uno ??

  45. ITGAMER says:

    So i followed the instructions and put the extracted file to C:\Users\IT\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\ee19f39c5f745f72\NPUH10088. I copied it over but it does not show as a game to click it.. whats going on?

    I have extracted the FLASH0.TN AND TN.BIN AND 660.PBP it still does not show in my psvita. I can copy it and see it’s coped through the content manager but don’t see it anywhere els. The file Extensions are enabled. 

  46. darrell says:

    Please help me i copy the megamix on cma but it wont appear on my vita pleas help…

  47. Josue says:

    someone that wants to show me how install roms of KOF into my TN-V4? so mvspsp doesn’t reads the roms I put it on KOF 2002, KOF Plus, Garou, etc.

  48. Kitwick says:

    Okay i have to say guys there might not be too many that are truly grateful but thank you for all the hard work that you do

  49. Fisch says:

    Can someone tell me which Game or Anime this is on his Vita Background and Screensaver (the 4 Girls)? thx for reply

  50. Fisch says:

    Couldnt install any Emulators. I did everything what it was told in the video, but it always get the message “corrupted data”. I have FW 3.00 King of Pool. Tried Snes Emu and PSP Filer 6.6. Made Folder: /PSP/GAME/PSPFiler/”EBOOT.PBP . Then zipped it with name “INSTALL.ZIP” and with store. Saved Zip-file in my SaveData (like i did with psp-iso’s; they worked), but when i go to memory stick, its shows “corrupted files”

    can pls someone help me? thx

  51. Xperimental says:

    Hi fisch, I had to rename PSPFiler to PSPFILER try that.

    ps: Can someone give me an anwser to my post above PLS.

  52. Fisch says:

    =((( i really tried everything now, but still “corrupted Data”. Also called my Filer Folder “PSPFILER”. Tried compression Normal and Store. I tried different Emulators. I have the file extensions correct. I downloaded the files of the Emulators from and from other sites.

    Is it possible that i cant use the newest files of the emulators on FW 3.00? i downlaoded the same versions as in the video.

  53. Fisch says:

    Phew… found my failure and now it works. But i still want to know what game this is in the video (background of vita) at 08:13. thx =)

    • Unnounn says:

      What was your error, because I am having the same issue, and when it actually installs.. the game wont run.. it will be a black screen, thanks in advance!

      • Fisch says:

        I had from the begining 2 savegame folders. I could only install pspfiler with my first savegame folder (ULES01164) and then all others on my second savegame folder (ULES01164_GameData0). But at first i had to install 1 homebrew on my first savegame folder, dont know why.

    • Fisch says:

      hehe fount it, it is K-on =D

  54. Lewis says:

    Hi and first off thanks to EVERYONE who’s made this possible, from Total_Noob to other programmers, and commenters helping everyone. Maybe someone can help me too, I’ve successfully installed TN-V4 on 2.61 with Fieldrunners, and I successfully installed a couple ISO’s (actually on CSO format seems to work for me, but it works). When I came to homebrews, I installed the first one, Nester without problem, then I tried a second emulator (Picodrive) and even though everything looks right, files copy over, show up on XMB and allow me to install, however after I install I cannot find the 2nd emulator. The iso’s and nester are still there, but picodrive isn’t. I tried a variety of different emus (daedalus, gpsp, snes9xtyl) and always the same issue, is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!

    • Fisch says:

      Hi. I had a similar problem. I had from the begining 2 savegame folders. I could only install pspfiler with my first savegame folder and then all others on my second savegame folder. I really dont know why because iam just a noob that tried everything to make it work ^^, but i hope it helps you.

    • Lewis says:

      I seem to have found my problem (my own mistake), I was creating the zip file from a folder called INSTALL, so my file structure was INSTALL>PSP>GAME> etc… instead of creating it from folder PSP>GAME etc…not sure this will help anyone

  55. mma_jedi says:

    How/where do I put PDFs? I have TN-V installed and running great with BOOKR, Star Wars TFU and few other apps. But Idk how to get PDFs in..when in book it doesn’t show anything besides the menu interface. I made a COMMON folder in INSTALL.ZIP/PSP/ folder where the GAME folder is but it doesn’t show. Maybe put the common folder into the game folder? Idk….anyone know? many thnx in advance.

  56. UnnOunN says:

    I am installing .PBP files greatly now, but when I try to run games, any game.. It wont run, the screen is black and that is it… any help?

  57. K4L says:

    Love you guys keep it up!

  58. Rah says:

    “Install Failed
    (80010016)” Any ideas why I’m getting this message?

  59. herschwolf says:

    Also, wanted to let people know. I just installed a bunch of homebrew at the same time. I put each folder (all caps and each name less than 8 characters long) into the \\PSP\GAME folder. I had to put the INSTALL.ZIP file in the “_GameData0″ folder myself. When I went to install, it only showed one image (the first in alphabetical order) but it installed every homebrew I had in the folder. When asked to delete the file, I selected yes and then exited the memory card back to the main menu I went back into the Game–>Memory Card and all the homebrew showed up installed and running smoothly.

  60. Galford says:

    Thank you it was tricky but i did it ! phew :O

  61. Sakelade says:

    ive followed directions and read posts but for some reason i cant get get my emus to work on TN-V6. No clue what im doing. i have the neogeo, cps2 and pico i want on there. but ive tried this over and over and nothing :(

  62. Roberto says:

    I don’t get anithyng. I get only the exploit game

  63. sm says:

    Many times, I do not so I’m still dizzy guidance in Manual please help me

  64. sm says:

    tutoring help easiest way for me to install and can be on tn v4 on my ps vita

  65. sm says:

    how to get psp games ps vita 3:01 simplest

  66. TravisAxel says:

    Ive followed directions and managed to install SNES 9xTYL. The homebrew runs but stalls while loading roms. Any rom will start to load and linger forever.

    Anyone find a work-around?

  67. EHSAN says:

    i try this just now, everything works so well until the part to copy into the vita. i took megamix same as the video show as to not get any mistakes.. but then, after finish copy, the icon for the megamix(homebrew) is not out on the surface of vita… please teach me how to avoid that.!!

  68. CARLO says:


  69. sm says:

    put in the game do you mean how can light right

  70. sm says:

    please I want to hack ps vita 3:01

  71. CHRISTIAN says:


  72. ivo says:

    use language fix
    use 7.3 megapack

  73. BOBAH says:

    я всё зделал как надо а у меня нету на экране этой иконке помогите.

  74. Rubber says:

    Homebrew is not showing up in the game XMB! Followed Video tutorial Perfectly. Why is this not working?

  75. Halar says:

    Hey Guys. Please someone help me out. First of all i m from Pakistan and i got a PS VITA from my Brotherly friend in USA as a gift. And now I want to get the PSP games on PS VITA eg all the stuff that’s just been explained here. But I seem to be having so many problems and do not understand anything at all. my PS VITA is completely new It has 8gb memory card along with extra 8gb card with lots of other cool accesories. 3.01 FW. 3g model – which doesn’t seem to be working over here in Pakistan.

    All I want to know what things do i need to get the games on my PS VITA. simply how do it do it.
    NOTE: Can’t get a PS account CUZ my region ain’t there and it sucks.
    NOTE: No wifi connection in my area. I live in a very small or to be more specific under-developed city so can’t even use wifi.
    Please help because I can’t do S@#T with my brand new PS-VITA although I thought I’ll have hellova fun with it.
    Help guidance anything that tends to help me and promote me towards the thing I want Will be tremendously appreciated..

  76. masood says:

    my Ps vita is running latest version. and i dont know how to boot it into xmb. can you help me?

  1. January 26, 2014

    […] to be one app you need on your vita, PSP Filer. You can get that here and install it following this great tutorial by The […]

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