Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Megamix is getting pulled. Hurry up if you don’t already own it!

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  1. NeutralGold says:

    Well it’s down now. I’ve been checking it through out the day and I checked it a second ago and they’ve finally taken it down.

  2. 101 mega mixed has completed been removed from all region.
    where is file ?

  3. xoombie503 says:

    It was a prank people..now enjoy your 101 in 1 game.tn did this to all the ungrateful bastards…lol

  4. Halathos says:

    Here’s your release. You’re welcome!

  5. lemski07 says:

    Ill get the next release I dont like dat megamix ;p

  6. Andrew says:

    Going, going, GONE! Just checked and it’s gone. (just to add to previous confirmation) I’m in the US with a US vita on a US account. Sorry to everyone who missed the opportunity. This one stayed up for a while. Good timing on the announcement, guys. 🙂

  7. Instagator says:

    Either there’s an echo, or the game has been removed from the us psn.

  8. lucario says:

    christmas release please, not sooner, I don’t want sony to make a 3.02 patch before I get terarria

  9. arkaeviz says:

    Oh if incase you didn’t know yet the 101 in 1 is already removed from the us store. Seriously, how many times do they have to repeat that it’s already been removed. I’m guessing another echo after this comment

  10. Gioz says:

    Officially down on the US PSN store

  11. ickn28 says:

    My 9.99$ is gone on my download list 🙁 its like stolen from me..

  12. Nawelfc says:

    its posible use the psp online using psp emulator on tnv4?

  13. luisleo says:

    101-1-megamix is gone,sony removed that.dominican republic here,psn vs user,
    tn-v4 vs patch,the race vs download.

  14. Hellbelial says:

    Game is not available anymore on US store,not even see it there now,so,where is our save data files?.

  15. Azleerico says:

    Got it off US store yesterday and after i got it, this article came up. Phew. Fortunately, I have a PS3. Does the TN-V4 support sound for PS1? Later going out to get Killzone, any other good jrpg games other than Persona 4?

    • speedy says:

      When you say “I have a ps3 ” do you mean you have the gane in the ps3 and not in your vita cuz if you do then you can’t transfer the game to you vita anymore.

  16. Devon says:

    Confirmed, no sound on ps1 emu.

  17. mr-rab says:

    Congrats to all those that have the exploit games.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any money for vita games or own a ps3 or ps4 so i will be staying on my 2.12 exploit for a while.

  18. Ricky D says:

    Files are getting ready to go live. He says 20 minutes or so and it’ll be up on hackinformer site. That was 15 minutes ago


  19. Anas says:

    The one who got the exploit are lucky xD .I did not get the exploit

  20. Kagerusui says:

    I think I may have fked myself over…

    I bought and installed the game, but today I accidentally formatted my memory card, therefore all my games and saved data is gone.

    I can simply re-download them all, but this game is now pulled off the market and I cant download it anymore even though its paid for…

  21. great says:

    now we can call it 101 psp games megamix

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