Megamix is getting pulled. Hurry up if you don’t already own it!

This exploit game got pulled too!

As I am writing this article, Sony is actively pulling the 101-in-1 Megamix exploit game from the various PlayStationNetwork stores (like it happened with nearly every exploit game so far).

The first game that got pulled was the japanese exploit game, wololo informed you about this, and it seems that Megamix is getting pulled right now too!

If you live in asia, then it is monday afternoon (maybe even evening) at yours and Sony used the Monday to pull the exploit game from the various asian PSN Stores (HongKong, Taiwan, Thailand, and others).

The game also just got pulled from the european and african Store, which now just leaves the North American store as a last resort to get the exploit game.

We can definitely say that we have less than 24 hours to get the game, if you don’t already own it. But how should you own the game?

It is important to tell you, that you have to have the game installed at your PS Vita. It is useless if the game is at your PSP, PC or PS3, because you can not install it at your Vita after it got pulled (A CMA backup is the exception)!

Be sure to download it straight to your PS Vita, so you can be sure to use the TN-V4 eCFW pretty soon!

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  1. Devon’s avatar

    Confirmed, no sound on ps1 emu.


  2. mr-rab’s avatar

    Congrats to all those that have the exploit games.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any money for vita games or own a ps3 or ps4 so i will be staying on my 2.12 exploit for a while.


  3. Ricky D’s avatar

    Files are getting ready to go live. He says 20 minutes or so and it’ll be up on hackinformer site. That was 15 minutes ago


  4. Anas’s avatar

    The one who got the exploit are lucky xD .I did not get the exploit


  5. chuck’s avatar

    goodsht already have my psp xmb running on 101 megamix exploit… downloading birth by sleep right now its not even buyable on psn which is crap shitty psp are on the store but not kingdom hearts how sht is that


  6. Kagerusui’s avatar

    I think I may have fked myself over…

    I bought and installed the game, but today I accidentally formatted my memory card, therefore all my games and saved data is gone.

    I can simply re-download them all, but this game is now pulled off the market and I cant download it anymore even though its paid for…


  7. great’s avatar

    now we can call it 101 psp games megamix


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