To refund or not to refund, that’s the question!

The ninja release is over and a lot of people bought the game 101-in-1 Megamix, which will be necessary for using the TN-V4 eCFW (and kernel exploit) at the PS Vita Firmware 3.01, but there seems to be a problem with the game itself, when you are using a non-japanese PSN account with an asian PS Vita. But what is this problem and where does it come from?

The problem is actually pretty simple:
The asian PS Vita devices have the function of the X and the O button swapped. You confirm with O and decline with X (It is the other way around at european, american, australian, etc. devices). This little difference is the problem, that does not let you play Megamix when you are using an asian device with the non-asian Megamix game.

Usually the games adapt to the button swap, and therefore X will become decline and O will become confirm, but it seems that Megamix does not adapt to this, and that is the reason why you can not play the game, because no confirm button exists.

Left: JP Version; Right: EU Version

The first logical step would be to ask Sony for a refund, since the game is unplayable at an unmodified device, but I suggest you to NOT do it right now. Why? I will tell you why!

At first let us take a look how using games at the PS Vita works:

The first step is, that you need to own the game at your PSN Account, if it is a digital copy of the game, like our Megamix game.
Then, after you bought the game from the Store, you download the game to your device. This download includes a license file, which tells your device that you bought the game with your account and that you are allowed to use said game. If the license file is missing/corrupted/modified the Vita will simply report that the game can’t be played and that you should redownload the game to solve this problem (If there are some false information in this news, feel free to correct me).

But what does this has to do with the refund?

Well, when you refund the game, you lose access to said game, it will be made invalid for your PSN account. When you buy games, you buy the license to run the game, thats also why you can not play your digital games when your PSN Account got banned, you lose access to those licenses (Being said, this is illegal is several european countries, including germany).

But what does this ultimately has to do with Megamix and refunding it?

If you refund your Megamix game, you can not use it anymore to exploit your Vita to run TN-V4. The game will stop to work at your device when you refund it and you have no exploit game anymore. Even if the game would be still working, it would be a fraud to still use it, since your license is no longer valid.

I suggest you to NOT refund the game (yet), since you will need it to run TN-V4 at your device, if you want to use TN-V4. If you update past the firmware limit (Firmware 3.02+), then you can feel free to ask Sony for a refund, since Megamix will then be useless, since it will be patched in higher firmwares.

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  1. Sarge127’s avatar

    I am glad i own a North’Merican Version. ;D


  2. Lennyvita’s avatar


    So reading into this does it mean anyone who purchased the North American version of the game and has US psn account and Vita is ok?

    I do home things are fixed for the JPN version and psn accounts. I am confident the smart people here will fix things or some work around



  3. Kazuya101’s avatar

    If people are really desperate to play the game, (since i assume this is a psp game)
    wait till tnv4 is released. the vsh menu would allow you to swap o to x.
    If the game really matters to people that is…


    1. nineninetyfive’s avatar

      the point of this is not because you can’t play the game. the X and O swap is the reason why TN-V4 has errors and is faulty when the exploit is run. Getting into VSH Menu is useless if you can’t run the exploit to get to the VSH menu.


  4. Obito’s avatar

    What if the Vita is in Flight Mode before refunding and forever? :D


  5. Mr Genius’s avatar

    very informative information !!! im glad some1 spending his time to show or to prove every1 there is nothing to worry as long the game is run playble to others and unplayable but the most exciting that you can use tn-v4 and that’s my concern… you don’t need to play the game most important you can install tn-v4 and the Z show video to prove to every1 im w8ting to release tn-v4 Xmas Gift to all of us… happy new year he3x


  6. Zhyper’s avatar

    You can still play the game when you refunded it because when I bought arcade darts and arcade bowling and air hockey and gamocracy legend of robot and downloaded on my ps vita. I refunded the games and I could still play the game on my ps vita I still have them and I can still play them


    1. Anon’s avatar

      That’s not for long. The license works only for a period of time. Once that runs out – the device will try to establish a connection with psn to verify that you still have the license.
      Guess what happens next.


  7. Smurf’s avatar

    My main concern is that even if it works now. If you’re connected to psn then at any time they could remove the license. Doesn’t mean they will but it’s a possibility.

    Only way to guarantee they couldn’t would be if you disabled wifi before requesting the refund and then not connecting again.


  8. Merol’s avatar

    @ Obito

    Even if the game would be still working, it would be a fraud to still use it, since your license is no longer valid.

    it’s in the last part of the post.


    1. Manuel N’s avatar

      Since this shit is illegal, you could do a backup with OpenCMA, save this backup in a safe place along with their licenses (*.psvimg/*.psvmd), then ask for a refund, and finally re-transfering back to the vita. It’s simple, don’t you think?


    2. Obito’s avatar

      You wouldn’t be actually playing it, just running it to launch TN-V4.


  9. exequiel’s avatar

    it means that when i have an asian ps vita i shouldnt download the exploited game? am i right?


    1. dboyz’s avatar

      Nope, its all up to you, you can download it in order to use TN-V4 but you cannot play the game (megamix)


  10. lwl’s avatar

    I’d like keeping FW2.61 with FR, for it should be the simplest to there


    1. Manuel N’s avatar

      Same here, thank god 28MB leaves too much room, to house as many games as possible, without forgetting our preciated emulators. Killzone, Tearaway, i’m going to buy you, but you’ll need to wait until I get another Vita :P :P :P :P :P


  11. loljejelol’s avatar

    I downloaded the game 101 and I have it in my memory and I have a backup of the game in my pc i made it with CMA, but I sold my psvita, because I ordered another from Japan (still dont arrive yet), how can i activate the console without updating? The vita comes with firmware 3.00, no matter that it has been updated in Japan? Can i use my US psn account in that vita without updating here?


    1. Deathhell’s avatar

      hey u surely can heres the link where u can find that information

      just look at the conversation with fate6 and I,
      i was shyting on my pants too cuz i formatted my ps vita and with 2.12 FW and gamocrazy


    2. Eddie’s avatar

      I ordered the PCH-2000 3 weeks ago and it came with the 2.x pch 2000 only firmware on it.


  12. MrDo!’s avatar

    We are only talking about 10 bucks here. In the grand scheme of things… 10 bucks is not gonna make or break you. My advice is to spend that 9.99 happily knowing that you are getting something great from it. I like the idea of “sticking it” to Sony but you need to know when to let it go. It’s almost like robbing somebody then suing them lol. It’s only ten bucks.

    Want to say thanks again to all made this possible. I used the donation button on the ninja page.


    1. sirlantz’s avatar

      MrDo (in his castle) is correct. Suck it up buttercup! It’s $10 to get the ability of not packing around a PSP and a VITA just to do the coolness that they are sharing with us. If it’s broken and you really do want to use it, refund it & delete it off your system.


  13. percival’s avatar

    no problem when tnv4 release i would just download the megamix psp iso in every region and try if that works, fck $ony!


  14. Rockeroo’s avatar

    hopefully Aus game exploit will be annouced before 3.02 update!


  15. Nick’s avatar

    Who cares about not being able to play a shitty game? You all only bought it to use the TN-v4 release which is uneffected by the fact that the buttons are switched in the game.


  16. Clarkalel’s avatar

    Can’t you use the PS Vita Touchscreen to change the button touch control.


    1. 1998adam8991’s avatar

      Yeah it still doesn’t work


  17. Hellbelial’s avatar

    Guys,some say that the game runs flawless but they didnt said what the hel they do to make it run,also i heard that can run oldest games and with that the expliotable game works,HOW!! i dont know,maybe they lying?.I have the last exploitable game and the game Arcade Darts,how do i make it run?.Please guys.


  18. Nc’s avatar

    i agree what Nick said not being able to play shitty game… the mort important to use tn-v4 always check the site every day w8ting release tn-v4 keep up gud work TN ur amazing !!!


    1. fLaSh’s avatar

      also if we can reduce the game size can be nice.. lol
      490mb just to run TN is unless of space.. the game is reality very bad lol


  19. cruorsitis’s avatar

    I hope people don’t apply for a refund unless they upgrade to make the game truly worthless (as suggested above the game is still playable by launching from within ecfw.) I enjoy seeing these releases top psp sales for the month they are announced.


  20. Mr scammer’s avatar

    I just want to clarify that it is possible to buy said game then ask for refund and still keep the game because believe it or not this was done when uno exploit came out as a test n bam 5 dollars credit and game on vita just no longer in download history


  21. tokia’s avatar

    i have king dark pool in 3.0 but the Z say 3.01 is better than 3.0 then now ihave 101 in 1 in 3.01


  22. Olivier’s avatar

    if the exploit is out after the new fw can we gonna be use the exploit if is intall in you vita already ( 101 in 1 Megamix Us / Us vita ) or will not able to put the save on vita without update or something like that ? :S


  23. Ehsan’s avatar



  24. Gap Rod’s avatar

    The same goes for the Asian PS3. The O and X is swapped.


  25. ulquiorrA_schifeR’s avatar

    why is the SEN site is down for the US? Is the PSN in Vita still accessible? and is the game “101 in 1 Megamix” still available?


  26. BahamutBBob’s avatar

    I didn’t know PSP games did this. I have a Japanese PSP, and no game that I have played on it (all of them being NA) have had O as confirm, outside of Portable Ops. Does the Vita override this automatically?

    One of the first things I did when I hacked my PSP (Lumines!) was swap O and X on the XMB, but I played quite a few games before doing that, and played Portable Ops exclusively after doing that.


  27. asddasit’s avatar

    So i can still get the game? Is it patched or is it still good to go ?


    1. Eddie’s avatar

      They don’t patch the games, that patch the OS, they will just remove the game from the store while they update the OS.


  28. Eddie’s avatar

    I’m not sure about you guys but I for one do not buy these 100-in-1 games mainly because the games on them suck. My reason for getting this one, is the exploit, so exploit comes first, game second, it’s not a big deal if the game works or not to me. If I want to play it do bad I’d download an ISO and play it in the TN-V4… It seems logical to me… £8 to play what ever you want doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me… Even though I only plan on playing games in a different language that I don’t want to buy incase I can’t understand it…
    Just my thoughts…


  29. pcb_revival’s avatar

    Who was the stupid executive that said X should be confirm in the first place.

    Japanese were correct to begin with X is cancel. Its a crossing out/negative mark.


  30. omar’s avatar

    Its interesting to point out the word fraud and illegal where as if tnv4 is legal.


    1. musashiro’s avatar

      wololo agrees to this as well… it’s kinda funny how people draw the line between good and evil… anyway, i refunded the game and it’s still working


    2. Pockets69’s avatar

      tnv4 is not illegal, being legal doesn’t mean sony allows, you people need to understand the difference between TERMS OF SERVICE and LAW…


  31. Pockets69’s avatar

    Simple fraud that’s what it is, but then again not all the stuff sony does, and enforces with its TOS is legal… Anyway its still fraud… you wouldn’t do CC fraud would you? why do it on a game?

    one thing is if the game doesn’t allow you to launch the exploit, it is indeed bad, you should ask for a refund, but if it does allow, just use for its intended purpose.


  32. Anas’s avatar

    Hi everyone. The game 101 in 1 megamix is being pulled from us store and i did not buy the game. So i wont get the tn-v 4 hack?


  33. Pockets69’s avatar

    as i post the game is still on the US store, i am looking right at it.


  34. jatrix’s avatar

    Ok so it is clear that you dont have to play the game to run TN-V4..My question is, if the exploit trigger while the screen game load, does the O button work if you will press it to trigger TN-V4? Sorry for my bad english



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