PS Vita FW 3.01 Exploit Game for TNV4 announced (and 5 chances to get it for free!)


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345 Responses

  1. Leires says:

    Huzzah~ Thanks for the heads up, i baaarely got the game..was gonna be close ;_;

  2. jake says:

    ***, no game for au/nz… *insert toy story meme “After all we’ve been through”*

  3. rubenctt says:

    thanks for the hard work

  4. jake says:

    Next time, can you please give a heads up which countries the game WONT be available in? Thanks for your hard work though, even if it won’t benefit me atm, it will have helped other people :)

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      They did give a heads up in the ninja. The /talk forums is where this information is shared.

      • jake says:

        I was signed up in the ninja forums the entire time. Right now is 9.00pm in my time zone. I last checked this morning, so 9-12 hours earlier. I NEVER got any notification on the ninja release UNTIL the actual public release :(]

  5. Dmaskell92 says:

    Yay! Have been waiting since January of last year. It’s interesting that you never tested TN-V4. I would think you would be at the top of the list of trusted testers.

    • wololo says:

      TN and myself have a bit of history… 2 years ago I shared one of his exploits with Coldbird, without TN’s permission, so he doesn’t trust me anymore.

      Fair enough I guess, although it makes it difficult for me to take responsibility for the release and any potential problem. Having not tested anything, I can only rely on the good faith of the testers and TN :)

  6. metarortiz says:

    Amazing i gotta hurry with the game XD

  7. Alex says:

    Please can somebody confirm me that with this games (usermode exploit) and TN_V4 i’ll have a kernel exploit that will enable psp emulator, custom firmware, to run on my Vita and play PSP backups?

    A yes or not would be enough to buy them and update to the 3.01

  8. jatrix says:

    Finally.. Thank you for the info!

  9. Tokia says:

    im still OFW 3.0 its good for TNV4?

  10. mitohereiam says:

    Thanks!!!! thanks!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  11. montie1965 says:

    I,m one *** off aussie at the moment…

  12. Jlove says:

    This is magical.

  13. Bobby_Chad says:

    Yeah!!! I already bought it and downloaded it since the ninja release… so awesome!!!

  14. Issac says:

    I’m new to all these exploits and stuff but i decided to give it a shot and purchase the one of the games with the exploit. can somebody kindly explain to me roughly how the exploit works? thanks in advance.

  15. anonymous says:

    help pls! i cant play 100-in-1 megamix. i cant click the “play” using “x” or “o” buttons. HELP ME PLS!

  16. DiabloNocturnia says:

    Thanks for all the hard word @Wololo & Total_Noob. I have been waiting for this since I missed out on UNO by a day. I truly appreciate everything you and the beta testers have done, maybe now you can go a few days without being questioned about when the next exploit is our…. or maybe not lol :p

  17. Ahmed360 says:

    Cool! I guess now I can freely ask, how come the game does not start? Like if you got to single player, the menu is empty! That’s for the 1000 mix game.

    • DiabloNocturnia says:

      I think if you flick through the channels one of 2 are unlocked , the first few are not. As long as you can create a save game when the game initializes you should be ok. If not maybe re-download the game to be sure before it gets pulled.

      • A.J. says:

        the game is not working in single/ multi player :/

      • Ahmed360 says:

        Hmmm, im able to save/load, but just unable to start the game :(

        I don’t really care, but It would’ve been nice to try the game.
        Anyways, im here for the emulators, can’t wait to play some retro games on this gorgeous OLED display 😀

        • Not stressiN says:

          Same here, homie. I’m all about the old school games from my childhood. Could care less about the ISO/cso backups. SNES on vita FTW!

  18. dan says:

    thanks as always.

  19. Smurf says:

    Now if only the US game wasn’t so terrible and was actually worth playing :)

  20. Hakan Subasioglu says:

    Been waiting for the custom firmware on vita so long, thank you!

  21. terry says:

    I still on 2.61 so can i use my arcade darts for new tnv i have updated. so do i need to download this game

  22. Frankie says:

    I got trouble when i enter the game (101in1 MEGAMIX),
    i can make a profile myself,
    but when i load the profile, i cant accept the single play.
    i cant start game.

    the game version is US. My vita version is HK


  23. Wtfface says:

    Can I use AD for tn-v4 cuz I don’t want to update

  24. Unholyblood says:

    Awesome thank you!, can’t wait for exploit files now 😀

  25. CJW says:

    Yeah remember the good old MH freedom exploit….that was an awesome game with an exploit….Gravity Crash not too bad either but most the other pretty blah…..Finally updated my Vita to 3.0 after staying on 2.02 Uno all year. Really looking forward to TN4 as I was part way in on Ratchet and Clank and Peace Walker…..

  26. asdasda says:

    Can i test or play the exploited game now?

    • jake says:

      You can play the game, but it hasn’t been “exploited” so to speak yet. You see, the game has an exploit in it which “the Vita Gods” will later give to us in the form of a saved data eg when you load a game you can choose which saved game you pick (eg the 50% completed one or 76% completed ect). Except for this exploited save file the game crashes PSP-Style. This means it reboots as a PSP. The Vita part of it doesn’t realize its crashed. The PSP emulator has though.

  27. 0UT51D3R says:

    hey guys, thanks for all your hard work!

  28. Gpodgl says:

    Thanks very much. Muito obrigado mesmo. Vocês salvaram meu PsVita. O trabalho de vocês é muito importante. Thanks!

  29. salsacumbiambero says:

    valio la pena la espera gracia.
    excellent work so I have the game thanks guys for your hard work

  30. test says:

    And what about 3.00 and King of pool?

  31. jeje says:

    im so glad its over..i can finally shout the name of the game 101-megamix weeeeeeeeeeeeeee…im so really excited..this is my first exploit since i register here in wololo….

  32. Tokia says:

    waiting for king of pool exploit

  33. Stealthmagnus says:

    Help. Besides iso’s, which I do not use, what are the best capabilities of a typical kernel exploit? I just bought a ps4. I am using psn features- are there any workarounds for psn access with these types of exploits? I do not want to lose my ps4 remote play connectivity. What happens when sony updates to 3.02? Last time I went through this with arcade darts- no psn, no new games (I have ps plus) no netflix, just airplane mode to avoid losing my exploit and a handful of emulators. I have a Mac not a PC, so open cma is a hassle. I have to use someone Elses PC. Please advise. I am on the fence as to wether this is worth $10 and the loss of vita/ps4 connectivity. Thanks

    • dante123 says:

      yes it’s worth the 10$ i would be pay even 50$ for this , lots of emulators and free psp games on the beautiful vita screen , now that’s up to you , for me it’s worth it because there is no upcoming ps vita game that interests me

  34. SHiis says:

    got the game now waiting for the VHBL files,thanks for the post :)

  35. Meganubis says:

    Hey Guys, Im on 2.61, what exploit do I use, in AUS? should I use 101in1 (with EU Account) or is there something eelse I could use

  36. Verlain says:

    Many thanks from Paris.

  37. KY-sama says:

    Thank you soooooo much guys! Been waiting for this exploit since I missed all the past ones (can you believe it!?). Finally, I get to play some of my old UMDs without re-buying 20+ games.

    By the way, there happens to be 403 Forbidden Error when I try to register for the /talk forums… it’s my first time registering and I don’t think I did anything wrong before… assistance please?

  38. vergilxx3 says:

    Thanks wololo.
    Got the game from ninja relese on the first day,now lets hope Total_Noob will not screw us.

  39. fakejameh says:

    Wow. Another *** off Aussie. If only I knew bout accounts s few days ago j wouldn’t have created my au accent… :( so now I gotta buy a new PSV to get on psn us store. Sigh. ;(

    • jake says:

      Don’t worry. You said your account was made a few days ago? So you’ve probably bought nothing on it tbh. You could just sign out of your AU account, FORMAT your memory stick and then create your US account. If you have bought things, you’ll lose them until you repeat the procedure again (changing into the aussie one instead).

      I can’t change though, since i’ve bought far too many games on the store, and the hassle sony has put in the procedure is enough. I also don’t have two memory sticks so I would have to format my memory stick 5000 times a day probz =/

    • dmaskell92 says:

      Buy another one? Just format and pick US region FFS!

  40. kaz says:

    thank u so how much we need to wait for the save?? 😀

  41. fakejameh says:

    oh ***. yea I just did that. Got my PSN game code off amazon. I didn’t expect it would work given the time elapsed. but I wouldn’t put it past amazon not to care about such things, they have been known to price skim in the past (charge different prices depending on your area) so I guess they cant fix this in time >_<

  42. TheUnforgiven says:

    Thank’s a lot for this release, can’t wait for the exploit’s release :)

  43. Vitality says:

    If later Sony release the new update to patch this, how to transfer the exploit game from Vita to the PC or vice versa? because it will require internet connection and updated version of CMA.

  44. scooter61686 says:

    Maybe luck will be on my side as i cant afford the games this time around :)

  45. override says:

    Merci pour votre travail et bonne continuation pour la suite.

  46. mangosteam says:

    when do we plan to send a bug report to sony megamind is not working properly x is o lol and unplayable we myt even get a refund haha with this many people ..

  47. Redglitter says:

    Tout pareil que mon voisin du dessus, merci pour tout le travail effectué !

    Thanks for the amazing job what you do !

  48. Maikelix says:

    sorry for my ignorence. Can I install it in 2.61?

  49. UnLuck3R says:

    there hav 1 psp demo can download on ps vita
    LocoRoco-Midnight carnival- demo
    but u should use other psx download before
    and use psvita to see download list
    idk there hav usermode bug or not

  50. caldopescao says:

    Hey guys, Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work, finally we´ll have a ps vita as should deserve.

    • Nani says:

      People steal or go for pirates when they need it but can’t afford it ! :roll:

      Vita is a paper weight.
      Later the TN-V4 release am gonna stop its resting time n squeeze the juice out of it !!! 😯 :)

  51. arcthelad says:

    O-tsukaresama desu!

  52. quicksort says:

    Thanks a lot everyone who has any support on this release.

    Though I suppose installation and uninstall instructions will be placed with the release?

  53. romain337 says:

    cool boys! i got it. special thanks to x.

  54. Thanks says:

    Thanks guys.
    But what happens when i can’t finish my download before sony release an update?
    Am i safe as long as i don’t stop the download?

  55. adrian says:

    have anybody else been able to start the game 101 in 1 megamix?
    i cant get past the start screen, i can only go into the menu, hoppfully this wont be a problem later on with the exploit.

  56. Nnuma says:

    I had the FRunner vhbl expoit in 2.6.1 but i have update to 3.01 to buy this game (eu) because Charles doesn’t work… I hope it will not change much. ^^

  57. I_r_v_e_s says:

    I downloaded the game and it work fine in singleplayer/ multiplayer. I am just waiting for the TN-v4 files :)

  58. maxiori says:

    Thanks wololo foryour info I hope I could try this exploit hehehe.

    Well anyways thanks.

  59. Bank says:

    Im Ready 101 in 1 In my ps vita

    What not play game

  60. wizardofwoz says:

    Amazing! had to wake up early for work and found this. thanks guys!

  61. jov says:

    HI i;ve already downloaded it,,,tnx wololo but theres a problem (MY PS VITA IS ASIAN VERSION SO THE REGISTRY IS X=CANCEL O=ENTER) when iam trying to start the 100 in 1 game w/c is US VERSION GAME…its instruct me to PRESS the X=ACCEPT to play the game but it turns to CANCEL coz my X= CANCEl is there anything i can do to swap the X to O so i can play the game?….pls help me guys if any1 got XP on this problem…

  62. imamgoingtowin says:

    i am going to win with selfconfidence, i think…

  63. LBattle says:

    That battle arena looks kinda fun. Maybe I’ll get it anyways

  64. Haroon says:

    Should I update if im 2.02 hacked already? Is it worth the upgrade?

  65. jov says:

    HI i;ve already downloaded it,,,tnx wololo but theres a problem (MY PS VITA IS ASIAN VERSION SO THE REGISTRY IS X=CANCEL O=ENTER) when iam trying to start the 100 in 1 game w/c is US VERSION GAME…its instruct me to PRESS the X=ACCEPT to play the game but it turns to CANCEL coz my X= CANCEl is there anything i can do to swap the X to O so i can play the game?….pls help me guys if any1 got XP on this problem…

  66. Diag says:

    what a luck that i just watched today and didn´t forget (like many other days 😮 ) and amazone just saved my *** for getting a online code for psn, becaus i still needed to load some cash :/ but now i´m loading 101-in-1 wooooohooooow o/ (but for some reason its loading really slow ^^) just want to thank the above named persons too for the great work they are doing :) now just waiting for tn-v (but i´m sure the next necessary firmware update won´t wait long)



  68. Fredrick says:

    Could somebody please confirm if staying in FW 2.01 would still grant me access to TN-V4 or not?
    I recall this particular firmware has access to more RAM so I stayed there all this time.
    If I have to update, please tell me so I’d do so quickly!

  69. Shank says:

    Thank you for the release. Hope this works OK on mine.
    I downloaded the game, my vita has ‘o’ to accept and the game doesn’t start single player or multi-player.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  70. jov says:

    SHANK am having the same problem too…PLS HELP us is there any other way to SWAP X BUTTON TO O BUTTON?

    So we could play the game….

  71. jonny2jo says:


  72. lynx says:

    the game cant select single player/multiplayr option. will this be a problem using the exploit? does anyone know how to fix this?

  73. Lymus says:

    now let us all guess the most sold psp game in december … 😀

  74. noob says:

    As long as the game open to ur ps vita… i don’t care if this game unplayable when tn-v4 release you need to change the folder of this game to bypass and go tn-v4… correct me if im wrong… check tn-v3 watch youtube

  75. x2oa says:

    so Ive been trying to get on the psn store with my 2.61 psvita with Gamocracy VHBL with skfu proxy. I get everything connected and psn still says I still have to update…could someone please help

  76. fLaSh says:

    Got 101-in-1 megamix (EUR), now lets to wait for TN files :)
    Thank you!

  77. antbird1 says:

    thnx…..i’m downloading the game now.

  78. Vokoca says:

    Just to add my own experiene, I’ve bought the japanese game and that one seems to work fine. Well, the quick battles I’ve tried do, at the very least.

    Eagerly waiting for TNV4. :)

  79. sergio says:

    tanks i got it and it runs good on my vita

  80. Brenza says:

    Very nice, thanks!

    Hust one question, i’m actually on fw 2.xx and i don’t really care to update right now.
    I already own urbanix and arcade dards.. will tnt-v4 be ported to these games on 2.61\3.00 fw??? :)

  81. Alexor says:

    Thank you Wololo, Total_Noob, and everyone else for their hard work within this comunity, your efforts to provide us with quality content is greately apreciated and I personally can not thank you guys enough for everything you have done for all of us. Keep up all of the good work, and keep this system alive 😉


  82. Nazar_Ops says:

    The game works fine for me. EU version.

  83. Italo says:

    How do I enter???

  84. ivo says:

    got it … transfering to vita now xD

  85. Armano says:

    Purchased and downloaded 100 in 1 megamix (psp). Singleplayer works fine. But Multiplayer not. It seems that my network connection gets interrupted once I hit “host or search multiplayer games” ingame. Does anyone have a clue how to fix that?

  86. neXt says:

    It is only for PS Vita or for PS Vita TV also
    I hope it also works for PS Vita TV

  87. perihelion says:

    If I buy the game on my PSN account, but don’t download it yet, could I still download the game after Sony takes it down ?

  88. khairul_syazwan90 says:

    Thanks again and again to wololo and especially to TotalNoob who is so generous to share his exploit and also to all the people who help to make this release a success..(>_<)

  89. asdawdA says:

    Charging problem anyone?

  90. McLoven says:

    Hey guyz. Thanx again everyone for everything.
    Now I got a question(slightly unrelated tho)
    There is no openCMA for 3.00/3.01 correct?

  91. Foxi4 says:

    Retweeted, gonna keep my fingers crossed. :)

  92. Cesar says:

    Hey guys great job, congratulations!

  93. L337Snowman says:

    Just went to the PSN store on my iPhone and it says that the game doesn’t exist. Has it been taken down already?!

  94. Scoosie says:

    @x2oa: Turn your Vita into Flight Mode…

  95. dworku says:

    Wololo I have some questions:

    1) you said that the best choice is to use firmware 2.12 and Fieldrunners for getting the best experience of the TN-V4 eCFW, because that way you are able to get the 64MB of RAM, the fastest launching exploit game (ever), and TN-V4 itself.
    But to use 2.12 exploit it need to use “Gamocracy: Legend of Robot” and not “Fieldrunners” as you report in that scheme:

    2) I’m on TN-V3 with URBANIX at 1.81 firmware. If I would to upgrade at 2.12 to enjoy all the advantages of 64MB memory and to play with more recents games.

    3) Last question, can 3.01 users play PSP ISO Games?

    Thank you very much.

  96. Beef Stew says:

    I kind of gave up on these, since Iam too stupid to do them.
    Early this morning I got an email so I went and downloaded the game.
    Now I just wait for the CFW?
    How do I get the cfw on the Vita?
    Did I just waste $9.99?

  97. Eddie says:

    Do you need to be able to actually start playing the game in order to run the exploit? I have a PCH-2000 and the X & O are inverted so I cant actually start the game -_- I can create a save file and everything… but I cant get past the start screen on the Single/Multiplayer selection T^T lol

  98. Elmonoartista says:

    Gracias gracias gracias amigos,estudio informatica desde casa para llegar a ser un desarrollador como ustedes y si aun existe wololo ayudar siendo parte de la esena muchas gracias a todos los que se rompieron el “Trasero” por hacer esta hazaña posible
    saludos dese Mexico

  99. KKS says:

    Wololo, you forget to thank yourself

  100. totsk1 says:

    Just wondering if sony is eliminating possible game exploit that costs 5$ so they can profit from it in a clever way :)

    • totsk1 says:

      *Just wondering if sony is eliminating possible game exploit that costs less than 5$ and leave those games that cost greater than 5$ so they can profit from it in a clever way

  101. noob says:

    sony delete 101-in-1 so fast really fast haiz should i wait again to release new exploit game so sad….

  102. dworku says:

    What are the effective advantages to have 64MB of memory? I have no idea how I can use them. I think it’s more useful to have compatibility with last games in the stores.
    If I can play also PSP ISO on 3.01 I can’t see so much advantages to stay on lower firmware.
    What do you say?

    • arcthelad says:

      The only advantages are some homebrews can be played with 64MB RAM, dunno what though. Not really matters imo

      • andre104623 says:

        N64 games

        • mlc says:

          While I don’t know if it works on the Vita, CPSPSP and MVSPSP don’t need cache files if you have 64MB of RAM (but who knows if those PSP Slim versions of the emulators will run on TNV anyway), so that might save you a lot of space on the Vita if you had a lot of roms.

    • StepS says:

      You are right. This is only needed for people who really need it for a few apps (only a very small number of homebrews requires high ram), so this most likely doesn’t apply to you.

  103. Got a big phat woodie and my knobber shot through the roof when I got email, this will be the first game I’ve finally got the email and able to buy the game. I just want to play homebrew of my old scummvm games and others. The good games I always buy no matter, they deserve the support!

    Thanks, Aye Aye and Goodbye from the Captain!

  104. yurt says:

    Guys, I’ve been a member here for a while, yet I still only see the ninja release when I log in AFTER IT BECOMES PUBLIC. I thought members here got it before it went public??

    • Moxc says:

      It was there from
      Yesterday to all registered memebrs u the one who idnt check mate

    • Eddie says:

      Youve got to be active here.. like posting and commenting and also have no warnings… From what ive read anyway

    • Obito says:

      The game was leaked like for ages on Twitter xD. It just required a little bit of research.

    • wololo says:

      Every single member of the forum got the message before the release went public, except people who joined the forum for the first time today. That being said, depending on people, “before” can be several weeks or just a few hours.
      So, it depends what you call “member for a while”. Take into consideration that we have members who have been here since 2008, what would you call “for a while” based on that? Have you been a member for several years? months?

      • yurt says:

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve just been here a few months, and not very active either. So I assume I’m at the bottom of the list.

        Thanks for the info.

    • Gie says:

      It was appeared 6 hour before public release for me but I didn’t download it immediately because I’m still at work, there is still some little time between public release and before it removed from the store. Fortunately, I have good internet connection, download takes only 8 minutes.

    • sirlantz says:

      yep, it was there when I logged in. I was like ‘oh ***! better update and grab the game!’ Lucky me, I had a $10 credit when I got my PS4. I caught the UNO one, but this once freaked me out a bit. The name was staggered and made it look like there wasn’t anything there after the “-“, because it went on the other line. so it was a “-” vs a “:” lol

  105. aragorn46 says:

    Guys.. 101-in-1 megamix is still availalbe US. Please check yourselves. dont rely on others stating that the game is no longer existing from PSN Store.

  106. nagi says:

    it is fixed in French ps store or i can download it ?

  107. Not stressiN says:

    I just hope I can get ahold of terraria on the PSN next Tuesday before they update…

  108. dworku says:

    Is 101 MEGAMIX available in italian PS Store at now?

  109. neXt says:

    I’ll wait maybe it’s only for PS Vita and not for PS Vita TV

  110. deimos09 says:

    is it fix in German Store? it is available for 10€

  111. kekScookie says:

    Ich hAbs Grad einfach geladen

  112. RAGNAROK says:

    I don’t know about other than US Store, but I checked here before updating my Vita and the game was there:

    Maybe you guys can check in your store if the game is still avaible.

  113. nagi says:

    I bought it in the French ps store but i don’t know if it is fixed i hope it isn’t ><
    sorry if english is bad .

    • StepS says:

      Games are almost never patched, only the firmware, so nothing to worry about: don’t forget, this is a weekend, there’s no way such a thing can be patched in such a short time (they have a lot of other work as well)

  114. shindux says:

    thanks for the info, hopefully everthing works out, keep it up yall..

    • shindux says:

      you know, why do the japanese psn get a beastly game? lol thats a cool anime. 😀

      • mlc says:

        I’m just guessing, but the Hitman Reborn game is probably significantly more expensive. (Although I’d imagine your 30 bucks might be less “wasted” on a game you’d actually want to play sometimes, as compared to 10 bucks on a game you’ll never play)

  115. nunatic says:

    Just got it at US store. :)

  116. baha76_s says:

    Here in switzerland and with swiss account, this game (100-in-1) always disponible (till the time i wrote this comment), and till now there is no update or fix for this game, and also i heard that this game has a problem of [X] button or some thing like that, I don’t have any problem with the X button and it work perfectly as it like.
    Now i played this game and created a savegame file, so now i’m waiting for the release of the famous TNV4.

  117. Kay says:

    Could 101-in-1 megamix on Korean account exploitable?

    I wonder it works properly. PSN says it’s English version, But I don’t know It’s Game ID matches.

  118. Figgy says:

    Newbie question here…I haven’t done this since Psp Slim. So with Dark Alex mod we had the ability to run updates without affecting the mod, so that new games could still be played. Will TN-V4 allow that as well. Or will I be stuck just playing PSP emulator games? Thanks in advanced for your responses.

  119. ichigo says:

    i hope the problem with the asian vitas wont be a big deal with the tnv4.

  120. Matt says:

    I Just downloaded it seconds ago

  121. MelekTaus says:

    I’ve loaded from the EU-version (v1.00), I hope it works, when TNV4 is available^^

  122. groxack says:

    somebody knows if the 101-in-1 Megamix+Fading Shadows Bundle will work with tn-v as well?

  123. Hellbelial says:

    I have the game but where is the save data file?.Thanks.

  124. Straga says:

    I have bad feeling about japanese PSVita to download 101-in cause some members says they can’t start the game, maybe about the Cross button problem’s

    • sptrk75 says:

      I have the problem on my Japanese Vita. But if you have a save file I believe it loads it upon launching the game so you don’t really need to be able to click single player.

  125. Marcus says:

    Are we going to be able to play homebrews with this exploit

  126. BeastyX says:

    This Is So Much Better Than Facebook!

  127. kaotik-snake says:

    Can we play ps1 iso aswell with this I think that might ba a stupid question tho lol

  128. delta191 says:

    I got 101-in-1 megamix but had to upgrade to 3.01 FW to get the damn thing onto my 3.00 fw Vita.

    my open cma 5.0 wouldn’t allow me to copy it until I updated.

    Getting open cma to allow file transfers is becoming very difficult, more of a problem than getting exploited games off psn.

    I tried a fresh install of cma/opencma 5.0/ uk psp2-updatelist.xml

    still mo joy :(

  129. All-StarGamer says:

    Ok, so I’m on firmware 3.00 and I have King of Pool. Should I stay on 3.00 and wait for TN-V4 or update to 3.01 and get 101-in-1 Megamix? Please reply quickly as I don’t know when Sony will take the game down.

  130. Amir says:

    OK, purchased it from the US store
    I am really trying this for the very first time so if possible – please post some guide of “how to use the exploited game”

  131. warfather says:

    aww *** i bought 300 march to glory by accident, *** o’ well il be waiting for next release :'(

  132. dsh761 says:

    I just got 101 in 1 in US store. But Why can’t I play it? I can load in to the game but can not begin to play.

  133. Zak Bailey says:

    i sure could do with some psn credit i don’t have any and bought a ps vita just for Home brew :/

  134. madaraa says:

    will this work on a mexican acount? i have already buy the game i hope it works.

  135. just got it thanks wololo waiting patiently for the man himself totalnoob :) my first psvita hack :)

  136. Frezzno says:

    Yapp, just downloaded 101 megamix from EU PSN. I think the next top selling game would be 101 in 1 Megamix.

  137. Hellbelial says:

    We the game that we were waiting for so long,now we have to wait for save data -_-.They have to release both thing at the same time,sony will only patch the game not SD.

  138. Floyd says:

    Hi, noob question here:
    Can I buy the game now and install it on my Vita later? As I dont have my Vita with me at the moment. Its already in my shopping cart on the psn store website. I just dont want to waste 10€ now to find out that I can not install it next week when I have access to it.


  139. Diag says:

    why aren´t the tn-v4 save files not published with the public announcement of the game? still working on tn-v4? let as much people as possible load the game until its down from the store? waiting till the next firmware update (that would suck in many ways:/)? take your time, sure there is a reason, i´m just excited ^^

  140. Antichrist84 says:

    The game is still on the EU store

  141. Josue says:

    Somebody cans explicate me about this game, I don´t understand if its the Europe, JP or US PSN store. I have a mexican account in PSN, this game appears there, so I need to create an account from United State to buy this game? or what have I to do? Sorry for my english. Thanks

  142. sync says:

    To everyone having problem with Asian PSVita and 101-in-1 game: You must have a JPN PSN account and buy 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!バトルアリーナ2 スピリットバースト (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena2).
    Otherwise, you won’t be able to run the exploit.

  143. Xperimental says:

    just got the game form US PSN store, and it s**K A** but on the brith side i will be able to play “third birth day” on a bigger screen and downgrade my ps3 back to 3.55 for linux.

    thanks for the game.

    ps: where can i get the psp emulator for the vita?
    still trying to fix the files for half minute hero to work 2.61 for fun.

  144. rjthegamer says:

    wow did my comment get deleted -_- i was asking a question -_-

  145. cleomar says:

    hi my friends, i’m from brazil and i just buy american credit card here:

  146. brook930 says:

    Hi i want to know if 101 game is really work ? Because wololo said , he hasn’t tried it.

  147. Michael says:

    Bought the 101 game but it says its good for PSP and PSVita and to download it to the PSV I have to update the system. How can I get around this without ruining my hack PSV?

  148. CaptainStupid says:

    Can I purchase hit man reborn from my British psn account and use it for the TN-V4?

    I’m watching the anime, and think this is a better choice to have than that 101 game

  149. SpiderBALLS says:

    Release the save data before Sony finds the vulnerability on the two games and makes the patches for it.

  150. Moxx says:

    sorry but on my store i have only this option: 101-in-1 Megamix+Fading Shadows

    will it works ?? cause i cant but 101 in 1 megamix alone !!


  151. whaleiam says:

    i have downloaded the 101 in 1 but i can’t seem to play the game
    does anybody have the same problem?
    i have tried redownload it but it still doesn’t work.
    i fear that later it might not work with tn-V

  152. SlashMash says:

    Thanks so much Wololo! I used the free $10 credit I got for ree with my PS4 to get the 101 to 1 game. I’m eagerly waiting for the exploit. BTW, if they release a new update to PS Vita firmware, and I don’t update, will I not be able to use Remote Play between my PS Vita and PS4?

  153. ShineAqua says:

    Why does Japan get better exploitable games?

  154. me014 says:

    can i just download 101 on 1 megamix on cracked version and install it on my ps vita? pls. reply asap. tnx

    • perihelion says:

      You can’t (currently, publicly) run “cracked PS Vita games” (or “cracked PSP games” without an already working eCFW) on the PS Vita, so no.

  155. ickn28 says:

    HI. author and friends can i play PARASITE EVE 1 and 2 playstation 1 – tnv4 crack.

  156. Matt says:

    Any ETA on when TN-V4 will be released?

  157. Help. says:

    Help I can’t play 101 in 1 on ps vita
    Single player can not select help plese

  158. imbapete says:

    i thought you can run tnv-4 on the old exploits (uno) ?? firmware 1.81

  159. DEE says:

    im done with this vita ***. unless there will be a actual VITA exploit, its freaking pointless. were fighting a company by giving them money! for what? to play a few gba games?! its pointless and is a wast of money/ what you guys want im just saying im off this crazy pony ride.

  160. Olivier says:

    Hi :) i just buy i ps vita then i have the firware 3.01 so i buy the game 101 in one megamix Psp on Us ps network for 9.99$ so i dont really care about the price i will wait for news about the hen then i got i want to know it i will be able to play iso psp or just a hen ??

  161. Olivier says:

    sorry ** If it will be able ( then forgot the : then i got)

  162. theluxx says:

    I just downloaded, and it works and I can play it, I don’t understand why other people can’t play it.

    Anyway, I hope there isn’t a 3.02 patch before terraria gets released on it via psn, which comes in 2 days, I’m intrigued by that.

  163. Troutter says:

    I’m on 3.01 and I bought 100 in 1 but I’m concerned. On psn it says the game is 411mb, on my vita it says 410mb, and on the zetts video on YouTube it says 412mb.did I just waste 10 bucks?

  164. lemski07 says:

    HEY is there a better game for the exploit? damn the jp game exploint I think is 1000 times more better…

  165. jov says:






  166. jek says:

    is the game still available?

  167. GodLikeC says:

    Im guessing the files will be release on tuesday after sony update the store and remove the game and also the demo for Dragon ball z battle of z will come to ps vita and ps3 on tuesday will even include a muliplayer mode

  168. RzmmDX says:

    101-in-1 Megamix is still on the US store.

  169. jek says:

    Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable log in error at wololo talk

  170. icyheart says:

    I Remembered when Uno exploit came out we Have 1400 comments here

  171. Liveintokyo says:

    just got 3000Yen PSN so got the japanese game and PSplus for 3 months. Going to be good!

  172. SneakyAzn says:

    Ok i think the file will be released today at least from the sources i just checked in with. As much as TN wants to wait he is being pressured to go along with the community which makes sense anyhow. If it weren’t for the community he would have 0 fan base and 0 respect so without hold he will be complying with the demands.

    TN would also like a thank you from Sony Entertainment for his part in recent PSN sales. The least they can do is send him 4 100 dollar PSN cards in the mail.

  173. Oni says:

    Ok s I bought the game on the US Store and downloaded to my PS3 cuz I still dont have a PS Vita yet. Will I be able to transfer it to my PS Vita?

    And If there’s a new Update for the PS Vita could I(After have it hacked) update it and not lose the hack or we cant Update?

  174. Olivier says:

    Tanks for answer me so fast :) my english is bad im sorry Then Oni if you update you will have to wait until a new game whit a new exploit birth whit the update you will have in your vita .

  175. deaos says:

    thank you total-noob & wololo.
    Waiting for the release of the files!

  176. jek says:

    is the game still available

  177. Maccc says:

    Will the JP one work with US Vita’s?

  178. Alexis says:

    Awesome, can’t wait for the TN-V4 to be release.
    You forget to say to save the game using the backup tool in case of bad manipulation.

  179. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    The site is currently down at US PSN Online Store.

  180. Z says:

    the game 1-in-101 Megamix is still available on PSN…Hurry folks get it while it last!!!

  181. Dmaskell92 says:

    This game still isn’t pulled? Sony must be busy lol. These weekend releases are quite clever.

  182. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Can I know the exact time in US?? I am currently on Asia with GMT +08:00.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      November to January, there is no ETA or deadline. It should release soon though.

      • ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

        Yeah I know about the TN-v4 release. What I am referring about is the just announced game. I am asking the time there because I am cautious that it might be pulled anytime at US because I have a US PSN account.

  183. Matt says:

    Im Surprised that the Exploit game never makes it to the Top Downloads list in Psn store??

  184. Goeymon says:

    Its not there cant find the eu game any more

  185. Goeymon says:

    can i buy retail copy seeing as I cant find it on Psn ?

  186. Mike Wong says:

    Does TN-V allow us to play Vita ISO games?

  187. Goeymon says:

    Seems i was too late I am so *** I might try and do a trade in for my ps vita for a new vita my only concern is have some of the games been taking off for the older firmwares for Vita. And im really hoping im not posing a silly question as I am really desperate lol

  188. Thien says:

    ahh i was too late they removed it

  189. NOOB says:

    Waited soo long almost stop checking. I guess a large portion of the 95% waited soo long that they stop checking. Will be *** to find out they missed this exploit.

  190. Pinshe sony says:

    pta madre ya quitaron el juego

  191. Jhonnata says:

    The exploit of Uno works on FW 3.01? because this game 101-in-1 megamix is off… thanks

  192. galvaojdk says:

    unfortunately I have not bought the megamix, I wonder if there is someone who can sell me or lend a psn account to download.

  193. Got 101 mega mix psp (there were two options in PSN!) and even played it :-( but looking forward to playing with TN for the first time. Hats off to all the hacking community for their achievements!


  194. YOlo mc yolo burger says:

    Could you just download this off of your playstation then transfer it to your vita? cause i think its off the vita store but still on the ps3 store

  195. Ive_gone_mad says:

    looks like i was just one day too late cause i couldn’t find the game :/

  196. Andrew says:

    Is there going to be any more exploit game coming out the games 101 in 1 not on the psn and king of pool and Ben 10 game or no on it so plz. Can someone help me plz

  197. shyam says:

    can we download psp’s megamix for ps vita

  198. mild seven says:

    I just downloaded tn-v4 on pc and i manage to copy it to my ps vita system but the problem is it doesnt appear on my vita screen. Why is that do i have to download first the open cma.

  199. spades123 says:

    yes i have the same problem as mild seven tho im pretty sure ive used the open cma correctly tho i see no difrences

  200. K Solis says:

    New firmware update 3.12 :( it’s saying in order to access psn store and ps4 remote play I have to update :/ is there any way I can still access these things without updating?

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