Release: TN-V4 for PS Vita 3.01 (and below)

The long wait is over! Almost one year after his latest release, Total_Noob is back with an eCFW for the PS Vita.

Total_Noob’s TN-V4 lets you run a variety of PSP Homebrews, plugins, and emulators on your PS Vita. It is compatible up to firmware 3.01 included (the latest PS Vita firmware at the time of this writing), and requires you to own one of the exploitable games that was revealed recently in our Ninja release.

Credits and Donations

Credits for the Hitman Reborn exploit in JP go to Patchouli with help from 173210.

Credits for the 101-in-1 megamix exploit for EU/US go to Xerpi and Qwikrazor87.

Credits for TN-V4 go to Total_Noob.

If you want to thank these guys for their hard work:

You can donate to Qwikrazor87 here

You can donate to 173210 here

You can donate to TotalNoob here

Xerpi and Patchouli have both said they are not looking for donations. But don’t hesitate to thank them on /talk for sharing their exploits!

Additional thanks go to hackinformer, Acid_Snake, mamosuke, and the /talk mods, who have all contributed to this release.


How to download and install TN-V4

For now, the installation process is a bit rough, but I’m sure our community will have tutorials and more “user friendly” packages up in a few hours. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below:


  • download 660.PBP Here. (choose the PSP 1000/2000/3000 version, *not* the PSP Go version). Depending on the download links, if the file you download is named EBOOT.PBP, rename it into 660.PBP
  • Download TN-V4′s binary files here
  • Download the TN-V4 Loader for your game here. Choose the download that matches your game and region!
  • If you don’t have it already, download and install OpenCMA


  • Extract the savedata from the TN-V4 loader of your game on your hard drive, in your CMA’s PSAVEDATA/xxxxx folder (where xxxx are a bunch of letters and numbers).
  • Copy TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN, and 660.PBP in the game’s savedata folder (where you can find ‘H.BIN’)
  • Copy the game’s savedata to your Vita, using OpenCMA

Running TN-V4

  • Now run the exploit for the game (the trigger varies on the game. For 101-in-1 megamix, just loading the savedata should be enough) and TN-V should start.
  • On the first boot, the recovery menu will appear automatically.
  • Select ‘Advanced ->’ menu and then select ‘Install 6.60 files’ (this step is only needed if you’ve never used TN-V4 before).
  • Enjoy the install progress.
  • After the install is done, go back and exit the recovery menu.
  • Enjoy TN’s awesome work.

If the instructions above are not enough to get you started, head over to for more details and files. You can also ask for help in the comments section below, or in the forums

What to do next?

We’ll try to keep you up to date with more user friendly packages and tutorials, as I said above I’m sure they will come soon. Now get crazy and start downloading a few emulators and homebrews, we have a huge list here, and here

Please post feedback and issues below. This is a huge release with many files and many possible scenarios, so it is highly possible a few mistakes slipped in the release. If it doesn’t work for you right now, please report your problems as precisely as possible, and don’t lose your temper!


  1. FEARCOOKIE’s avatar

    I Got to the part where you press “install 6.60 files” in the recovery menu, but when i try to install i get an error that states “Installing 6.60 files…..Error opening 660.PBP (0×80010002).” what am I doing wrong? I changed the name of the EBOOT.PBP to 660.PBP …. oh by the way my region is U.S


    1. FEARCOOKIE’s avatar

      ok I found the problem.. The 660.PBP didnt go in the correct folder …(theres two foldersthe King of Pool) so i placed it on the opposite folder and it installed perfectly!


    2. Majestictwinkle’s avatar

      which folder i keep getting that error


  2. ecristobal10’s avatar

    just did this and everything went smooth, thanks for this!


  3. CaR’s avatar

    Ok so new v2 fix workjs but how to get our cwcheats to work again as in seplugins?


  4. CaR’s avatar

    I cant play new Vita games with this though? in the psp xmb it says 6.60 tnv-4 but what about playing Vita games? like new Vita games with a higher firmware???


    1. Memento’s avatar

      They will most likely block the exploit games when the new firmware comes out, so if you update you lose the ability to run TNV4.


  5. CaR’s avatar

    So this is a double edged sword, one that want to use homebrew use this hack and exploit for the game, and the ones who want to play new Vita games MUST upgrade, well so far all the homebrew i need now is on my new phone, but the advantage is psp games on this but not new Vita games.

    I thought this new V4 would be able to play new games but duh of course we have to use the new exploits to play the current fw games, well i hope the games are still available but not patched for new firmware.. a double edged sword I so want to play YS badly, soon I just use my phone for all homebrew.


  6. Eleno’s avatar

    Is it me or did SONY pull King of Pool from the North America PSN Store already?


  7. paul tayag’s avatar

    help please,i was able to copy the whole files but after that,i try to check the new file on menu,but it doest give me the option to load it,because it doesnt exist,,help please and cheers.


  8. sonicTH’s avatar

    Hi everyone. How can I suscribe to ‘Ninja release’ or something to get news about explot games and release… Always a new xploit is revealed in PSN-latinoamérica the game exploitable is no available anymore :( :/ I’m just paying a PLUS+ account in order to buy a game to install TNV but I just can’t. If you could let me know a better way to get the game and exploit fast I’ll appreciate.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english and thanks to Wololo for the news ;)


  9. hesham’s avatar

    when i copy the tnv loader from cma it doesn’t show in my live area screen help?


  10. iQueYorch’s avatar

    i have a problem, i try to put the savedata in my vita but it looks like a corrupt file, i dont know how to fix it :/


  11. internally-blazed’s avatar

    Thanks man. Worked perfectly first time round!


  12. Confused’s avatar

    So i just got a vita and i was wondering does this crack allow me to play all the exploited psp games for free? And can I still go to psn and play online with real bought vita games if i cracked it?


  13. Kenny’s avatar

    The megamix exploit isn’t showing on the homescreen even after i copied the savedata to my PS vita. Any help with that?


  14. jrazorman’s avatar

    Thank you so much for your work team i am really enjoying my vita again!!!


  15. Craig’s avatar

    Where can I find the loader for the new exploit game?
    If it’s not out now, where should I expect to find it later?
    Sorry for my impatience, I appreciate all the work.


  16. paul tayag’s avatar

    it doesnt load in the live screen


  17. meler-andy’s avatar

    yes worked fine ,after having the issue with green screen,just copy the 2 files from binary files of the Tn flash and tn…. :)


  18. bennett’s avatar

    Megamix 101 not showing up on ps vita savedata help please


  19. Redirr’s avatar

    WOLOLO and all people behind this.

    I just wanna say thank you!!


    make my day!!! I’m so happy, not for playing piracy psp games because the only one will play is clash kart because i can’t find to buy but because of my psp MENY back again rsrsr

    Thank you dude, keep going to the ligh!!!


  20. Ben Carlo’s avatar

    could you please make a video for this tutorial ,


  21. Joshua’s avatar

    so to run the psp thing i just do the exploit on the game i used 2 run it the 1st time?


  22. swigitySwooty’s avatar

    Can someone explain me how to do this with King of Pool?


  23. octavio andres’s avatar

    megamix isnt showing on live area screen after copying


  24. kukukuku’s avatar

    Can you still restore the OFW after successfully installed this eCFW?


  25. psv 3.01’s avatar

    King of Pool works 3:52 PM PST 12/24/2013


  26. TheFuckingQueen’s avatar

    King of Pool is gone from the PSN store in NA.


  27. zikreload’s avatar

    all the games were removed :(



    Help. No, really help.

    At first the only problem I had was the green screen. Which I fixed by transferring two other files into the correct folder. Then after the loader returned and the reconfiguration screen came up I accidentally pressed the run option. At first it seemed to have done nothing. It took me back to the main screen and everything. But once I tried to get back to the game it was clear that something was wrong. Most of my games are in folders and everything in that folder was black. After trying the systems settings and getting no where I then tried to restart the vita.

    That was about an hour ago. Its really not responding. Guys…did my fumbling just break my Vita?


    1. NOSHITESHERLOCKE’s avatar

      Its fine. Its…fine. Totally freaked out for a moment. But I just restarted the system. Fine. Totally fine.


  29. Enzo’s avatar


    When i putt the tn bin and the 660.pbp and flash0 in one map and tranfer it to my ps vita and make a copy on my ps vita it doesnt come on my ps vita home screen to open it?????
    What do i wrong!!!!!!!!
    I do the same with the video.




    1. mild seven’s avatar

      I have thesame problem it doesnt appear on my ps vita screen


  30. Enzo’s avatar

    I come from netherlands.
    And aply different savedata but it dont work!!!!!


  31. Rage’s avatar

    Anyway to get VHBL or TN-V4? Seems all needed games were removed from PSN. Really wanting this? Or is there anyway to go back down to an older firmware?


  32. Rage’s avatar

    Anyway to get VHBL or TN-V4 on 3.01? Seems all needed games were removed from PSN. Really wanting this? Or is there anyway to go back down to an older firmware?


  33. zahara’s avatar

    Hey please can u help me, em using ps vita made by china, and wants to hack it I try everything but nothing show up on my ps vita home screen, I follow the instruction correctly but the problem is I can’t find any tnv loader for china region I tried JP and US and EU in fact all of them none works for me,, can’t find the hackable files there after coping the tnv loader to my vita,, and what type of tnv loader can I use (by the way am sorry 4 my english)


  34. echo’s avatar

    Hello, guys! I can’t find name of exploitable game for 3.01 firmware, help me, please, I want to play again 3rd Birthday :)


  35. ravi’s avatar

    hi everyone ………………….my problem is i buyed ps vita last year from shanghai that is a hong kong version till now i tried so many time but i can not able to install any hombrew……but i manage to copy it on my ps vita but at last nothing is shown on my psv i donot know wats wrong i done with my psv……….if anybody read this message plz give reply me on mail( )…….i will be very thankfull to you.


  36. Hicham’s avatar

    Thanks for all, I got the game yesterday but it’s not working for me, after loading the savedata (US) after boot an error C1-2858-3

    I try all the possible cause but without success (Maybe because the store is KSA (Saudi Arabia)…!/en-sa/home/games

    Please help


  37. SUHAIL’s avatar

    im in middle east so which region i should use???


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