JP exploited game for TN-V4 (Katekyo Hitman reborn Battle Arena 2) removed from the JP store. Other locales to follow?


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103 Responses

  1. Dmaskell92 says:

    Can’t wait to see the download link. I might throw up from excitement! Jk hehe.

  2. hobophage says:

    Won’t be long now.

  3. Smoker1 says:

    Thankfully I got the Megamix once I saw the confirmation. Now just waiting patiantly for the Save Data and Install Instructions for using it and adding my Homebrew, Emulators, and other fun items 😀

  4. tokia says:

    many bugs in 101 in 1 megamix game.

  5. Katsumi says:

    This pretty much means that 100 in 1 should be removed within a 24 hour time period. I suggest everyone who is sitting on the fence to buy the game now!

  6. wait says:

    wait wait wait 1 years wait tn-v4……

  7. Sarge127 says:

    THANK GOD i didn’t decide to format my memory to make a fresh stick.

  8. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    I wonder why.. Hours ago, I am trying to access the online sony entertainment network store via website but its down..

  9. BeastyX says:

    Just Checked And Its Still On The US PSN Store Patience Guys You Know The Drill.

  10. Evilchaosz says:

    101-in-1 Megamix is pulled from the Asian PSN.

  11. andre104623 says:

    Still up in us store im going back to sleep is 4:00 am here

  12. Hasu says:

    Not a problem, try for ever.

  13. rjgo100 says:

    Yup 101-in-1 Megamix in HK PSN is gone.

  14. demonbutter says:

    As long as kingdom hearts BBS final mix works with the 32mb restriction I won’t be upset I spent 10 bucks on 100 in 1….which is one *** game by the way lol. Trying playing it for shiggles and giggles and hated it lol

  15. Acid_Snake says:

    I would not trust the PSP PSN at all, just because it’s available there doesn’t mean it hasn’t been pulled. We need better confirmation than that.

  16. newrcc says:

    “Ohhhhh HAppy day…. Oh happy dayyyyy!” =D

  17. Knifes says:

    I can confirm that 101 in 1 in not avalible in EU Psn store

  18. tn0w says:

    101-in-1 Megamix and the 2 games in one where 101 also was included has been removed from the Dutch (EU) psn store.

  19. allow says:

    same here
    the 0-9 category is now empty Lol

    EU psn

  20. Valyr says:

    Also pulled from the UK store

  21. 100AND1 says:

    I guess we can conclude the wait is over everyone. Be patient were only a few hours away from a simple save data file to be uploaded for all to download!
    This is our early Christmas gift from total noob and his friends who helped have fun with finding exploits on the vita.

  22. jeje says:

    i wish they release the TNV4 now 😀

  23. EarACHE says:

    Cool the actual game made a post lol! Well you have me and 20 of my friends awake right now waiting TN and its 5am here in the east coast of the united states of america baby!

  24. himura says:

    no more in the HK PSN Store

  25. tangra87 says:

    wow , 101 in not avalable in Spain anymore,they just pull it out. tnv4 I am ready :)

  26. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Waa as I read the comments above, I guess I will be staying in 1.67 firmware with an UNO Exploit.. :'( I will not be able to play DJ Max and Dragon’s Crown anymore.. I will be waiting for TN-v4 instead.. waa :'(

  27. pj says:

    Its a crime scene on sony app store at the moment a game by the name of 101 has been abusively downloaded investigations on the way via sony botts deployed.

    • tangra87 says:

      Yes and CSI Miamy are on the go to solve the case.
      Horation Kane- Mister Wolf, I think we have a case (puting his sunglasees by the moon light) pan papapanpapan pa pan pan yeeeeeeee.

  28. MUMMBOJUMBOE says:

    Thats a bunch of MUMBOJUMBO!

  29. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Based on what I have observed, EU PSN game 101-in-1 Megamix was removed by around 10AM-12PM so I guess this will be the same for US PSN before the game will be removed.. Just an assumption but who knows..

  30. pcb_revival says:

    I am suprised there is no system in place to automatically suspend sales of a game if the purchase rate jumps from the norm – afterall these titles have been available for some time, when suddenly sales go throught the roof.

  31. Eddie says:

    It was removed from the EU (UK) Store at 10:45 UK time :/ Glad I downloaded… Now I just need a CMA that lets me transfer the game from a PSVita PCH-2000 :L

  32. tangra87 says:

    hey sharper boy, if have that much rush ,well you have the exploitable game,go and make the files yourselve, if you cant (wich I`m perfectly sure is the case) wait like the rest of us and dont even speak.
    At the end of all , this is for fun , not a livin or diyn couse to save someone`s live.

  33. TNVisGAY says:

    Please let me know what’s your problem total noob you let eveyone buy these *** games all so they can soon be patched. Knock it off and stop horcing around with
    everyone’s time!

  34. ETA 1hr says:

    TN-V released check the forums!

  35. gpodgl says:

    The TN-V4 will run games: ps 1, ps2 or ps3?
    Thank you.

    • oxi says:

      Yep … and ps4 too!

    • tangra87 says:

      ps1 and psp isos,cso, emulators-snes,gba….. and ps4 burning files 😉 the last one was a joke :p :)

    • mlc says:

      i heard it perfectly emulates Saturn and Dreamcast and Gamecube too!

      jk, lol, but why would you ask if it emulates PS3 games? If your computer can’t emulate something it is highly unlikely that your handheld can emulate it. PS2 itself is much too difficult for the PSP, and even PS1 would probably be difficult and buggy if Sony hadn’t done it.

      Some sort of remoteplay hack might be possible (for the Vita) in the distant future, but even a fully hacked Vita won’t ever be emulating PS2 or PS3. (I would be quite shocked if anyone other than Sony could get PS2 games running acceptably on the Vita) The PSP emulator within the Vita is just the same as a PSP, so clearly it can’t emulate things that are more complex than a PSP.

  36. Roland says:

    The TN-V4 is released now? OR NOT?

  37. TOTAL_NOOB says:

    TN-V is a go download it!!

  38. Roland says:

    Please answer the question: The TN-V4 is released now? Or not?

  39. Roland says:

    Then why wrote somebody? Why wrote this: go download it?
    Its fake?

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Seriously??? u fall for that trick lol
      It’s just some random joke written by somebody
      TN-V4 Will be released FIRST on the blog so it widely spread

  40. runFromRAYNOLDO says:

    today we have total noob to thank for the savae data file thanks!

  41. Ricky D says:

    It’s still available in the US so nothing’s been released. Don’t let some random tool jerk you around like that!/en-us/search/q=megamix?smcid=ps:shop-now:ps-psn:playstation-store

  42. ZeFRNCHMAN says:

    How do install game save i have game and donated total noob.

  43. Bilow says:

    The game file is ready for download tn-v is on forums check inbox.

  44. zatiki stinky sauce says:

    Get file save before they take down.

  45. Roland says:

    When release this TN-V4???

  46. Evilchaosz says:

    Many expect it to be released after the exploit games are taken down from PSNs all over the world, but the official word is anytime between November and January.

  47. Roland says:

    Please:) I like psp games, i need this feature:D

  48. Obito says:

    Game pulled from Europe too.
    So… xD.

  49. HITMAN says:

    I have Hitman on my PS3, in the installation bubble. I’m waiting for a memorycard to arrive, can i still copy it to my PSVita when it’s removed from my downloadlist?

    • Shinyoite says:

      I forgot how the CMA worked between Vita and PS3, but even if you miss it, don’t worry, as long as the game is still there and you have your Vita on 3.01 or below, you WILL be able to transfer it once Katekyo Hitman is put back on PSN, it will just means you will have to wait a bit longer.

  50. Total Noob says:

    Check the forums available for download.

  51. says:

    I bought the 101-in-1 megamix in the US PSN now.

  52. RKOrton says:

    Game pulled from Russia too.

  53. Sir Stache says:

    i just got my 101!!! woot havent had an exploit since the very first mini that came for free

  54. srrmy says:

    Game still online in Austria (EU).

  55. Marlon says:

    When released???? Please tell me!!! I would like to play with my favourite psp games!!!!

  56. Bertje says:

    @Marlon: Buy a PSP and stop whining about the release date.
    Stupid kids….

  57. Jetli says:

    When released this hack?

  58. barret says:

    hello I have not yet vita but I download the game on my ps3 can I transfer it to my vita when I shall have received without the problem?

    • TranceWarp says:

      If it’s been flagged by PSN, then no. If you still can, move it to a USB drive via Content Manager and keep it on your PC for later. Then use OpenCMA to move it over.

  59. TranceWarp says:

    US Game is still available. Downloading now. :)

  60. Memento says:

    Hope I can get an answer as I’m really worried about this inquiry.

    I got the Japanese version of the game downloaded on my Vita but at this time I have no memory card so its on the 1GB of memory the Vita has. When I get my memory card will I still be able to use the exploit and the memory card storage?.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!.

    • pj says:

      Copy the game from your vita using open CMA5 to your pc when you get your memory card copy it back over using Open CMA job done.

  61. Ricky D says:

    It’s been taken down finally from North American stores. Now we’re just waiting on the release since this was the last store to still have the game!/en-us/search/q=megamix?smcid=ps:shop-now:ps-psn:playstation-store

  62. Ricky D says:

    I don’t know why my comment was deleted but the game’s been removed from the US store

  63. Teddy says:

    1. what happens when sony patches a game? does it change coding or an id in
    the game?
    2. when a new update comes which it will, what if i backed up my game to my pc and used open cma to transfer it back after i updated to the latest firmware will the exploit work still?

  1. December 16, 2013

    […] ‹ JP exploited game for TN-V4 (Katekyo Hitman reborn Battle Arena 2) removed from the JP stor… […]

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