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Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? New Tekken Character, Sony Comments On E3 2014 & The Steam Machine Unboxing!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Acid_Snake says:

    tekken stopped being cool the moment they removed unlockable characters, it’s the sole reason why I spent endless hours playing all tekkens prior to tekken 6.

    • MrAlk512 says:

      Agreed, same reason I haven’t been into fighters as of late.

      • jake says:

        Tekken 2 imo was the best. The bosses weren’t overpowered (and you could play as them), you unlocked characters (making the game have some sort of objective which includes an IN GAME reward), the music was linked the the character, not the background, and there were funny cheat codes.

    • thediamante says:

      Wut???? You play fighting games to unlock? You don’t play to enjoy and improve your skills? wut? really? wut?
      Anyway, your logic is legit! Very nice way of expressing your mind dude

  2. PlaGeRaN says:

    I won’t be surprised if Xbone means: from manufacturer to wholesale/retailers. And they are talking about 2 million stock and not sales. Unless people can confirm the device is sold out in USA.

  3. Dark GOD says:

    New Eliza character would have been an interesting addition.
    When they start adding *** like horns that’s when I think there ***.

    She would have been a cool looking character otherwise.
    I can even dig the vampire thing. (Kinda sexy)
    But the horns is where it goes sour..

    Arcade dancer was crazy good. (Looked kinda funny though.)
    Flight Attendant Rapping was cool.

  4. HaunterZeroX says:

    Eliza definitely reminds me of Geese Howard or Rock Howard’s Reppuuken

  5. hardin says:

    Telltale “Games”

  6. Gie says:

    Why she has to be a vampire?

  7. 18joremie says:


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