Release: TN-V4 for PS Vita 3.01 (and below)


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556 Responses

  1. Cnsot says:

    Thank you!!

  2. jeje says:

    ty finally 😀

  3. DamianKillYou says:

    Thanks for all your hard work guys, it is much appreciated. Looking foward to a new year of opportunites for :)

  4. mlc says:

    Megamix files don’t work on 1.81, though I don’t know if that’s an error.

    I’ll probably stick to TN-V3 for a while until there are more error reports, since I don’t really want to get stuck spending a long time fixing some error for little benefit.

    • mlc says:

      I assume someone else has mentioned this, but TN says the Red Screen of Death bug in 2.10 and below will be fixed sometime tomorrow. (though I’m sure this will depend on the amount of effort required and his time, but he doesn’t seem to think it will be very long)

      But I do believe it’s possible to reinstall TN-V3 with a lower firmware exploit, presumably by removing the TN-V4 files and reinstalling with the TN-V3 files and holding R for recovery.

  5. BeastyX says:

    I Thank You I Missed Out Last Time And Now I Have Been Blessed To Finally Have TN Grace My Handheld

  6. Casmut says:

    Thank you guys! You’re all so kickass. 😀 Thanks for all the hard work, dedication, and optimism (in the face of badgering people) to deliver this to us! <3

  7. NICE says:

    Very nice! Thank you all for this Pierce oft awesomness! <3

  8. jeje says:

    can someone help me i dont know what to do..cant follow the instruction tnx in advance

  9. Ocsicnarf X says:

    if megamix don’t work for you change the language to english

  10. Maning says:

    i forgot how to do this? Can somebody link the tutorial >_<
    Sorry its been a while since we do this

  11. Jeff says:

    Thanks to all creators of the tnv hack

  12. D-TeK-DeV says:

    AHHHHHHH, YEAAH!!! *Black guy voice*

  13. lemski07 says:

    gonna wait for the next one… bought a 10$ psn but forgot to DL the exploit game… (dont like the game). and not enough space in the memory card lol (4gb). ;p

  14. ChaosedLolo says:

    It works like a charm!

  15. Iris Heart says:

    ***, I haven’t been this excited in a long time.

  16. dan says:

    you need to make a save file in megamix before you do this.

  17. Jeff says:

    anny one know how to install games in to the tnv?

  18. Dark GOD says:

    Good Stuff

  19. weth says:

    I installed the fieldrunners exploit buturn off. t it made my vita slow and unable to turn off, all it does is have the loading circle while the music plays in the background.

    Any solutions?

  20. huss0406 says:

    I got an error(c1-2858-3),PLZ HELP!!!!

  21. Jeff says:

    this is how i installed it
    open the megamix.rar file then extract it then open the tnv4.rar and drag and tn.bin then you put it into ur save folder and plug ur vita in and transfer

  22. Olivier says:

    Same error how to fix it i do all then when is the loading that freez up then nothing more then a erro :(

  23. ssx says:

    thank you! 1 question i got the megamix in fw 3.00, the file will work (3.01 and below) right because i left my vita ( i dont get to update) at home and im in college.

  24. JhormanC says:

    It happened the same problem with UNO TN-V3 is not compatible with the Spanish language with English only ..

  25. wisest.guy says:

    Thank you for the clear instructions, works fine.

  26. Isaac says:

    Im on 3.01 with megamix
    What version should i take for tnv ? Psp 1000 or 2000?

  27. Wrozen says:

    Where is the Arcade Darts exploit download? ***?

  28. Mr. Iwata says:

    Ok. I have the 101 Game on my PS3 downloaded. Can I transfer it to my PS Vita or not. Please reply!!

  29. Olivier says:

    How to put iso and homebrew :(

  30. Whackm says:

    Hey guys, what about the new Urbanix exploit. Any idea when that will be released?

  31. otto says:

    what about people who missed exploitable games?

  32. exequiel says:

    working perfect

  33. Olivier says:

    plz how to put game ?

  34. CanadianAidan says:

    Thank you all very much for your hard work and dedication!

    This was my best lead to getting on TN-V4 6 or more months ago and I’ve stayed tuned ever since.

    JUST got TN-V4 up and running! DOPE!


  35. Olivier says:

    But how … -.-

  36. dood90 says:

    Does someone know in which folder one has to put his psp isos for them to work with tn v4? 😀
    Great job btw, thx alot for your work guys!

  37. vampiraqula says:

    This is Awesome. Working great! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  38. Wrozen says:

    Am I not getting TN-V4 as I was promised just because I have Arcade Darts??!?!

  39. Nani says:

    Finally I got the best out of Vita.
    First time Kernel exploit experiencing :)

    Krutagnatalu Mitrama (Thanks Buddy in Telugu) !!!

  40. jove says:

    HOW TO INSTALL ISO AND SEPLUGINS COZ I WANTO TO PUT MH3Rd with english patch ang and some PRX and homebrew pls give link.thnx wololo and TN mwah mwah mwah tsup tsup..mga BOSSING

  41. Ex-player says:

    Didn’t find FLASH0.TN, what’s wrong?

  42. OR says:

    Pain in the *** and a waste of money. Just install CFW on your PSP and you’re better off. Until the Vita is fully hacked you’re wasting your time.

    • flexx says:

      wasting time>???? Dude it took less than 15 minutes to be fully u and running, and through ftp, kingdom hearts birth by sleep never looked better on this awesome vita screen. so speak for yourself kiddo cause this was well worth it!

  43. Maning says:

    Well Well What can i Say !! Awesome this is my first time Doing it actually Finally Justice prevail And Merry Christmas!! BEWARE OF HATERS ..!!!

  44. Bronson says:

    I changed the update name from EBOOT.PBP to 660.PBP and it installe

  45. phil87700 says:

    Thank you, but sold my Vita last month.
    Will buy soon.. Hope there is still more to come. 😉

  46. jeje says:

    it seems im having problem… i did watch this tutorial but the screen freeze when i push the R trigger? plss help error “C1-2858-3″

  47. brook930 says:

    Thank you very much for the work !!!

  48. Whackm says:

    Hey guys, I’m running the HK version of 101 Megamix. When I try to load the savedata, I just get a greenscreen. Did anyone else get this?

  49. Dav says:

    Error(c1-2858-3), i change English, Error !! :(

  50. Eddie Rojo says:

    Hello to everyone. I have a question; what can i do before and after applying hack the psvita. Do i deactivate the vita from psn or not go online with that account on the vita (turn off wifi.) I don’t want to get banned. Thank you in advance.

  51. NoOne says:

    Thanks Total Noob 😀

  52. Wrozen says:

    I guess my game is the only game not supported….

  53. dood90 says:

    Is there a way to load TN-V4 without going through loading the game, then loading the savedata game…? Or even better, is there a way to load the PSP homebrews/games/whatever directly from the PS vita main menu? 😀

  54. fatman01923 says:

    Many thanks to everyone involved from Totalnoob with TNV4, to 173210 and Qwikrazor87 for sharing exploits. Also thanks to Wololo for keeping this blog the #1 spot for Vita related hacks/news and to the dedicated mods @ \talk and the bloggers here on the main page. Thanks for all your efforts as this was worth keeping hush hush about and patient.

  55. honey103 says:

    Can u pls make video instruction im noob how to install… TN Your Amazing !!!

  56. solidsnake says:

    hash tag excited

  57. Wilha93 says:

    For those having difficulty installing:

    *Make sure you have OPEN CMA installed.

    1. extract the correct Megamix.rar file or the KingOfPool.rar, whichever one you have based on your country provided by the links above.

    2. put the extracted folder in the folder with random numbers that is inside the “PSAVEDATA” folder inside the “PS Vita” folder.

    3. Copy TN.BIN and FLASH0.TN from the tnva file that you downloaded. Put both of those files inside the saved data folder, this is the folder that you put into
    PS Vita/PSAVEDATA, make sure that you put the TN.BIN and FLASH0.TN files inside the saved data folder where you will see ICON0.PNG AND PIC1.PNG

    4. Now you rename the EBOOT.PBP file to 660.PBP and put that file in the same location where you put the TN.BIN and FLASH.TN files.
    – if for example you are using the 101-in-1 Megamix (US version) , the location will be something similar to this.
    PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\47269000cf38502d\NPUH10088

    5. Open the Content Manager on your PS Vita and select
    PC —> PS Vita under Copy Content, then Applications, then under Saved Data press PSP/Other and select either 101-in1 Megamix or King Of Pool, the press copy. After the transfer is done you can quit Content Manager on you PS Vita.

    6. Open your game and it should automatically bring you to the Recovery Menu, where you then select Advanced, then Install 6.60 Files

    7. After the installation is done go back on the Recovery Menu and exit. Voila the PSP Environment will then start.

    Hope I could help. All of this is explained in the readme.txt inside tnv4.rar that you downloaded.

  58. zzjsd2011 says:

    Thank you! But I can\t download the latest opencma,if the link is right or not.

  59. GREY says:

    guys! thx for all your work done. Followed instruction get everithing work, enjoing FFT and GT. Thanks, psp still in my heart!

  60. john says:

    I cant download the latest opencma. if the link is right or not.

  61. Znero says:

    Don’t work.
    When I switch system language to English, I got a green screen with C1-2858-3 error.

    • Znero says:

      Buyed game in RU store. Maybe this a cause of problem?

    • Manuel N says:

      Yep it doesn´t work for me, i got the same problem (error c1-2858-3) Does anyone how to workaround this issue? and if i have to erase VHBL before in order to run tn-v4 properly? i´m on firmware 2.61 with US fieldrunners bought from mexican PSN. Please anybody help me :(

    • Cyko says:

      Same error everytime. Just change your Vita language to English and wait for a fixed version for other language support.

  62. jeje says:

    i figure it out 😀 hahaha analyze the instruction properly

  63. Hiblo24 says:

    Many thanks! Can anyone post up a tutorial for isos? I’ve tried following the instructions in the notepad but it wont work. I’ve copied the iso in caps and all that in the save data but it seems when I try to transfer this, using openCMA btw, only the save will transfer and not the iso. Please help.

    • smae says:

      I had the same issue at first but after I removed the .ISO (for example changing KENKA.ISO to KENKA) it worked fine

    • Hiblo24 says:

      I followed this, but the iso would not transfer. Only the save’s datas will.

      [How to install ISOs]
      * Copy your ISO game to the savedata folder where you can find ‘TN.BIN’ and ‘FLASH0.TN’. The file must be UPPER CASE LETTER and max. 8 characters long.
      (In example: MYGAME.ISO)
      * Transfer the savedata to your PS Vita using CMA. Ensure that the savedata is at least as big as your ISO game is.
      * Launch your exploit game and boot the VSH, then select ‘Memory Stick’ in the ‘Game’ column.
      * Press triangle on the game and select ‘Install’ to move the ISO to ‘ms0:/ISO’.
      * The ISO doesn’t appear directly. You first have to close the game menu, select something else, and then reopen it.

      • smae says:

        It should work as log as you’ve put the iso in to the proper save data folder and the Title is less than 8 letters long all in caps.

      • Hiblo24 says:

        Alright problem fixed! My folders hid the extensions. Revealed them, changed them, and now works! Back to my psp glory days!!! Thanks abunch!

  64. Oneshot1592 says:

    General info running PSVita 3.01 us version with 101 in megamix bought it and installed it directly to my vita right when they announced it ive hacked dozens of psps back in the day but this is my first attempt at a vita , now my issue that im having after i followed all the instruction to the tee is when i load the save file it looks like its loading the exploit but it stays a green background then i get an error message (c1-2858-3) same thing even when i press the right trigger. If anyone knows what im doing wrong or if they have the same issue and got it fixed please respond with the details. Thanks guys

    • jeje says:


  65. Oneshot1592 says:

    Got it fixed it seems like the tn.bin file from the tnv4 release file didnt copy correctly but copied it again and it worked without holding the R trigger. Thanks guys, followed Jeffs comment for my problem

  66. mangosteam says:

    weeeeh working pretty good on 101 in 1 megamix much faster than gravity crash in terms of loading and all my homebrews are still intact and nothing amiss, now will just need to test the ftp hehe.

  67. exequiel says:

    THANKS WOLOLO AND TOTAL NOOB AND TO ALL who make this possible! haha

  68. Arcane says:

    Thanks to all dev’s and exploit hunters 😛
    Tried it and it works flawless!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  69. exequiel says:

    WOLOLO AND TOTAL NOOB AND TO ALL who make this possible! haha

  70. mdtodd229 says:

    i dont think im doing this right but my psp game is not showing up at all. can someone help me please. thanks

  71. jeje says:

    can someone tell me how to install iso/cso games do i have to lunch psp filler and i dunno where to find it? help??

  72. Marlon says:

    We must run everytime the megamix game?

  73. PlaGeRaN says:


  74. niksko12 says:

    To all that is having problems in transferring iso files.

    rename the iso/cso file any name not greater than 8characters all capitals. even the .ISO file extension. then copy it to the save file folder.

    if you cant see the extension name. go to folder options then check the view file extensions.

  75. chaos says:

    I am running UNO 2.02 exploit and followed the instructions carefully but im still getting the (c1-2858-3) error. I checked my language and its on English (united states). I have no clue how to fix this. You guys got any tips?

  76. joeygonzalez says:

    How do you exit psp game

  77. garrlker says:

    For anyone having problems installing homebrew or isos. Capitalize everything, including the extension. If you don’t see it go to your folder settings(in control panel) and uncheck “hide extensions of known filetypes”. Then you can capitalize it and it will work and be able to be installed.

  78. mojo says:

    So what’s the default button combination to softreset the psp while playing? Thanks 😀

  79. ShineAqua says:

    To go home, you have to go into the TN recovery menu>advanced>advanced menu and chose a two button combo for “home,” it’s a.. in the readme file.

    • ShineAqua says:

      Sorry, to clarify:
      You need to choose a one or two button combo to activate the ability to go home, so before you start playing a game:
      1, go into the TN recovery menu>advanced>advanced configuration
      2, go to “Simulate HOME w/ button 1″ and pick a button
      3, go to “Simulate HOME w/ button 2″ and pick a button
      4, exit out of all of that and when you’re back in TN-V start a game and when you want to exit back to TN-V, press your two button combo.

  80. Duster says:

    Open CMA isnt installing properly for me. Im trying to install 6.0 for this and it still asks me to update my firmware. Help?

  81. tokia says:

    OMG! cant sleep 😀

  82. enginesol says:


    Best regards from Ibiza (Baleares/Spain).

  83. ShineAqua says:

    BTW, thanks, and also, wait until after my finals are done with please.

    • Shinyoite says:

      Who has to wait? The exploit games are already off from PSN, and TN-V4 files were released in this announcement. Everything it out already.

      • ShineAqua says:

        I’ve been up all night cramming math, there was supposed to be a “next time” in there somewhere, too tired to form a cogent sentence however. Blessed be spell check.

        • Shinyoite says:

          Ahh, so this excitement has completely stolen your focus from studying, and will end up making you even more tired. Heh, well, have fun with the exploit and good luck with those finals.

  84. jeje says:

    can someone plss help me i dont know hot to install the PSP filer WOLOLO pls help this is my 1st tym..that i will do this so i dont know..what 2 do?

    • Shinyoite says:

      Follow the instructions for using .zip files (INSTALL.ZIP), you simply place your PSPFiler files inside INSTALL.ZIP and install that.

    • Ricky D says:

      download psp filer
      extract it to a temporary hard drive on your computer



      make sure the eboot is in that PSPFiler folder

      use 7-zip (free) to make a zip file by right clicking on the PSP folder and select 7-zip/add to archive….

      Name the zip file something like INSTALL.ZIP (all caps – old dos 8.3 file names)

      Throw it in with the save file that you use for TN-V and transfer it to your Vita

      Now when you load up TN-V you’ll see PSP Filer in the Game category on the XMB under the memory stick. Hit Triangle then install. You can delete it from your save after install

      • jeje says:

        ty guys for replying so much appreciated 😀

      • jeje says:

        I CANT FIND THE ‘Memory Stick’ in the ‘Game’ column. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

      • jeje says:


        [How to install ZIPs]

        * Create an ZIP archive of a homebrew, saved as: “XXXXXXXX.ZIP/PSP/GAME/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/EBOOT.PBP”, where ‘XXXXXXXX’ is the name of the archive and ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ of your homebrew.

        * Save the archive in the savedata folder where you can find ‘TN.BIN’ and ‘FLASH0.TN’. The file must be UPPER CASE LETTER and max. 8 characters long.

        (In example: MYZIP.ZIP)

        * Transfer the save data to your PS Vita using CMA. Ensure that the save data is at least as big as your ZIP archive is.

        * Launch your exploit game and boot the VSH, then select ‘Memory Stick’ in the ‘Game’ column.

        * Press triangle on the homebrew and select ‘Install’ to extract the contents to your Memory Card.

        * The homebrew doesn’t appear directly. You first have to close the game menu, select something else, and then reopen it.

  85. Makoto-kun says:

    Thank you Total_Noob!

  86. CanadianAidan says:

    Hi all.

    Thanks again for the release.

    I have got everything installed but am having trouble running PSP ISO’s.

    I did manage to transfer a full ISO image in the 101-in-1 gamesave file and it transferred at 1.6GB….

    So I launch TN-V4 and go into the “Memory Stick”.

    My game does not show up still.

    It shows the 101-in-1 game in there but not the PSP ISO.

    I ensured that it was renamed with under 8 characters and ended with .ISO

    But it won’t show up under my “Memory Stick”.

    Any ideas?

    Or perhaps a link to a video showing someone transferring a PSP ISO rather than just homebrew?


    • CanadianAidan says:

      Sorry, I’m unsure how to edit on the forum yet.

      I wanted to mention that there is also no “Install” option when I press Triangle on the file.

      It does have “Delete”….

    • Ricky D says:

      install a file manager like PSP Filer or Ad Hoc File Transfer. Look in your memory stick (PSP file structure) at MS0\PSP\SAVEDATA and look in your save folder for your copy of the exploit.

      I’m willing to bet the file isn’t named right. It needs to be no more than 8 characters for the name and 3 for the extension and both the name and extension need to be all CAPS

      Example GAME1.ISO or GAME2.CSO

      If you did name your ISO right it should show up in the memory stick under you Game category on the XMB. Hit triangle then install. It’ll copy over then ask you to delete. Go ahead and delete. Now you’ll see that it’s not listed in the game category. Hit select to bring up the VSH menu. Hit reset to reboot the PSP. The game should show now and be ready to play

    • totsk1 says:

      I followed the same instruction and it worked perfectly. Now playing my good ol’ God of War :)

      • CanadianAidan says:

        Dang man… Still no luck.

        Dont know if it’s the zipping or the file structure/placement of zip file I’m getting wrong.

        Nothing will show up for PSP Filer… I dont even know what files I’m supposed to use in there… It seems like it’s just the EBOOT.

        I’m usually so good at figuring these things out jsut reading “readme” files but there just is not very clear explanation unfortuantely for getting PSP ISO’s to run.

        I’ve unlocked a couple PSP’s before but this is just alluding me…

        Do I need to install plugins before PSP Filer will show up in TN-V4?

        • CanadianAidan says:


          Comments were down for a bit there (server overload probably) amd could not find the file structure comment I needed above.

          Thanks for all the work and help everyone!

          Freaking amazing community!

  87. BigThanks says:

    I was waiting for this since i buy my ps vita (more than a year now) and i want to thank all awesǒe guys who participate on this :) thank you guys

  88. fakejameh says:

    having trouble loading up homebrews. so let me get this straight we are supposed to save a Homebrew as HOMEBREW.ZIP (8 characters only)?

    im confused by this..

    [How to install ZIPs]
    * Create an ZIP archive of a homebrew, saved as: “XXXXXXXX.ZIP/PSP/GAME/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/EBOOT.PBP”, where ‘XXXXXXXX’ is the name of the archive and ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ of your homebrew.

    • Shinyoite says:

      Throw your homebrew FOLDER inside INSTALL.ZIP, that should do it.

      • fakejameh says:

        yea I did. still not working for me somehow. I put gPSP in HOMEBREW.ZIP. also tried putting the homebrew in HOMEBREW.ZIP/PSP/GAME/gPSP still didn’t show up in the file size in CMA

        ISOs are working fine though :/

        • Shinyoite says:

          Do it the traditional way by naming your HOMEBREW.ZIP to INSTALL.ZIP and see what happens.

        • fakejameh says:

          my bad. got it working now. I was simply renaming the files so instead I tried making a ZIP using WinRAR, worked perfectly.

        • Ricky D says:

          He just listed it funny in the instructions


          inside the zip file should be the following directory structure


          • jeje says:

            guys can you check your plug in..on your tn recover mine is emply pls reply

          • CanadianAidan says:

            I believe what I am not getting is how to create a folder structure inside the zip file…

            Every time I try it just creates a folder PSP with the subfolders and file.

  89. Kishiyojin says:

    Thanks a lot!! i really appreciate your hard work 😀

  90. newguim says:

    Hi, i’m with UNO ofw 2.02 version, do i have to delete something from tn-v3 to prepare for tn-v4?
    (i already got the megamixgame installed)

    • Shinyoite says:

      Well, depends. If you’re gonna use UNO TN-V4 instead of Megamix TN-V4, you will need to delete your TN-V3 files naturally. If you’re not gonna update to 3.01, you can use UNO for TN-V3 and Megamix for TN-V4 so you won’t have to delete anything at all.

      • newguim says:

        I haven’t updated to ofw 3.01 yet but i’m planning to do it and use the tn-v4 with megamix, in that case should i delete something? what will happen to the space occupied by the isos installed in tn-v3? (has you know space in the frackin sony memory cards is more expensive then gold)

  91. Wenuz says:

    Thank you tool noob !

  92. maou says:

    Where should I put the psp iso? this is my first tnv4 for vita

  93. diman.wav says:

    Now run the exploit for the game (the trigger varies on the game. For 101-in-1 megamix, just loading the savedata should be enough) and TN-V should start.

    – ERROR C1-2858-3


  94. fakejameh says:

    what about if you copy a HOMEBREW onto the MEM stick that doesn’t work. How do we delete content off the MS:/0 or whatever afters its been installed

    eg. I just installed an ISO, that is now taking up disk space. how do I uninstall the game if I want to clear up space

  95. jeje says:

    guys plss help the tn recover plugin is empty what should i do?

    • Ricky D says:

      you have to set it up yourself. go to and look around for some plugins. I suggest CWCheat and Popsloader to start you off with. Set it up on your computer. You have to edit GAME.TXT or VSH.TXT depending on the plugin and put all that in seplugins folder. Throw the folder in with your save file for TN-V and use a file manager to move the seplugins folder from your save file in ms0:\PSP\SAVEDATA\******* (your save) to ms0:\

  96. Denwa says:

    I was wondering if it was necessary to log out of PSN/deactivate the Vita while using this exploit? What I’m asking is, does SONY have a way to find out you’re running the exploit? I’m just wondering since I have quite a lot of bought games, so I’m not quite ready to go offline… probably should’ve thought about this before buying the epxloited game. 😀

  97. makong says:

    my ps vita cant turn off after fail installing ps vita how to fix?

  98. totsk1 says:

    Is there a way to get back to the main menu when you’re in a game?

  99. Kenny says:

    God dammit. Was so keen and I missed it.

  100. gutiserra says:

    My PSV doesn’t enter in the recovery menu, instead the game reaches the end of the load bar and freezes, then a window appears saying “An error ocurred.(C1-2858-3)” And automatically exits the game.

    I’ve tried to load with or without pressing the trigger and anything…

  101. kinito says:

    In megamix the system with 3.01 EU freezes with error (C1-2858-3)Like the other xploits…. (Me happen the same with arcade pool and snooker)
    The system languaje is Spanish.
    What is better change the languaje or wait for a fix??

  102. Vaifer says:

    ERROR C1-2858-3 to start recovery

  103. CaR says:

    Once again, not to be ungrateful, but why didnt the files for past exploits at least be sent out before the regular release, i’m visiting another country , its not fair to not have access to such files but this was just released as of Dec 17 2013 so meh that’s so and so but really i wish it was earlier.

    • Shinyoite says:

      I really can’t understand anything you just said, If you are out of country, you can still download these… If you are out of country, you can still bring your Vita. If you’re out of country, it’s not their fault you forgot to bring the equipment to access this exploit.

    • wololo says:

      Releasing the kernel exploit for *any* game would have given it away for Sony to patch. So obviously everything has to be released at the same time

  104. TitoKeren says:

    Error C1-2858-3

    Help meee wololo¡¡

  105. Cyko says:

    Somebody got a good tutorial, how to get SNES Emulator and other stuff to TN-V?

    • tim says:

      yes please, would like to know step by step how to.

    • jvhellraiser says:

      Download the pspfiler in the TN-C/TN-V download section,
      then added to your save file boot TN-V4 and go to the icon of the pspfiler press triangle and press install, the after is install press select and reset VSH, now launch pspfiler and create a music folder on MSO:/.

      now go to the PC pack you homebrew (Zip)(Option store)
      now change the extension from .zip to .mp3 now connect the Psvita to the PC, move your homebrew with new .mp3 ext to the
      music folder in the PC and tranfer to the vita.

      launch tn-V4 launch pspfiler, now go to the music folder and find your homebrew copy it to MS0:/ change the extension back to .zip access the folder and copy your
      hombrew to games folder.

      PS. make sure your EBOOT.PBP is rename to FBOOT.PBP

  106. nouchi says:

    Seems like “C1-2858-3 error” is affected by system language.
    I’m on EU megamix and fix it by changing french to english (US) in system setting. Enjoy TN-V

  107. TitoKeren says:


    Everyone, put lenguage to english

    Para los españoles; este pronlema, el 2858, teneis que cambiar el idioma de la vita a ingles.

  108. chanel says:

    Does PS1 homebrew (popsloader/eboot.pbp) works on TN-V4?

  109. Setsubun says:

    Hello, I followed the instructions about installing TN-V4 but when I load the savedata appears an error and exits 101-in-1 Megamix (Ha ocurrido un error (C1-2858-3)). What can I do? The only strange thing I detect is that the savedata I download from this page already has a TN.BIN, so I have to delete it and put the TN.BIN of the TN binary files or don’t do that, and it gives me the error either way…

  110. pj says:

    Ok i installed them picodrive homebrew with INSTALL.ZIP USED STORE no compreshion and transfered when i try to install it says corrupted data?

  111. totsk1 says:

    Many thanks TotalNoob, Qwikrazor87, 173210! Is there any other mode of donation aside from paypal?

  112. fakejameh says:

    so far haven’t been able to get homebrews or PSX games working. closest I got was the game copied onto the drive, but then after I installed it it wouldn’t show up

  113. lupus says:

    Thx for release.
    But i’m found a bug – 100-in-1 megamix crashes if langeauge in system settings of ps vita set to russian. With EN (US) all works fine.

    • Znero says:

      Ты в ру сторе купил игру?
      У меня при запуске вылетает, но смена языка не помогает(

  114. natsu says:

    I am having a problem with Mad Blocker Alpha on 1.81. I dl the MBA (US)save exploit and the tn-v4 from the site.I am on tn-v3 but cant seem to get this working. I’m pretty sure i got the steps right but somehow i am getting a error. Would appreciate some help. Thank you

    • natsu says:

      I got my brothers vita working just fine. His vita used a different exploit on 2.11. It was so simple to do his. Now he is on tn-v4 . Is anyone else having the same problem on 1.81 MBA trying to install tn-v4.

  115. Lord Lien says:

    Worked perfectly from the instructions above. I used the MAC version of CMA with the internet switched off to transfer over the files. One thing to note is read the instructions & follow them to the letter^^

  116. ickn28 says:

    thanx so much.. guys read carefully and its work..

  117. Dannatazza says:

    Any news on an AU/NZ exploit?

  118. Jan says:

    Thank you for all the devs for this early holiday present, thank you wololo for your generosity, cheers! From Saudi Arabia

  119. still dre says:

    Anyone else having the issue of some ISOs not copying to the vita?

    I copied about 7 ISOs and it says it’s copying the 6gig fieldrunner save file but once it’s done the savedata file is only 1 gig and I have only 2 of the ISOs available to play in TN-V4

    If anyone has found a solution please let me know, thanks.

    • CanadianAidan says:

      How did you set up your file structure for PSP Filer?

      Or did you even have to do that to get the games to show up in your TN-V4? Install PSP Filer?

      • still dre says:

        I didn’t install PSPfiler as far as I know, all I needed to do is follow the ISO installation instructions in the readme file and they appeared in the memory stick games section after launch. It worked fine when I tested it initially it’s only when I decided to fill it up that it only chose to copy 2 of the 7 ISOs

  120. CanadianAidan says:

    I’m still having issues with transferring/installing PSP Filer.

    Some help would be appreciated.

    Don’t know if it’s the zip part Im messing up or if it’s where I’m putting the zipped file after. Is it even a zip file or is it a zip file inside a folder structure? Or is a folder structure zipped into a zip file? IM SO LOST. :(

    Should it go into the TN-V4 exploit folder as INSTALL.ZIP or should it be C:\Users\Canadian\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\xxxx1541cfc5xxxx\NPUH1xxxx\PSP\GAMES\INSTALL.ZIP

    A link to a guide would be awesome…

  121. alin says:

    Thank you TN,Coldbird,Wololo.

  122. abdou005 says:

    TN V4 doesn’t work in 1,81 EU Urbanix . it doesn’t load. It gives a ” White SCREEN “. Already reported in the forum. just to let you know Wololo 😀

  123. jp ver says:

    How is it suppose to work with the hitman reborn exploit?
    i followed the instructions and loaded the save data but nothing happens. Thank you for the exploit. Help for the jp version.

  124. LuKe_AA says:

    Multi3 Instructions (altough, how exactly do you read these boards without a dime of english?)

    To install this, change your PS Vita language to English.

    Para installar, debes de cambiar el idioma de la PS Vita a Ingles.

    Per installare, cambiate la lingua della vostra PS Vita a Inglese.

    Where would I put PSP isos, by the way?

    • LuKe_AA says:

      Rather, how would I make sure to rename the iso file with Capital .ISO without having Windows calling it XXXXXX.ISO.iso?

      • ravel says:

        check your folder options to view file extensions

      • LuKe_AA says:

        Guess I’ll try to answer my own question for whatever help it may be;

        Names for iso files cannot be longer than 8 digits, the file extension cannot be longer than 3, both the filename AND the extension must be in UPPERCASE (MHXXXXU.ISO);

        To rename lowercase extensions to UPPERCASE properly (to not have the file called MHXXXXU.ISO.iso), there is a tool called Bulk Rename Utility (Freeware)

        Install, start the program, give it the name you want where it says File (2) on the left (i.e. MHXXXXU) and on the right where it says Extension (11) in the tab select “Uppercase”. Then click on Rename on the bottom right.

  125. AliFOJ says:

    HO HO HO!! Nice work everyone. I’m running it now on my PS Vita 2.12 Gameocracy and it feels great. This fills up for my stolen PSP 2000 :D. It was great being a part of this all and waiting for months. I came home from uni tired and this is some great news I got here finally.

  126. AliFOJ says:

    I have one more question that how do I put my ISO’s in it now?

  127. Znero says:

    Can anybody create a single ready to use archive for EU?
    My manipulation provide me a green screen with error =(

  128. snake69 says:

    so I have managed to get iso to install but cant seem to get any emulators to even show up let alone install is there a video link I can have please

  129. Braw971 says:

    It works with Megamix EU. Change the language to english

  130. delta191 says:

    Awesome work!! worked for me.

    But where and how do we copy our homebrew/iso backups?

    do we still have to use vhbl to install homebrew and iso backups?

    Thanks for all the hard work guys, I actually bought another PS Vita, now I can have the best of both worlds, a CFW/PSP PS Vita and a updated PSN PS Vita.

    Expensive, but makes life more simple :)
    And Sony have had plenty of cash from me, so everyones happy :)

  131. jeje says:

    Launch your exploit game and boot the VSH, then select ‘Memory Stick’ in the ‘Game’ column. HELP I CANT FIND THE OPTION LIKE THIS..I CAN ONLY SEE THE CHARACTER SET?

  132. loki7777 says:

    How to get back to PSP menu from game?

  133. maou says:

    can anyone help me?

    I have install the tnv successfully. then I exit the exploit and transfer my iso game based on the instruction

    later, I start the 101 game and the vsh menu do not appear, insted it brought me to themain game menu.

    then I delete the 101 savedata and try to make a new copy on tnv but the vsh menu stilldoesnot appear

  134. Emanuel says:

    Thank you TN … But I can\t run God of War Ghost of Sparta , game broken :( any help??

  135. od says:

    i can’t fathom megamix being $10 psp game.
    but thank you thank you thank you.

    i’m using tn4 for the 1st and xmb menu?
    heck sweetness yes.

    touching my psvita again 1st time in months even though i’m already a psplus member. but who cares.

    homebrews baby.

    thanks again to wololo and total noob and everyone else making this possible.

  136. Zyphs says:

    Going to be downloading this when I come home.

  137. yobib34 says:

    how to install iso…?

  138. jeje says:

    i cant find the “categorize > folders” what should i this the only way to view the psp filer?

  139. NiceGUYEDDIE says:

    FTP Vita wont work because the dbz game save wont launch as a game in the psp game menu. Is there an iso made version of the ftp vita or is there another method besides using open cma to transfer games?

  140. Max says:

    Guys help run the game writes /the game could not be started(80010002)

  141. Patrick says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for your hard work! I haven’t been on for a while. I bought Megamix a couple days ago and I followed this instruction. It doesn’t appear to be working for me. The language is already set for “English” (US). I put TN-V4 files in “NPUH10088″ folder and added the 660 file “EBOOT.PBP” to “NPUH10088″ folder and renamed it to “660.PBP”. Upload the files from PC to Vita. Run the game… I see full green screen then i get an error message saying “An error has occurred. (C1-2858-3). Not sure why it’s not working even though my language setting is English. :(

  142. F says:

    I think I’ll let a few dozen of you impale yourselves first before I install this. Always works out best that way.

  143. harewei says:

    in the instruction for installing ISO, I can run the game fine without installing it, so is it necessary?
    also, how do we delete the installed ISO, which is said to have moved to ‘ms0:/ISO’?

  144. mikaelo says:

    problema solucionado cambiando el idioma de español a ingles muchas “muchas gracias wololo & company”

  145. Gerao says:

    It’s working for me!
    I just changed language for English (American).
    Thank you Wololo and TotalNoob for the sharing!

  146. tokia says:

    how to put iso/cso games in TNV4?

  147. z11003800 says:

    ERROR C1-2858-3…. plz help

  148. Glen says:

    Worked perfectly! Thanks for all the hard work!

  149. CaR says:

    I give up, I see others getting errors as soon as i load up UNO exploit it crashes saying flash files are messed up, really the last update was easy to work but this is just madness.

  150. bear585 says:

    Big green screen on mine, with error C1-2858-3. Using US 101 Mega mix

  151. Asamidare says:

    Thanks for everything, it works like a charm for Megamix.
    It even recognized the ftp I installed one year ago with Uno…
    As for cwcheats, I had to delete everything and retransfer the files ’cause there was no way to have TNV-4 recognize them.

  152. Pat says:

    So I was just told in the Forum this does not work on 1.81 can any one else confirm this for me?

  153. awesomeandrew says:

    got an error using megamix (EU) it show a black screen with error c-something…:0

  154. Charles Fasano says:

    Every time I enter the Recovery Menu using the Uno exploit on 2.02 I get the error C1-2858-3. My system is already set to English as that is my native language. When I get this error, I cannot restart Uno nor shut my PS Vita down normally. I have to force shut down by holding the power button for 30 seconds.

    I would like to use the Arcade Darts but the link on hackinformer is incorrect as it downloads the save for Arcade Pool.

  155. nooz says:

    I can’t seem to install ISO. I’m on 3.01 and did everything it said up there ^^
    I copy the ISO to the savedata folder and run 101 and come to the psp menu and go under the game folder – memory stick- and theres nothing.
    What am i not doing?

    Thanks a bunch!!

  156. Sky Yuki says:

    Copying files is sooooo slow but well you can’t do anything about vita memory speed
    Since you must buy slow memory from sony only

  157. Pat says:

    @ Charles Frsano

    I was getting a similar error on my 1.81 with Mad Blocker Alpha. I was told this is not working on lower firmwares. I have not been able to find any source material stating if this is true or not.

    If any one has success with 2.02 or lower please let us know.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      It does try to launch the eCFW and I can enter Recovery Mode but when I try to load the eCFW I get the RSOD. This is after I have set up the PSP settings.

      I would really love to update to a higher firmware and use Arcade Darts but there is no valid link for it yet.

      • Pat says:

        Yep same issue for me.
        It loaded a RED PSP looking screen asked me for my language, time and date, then RSOD.
        Now it just goes strait to RSOD every time.

      • ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

        by the way what is RSOD?? Am I getting the same error?? I am also getting an error with a red background stating these errors in different languages after setting up:

        – Ein schwerer Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte….
        – A serious error has occured. Contact the technical support line for assistance..
        – Se ha producio un error grave. Pongase………….

        ^ this is what i am getting after exiting recovery and setting up the PSP.. somebody help T_T.. I am on 1.67 firmware with UNO exploit

        • Pat says:

          RSOD is Red Screen Of Death. It the screen with all the languages saying to call technical support. It sounds like the older firmwares are not supported at the moment.

  158. jeje says:

    can someone help me i cant see the psp filer..i did the instruction properly help plsss…

  159. CaR says:

    I guess, I’m one of the people that is done with this because i end with a red screen, but going back to 2.02 it works, i guess uno exploit does not work with this really anymore.

  160. Leaf says:

    yes, I write in caps because I’m so happy, thank you so much!

  161. delta191 says:

    PSPUAE running on Release: TN-V4 for PS Vita 3.01
    « on: Today at 12:47:36 PM »


    I’m not sure how many of you have a PS Vita but I tried PSPUAE 0.72 FAMEC on the newly Release: TN-V4 for PS Vita 3.01 (I have the EU version of Megamix 101 on my PS Vita 3.01) and I’m delighted to say it works great, the unselectable disk/states is no longer present and you can run states without issues.

    I’ve been waiting a while for this, maybe some of you are the same, just thought I’d bring it to folks attention. :)

    Long live PSPUAE, portable amiga gaming’s No1
    Long live WOLOLO, Total_Noob, Xerpi and Qwikrazor87.

  162. Moxx says:

    work perfect……thanks alooooooooooot really

  163. CaR says:

    I’m not alone afterall, so the ones on UNO are getting the same problem as me, RSOD and saying flash files are messed up
    So UNO i guess really does not work and yes English is also set on my Vita

  164. ninjabonk says:

    Works awesome thanks guys.

  165. eighthdayregret says:

    Sorry if this ends up being a double-post (don’t see the previous one has shown up), but does anyone know what game that is pictured on the Vita’s screen in this post?

  166. jeje says:


  167. Bricedenice says:

    Work fine situ burnout
    But dont word with gta and l’ego

    I use thé same teknic for pulpaire game but dont work!!!

    Impossible to upload game

  168. kaotik-snake69 says:

    I cant install any emulators on tnv4 I have done 2 iso games fine but can not install a gba or gbc emulator does anyone have a vid link to help ith this please

  169. HDG says:

    Everytime I try to install homebrew it shows up as corrupt in the PSP Memory Sick even though I’ve followed a few different tutorials to the letter and even copied some homebrews from the link in this post, they still show up as corrupted.
    Any ideas?

  170. Charles Fasano says:

    I have tried Uno, Apache Overkill and Arcade Darts on 2.02 and none of them work. I still get a RSOD.

    Can any on confirm that Arcade Darts is working on 2.12?

  171. MaxB. says:

    I’m on 3.0 and try it with king of pool (eu) and i cannot go into content manager because i must update my system software.. what i have to do ?

  172. Bricedenice says:

    Ok it good

    You must write GTA.ISO no GTA.iso …!..

    And it work fine now

  173. Frozzel says:

    i only got a green screen an if i wait it says erorr (C1-2858-3) what am i doing wrong?

  174. icyheart says:

    I wanted this so long

  175. Charles Fasano says:

    I can confirm that Apache Overkill US and Arcade Darts US do not work on 2.05. On to something a bit later. Both still give me the RSOD and C1-2858-3 when trying to exit Recovery Mode.

  176. 7230 says:


    I’m on FW 2.05 with Apache Overkill. I want to try this new TN-V4 to play PSP ISOs, however I don’t want to lose the homebrew emulator setup I already have (with PicoDrive, GBA, etc). Is is possible to have both TN-V and VHBL (the kexploit AND exploit) installed at the same time, with the ability to access each one separately without any overwritten files, loss of data/game saves or corruption?

    • Charles Fasano says:

      TN-V4 replaces your current setup but as of now this new exploit is not working on 2.06 and lower. I would wait as if you go higher then 2.06 you will loose your current setup unless you buy a new exploitable game.

      • 7230 says:

        Darn, I expected that would be the case, but was hoping it wouldn’t. Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I certainly will not update to a higher firmware, and otherwise, I don’t know – I have a lot of progress saved for different games in my VHBL GBA emulator specifically, and if I can’t at least transfer those save files over to use in TN-V4 (if it even becomes functional for 2.06 and below), I may just have to miss out on this….again.

  177. Late-Choco says:

    hmm. Everything works for me except some iso games. Either just black screen or error. I’m confident to say that the iso game file is not broken because its a game I’m playing on my psp. Anyway Thanks lot :).

  178. kaotik-snake69 says:

    every time I try to install emulators I just get data corruption I got ccff7 iso and ffiv installed but cant get emulators

  179. tokia says:


  180. kukux89 says:

    running tnv4 on apache overkill 1.61, already install 660.PBP and configure psp vsh but a red screen comes out with “a serious error has occured. contact the technical support line for assistance.” message help me wololo. in vsh menu still working

  181. jeje says:


  182. Charles Fasano says:

    I can confirm that this exploit only works on PS Vita system software version 2.10 and higher. I updated to 2.05, didn’t work. I then updated to 2.06, didn’t work. Now I am on 2.10 and it works. At least no RSOD and I can use the PSP XMB.

    IF your exploit game can run on 2.10 and you are on a lower firmware than you must update to 2.10 until TN comes out with a fix or explanation on why you need 2.10 or higher. His notes said that you only needed 2.10 – 2.12 if you wanted the 64MB of RAM for PSP stuff.

    There you have it, you need to be on 2.10 or higher to run this kextploit.

  183. YINLI says:

    Thanks a lot for all your works. I really appreciate it.

  184. Jackov says:

    Well, this was well worth the taunting and waiting. We waited for ever, missed several “ninja” releases to get a poorly written tutorial on how to upload these files that seem to no work on most if any current exploits. I deleted my VHBL to get this “exploit” to function. BS. I call BS.

  185. Ryan says:

    how can I exit the game and return to the TN-V PSP homebrew instantly without rerun the exploit game all over again ?

  186. sovan says:

    I don’t have psp games and pspsavedata :(

  187. Julien says:

    Many thank you, that market well, thank you TN …. For those who have the problem” is an error using megamix (EU), it displays a black screen with little error … c: 0” we must put your ps vita language USA

  188. icyheart says:

    Work very well Tnv4 3.01 USA 101 mega

  189. Hamzah asgher says:

    Any idea how to put psx games on it? And homebrew? The iso files are fine’

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Just so you know that PSX games won’t have any sound when run in PSP mode due the way the PS Vita handles PSX sound.

      • chuck says:

        too bad wish they could try to emulate sound even if its not perfect my android phone s2 can do 60fps and sound and its quite outdated phone… im sure vita can handle it hope so hehe

  190. Ryan says:

    oh well,never mind ,i known how to do it

  191. Barack Obama says:

    Same problem on 2.02, Boots to red Sony screen. :[

  192. Chocolate says:

    Thanks :). I have a question.. If I buy a new memory for my vita, will I be able to move the exploit to the new memory even if I’m on an older firmware? Considering that I have backup.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      You should be able to as long as you don’t do a full system reset which would wipe your PSN information. Make absolute certain that you have used CMA to fully back EVERYTHING up as it backs up the license data.

      I formatted my Vita Mem card to figure out why I couldn’t get TN-V4 working on firmware 2.02. BE CAREFUL if you put a memory card that was used in a Vita with a higher firmware than your as it will try to get you to update or format the card.

      You will have to re-enter some information such as Wi-Fi passwords.

      I can’t wait for the 64GB Vita Mem cards to come to the US. I need them. 32GB just doesn’t cut it when your a PS+ member.

  193. b3l0kk says:

    having problem running tekken6 iso. it worked fine on the uno exploit. all my homebrew still works fine like it did. when i boot tekken i just get a black screen, and yes its named TEKKEN6.ISO all caps. anyone else having this problems ?

  194. loner_dx says:

    thank you!!! this is my very first exploit. works perfectly only had a slight problem with the transferring of iso files. turned out that even the file extensions have to be all caps.

  195. KILLERHEDAKE says:

    Worked great for me. For those with the error issues on 2.61 Fieldrunners, DL your savedata and keep the FIELDFIRMWARE and NPUZ00014 SEPERATE. Add the TN-V4 and 660.PBP files to the FIELDFIRWARE. Both will show up as Fieldrunner savedata in CMA. Then just run the game. Green screen and bam, the TN Recovery screen.

  196. Tribolin says:

    Im currently running VHBL(GOLOR) with some emulators, If I try to install tn-v what’s gonna happen to all those installs and roms? do i have to clean everything up? or does tnv recognize everything?

  197. sovan says:

    me completed step 1 copy megamix savedata to vita,but when copy already i don’t see megamix icon on my vita.please help me sorry for my english.

    • chuck says:

      copy the megamix exploit to SAVEDATA/(random numbers letters folder) not on save data copy to the folder with RANDOM letters and numbers it will work trust me then put the tnv4 files extract it to that same folder same as 660.pbp

  198. 7230 says:

    Oh wait! Another question,

    Charles F. – When/if TN-V4 is fixed for 2.06 and lower, and if I purchase another memory card, could I keep my current VHBL on the card I have now, put the TN-V4 install with a copy of my Apache Overkill files on the new card, and then just swap the cards whenever I want to play either?

  199. Ruffbad says:

    Hi all this is my first ecfw so I was wondering if anyone could help me as to where I put my homebrew/emulators or ps1 iso? Any help would be appreciated! And a BIG thanks to total-noob for all his work on the vita scene and psp scene!

  200. chuck says:

    i dLed nba street showdown and tell u guys if its gonna work so far the psp xmb is smooth and im using the 3.01 mega mix exploit… i just wish i could turn off the intro in mega mix to have a faster boot cant imagine how fast is the fieldrunner one but im guessing its preety fast

  201. 3a2l says:

    Worked like a charm, thank you 😀
    Firmware: 3.01, Game: 101-in-1 Megamix (US)

  202. WhyNott says:

    I have the same problem everyone else is having: green screen on launch. Tried changing language to English, not working. Nothing is working, there is no hope.

    • Netrix says:

      That happens if you forget to copy TN.BIN and FLASH0.BIN to the save data, but it might be caused by something else as well.

  203. Alucard says:

    First I would like to thank Total_Noob, Wololo and all the others contributors for this TN-V4 release. You all made a great job !

    Now i’m writing for reporting some problems with the TN-V4 with UNO(EU) on Firmware 2.02

    I have two Psvita, one on the firmware 3.01 with 101-in-Megamix (EU), and the second one on 2.02 with UNO(EU).

    I succeed to install TN V4 on the 3.01 firmware, but for this i needed to change the language in English(UK) if not I receive the error “C1-2858-3″.

    On the second Psvita with the firmware 2.02 with UNO(EU) I had some problems.
    I installed everything with the good files of UNO(EU). I can start the XMB at the momment where you have to validate the language,date and network pseudo. But at the end, when you have to validate, the XMB crash and send a message saying that we have a critical error. At this moment i cannot do anything anymore and i need to completly restart the Psvita.
    I tried to change the language in English(UK),English(US) and French but nothing works.

    I hope my report can help.
    see you

  204. alpmaster says:

    I keep getting install failed on the PSP GPSP?

  205. jove says:

    At first its working perfectly now after i install my ISO’s its not working any more i cant load to XMB menu its give me black screen and an error of (C1=2858-3)…ive change my language to ENGLISH US but still gives me the error.i still can go to the recovery menu by holding R button.any suggestion or opotion in recovery menu to access again my XMB???


  206. sickkside says:

    how to i install cso or isos i downloaded LBP but dont know to install or where to begin i have TN-V4 running good now?

  207. KalEl says:

    I have Megamix (Mexican Store). Which should i choose?

    TNV Loader – 101-in-1 Megamix (US version) – FW 3.01 and below??????

    • geniux says:

      You should use the US version.. Si te fijas en el juego (dentro de las carpetas PGAME) viene con el codigo de USA. I’m from Mexican Store too

  208. THANK says:

    For my ps vita can play psp iso game

    i love you and thank you very very very

    101 in 1 thank again

  209. chuck says:

    thanks total noob and everyone who contributed i will donate if i have some spare cash

  210. Pronwan says:

    Works perfect with 101in1 EU Version-
    superior work! VERY VERY well done, especially totalNoob of course.
    I like being able to play all the *** pre exploited games I got on my memorystick ^_^
    TN-V lists all stuff I got on the vita and everything works like a charm.

    Again: Impressive work! Very well done.
    Thank you!

  211. Thibault says:

    I can’t launch it Error C1-2858-3 Megamix EU version

  212. TAREK NASSER says:


  213. jove says:

    ERROR C1-2858-3
    ERROR C1-2858-3
    ERROR C1-2858-3
    ERROR C1-2858-3
    ERROR C1-2858-3
    ERROR C1-2858-3


  214. holy *** thank you total noob :( my first vita exploit pokemon games on vita here i come :)

  215. Blue says:

    Ok, I dunno if anyone else has been in a similar situation:

    I had 2.02 and the Uno exploit before, so I had already installed 6.60

    Now, I upgraded to 3.01, and used Megamix. On the first load, it went automatically to the Recovery Menu.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to install 6.60 again. It gave me an error message. No big deal. I exit the Recovery menu and everything works fine.

    But everytime I start up Megamix, it takes me straight to the Recovery Menu, which I thought was only for the first time.

  216. Thibault says:

    it works. Thanks

  217. Error c128583 says:

    UNO FW 2.02 TNV4 not working. Followed instructions.

  218. Nagi says:

    I can’t launch it Error C1-2858-3 Megamix EU version too

  219. PHINX says:

    error C1-2858-3. Using US 101 Mega mix, PSN MEXICANA??????????

  220. cloud says:

    uno 2.02 error on tn-v4 c1-2858-3

  221. Whackm says:

    You will get the green screen if you don’t copy the actual files into the save data directory.

  222. PHINX says:

    LOL is the language error (Español=english united states)

  223. creacki says:


    can i run PXS Games with Sound with TNV4?

  224. Fred says:

    Anyone has any problem with OpenCMA? my vita is on 2.60 and it keeps asking me to update software when opening the Content manager app on my vita.

    I’m currently using OpenCMA 6. any solutions?

  225. Ahmad says:

    im in Saudia Arabia and i did all steps wit (US)
    i copied the save file in vita too but its not opening in game!

  226. Nnuma78 says:

    Can’t copy files on my vita ! does any body can help me PLZ !!

  227. Nnuma78 says:

    can’t lunch the exploit “error”

  228. Bobo says:

    it works only when i change the language from german to english-us, but my games run now in english too. :( plz fix it, thanks.

  229. naunau says:

    I had the F.runner exploit and I thought that will be better with 101 megamix but it doesn’t work for eu version so i hope that will be fixed!

  230. notder says:

    anyone try Hitman Reborn 2 (JP version)? I can’t run TN-V4.
    Nothing happen on the first boot.

  231. g3dn says:

    just installed in my vita.. thanks total_noob

  232. KalEl says:

    OH MY GOODD!!! Ustedes Son los mejores!! Muchas gracias!!.. Gracias a todos los que hicieron esto posible, a Wololo, Total Noob, The Zett, etc. Funciono.

  233. xEpicPwnage says:

    I’m at school when I saw constantly checking then it popped up! Thank you TN gonna download this when I go home :DDD

  234. arah says:

    Is there any way to mount ISO video on TN-V? On PSP CFW there was an option for that in VSH menu but here it’s missing.

  235. ramenb0y says:

    Am on US3.01 and it works fine so far, thanks TN with the great update and wololo for the heads up!
    Was easy install since it was pretty much the same method as the previous releases.
    Tested VitaFTP, CWcheat, and PsPfiler and all works great!

    I’ve compiled the files above+VitaFTP for the US3.01 here but please do install 6.60 on the first boot and install VitaFTP with the triangle button.

    Thanks again all who contributed on this project.

  236. Tribolin says:

    What do i have to do to get rid of VHBL and use TNV4 instead?

  237. All-StarGamer says:

    This is how tto put ISO’s to your Vita, the easy way.

    1. Install FTP for Vita. (Download from this link: ( then install it like you’re installing homebrew.

    2. Watch this video. It shows step by step on how to put use the homebrew. (


  238. bean_around15 says:

    Thank you! Thank You! Thank you…Wololo, Total Noob, The Zett…
    Works Great …3.01…megamix..EU….
    Best Christmas Gift ever…

  239. GayBLKCHIRISHitalindian says:

    Thank you sooo much I did everything like it was written. Remember everyone to use the vitaFTP to get all your videogames copied to the memory card.
    I love you Total Noob I could kiss wololo on the lips you guys are too cool!

  240. Lifeis2Great says:

    What’s the changelog?

  241. mahboi17 says:

    this is probably a noon question, but how do you add iso’s

  242. Fisch says:

    I had a problem with installing TN-V4 on my Vita 3.00 King of Pool (EU). So i found a thread that says that there is something wrong with the files and theres also a fix. This worked for me. If you also have the problem, read this. Hope it helps.

  243. NeonAera says:

    So far, so good, wololo, Total_Noob!! I installed TN-V4 successfully with megamix! THANKS SO MUCH!! I am very grateful for all the hard work you guys put in making TN-V4 work, especially you, TN! Oh yeah, I would like to report that “RIN GB/GBC Emulator” does not load and I would have to go to PSVita’s home screen and exit the whole game. Tekken 6 PSP is not able to load at all with a black screen, have to hit PSVita’s home and quit game using PSP XMB. ANyhow, glad everything still works pretty well. Can’t wait to try out Killzone Mercenary now that I updated. I hope Final Fantasy X HD for the PSVita does not require a higher firmware above 3.01 now. ;_; THANK YOU, TOTAL_NOOB!! FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!

  244. Gizmo says:

    After install can you remove the 660.PBP from the savedata folder?

  245. Ahmad says:

    im waiting for my answer!
    im in middle east so which region i should use as i done tried US and EU
    when i start the game it doesnt show the 32 mb save data as it is in ps vita

  246. tz says:

    I’ve put on Language: english (us). I can go to the TN Recovery menu, but when i press exit i just get black screen (still can hear the bg music) and after the c1-2858-3 error. Anyone can help?

  247. mikey201 says:

    i put the savedate (with all the numbers/letters) in the savedata folder on the pc and when i go on the vita and try to transfer from pc to vita it says there are no content items

  248. mikey says:

    YES got it to work..anyone tell me how to install ISOs

    • flexx says:

      hey buddy installing the isos is exactly as before. just add the iso in the same folder as the install.
      ex: PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\c883880d23c7ce00\NPUH10088 don’t put it in any folders. has to be in all caps. under 8 characters long. good luck.

      heres a reference if needed.

  249. D3V6677 says:

    Hey guys. I really need help. I was an idiot and deleted my Fieldrunners game from my vita. I have already installed TN-V4 but was having problems getting psp.cso installed. nyways, My question is…I can not get the fieldrunners game to show up on cma. Can I just redownload it from the PSN store and it will work still or is the version on the PSN store patched now and will not work? Please help me.

  250. D3V6677 says:

    I tried to do the OpenCMA trick where I connect to PC then plug it into the PS3 fast but it will not work. Idk why Fieldrunners is not showing up for me to transfer. I hope I can just redownload it from PSn again and get everything work. I am so stupid.

  251. hl says:

    for all peole ith C1-2858-3 error: take care and download megamix_eu AND tnv4 archives. you have to MERGE these two. when transfering only megamix_eu content it will give green screen and/or C1-2858-3 !!

  252. b3lokk says:

    do I have to install the iso for it work ? or can I just ftp the iso over to the ISO folder

  253. luisleo says:

    wololo what happened with my game,that desapier from the live area.

  254. luisleo says:

    i need help with my problem c0-11136-2 my desapier from live area.

  255. luisleo says:

    please guys tell me what happen?

  256. D3v6677 says:

    So does anyone know? Any way I can get my fieldrunners back on my vita? Still on 2.61. Its in a bubble on my ps3 still.

  257. cleomar says:

    I’ m uploading a just extract and play w/mario games for 101 in 1 megamix us

  258. cleomar says:

    for who have green screen problem

  259. dworku says:

    I am on 1.81 firmware and I use URBANIX exploit.
    Could I update to 2.61 continuing to use URBANIX?
    Is there some procedure to use TN on 2.61 Vita with URBANIX?

  260. kupomogli says:

    The recent exploited games are required? So Urbanix, Uno, etc won’t work?

    I thought they would so I didn’t bother getting the 101 in 1 Megamix. Will wait for the next ninja release then.

  261. Fisch says:

    I already search for the whole day but i cant find anything and i have to ask here.

    Is there a VHBL that works on FW 3.00 KoP ?

    thx for reply

  262. jonny2jo says:


  263. Memento says:

    Its running great on my Vita TV with the Japanese game. Thanks to all who made this happen.

  264. missle says:

    I’m trying to load it up for fieldrunners but I keep getting the error c12858-3. My language is set to US english. I think i have everything right.

    heres a pic of my folder.

    Can someone take a look?

  265. D3v6677 says:

    THE Z,can u please reply and help me. I was an idiot and deleted my Fieldrunners game from my vita. I already installed TN-V4 but was having problems getting psp.cso installed and messed it up. My question is… how do I get my fieldrunner games back. Or am I sc*** just like that? Please help me.

  266. Pyro64 says:

    Can anyone help, im stuck on the gree screen (error C1-2858-3.

  267. D3V6677 says:

    for all peole ith C1-2858-3 error: take care and download megamix_eu AND tnv4 archives. you have to MERGE these two. when transfering only megamix_eu content it will give green screen and/or C1-2858-3 !!

  268. D3V6677 says:

    Try to change the language and keep pushing the R trigger during the loading

  269. jerrilleiro says:

    Doesn’t work for me, it raises an error (C1-2858-3) when loading the savedata. I have 3.01 & 101-in-1 megamix…

  270. D3V6677 says:

    Now, Can someone help me?

  271. Pyrs says:

    The Error


    System language to Englisch US!!!

    It is a Bug!

  272. fLaSh says:

    I love it :)
    Lets to copy my emulators from my PSPgo!

    I think we can get vita exploit now via PSP emu kernel :)

  273. SSJ-Vita says:

    Downloading and installing this looks like a job for….somebody else, and tomorrow or something, it’s too late in the day to get red in the face and pound the keyboard. Thx for all the hard work to everyone involved, I’m really looking forward to putting my mint condition KH birth by sleep rip on my 5 inch oled =]

  274. lilmikey201 says:

    how to install ISOs

  275. Whitney says:

    How do you install wagic on it? I tried a tut from a different site and it either shows up corrupt or doesnt show up in the game list to install

  276. Juan Aguilar says:

    Hey i have a problem i make every step and i copy everything in my ps vita but the aplication of 100-1 doesn’t show up is not there help please what should i do?

  277. Edward Carnby says:

    Hi all,

    I tried to get an iso into the VITA…but it doesnt show up on the game list…what am i doin wrong eh?

    • james says:

      just make sure you renamed your backup properly in ALL CAPS INCLUDING the filename extension. e.g. FFTWOTLX.ISO

      take note that the filename extension is in all caps too. this is usually the issue with other people. good luck.

  278. james says:

    the DJMax Portable 3 crash is back. any idea how to fix this?

    • Trademark says:

      hey ya se como se puede jugar dj max 3!! Solo necesitas entrar en el recovery, luego en configuracion y despues activar la opcion que dice Hide CFW folders!! y listo!! ahora si excelente trabajo el de tnv4 hahah

      • james says:

        hey I know how you can play dj max 3! You only need to enter the recovery, then settings and then activate the option that says Hide folders CFW! and ready! Now if the excellent work of tnv4 hahah

        -translated by


  279. Trademark says:

    Hey, anyone know how to work dj max 3?

  280. Anders says:

    Cant get the PSP to see any homebrews or ISO’s

    Ive named everything properly from what I can tell, and from what ive read, the ISO’s wont working until I can get pspfiler working so I can make a Folder with it.

    Had a folder named “PSP” and a “GAME” Folder inside that, and the homebrew emus and or files like pspfiler inside “GAME”

    Right clicked on the “PSP” folder after all this was done and selected “add an archive” named it “” (zip is file extension not part of the name) and transferred that to the saved folder using content manager.

    All that and never see anything in that folder besides the ps1 games I purchased and have on the vita already, and the stupid 101 in 1 megamix game


  281. D3V6677 says:

    Question. I am on 2.61 and accidentally deleted Fieldrunners off my vita. I know Sony patched Charles so I can no longer get it back and the OpenCMA does’doesn’t work for US. My friend is on the newest 3.01 update and he could not get it to show up on OpenCMA either. My question is….Is there any other game I could buy on my PS3 that will show up on OpenCMA USA and transfer or is everything pacthed? I am new. If I download Urbanix or Mega-Mix will they be transferable for me in US? Hope you understand and can help me. Thanks

  282. D3V6677 says:

    King of Pool is back right? So can I just download it through the ps store on my PS3 and tranfer it via OpenCMA to my Vita and it will work because I am still on 2.61? What can I do? Will it show up? UnLike Fieldrunners =/

  283. xKirit0 says:

    Hey i need help….i cant get open cma 6 to work. after i open the run file my vita just doesnt connect to my pc anymore.

    • james says:

      have you tried to update the official CMA first then run the open CMA installer?

      i had this problem then i did update first before running open CMA installer.

      hope this works for you. good luck.

  284. jatrix says:

    Wololo, I have been wondering why I got banned from the forum? I was shocked, never did anything wrong like spamming or whatsoever rude. Please help me get back to my account here. Many thanks

  285. Yolo says:

    Anybody know how to install plugin? I know how to enable it,but don’t know where do u need to put plugin file.

  286. D3V6677 says:

    nvm. i downloaded kop and tnv4 is working again. yay

  287. marcus says:

    where do I get the Roms for the emulators

  288. D3V6677 says:

    marcus, google is easy. just google gba, snes..etc roms

  289. Wtfface says:

    Iso still not showing up on tn-v4

  290. Sovan says:

    Please help me i can’t see megamix 101 in 1 exploit when copy already.this my video problem
    Sorry for my record

  291. PLSReply says:

    So, for us who doesnt have a megamic games in vita doesnt have a chance to use TN-V4 or there is a chance but need to wait for another game exploit ?

  292. JustKili says:

    Just took me 2 hours to figure that out…
    Just normally installed newest CMA, run Open CMA over it.
    As it didnt work, i figured out that the run.bat couldnt found CMA.exe. Therefore it just creates a CMA.exe~.
    I just deleted the old CMA.exe and renamed the new CMA.exe~ to CMA.exe (did the same for the CMADownloader.exe).
    Didnt worked for now, so i chose to try changing the language.
    Picked English United States since im living in germany and had german as language, then a restart of my PSVita.
    Working now for me. If you have the same problem try this :)

  293. xxxFIXxxx says:

    The wait was driving me crazy, but it was all worth it! Thanks guys!!! FORMIDABLE!!!

  294. DDlove says:

    To use exploit Game need buy Megamix 101 in 1 in psn?i’m new user please help

  295. zucki says:

    hello .. i have do all the Steps.. but when i start the game (king of pool) and go to Load the Savadata .. it freeze and show´s a error (C1-2858-3)

    PSvita 2.61

    sorry for my english :/

  296. zucki says:

    IT WORKS !!! withe the fix:

    AND system language – English ^^

  297. FEARCOOKIE says:

    I Got to the part where you press “install 6.60 files” in the recovery menu, but when i try to install i get an error that states “Installing 6.60 files…..Error opening 660.PBP (0x80010002).” what am I doing wrong? I changed the name of the EBOOT.PBP to 660.PBP …. oh by the way my region is U.S

  298. ecristobal10 says:

    just did this and everything went smooth, thanks for this!

  299. CaR says:

    Ok so new v2 fix workjs but how to get our cwcheats to work again as in seplugins?

  300. CaR says:

    I cant play new Vita games with this though? in the psp xmb it says 6.60 tnv-4 but what about playing Vita games? like new Vita games with a higher firmware???

    • Memento says:

      They will most likely block the exploit games when the new firmware comes out, so if you update you lose the ability to run TNV4.

  301. CaR says:

    So this is a double edged sword, one that want to use homebrew use this hack and exploit for the game, and the ones who want to play new Vita games MUST upgrade, well so far all the homebrew i need now is on my new phone, but the advantage is psp games on this but not new Vita games.

    I thought this new V4 would be able to play new games but duh of course we have to use the new exploits to play the current fw games, well i hope the games are still available but not patched for new firmware.. a double edged sword I so want to play YS badly, soon I just use my phone for all homebrew.

  302. Eleno says:

    Is it me or did SONY pull King of Pool from the North America PSN Store already?

  303. paul tayag says:

    help please,i was able to copy the whole files but after that,i try to check the new file on menu,but it doest give me the option to load it,because it doesnt exist,,help please and cheers.

  304. sonicTH says:

    Hi everyone. How can I suscribe to ‘Ninja release’ or something to get news about explot games and release… Always a new xploit is revealed in PSN-latinoamérica the game exploitable is no available anymore :( :/ I’m just paying a PLUS+ account in order to buy a game to install TNV but I just can’t. If you could let me know a better way to get the game and exploit fast I’ll appreciate.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english and thanks to Wololo for the news 😉

  305. hesham says:

    when i copy the tnv loader from cma it doesn’t show in my live area screen help?

  306. iQueYorch says:

    i have a problem, i try to put the savedata in my vita but it looks like a corrupt file, i dont know how to fix it :/

  307. internally-blazed says:

    Thanks man. Worked perfectly first time round!

  308. Confused says:

    So i just got a vita and i was wondering does this crack allow me to play all the exploited psp games for free? And can I still go to psn and play online with real bought vita games if i cracked it?

  309. Kenny says:

    The megamix exploit isn’t showing on the homescreen even after i copied the savedata to my PS vita. Any help with that?

  310. jrazorman says:

    Thank you so much for your work team i am really enjoying my vita again!!!

  311. Craig says:

    Where can I find the loader for the new exploit game?
    If it’s not out now, where should I expect to find it later?
    Sorry for my impatience, I appreciate all the work.

  312. paul tayag says:

    it doesnt load in the live screen

  313. meler-andy says:

    yes worked fine ,after having the issue with green screen,just copy the 2 files from binary files of the Tn flash and tn…. :)

  314. bennett says:

    Megamix 101 not showing up on ps vita savedata help please

  315. Redirr says:

    WOLOLO and all people behind this.

    I just wanna say thank you!!


    make my day!!! I’m so happy, not for playing piracy psp games because the only one will play is clash kart because i can’t find to buy but because of my psp MENY back again rsrsr

    Thank you dude, keep going to the ligh!!!

  316. Ben Carlo says:

    could you please make a video for this tutorial ,

  317. Joshua says:

    so to run the psp thing i just do the exploit on the game i used 2 run it the 1st time?

  318. Can someone explain me how to do this with King of Pool?

  319. octavio andres says:

    megamix isnt showing on live area screen after copying

  320. kukukuku says:

    Can you still restore the OFW after successfully installed this eCFW?

  321. psv 3.01 says:

    King of Pool works 3:52 PM PST 12/24/2013

  322. TheFuckingQueen says:

    King of Pool is gone from the PSN store in NA.

  323. zikreload says:

    all the games were removed :(


    Help. No, really help.

    At first the only problem I had was the green screen. Which I fixed by transferring two other files into the correct folder. Then after the loader returned and the reconfiguration screen came up I accidentally pressed the run option. At first it seemed to have done nothing. It took me back to the main screen and everything. But once I tried to get back to the game it was clear that something was wrong. Most of my games are in folders and everything in that folder was black. After trying the systems settings and getting no where I then tried to restart the vita.

    That was about an hour ago. Its really not responding. Guys…did my fumbling just break my Vita?


      Its fine. Its…fine. Totally freaked out for a moment. But I just restarted the system. Fine. Totally fine.

  325. Enzo says:


    When i putt the tn bin and the 660.pbp and flash0 in one map and tranfer it to my ps vita and make a copy on my ps vita it doesnt come on my ps vita home screen to open it?????
    What do i wrong!!!!!!!!
    I do the same with the video.



  326. Enzo says:

    I come from netherlands.
    And aply different savedata but it dont work!!!!!

  327. Rage says:

    Anyway to get VHBL or TN-V4? Seems all needed games were removed from PSN. Really wanting this? Or is there anyway to go back down to an older firmware?

  328. Rage says:

    Anyway to get VHBL or TN-V4 on 3.01? Seems all needed games were removed from PSN. Really wanting this? Or is there anyway to go back down to an older firmware?

  329. zahara says:

    Hey please can u help me, em using ps vita made by china, and wants to hack it I try everything but nothing show up on my ps vita home screen, I follow the instruction correctly but the problem is I can’t find any tnv loader for china region I tried JP and US and EU in fact all of them none works for me,, can’t find the hackable files there after coping the tnv loader to my vita,, and what type of tnv loader can I use (by the way am sorry 4 my english)

  330. echo says:

    Hello, guys! I can’t find name of exploitable game for 3.01 firmware, help me, please, I want to play again 3rd Birthday :)

  331. ravi says:

    hi everyone ………………….my problem is i buyed ps vita last year from shanghai that is a hong kong version till now i tried so many time but i can not able to install any hombrew……but i manage to copy it on my ps vita but at last nothing is shown on my psv i donot know wats wrong i done with my psv……….if anybody read this message plz give reply me on mail( )…….i will be very thankfull to you.

  332. Hicham says:

    Thanks for all, I got the game yesterday but it’s not working for me, after loading the savedata (US) after boot an error C1-2858-3

    I try all the possible cause but without success (Maybe because the store is KSA (Saudi Arabia)…!/en-sa/home/games

    Please help

  333. SUHAIL says:

    im in middle east so which region i should use???

  334. karleang says:

    excuse me….why after i copy content the Megamix apps didn’t show the icon?

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