PS Vita FW 3.01 Exploit Game for TNV4 announced (and 5 chances to get it for free!)


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337 Responses

  1. ickn28 says:

    HI. author and friends can i play PARASITE EVE 1 and 2 playstation 1 – tnv4 crack.

  2. Matt says:

    Any ETA on when TN-V4 will be released?

  3. Help. says:

    Help I can’t play 101 in 1 on ps vita
    Single player can not select help plese

  4. imbapete says:

    i thought you can run tnv-4 on the old exploits (uno) ?? firmware 1.81

  5. DEE says:

    im done with this vita ***. unless there will be a actual VITA exploit, its freaking pointless. were fighting a company by giving them money! for what? to play a few gba games?! its pointless and is a wast of money/ what you guys want im just saying im off this crazy pony ride.

  6. Olivier says:

    Hi :) i just buy i ps vita then i have the firware 3.01 so i buy the game 101 in one megamix Psp on Us ps network for 9.99$ so i dont really care about the price i will wait for news about the hen then i got i want to know it i will be able to play iso psp or just a hen ??

  7. Olivier says:

    sorry ** If it will be able ( then forgot the : then i got)

  8. theluxx says:

    I just downloaded, and it works and I can play it, I don’t understand why other people can’t play it.

    Anyway, I hope there isn’t a 3.02 patch before terraria gets released on it via psn, which comes in 2 days, I’m intrigued by that.

  9. Troutter says:

    I’m on 3.01 and I bought 100 in 1 but I’m concerned. On psn it says the game is 411mb, on my vita it says 410mb, and on the zetts video on YouTube it says 412mb.did I just waste 10 bucks?

  10. lemski07 says:

    HEY is there a better game for the exploit? damn the jp game exploint I think is 1000 times more better…

  11. jov says:






  12. jek says:

    is the game still available?

  13. GodLikeC says:

    Im guessing the files will be release on tuesday after sony update the store and remove the game and also the demo for Dragon ball z battle of z will come to ps vita and ps3 on tuesday will even include a muliplayer mode

  14. RzmmDX says:

    101-in-1 Megamix is still on the US store.

  15. jek says:

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable log in error at wololo talk

  16. icyheart says:

    I Remembered when Uno exploit came out we Have 1400 comments here

  17. Liveintokyo says:

    just got 3000Yen PSN so got the japanese game and PSplus for 3 months. Going to be good!

  18. SneakyAzn says:

    Ok i think the file will be released today at least from the sources i just checked in with. As much as TN wants to wait he is being pressured to go along with the community which makes sense anyhow. If it weren’t for the community he would have 0 fan base and 0 respect so without hold he will be complying with the demands.

    TN would also like a thank you from Sony Entertainment for his part in recent PSN sales. The least they can do is send him 4 100 dollar PSN cards in the mail.

  19. Oni says:

    Ok s I bought the game on the US Store and downloaded to my PS3 cuz I still dont have a PS Vita yet. Will I be able to transfer it to my PS Vita?

    And If there’s a new Update for the PS Vita could I(After have it hacked) update it and not lose the hack or we cant Update?

  20. Olivier says:

    Tanks for answer me so fast :) my english is bad im sorry Then Oni if you update you will have to wait until a new game whit a new exploit birth whit the update you will have in your vita .

  21. deaos says:

    thank you total-noob & wololo.
    Waiting for the release of the files!

  22. jek says:

    is the game still available

  23. Maccc says:

    Will the JP one work with US Vita’s?

  24. Alexis says:

    Awesome, can’t wait for the TN-V4 to be release.
    You forget to say to save the game using the backup tool in case of bad manipulation.

  25. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    The site is currently down at US PSN Online Store.

  26. Z says:

    the game 1-in-101 Megamix is still available on PSN…Hurry folks get it while it last!!!

  27. Dmaskell92 says:

    This game still isn’t pulled? Sony must be busy lol. These weekend releases are quite clever.

  28. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Can I know the exact time in US?? I am currently on Asia with GMT +08:00.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      November to January, there is no ETA or deadline. It should release soon though.

      • ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

        Yeah I know about the TN-v4 release. What I am referring about is the just announced game. I am asking the time there because I am cautious that it might be pulled anytime at US because I have a US PSN account.

  29. Matt says:

    Im Surprised that the Exploit game never makes it to the Top Downloads list in Psn store??

  30. Goeymon says:

    Its not there cant find the eu game any more

  31. Goeymon says:

    can i buy retail copy seeing as I cant find it on Psn ?

  32. Mike Wong says:

    Does TN-V allow us to play Vita ISO games?

  33. Thien says:

    ahh i was too late they removed it

  34. Pinshe sony says:

    pta madre ya quitaron el juego

  35. Jhonnata says:

    The exploit of Uno works on FW 3.01? because this game 101-in-1 megamix is off… thanks

  36. galvaojdk says:

    unfortunately I have not bought the megamix, I wonder if there is someone who can sell me or lend a psn account to download.

  37. Got 101 mega mix psp (there were two options in PSN!) and even played it :-( but looking forward to playing with TN for the first time. Hats off to all the hacking community for their achievements!


  38. YOlo mc yolo burger says:

    Could you just download this off of your playstation then transfer it to your vita? cause i think its off the vita store but still on the ps3 store

  39. Ive_gone_mad says:

    looks like i was just one day too late cause i couldn’t find the game :/

  40. Andrew says:

    Is there going to be any more exploit game coming out the games 101 in 1 not on the psn and king of pool and Ben 10 game or no on it so plz. Can someone help me plz

  41. shyam says:

    can we download psp’s megamix for ps vita

  42. mild seven says:

    I just downloaded tn-v4 on pc and i manage to copy it to my ps vita system but the problem is it doesnt appear on my vita screen. Why is that do i have to download first the open cma.

  43. spades123 says:

    yes i have the same problem as mild seven tho im pretty sure ive used the open cma correctly tho i see no difrences

  44. K Solis says:

    New firmware update 3.12 :( it’s saying in order to access psn store and ps4 remote play I have to update :/ is there any way I can still access these things without updating?

  45. some-one says:

    Me too, me too.
    And sucks since I can’t just get a US account since I’ll lose all my existing purchases/dlc :(

  46. MadManNZ says:

    Big sad face from me in NZ too. We always get worked over down here lol

  47. PlaGeRaN says:

    Technicaly you won’t loose your account, but have a second one. Besides, exploits are only useable until Sony releases another update.

    I’ll be online until the next pup file pops up XD!

  48. jake says:

    We don’t exist to half the countries… And when we do, it’s either “Kiwis” or “All Blacks” :/

  49. jake says:

    Don’t worry. You said your account was made a few days ago? So you’ve probably bought nothing on it tbh. You could just sign out of your AU account, FORMAT your memory stick and then create your US account. If you have bought things, you’ll lose them until you repeat the procedure again (changing into the aussie one instead).

    I can’t change though, since i’ve bought far too many games on the store, and the hassle sony has put in the procedure is enough. I also don’t have two memory sticks so I would have to format my memory stick 5000 times a day probz =/

  50. dmaskell92 says:

    Buy another one? Just format and pick US region FFS!

  51. hey says:

    until sony takes the game down. 2-3 days + another day for preparations before the files are released.

  52. brook930 says:

    * Hi I want to know if I can trust that 101 game really work for th TN ? Because wololo said, he hasn’t tried yet.

  53. jonny2jo says:

    I feel sOooo sorry for you cause the constant BS of not being able to update makes me happy just thinking about being able to have a CFW on the vita is worth it and if you really want to update…get a new vita FIN!

  54. says:

    I bet they take it out, patch it and put it back so it wouldn’t be exploitable.

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