Megamix is getting pulled. Hurry up if you don’t already own it!

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188 Responses

  1. makak1984 says:

    EU pulled out…

  2. ossman says:

    I get a feeling that sony does not like to sell a lot of copy’s of one game. wonder why <.<

  3. UnLuck3R says:

    Taiwan pulled out too……

  4. Ruffbad says:

    Good thing I got the game yesterday. Shouldn’t be to long now for tn-V4 to come out. I can’t wait!!! 😀

  5. Nawelfc says:

    hi everyone, just a question about the tnv4, if I connected to the internet while I have the exploit game, and this is taken out of the store, I lose the posibility to have tnv4??

    • Shinyoite says:

      If the game is installed on your Vita, you have nothing to worry about. If you try to connect a PSN service AFTER they release a Firmware update for Vita, you will have trouble with CMA/OpenCMA. (This can be fixed by resetting your Vita database/settings from the recovery menu, this will simply rearrange your icons and remove the background images you set.)

      tl;dr NO, you will not lose your exploit.

    • arcthelad says:

      You’ll only lose the exploit if you’ve updated past 3.01

  6. China Noodles says:

    Wheres the game saves?

  7. kaotik-snake says:

    Sony pulls these games so hackers find another exploit for us to use every time hackers find one sony makes loads of sales it makes sense luckily iv had mega mix for ages.

  8. Alex says:

    King of pool is still on the store for 3.0 users.


  9. Sylen7Nato says:

    US still up for the time being…as of 7:00am MST

  10. NNNRT says:

    Doesn’t the game’s company (Nordcurrent for this exploit) tell Sony anything for removing the game from their stores?

  11. yurt says:

    Can someone explain the difference between “copy content” from my vita to my pc and “backup” from my vita to my pc?

    This article said:
    “It is useless if the game is at your PSP, PC or PS3, because you can not install it at your Vita after it got pulled (A CMA backup is the exception)!”

    I didn’t use the ‘backup’ option, i used the ‘copy content’ option to copy it to my pc.. what’s the difference?

    (I already had the game installed on my vita before i made a copy of it to my PC.)

    • Shinyoite says:

      Well, maybe the wording is just wrong. The game should transfer just fine when you have OpenCMA, since OpenCMA won’t send information to Sony about the transfer, meaning PSN won’t know what game you are copying. Unless something has changed about all this… just a `Copy content´ will be enough.

  12. jov says:

    Its still available in US PSN store SEA of 10pm GMT +8

  13. Eddie says:

    I’ve got the PCH-2000 and I can’t transfer anything to or from CMA… It just says no console is connected…

    • Shinyoite says:

      Which says that, your Vita or your PC/PS3/PS4? If it’s your Vita, maybe it’s trying to connect to a console instead of PC, did you change it from the top right corner of the screen to change the connection? Also, if not, are you trying to connect via wifi or USB?

      • Eddie says:

        Aye, Ive used it before. It worked fine on my last vita… the 1st gen, Its just this one that doesnt… Im even using the same program… I never uninstalled it when I sold my old vita earlier this year…

        • mlc says:

          There are different versions of OpenCMA, I believe, and I don’t believe they all work with the same FW revisions. Is it possible that you are using an OpenCMA that is too “old?” (I still have one of the earlier OpenCMAs since I’m still on 1.81, but I believe there were updates to CMA and the OpenCMA patch since then for newer FW Vitas)

  14. Nazar_Ops says:

    Lmao, nice one Sony. But I already got the game. Ha!

  15. TheAccountOfTeo997 says:

    so, until the game is not pulled out from us store, tn v4 won’t be out?

  16. bobo says:

    let me have a guess.. sony reads 😉

  17. Nawelfc says:

    what happends if release tnv4 files before the game is taken out?

    • TheAccountOfTeo997 says:

      yeah, that’s what i’d like to know

      • Sky Yuki says:

        Nothing bad happens
        Everything stay the same

        But it’s best to get everybody get the exploit that why tnv4 files have not released yet

        Well i’m pretty sure that tnv4 will be released after all games have been taken out

        Or tnv4 file will be released after AU/NZ psn get exploit games

        Good thing is if total noob choose to not release the exploit
        There won’t be new firmware update
        And the game most likely (Won’t) put back to the catalog
        Or a bunch of refund……

        TNV4 released = firmware update

        • Nawelfc says:

          so.. Sony can not terminate the license of the game so you can not use it?

          • Sky Yuki says:

            Well why would they?
            If u installed the game on the vita
            They can’t do anything to you

            But they can take out the game from your download list for a while then put it back after exploit fixed if it didn’t contact sony

            They will terminate your license if you request a refund and make game unplayable (i believe it will be unplayable but i don’t know since i never try it)

          • mlc says:

            not without refunding your money, and they think it’s a better strategy to just “force” upgrades by required FW for new games and online services.

            now obviously they’d remove your ability to play it if you got a refund due to the O/X flaw with some consoles, but that’s because they’re legally right to do so. they can’t stop you from using a game you purchased from them, though, as then they’re “stealing” from you

    • Halathos says:

      It means the get a head start on fixing the kernel exploit and will release 3.02(?) sooner.

    • ambrosjb says:

      The reason to wait is to delay a patch being released in a new firmware. Once a new firmware is released that means no more PSN for those who want to keep TN-V4. Right now is your opportunity to grab anything and everything you can from PSN because most of us will not be upgrading firmware for a LONG time once we have TN-V4.

  18. relax says:

    relax guys, TN will eventually release TN-V4. You have nothing to worry about anymore. You got the game, right? Go on a vacation, get out of your room. When you come back in a week. TN-V4 will definitely be there. You can even just download it next year. It wont be taken down. What’s important is you already have the vector(usermode exploit game) to launch TN-V4. You already won.

    • relax says:

      Or better yet. Study TN-V. read about past posts about it; how to run it, what you can do about it, what useful features it has, anything that can make your time useful. don’t be lazy and wait for wololo to spoon feed you. You all are too lazy, you don’t even read the comments section.

  19. Sky Yuki says:

    I’m pretty sure this is VERY IMPORTANT decision
    That will change your life
    Will you get a special 1 time in a year TN-V4
    Or stuck as ordinary sony customers

    Somehow i just want them to pull out the game already lol

  20. CeL says:

    Oh.. Good thing i already installed that game. Just patiently waiting for the release. :)

    Sony acts fast nowadays. XD

  21. sepher8720 says:

    Still up in US store as of 10:30 Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)

    Good luck to all and I can’t wait til the files are release… its only a matter of time… getting g excited tho

  22. Devon says:

    Lmao I’m impatiently waiting for the release. Total_Noob will really make my 2013 with his exploit!!

  23. Devon says:

    Just btw guys, Playstation mobile store has Adventure Bar Labyrinth and Super Crate Box available for free for those who have not yet taken advantage of th offer do so now while we have psn access.

  24. BeastyX says:

    Why Wouldn’t You Want To Access The Games Sony Hasn’t Released On PSN For PSP On Your Beautiful OLED? I Think They Only Don’t Put The Top Games Like MGSPW Or KHBBS On The PSVITA Store Because They Would Outsell A lot Of The Psvitas Games Thus Killing The PSP As Well As The Psvita. Clever Are These Guys At Sony But I Bet When They Released The Vita They Never Expected That Old Handheld To Rebite Them Where It Hurt$

  25. It’s a bloody win-win situation, they’re getting money and we want the game (for personal use), it shouldn’t matter what we do with it, they get paid. I guess sony realistically has no reason to pull games out of the store, for all we know, we’re doing this with our own console, they get paid!

  26. ReckleszGod says:

    Got the game! I hope this will work…been waiting for almost 8 months…

  27. KalEl says:

    Available On Mexican PS Store.
    Im sure.

  28. LD Recharged says:

    En la Store de México todavia esta disponible

    Sony México Store is avalible

  29. Will@sony says:

    TN you do realize how stupid it is for you to be the way you are right now with not releasing the game save right?
    If Sony wanted they can drop a new fw update containing the patches for the two games that you let the world know about. Why would you let everyone wait this long knowing such a thing could happen and have people update by mistake or cause confusion.

    • mlc says:

      So don’t update? No one has made any claims about exploits on firmwares above 3.01, and the assumption should be that this exploit WILL be patched in an update.* Even if TN takes a month or two to release the files, it wouldn’t be his fault if people updated foolishly.

      *Perhaps not if the files aren’t released, but we must assume a patch is possible and therefore avoid an update until facts are available.

  30. Thiago says:

    I downloaded the game on my PS3.
    I can then transfer to the vita and use the hack?

    • ICEwaterINC says:

      Save the game to the ps vita then after hook up the vita to your pc and use the content manager to back up your current settings which includes the game you just bought.
      At one point you aint gonna be able to use the ps3 for transferring the game to your vita.

  31. Anas says:

    Hi everyone. The game 101 in 1 megamix is being pulled from us store and i did not buy the game. So i wont get the tn-v 4 hack?

  32. Matt says:

    Im in Canada its still on the store (US)

    • canadafaghere says:

      The game might be up longer or shorter in Canada as it /technically/ is a different store. Not by much I imagine though.

  33. Matt says:

    Cant wait to play CSPSP if it still works

  34. Maning says:

    OK here we go i spend my $10 left in my wallet and downloading.. i hope this will work if not wololo should commit seppuku Grrrr..!

  35. uqbn says:

    I have 2 accounts. US and one of the European. And two memory cards respectively.
    I downloaded the game to memory card using my US account. Then switched to Europeand account.
    Should I return to my US account before they remove the game from US store? Or still can wait until TN-V4 is released and then back to US account.
    Will I be able to switch my memory cards in the future without losing exploit?

    • Mikumikufan says:

      You need to pick one account to stay on. If your US account has the game and your EU t doesnt switch back to your US. Once a firmware update is release you wont be able to switch if you want to keep the exploit. Every time you reset your vita to factory so that you can choose a different region and psn it has you log into psn to deactivate your current account on the hardware. Once a new firmware is released this wont be possible for us to do without charles proxy which doesnt always work. Play it safe stick to one account if you want to keep TNV 4

  36. Dr.OZ says:

    TN-V is out sign in and check the forums!

  37. Mikumikufan says:

    Oh how ignorant you sound. TN works hard and he can release whenever he wants, and we’ll wait patiently because we appreciate his work. It has been said in blog posts and the forums numerous time not to update past 3.01. So if sony released an update and you installed it that would be on you not on TN. Furthermore even if they did release an update the most they could do right now is patch the game itself however the kernel exploit would still be there since that needs to be patched at a firmware level you would just need another game containing a usermode exploit to access it. This is why he waits. It gives people more time to access psn and get stuff before they are stuck on a certain firmware. The whole world knows that this is a kernel exploit, and sony isn’t going to waste there time patching the game when that won’t fix their real problem. They remove the game from their stores and wait to get a hold of the TN files just like us so that they can analyze and discover where the kernel exploit is so they can fix it.

    In all stop being such an ignorant jerk. Be patient, and appreciate the work that TN, Wololo,The Z and all the others do for us

  38. cramberry jews says:

    This is nuts where the heck is the game data save total noob?????????????????????????????????????

    • Shinyoite says:

      YOU’RE nuts, YOU’RE a total noob.

      No but seriously, have patience, don’t expect the Save file for a few days to save yourself the disappointment.

  39. Bronson says:

    I just bope the update patching this exploit is mde mandatory after the release of Terreria

  40. CalamityDjenn says:

    Dead on EU Store now, I had time to buy it but not to download it.
    It has been pulled out.

    I have upgraded from 2.02 to 3.01 for nothing :(

    • Moxx says:

      dam sorry for that mate u were so slow wait for another game maybe they find one but it will need time

    • mlc says:

      if you have a PS3 you will be able to transfer it after it is added back to the store. This will be sometime after the next Vita firmware update. So it’s not hopeless.

    • Coracoronoideus says:

      Oh man, that sucks.
      Make sure to be a member of Wololo’s forum next time. You will maybe get the name of the exploit some days in advance

  41. Mr. Iwata says:

    Ok so I downloaded the game on my PS3 cuz I dont have a PS Vita yet. Will I be able to transfer it from my PS3 to my PS Vita?

    • Moxx says:

      now i dont think so cause its already pulled sorry

    • mlc says:

      You will be able to transfer it from your PS3 using the OpenCMA trick once it is added back to the store (after the next Vita update) ASSUMING that you get a Vita and link it to your account before a firmware above 3.01 is released. If you haven’t activated the Vita to your account before the next firmware update, then I believe you’ll be required to update the Vita before it can be linked to your account to use your games. (and if that firmware is above 3.01, then this exploit game won’t work)

      So you may be able to get the hack within a month or so, if you get a Vita soon enough. But right now the game will be unavailable for transfer until 3.02 (or 3.10, or whatever the next fw is, is released)

  42. Hazer7 says:

    I’m getting this feeling that OpenCMA would be patched soon.

    • Moxx says:

      how they gona patch it and u already patched it to make it not connect to the internet 😀

    • mlc says:

      Yes, hopefully there is no way to patch the PS3 CMA transfer process. Because that is the obvious next step. Right now I have exploit games for many firmwares above the one I’m currently on, but that would be impossible if they patched the CMA trick. Anyone with a past exploit would have to stay on their past FW, or take a much larger risk of upgrading and getting the new exploit game in time.

      It’s possible that this CMA change will come with some of the future PS4 compatibility updates.

  43. snake2243 says:

    as of 13:10 sharp, eastern time in florida the US version of megamix 101 is STILL in stores. so far I am installing the game on all my 16 gigabyte cards.

    will this play ps1 games with sound? does any one know?

  44. Coracoronoideus says:

    i got the release a week before public and even…

    i prefered to stay on 1.81 with MadBlocker exploit.
    all my favrite vita games are working on it(yes even hatsune miku), and my backed up psp games. Looking at the future releases of vita games, there wasn’t really something worth the update(P4D?, GE2? ok maybe).

    I’m really glad of the community not leaking the game. Thx TN for the effort put in this exploit.

    Like in fundamental research, we do little steps at once. That is what we are doing r8 now, thx to those amazing devloppers. I hope one day the vita will be full-mod-able.

  45. Mdtodd229 says:

    I’m on the latest update but I only have one game on my vita ( 100 in 1). I’m I still good to go

  46. Smoker1 says:

    Still Available as of 10:39 A.M. PST

  47. Memento says:

    Hope I can get an answer as I’m really worried about this inquiry.

    I got the Japanese version of the game downloaded on my Vita but at this time I have no memory card so its on the 1GB of memory the Vita has. When I get my memory card will I still be able to use the exploit and the memory card storage?.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!.

    • Coracoronoideus says:

      if you are able to access yre internal memory with openCMA, then yre fine.
      And i guess y can transfer the game to a memstick later?
      Wish they release the new vita in Europe man…

  48. kukux89 says:

    mx store still available but psn is running very slow don’t know why

  49. Mdtodd229 says:

    I guess I’ll have to find out for myself when the tool is released lol

  50. tangra87 says:

    I think you will but you have to instal the open CMA ,and make a copy of your vita ” crear copia de seguridad ” ,than when you get your mem card , you just enter your counter manager and press restore . this way it will bring all the information of your internal memory (now on your computer) to the mem stick of 16 gb.
    If Im wrong,please someone correct me .

  51. dante says:

    I’m in Iran Its still on the store (US)

  52. Troutter says:

    As of right now I am on 3.01 on my white vita and have 100 in 1 megamix installed eagerly awaiting tn-v4 for my first vita exploit but i have a few questions. I currently have the 4gb memory card that came with my vita and a 16gb on the way from amazon for only 20 bucks, the questions I have are how do I move the exploit to the vita and afterwards how do I switch to the 16gb. Also I activated flight mode just to be extra careful.

  53. andre104623 says:

    The game is no longer in my download list 2:14 est us store

  54. sai says:

    i got my copy too, still availanble on US

  55. ashdasydasdhash says:


  56. Katsumi says:

    Megamix has been removed from my download list in the US store and made unavailable to download for me

  57. Draven says:

    I finally updated from 2.02 last night to 3.01. I had the game downloaded on my PS3 already, but, when I connected my Vita to my PC, it told me I needed to update CMA, which is likely because I had my Wifi on.

    So, I just downloaded it directly from my Download List, rather than trying to copy it from my PS3. Either way, I will be ready when the new exploit drops.

  58. Khryzto says:

    it’s still available on us store?

  59. Hellbelial says:

    Game isnot available on us store anymore

  60. Devon says:

    Confirmed it has been pulled from US PSN 2 mins ago, was able to access all day and was just told no longer available.

  61. fLaSh says:

    now lets to wait for TN-V4 files :)

  62. Katsumi says:

    well.. there goes the game from the US store. Now we play the waiting game

  63. speedy says:

    Not available in west us store 12.13 pm
    I see the 101 in 1 megamix but when I click on the icon it say ” this content may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale” (np-2247-5)

  64. mcm says: cannot access.
    What’s happen?

  65. zdzich981 says:

    try Disconnect wireless WIFI and rebot vita :)

  66. A.J. says:

    So game is pulled from everywhere i believe. Hackinformer files plz?

  67. Devon says:

    site is down wouldn’t you believe it………..

  68. perihelion says:

    King of Pool seem still on the Store, oddly enough ?

  69. Nazar_Ops says:

    Game removed off US PSN Store!

  70. game is also pulled from EU store… :(

  71. Nawelfc says:

    Ok!, you can share tnv4 files now!! 😀

  72. Troll says:

    If You Missed This Game….

  73. zerobacker says:

    megamix the game has been removed from the Mexican psn store about 11 a day Monday here in mexico and I guess also all united states

  74. Slice says:

    Time to update this bs post they don’t have any of the games anymore shitheads.

  75. bgaAllday says:

    The z needs to be more sarcastic in the next post like this one what a lamer.

  76. Onii-chan says:

    All games are pulled.

    Bring on the hacks!

  77. BigDICKjimm says:

    Bring on the damn hacked file already Numb nuts.

  78. Dmaskell92 says:

    *** off, impatient people, please relax. It will be here soon.

  79. Deathhell says:

    I can confirm that 101 mega mixed has completed been removed from US psn as the time as 5:21 eastern

  80. Coracoronoideus says:

    Keep calm and be patient for the files

  81. NeutralGold says:

    Well it’s down now. I’ve been checking it through out the day and I checked it a second ago and they’ve finally taken it down.

  82. 101 mega mixed has completed been removed from all region.
    where is file ?

  83. xoombie503 says:

    It was a prank enjoy your 101 in 1 did this to all the ungrateful bastards…lol

  84. Halathos says:

    Here’s your release. You’re welcome!

  85. lemski07 says:

    Ill get the next release I dont like dat megamix ;p

  86. Andrew says:

    Going, going, GONE! Just checked and it’s gone. (just to add to previous confirmation) I’m in the US with a US vita on a US account. Sorry to everyone who missed the opportunity. This one stayed up for a while. Good timing on the announcement, guys. :)

  87. Instagator says:

    Either there’s an echo, or the game has been removed from the us psn.

  88. lucario says:

    christmas release please, not sooner, I don’t want sony to make a 3.02 patch before I get terarria

  89. arkaeviz says:

    Oh if incase you didn’t know yet the 101 in 1 is already removed from the us store. Seriously, how many times do they have to repeat that it’s already been removed. I’m guessing another echo after this comment

  90. Gioz says:

    Officially down on the US PSN store

  91. ickn28 says:

    My 9.99$ is gone on my download list :( its like stolen from me..

  92. Nawelfc says:

    its posible use the psp online using psp emulator on tnv4?

  93. luisleo says:

    101-1-megamix is gone,sony removed that.dominican republic here,psn vs user,
    tn-v4 vs patch,the race vs download.

  94. Hellbelial says:

    Game is not available anymore on US store,not even see it there now,so,where is our save data files?.

  95. Azleerico says:

    Got it off US store yesterday and after i got it, this article came up. Phew. Fortunately, I have a PS3. Does the TN-V4 support sound for PS1? Later going out to get Killzone, any other good jrpg games other than Persona 4?

    • speedy says:

      When you say “I have a ps3 ” do you mean you have the gane in the ps3 and not in your vita cuz if you do then you can’t transfer the game to you vita anymore.

  96. Devon says:

    Confirmed, no sound on ps1 emu.

  97. mr-rab says:

    Congrats to all those that have the exploit games.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any money for vita games or own a ps3 or ps4 so i will be staying on my 2.12 exploit for a while.

  98. Ricky D says:

    Files are getting ready to go live. He says 20 minutes or so and it’ll be up on hackinformer site. That was 15 minutes ago

  99. Anas says:

    The one who got the exploit are lucky xD .I did not get the exploit

  100. Kagerusui says:

    I think I may have fked myself over…

    I bought and installed the game, but today I accidentally formatted my memory card, therefore all my games and saved data is gone.

    I can simply re-download them all, but this game is now pulled off the market and I cant download it anymore even though its paid for…

  101. great says:

    now we can call it 101 psp games megamix

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