101-in-1 megamix pulled from the PSN store in all locales, brace for TN-V4 impact


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60 Responses

  1. FusionAxis says:

    I eagerly await the release. Thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes to make this possible. Thank you TN, and Wololol

  2. Kishiyojin says:

    *raises hand* me!!

  3. Dominic says:

    *Raises hand proudly*
    So happy to be following the scene at this time. Thank you Total Noon, for TN-V, thank you wololo for the continuous updates, and thank you Quikrazor for the user mode exploit. Keep up the fantastic work, greatly appreciated.

  4. Hazer7 says:

    Wololo, do keep track of your visitors ip address. Maybe you can find out Sony’s IP address and block it somehow.

    • WARFATHER says:


    • BurritoMan says:

      IP addresses don’t work that way. Each device connected to the internet has its own IP address, with exceptions.

      • Matt says:

        On the contrary, you don’t understand what an IP address is at all.

        The IP address that the entire internet sees is not the IP address of any particular device in your home, it is the IP address that connects your internet provider to your modem in your house.

        From your modem, any number of internal networks can be created through a series of routers. In a typical consumer setup, there is only one (wireless) router. That router assigns local IP addresses to each machine that connects to it, and those local addresses are overwritten by the modem’s (external) IP address when sent across the internet.

        It is then up to your modem and router to keep track of which packets sent back and forth are directed to which machine, which it determines with the MAC address. The MAC address is not tied to a particular device, but rather the firmware of the wireless card or network interface card inside your device. So if you have two wireless dongles, each of those have their own MAC address. MAC addresses of your individual devices are not passed accross the internet; that level of communication stops at the router which overwrites its own MAC address when communicating to the modem and so forth.

        In summary, in order to block any entity via IP address you need to block the IP address of each connection they have to the internet, not each device. In practice this is futile, though. For example, Sony employees can access the internet from their homes which could end up with as many IP addresses as there are employees. It’s impossible to block a large corporate entity from your website by using a blacklist. You would have to set up a whitelist, but then no one else on the internet would find you either.

  5. Olivier says:

    So the Tn-V4 will be out soon 😀 nice to read :) Tanks to all the people working on this hack .

  6. Finally! Can´t wait to get the files :) Already got my emus and ISOS

  7. JhormanC says:

    muy contento muy animado y demasiado ansioso por la liberación de TN-V4… gran trabajo a todas esas personas que trabajan sin fines de lucros por todos nosotros… felicidades y un millón de gracias, tanto para Total_Noob y a Wololo por este gran trabajo.. saludos desde venezuela 😉

  8. Petar says:

    Why NO on 3.1?What does it mean?Because I am on 3.1 with Megamix?Am I unable to hack my ps vita ?

  9. Troutter says:

    I’ve never gotten the exploit game before sony took it down until now but I’ve got my vita in flight mode with 3.01 and 10 in 1 installed right now. When the game save is released how do I put it on my vita and if I buy a new memory card how would I switch them out?

  10. CeL says:

    My hands raised proudly for Total_Noob’s work and still patiently waiting for the release. Thanks to wololo and The Z for keeping us posted. Im really appreciating your work guys. :)

  11. andre104623 says:

    I hate to be the guy who has bad news but there is still one more ninja release and tn-v4 will not be released till that game is taken down from psn but at leased the au/nz will get a chance

  12. Mario says:

    Gracias por el trabajo que hacen real mente lo aprecio tal vez no me entiendan por que no escribo en ingles pero les doy las Gracias por su tiempo y esfuerzo Gracias a esperar con ansias la salida de TN-V4

  13. Se7EN says:

    @ andre104623 unless you have a source which i doubt you do your just bullshittting because you didnt get the exploit yourelf most likely

  14. Se7EN says:

    also the ett just tweeted that it goes live in the next 20 mins so therefore your definatly just butthurt you didnt get it

  15. jonny2jo says:

    Merci, merci, merciiiii 😀

  16. Se7EN says:

    incoming tnv2 less then 20 mins….. the Z just tweated

  17. ML says:

    Couldn’t get the 101 Megamix on time, darn.

    • otto says:

      Yea me too dude. What to do now?

      • ML says:

        Either hope for another exploit game or go ask around if someone’s generous enough to give their PSN account info.
        But I doubt either will happen after Sony’s patching rampage and the amount of people who would give their info is pretty close to none.

  18. 1acertijo says:

    muchas gracias por el TN-V4
    aqui en latino america valoramos mucho su trabajo n.n

  19. Memento says:

    They may in time put the games back up after next firmware. I had gotten Uno and a few other games after they patched the exploit and put them back up on PSN and used Open CMA to transfer from my ps3.

  20. Luke says:

    So, I’m on 3.00. As a result, I should be able to use TN right? I’m not use to Vita modding, but once I install it, is it permanently on my system (i.e. I can update Vita but TN is still there?), or do I have to stick at FW 3.00? Also, is there a major risk of ban? I doubt Sony checks through the files for PSP games, but I’m just checking since I do a lot of stuff Vita-wise through the PSN.

  21. All-StarGamer says:

    @Se7EN Wait, TN-V4 is releasing in a few minutes???

  22. Dean says:

    Hey guys, I see that the TN files were supposed to be out by now, are they? Anyone have any links to the files? Thanks.

  23. thecoldest1 says:

    the files are out now go to hackinformer.com now :)

  24. MrDo! says:

    Where do i get 660.pbp? thanks

  25. MrDo! says:

    nevermind got it – thanks

  26. nhamokid says:

    I really prefer reading updates coming from this website compared to other scene sites. Updates has always been very newbie-friendly as everything users need to be aware of are always written. Just recently I bought a PS3 (CFW-capable) and starting digging into the PS3 scene was somehow difficult for me. Anyway, thanks wololo for the update.

  27. bmlzootown says:

    Thanks so much! Got the game in time, because of this site, and I now have TN-V4 running on my Vita. Couldn’t be happier! 😀

  28. Devin smith says:

    While I have yet to get an exploit game I am looking forwards to the newfeature sony will add to the vita to try to get people to update.

  29. wololo says:

    Why didn’t you get the exploit? You had at least 2 full days to get it, didn’t you get the memo? Anyway, get ready for the next one, it’s coming. You’ll hate yourself if you miss that one too, so check the instructions here: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=11307

  30. All-StarGamer says:

    I need help. I have the files, and I put them in my Vita, but every time I try to run the exploit, I get stuck at a green screen. Please help!

  31. frank jaeger says:

    According to the list of games above, If I have a vita with compatible firmware can I then download one of the games on the list or must I wait for another exploit? Are the listed games that are now back on PSN already patched?

  32. w0w0002 says:

    2.60 ARCADE DAETS can not use TN V4?

  33. marc says:

    the updated list of games that is there is motorstorm arctic edge patched. because im on 1.61 fw so if i buy the game will this work for me

  34. (vitalicious) says:

    Do you know what it feels like to see something you’ve been following slip right through your fingers bc your money didn’t come in time? Fml. Someone wish for another kexploit for me.

  35. chuck says:

    lol u guys all u have to do is buy a $10 psn card and ur solved i bought a legit psp game tekken for 15 bucks and its worth it so this exploit is all worth it for 10 bucks

  36. chuck says:

    cant wait to play kingdom hearts on oled btw.. sad its not even on psn stores while 101 megamix is there haha

  37. Piqutchi says:

    Ugh, I couldn’t get 101 because I had no money.

    Is there another way I can get the game and transfer it to my Vita?

  38. ramenb0y says:

    Am on US3.01 and it works fine so far, thanks TN with the great update and wololo for the heads up!
    Was easy install since it was pretty much the same method as the previous releases.
    Tested VitaFTP, CWcheat, and PsPfiler and all works great!
    Thanks again guys.

  39. D3V6677 says:

    Hey guys. I really need help. I was an idiot and deleted my Fieldrunners game from my vita. I have already installed TN-V4 but was having problems getting psp.cso installed. nyways, My question is…I can not get the fieldrunners game to show up on cma. Can I just redownload it from the PSN store and it will work still or is the version on the PSN store patched now and will not work? Please help me.

  40. Jona says:

    Hey Guys, I finally decided to check my Vita after leaving it in the closet for about a year and I am currently on firmware 1.81. What can I still do to get TN-4 for my Vita? I heard of ways to bypass PSN firmware checks editing notepad and ect so If I do that, would downloading previous games like “King of Pool” still work? After all, $3 easy and short so figured why not. Let me know ^.^

  41. Ive_gone_mad says:

    i was unfortunately too late on the update :/ but im sure they’ll be future updates, so thanks for all the hard work exploit developers

  42. Kevin says:

    (Sorry new to the Vita scene) but once the 3.01 exploit games are returned to PSN, will the exploit still work if I try it so long as I don’t update my Vita firmware?

  43. Nheon says:

    Dont you guys wanna share the backup application file for 101 in 1 megamix?
    I know you bought the game on PS Store. But they already removed the 101 in 1 megamix from store and now not available for downloads.

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