Upcoming TN-V4 release and recently revealed exploits: FAQ


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108 Responses

  1. arcthelad says:

    Will I still be able to play the game (provided I could back it up via Open CMA) after they refund it and delete it from my download list?

    • Shinyoite says:

      Except, they won’t refund you anything, and the game won’t disappear from your download list. You may be unable to download the game from your downloads list for awhile until they throw another update at us however, but that won’t stop you from playing and doing such things with your already downloaded game.

      • Shinyoite says:

        Oh wait, nevermind this, I read wrong. While you should be able to play it (if you don’t allow wifi on your Vita), and as long as it’s Open CMA, it shouldn’t stop you because the game is still signed with that account. If you do connect to the PSN after it’s possibly deleted, it indeed does have a small chance to block you out from the game.

  2. anonymous says:

    THIS> “That being said, it is unacceptable that Sony sells you a game which doesn’t work, so I strongly suggest you contact them for a refund.”

  3. Shanamaigo says:

    Good post, clarifies a lot of things actually.

  4. MaxiExtreme says:

    Can’t seen to make OpenCMA work with 3.01… oh well ill be very patient for the release & tutorial soon…

  5. Lai says:

    good article wololo

    :) at least everyone can understands whats going to happen next 😉 all up to TN

    *note to wololo :) : typo in the paragraph in “I live in AU/NZ part”, the word was “Fir” .. i think u mean as “First”

    Goodluck everyone!

  6. joss68 says:

    Hi Brothers!
    101-in-1 Megamix+Fading Shadows edition can be used?
    (East-Europe store)

  7. archer says:

    where can i find this tool to port tn-v?

  8. KiYoshi says:

    Is openCMA a program I can just launch from my PC or do I have to install it on my vita and is there an update for 3.01 or does the current one still work?

  9. PlaGeRaN says:

    I hope both mega mix are the same.
    I told everyone in the psn group, the psp version o.0

  10. mrnoob says:

    OpenCMA works on 3.01 I backed up after I purchased the Japanese release.

  11. jeje says:

    who should i contact for refund? i dont know where to go?

  12. LuKe_AA says:

    Sucks I already had the Fieldrunners exploit (the best in the way you just have to run the game and wait without doing anything else) but I upgraded to 3.01 not knowing it’d work with a kernel exploit as well.

    On the plus side tho, no RAM change, I could keep a PS4 compatibility just in case and Fieldrunners plays like a good ****ing game.

    • alpmaster says:

      Hey man don’t feel bad i had both UNO and Gamocracy on two vitas of the same account i could have easily updated my 2.02 to 2.12 and back up Gamocracy on Opencma but i was nervous so i updated both to 3.0 i hope i do not regret it.

  13. Mr Genius says:

    Im very hapPy and informative by wololo… Read carefully guys b4 asking question… God bless u all

  14. mangosteam says:

    in-case i got a refund will my ties to the game remain the same??? like im not the owner of this game anymore? so will i be able to open it or still be registered on my game account>?

  15. quicksort says:

    Many people seems to be too lazy to google how to use it, so I’ll do it here.

    A mandatory update doesn’t allow you to use CMA to copy files PC->vita/vita->PC. So You heave OpenCMA (version 5). This makes CMA online not checking for available updates, so you can copy files without problem.

    Simply download OpenCMA r5. Extract all the files to your CMA installation folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Manager Assistant”. Run the file “run.bat” in administrator mode. And VOILA, that’s it.

    • quicksort says:

      Forgot to mention,
      CMA MUST be closed when running “run.bat”.
      So make sure it’s closed in your Notification Area. (right click and exit)

      • mangosteam says:

        yeah its actually easier to install cma5 than the older versions where you need to configure psp2update and set,dll.. dont know why many people cant install it

      • Crono says:

        PS: Also in some cases you need to execute “run.bat” as administrator (right click, execute as administrator).

    • OR says:

      Open CMA 5 won’t install on my computer. Says can’t find the required files and yes I ran run.bat in admin mode. Any more helpful insight from you?

  16. Hellbelial says:

    Why some people say it work but they dont have the save files,how is that possible?

  17. Freaka says:

    i just bought a ps vita slim (pch-2000) and have updated to 3.01 and was wondering if this exploit can also run on this model of vita? is there any extra precautions i should care of? early thanks!

  18. jake says:

    Thx for that :)
    So wait… User exploit = exploit in game
    Kernel exploit = exploit in the psp firmware itself?

  19. tinostar91 says:

    Sony can remove the game from your download list and prevent you from installing it!
    Not if you are in Europe but it’s still good to have it already installed than waiting till [some random event].

  20. alex says:

    Is it possible to update from 2.06 to 2.12, and then get one of the needed games for the exploit through a proxy?

  21. tokia says:

    me go for 3.01 because the Z recommended to me

  22. deejayhavok8 says:

    GREAT POST!! Thanks to everyone at wololo that makes this possible!! i been researching mods for vita’s for only a week and this site has everthing to understand what you need to accomplish that!! Much respect with the process of the ninja release!! Great work!! Everyone donate what u can to keep this alive!!

  23. Rick says:

    Thanks for wololo..

    so, Vita firmware 3.01 can use TN-V4 fully right??
    like UNO, etc??

  24. musashiro says:

    They will remove the game from your download list and refund you if you contact them regarding the x button and o button problem. I have the game and backed it up as well.. since the game loads the game before selecting any game mode(sp or mp).. all is well..

    Asking for refund is like getting the game removed from the store but with an awesome refund of 9.99.. haha

  25. kazuya101 says:

    I suggest to everyone grab some free psn games while you can. They have some decent titles on there.

    My question is (I’m sorry if this being repeated)
    Will tnv4 be bringing sound to ps1 games and although the ram won’t effect psp games we’ll this apply to ps1 games too?

    I know it sounds repetitive, but I love my original (legally bought) gt lol

  26. Sky Yuki says:

    Got the game
    Dem graphic so baaaaaaaad
    Maybe played too much vita games
    Now i will just wait patiently…..

  27. dworku says:

    Just a question wololo.
    I’m at 1.81 using URBANIX to run TN-V.
    Can I update manually to 2.61 and use URBANIX as well?
    I read that is possible to use URBANIX to run TN-V, but I don’t understand what procedure I must use.
    Can you explain what I must to do?
    Thank you.

    • Abdou005 says:

      Just stay in urbanix 1.81 at least you are sure that tn v4 will be for it. And when they realise Tn v4 for 2.12 or 2.61 then update manually 😀 Wish i helped you

  28. Genix says:

    whether to run PS1 games?

  29. mclow says:

    what games i still can get? i want to buy a used psvita 2.61fw…. im not sure if the 101+1 game is still availible tomorrow…

    if not are there any alternatives?

  30. Frozzel says:

    i have a question is it possible to make a backup of my memory card en copy that to another memory card with open cma and if it is posible will the new megamix exploit (if the files are releasted) still work?

  31. Teenager says:

    Hi, I just bought a ps vita, this updated with the latest 3.01 firmware I can download the game megamix 100-in-1 or already patched?

  32. Crzylegz says:

    Question…Was wondering if someone could point me in the direction to find a “how to” guide to help me transfer my 2.12 save data running the legend of robot exploit to a larger memory card. Checked the /Talk Forum couldn’t find a section…any info would help.

  33. walala says:

    101 in 1 megamix downloaded, and back up-ed.
    now waiting for TN-V4

  34. strangewayzz says:

    Will ps+ games on my vita still work

  35. alex says:

    Is it possible to update from 2.06 to 2.12, and then get one of the needed games for the exploit through a proxy??

  36. SlashMash says:

    So, if I am on firmware 3.01 with the 101 in 1 game, and when TotalNoob releases the files, but then a PS Vita update releases, and I don’t update, will I not be able to use Remote splay functionality with my PS4?

  37. jaime says:

    can i upgrade my memory card transfer all the data and mantain the tn-v ? i only have a 4gb card atm but i plan on get a bigger one if this thing works.
    please anyone reply

  38. Sky Yuki says:

    After mindless waiting
    I’m starting to worry about
    “Disclaimer: I did not test the exploits or TN-V4”

  39. yovanni says:

    hi everyone I have a vita on 3.00 and got the 101-1 game for the new tn-n4. I heard king of pool works better but cant seem to find it in the psn store anymore is there a way to get it? thanks

  40. All-StarGamer says:

    Help! I’m on 3.00 and I have both King of Pool and 101-in-1 Megamix. I still do want to play online as well, so should I continue using a proxy to access PSN features so I can play online, update to 3.01 to play online with a proxy server, or not connect online at all with the fear of getting my account banned?

  41. mickman says:

    So, i’m on 2.02, should I download the exploit to be able to run TN-V4?

    • ambrosjb says:

      Depends. Do you have one of the previous exploit games (e.g. UNO?)? If not, your best bet is probably to update to 3.01 and get the new game as fast as possible. If you do not have an exploit yet, that might be your only bet to get TN-V.

  42. Vita means life says:

    I’m so lucky that I managed to stay on 3.00. A few days before King of Pool was announced as an exploitable game I was about to update my firmware to 3.01, but I had to charge my Vita first. So I went to sleep, forgot about it and ended up reading about King of Pool, buying it, and now I wait.

    I was running the Uno exploit until 2 weeks ago because I got a PS4 and wanted Remote Play. Nice that I won’t have to wait long to get the best of both worlds :).

  43. ambrosjb says:

    Wololo – Seems CRAZY to me that you were not a TN-V4 tester…. I hope that wasn’t a snub by the development community considering all that you have done to keep the community alive. Without you, your site, forums and ninja releases, there would be very few in the public right now that have been able to experience VHBL or TN-V. If others have not said it loud or often enough: THANK YOU WOLOLO!

  44. mix1607 says:

    so i have the uno exploit working right now
    will i still be able to use it if i upgrade to 3.0 or do i need to get a new exploit

    • Vita means life says:

      You need to get a new exploit.

      I was running UNO up until 2 weeks ago when I upgraded to use Remote Play with my PS4. However now I have the Pool game downloaded on 3.00 and am awaiting TN-4 and can still use Remote Play :).

  45. romeogrunge says:

    I have a question, i own 2 4gb memory cards, can i have TN-V4 in both cards without a problem?

  46. Smoker1 says:

    Wololo: OpenCMA is not working anymore. I attempted to use it to back up my Vita when I purchased my 64GB Vita Card to replace my 32GB, and my Vita said I had to Update it. It is possible, that Sony has made it so OpenCMA will not work. The only thing I can think of is Blocking the CMA with the Firewall and/or disconnecting Internet prior to Installing the TV-V4 to make sure it takes without any problems.

  47. Nazar_Ops says:

    To people who can’t get CMA to work. Are you sure it’s not working? I can get it to work without any problems. I updated to the latest version on CMA. I tried to disable WI-FI on my VITA, even on my laptop and it works like a charm.

  48. TengenToppaGurrenLagann says:

    Hi, I’m running 2.02 with UNO exploit. I’m not completely sure, am I able to run TN-V4 with UNO?

  49. TengenToppaGurrenLagann says:

    I also just had OpenCMA fail on me a few time (latest version). However it’s working fine now. Got it and then couldn’t transfer my exploit. After transferring a save for a regular PSP game it’s working 100% fully.

  50. Roland says:

    Please tell me somebody: When release this TN-V4? I need this:D

    • Katsumi says:

      everyone here has just as much of an idea as you. I’m pretty sure we are all hoping for a release once the game gets pulled off the market.

      Just patiently wait.. and refresh

  51. nosranro says:

    NOT working on my US version Vita 3G version runing on 3.01, updated and downloaded the game this afternoon.

  52. Benji115 says:

    Thank you Wololo :) I love all you do for the scene :)!! When TN does come out, Could you tweet it after you make the main post! I’m worried I’ll lose it or have to search the downloads page

  53. harewei says:

    Regarding to refunding of the 101-in-1 megamix game, why do we need to wait till 3.02? Shouldn’t we be able to keep the game (since our vita will be in flight mode all the time anyway), while they take the game off our account and put the money back in.

  54. Kounekochan says:

    So, I got the vita specifically for the emulator and iso support… Is that a bad thing?
    I mean, I’ll still buy physical copies of vita specific games.

  55. mike says:

    Well it looks like usa game is no longer in the store. Bring on the tool lol

  56. mike says:

    I only see it from the store on my vita but I don’t see it from my brothers and he doesn’t like hacking stuff

  57. Himbu says:

    Do i need to have exploit install in vita to be able to have tn-v4.. My vita have 2.12 no exploit do i need to buy gamocracy for the exploit?

  58. Nnuma says:

    I have bought 101 in 1 but i already had fieldrunner in 2.61.
    I have lost 10 € ;(

  59. hsiao758 says:

    2.02 UNO can not Install TN-V4

  60. CRem says:

    Hi there,
    what about “Gravity crash” files ? i’ve controlet several times but i cant find em

  61. Xzudin86 says:

    Why in malaysia psvita can not hack…i hope in malaysia(psn for malaysia) psvita have hack

  62. Andrew says:

    Can some one help me plz I what to the psn store and it not got the game on it.all I can find is king of pool but it’s not letting me have it.can someone tell me is there any more exploit game out what it can download for the exploit

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